Audio: Sarah Palin responds to NAACP: It’s a sad day in America.

Sean Hannity gets Sarah Palin’s reaction to the NAACP decision as well as a little on the oil spill, the Arizona border, and as always her thoughts on 2012. He really never misses a chance to ask her about 2012. For once though, he got an answer that was somewhat interesting to me:

I don’t want to hurt the cause; I don’t want to divide the nation. There’s going to be a lot of prayer and contemplation that goes into a decision like that between now and ’12. So my concentration is going to be on these midterms to help turn this country around… I do not want to hurt a common sense constitutional cause by speculating internally or externally on whether I should or should not run”

Sounds like a well thought out answer that means she’s gonna run in 2012 to me!


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  • kimlions

    Well, Well, Well. this is the first time that Sarah's response to this question has taken a different path. What do you think of her answer?

  • Hardsell

    Since the birth certificate issue seems to have been effectively neutralized, Obama has forever laid claim to the first African-American President. But, the first woman President hasn't happened yet. Sarah Palin has already presented herself as the quintessential opportunist. There's little doubt that she and Clinton both will be lusting for that coveted place in history. I suspect that a few other potential contenders have their eye on that prize as well.

  • SARAH 2012

  • There is no such word as “alot”. Please don't help contribute to the popular belief that Gov. Palin is semi-literate.

  • You know there are doctors to help you with your obsession.

  • wait, you do realize that was her…she said it. I just quoted her

  • She SAID “a lot”.
    You WROTE “alot”.

  • how do you know she didn't say 'alot' instead of 'a lot'. I don't recall hearing a space in there 😉

  • And to think one once had to be in a Communist dictatorship to have politically-incorrect thinking termed a mental illness requiring “treatment”.

    Then again, Leftists have so completely brainwashed the population that we're not all that different from one.

    I get it. Good spelling and grammar are “uncool”. Maybe even “acting white“.

  • On a tangent of TRS final comment of the initial post:

    Everyone knows she's been positioning herself to run, but I heard some commentary earlier this week wherein the guest mentions that the conservative cause would be better served if she took over leadership of the Republican party.

    I believe that our chances would be better if she did not run, although I like her and would want her to be POTUS. I've been told that we should not let the media decide who we run as candidates, but I think the damage to her character is already done. I have been working on something to post on my personal blog (Not a public blog, just something I use to occasionally write my thoughts), but I only have a rough work in…..I'll post it after this post just because it is relevant (although probably not agreeable to most people here)…… to me it is logical, and I would love to hear why I could be wrong.

  • The Sarah Palin Mistake (title I came up with)

    Conservatives (GOP) have no idea how to run the party. In a desperate
    move to try to capitalize on the populist idea (they can own it but are
    too out of touch and/or inept to) they will further prove that when they
    nominate Sarah Palin for Presdient in 2012. I am a very strong
    conservative and admire and would actually love Sarah Palin as POTUS.
    However, conservatives are not the majority, nor are they the deciding
    factor in our elections as polls show a partisan divide in support for
    past Democrat (evidence Alvin Green elected by 2/3 in Dem primary- need
    to know if independents voted) and Republican candidates. The problem
    with Sarah Palin as a nominee isn't Sarah Palin, the problem is idiot
    “independents” which are not really independant just too uninformed or
    apathetic to our political process. They are the type of spineless,
    non-commital fence-riders that allow inexperienced buffoons like Obama
    to get elected,and the mainstream media directs their actions. The problem
    boils down to the massacre the media has perpetrated on the Governor.
    Although the media's character assassination campaign has proven to be
    little more than lies and unfair judgement that certainly has not been
    levied on Progressive candidates and elected officials, which now render
    her neutralized since her viability and reputation have been besmirched
    within the, unfortunately, electionally relevant independents.

  • Those were only notes so don't judge too harshly, however, that is how I see it- for now…… who knows how I'll feel after 8/28

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  • Hardsell

    I'm a centrist. That's what you ditto-heads affectionately call an independent. You're right, you know. We're nothing like you. We haven't been conditioned by the groupthink of some political or religious idealogy.

    You describe independents as “uninformed”, “apathetic”, “spineless”, “non-committal” and “fence-riders”. Pretty harsh words.

    You seem to be suggesting that those who parrot the party line and obediently nod in agreement–whether they're Democrats or Republicans–are what this country needs more of. And those who refuse to do these things need to get on board.

    Did I get that right?

  • “Did I get that right?”


  • carltonwest

    Gov. Sarah Palin is correct & courageous to confront NAACP intolerance and the cranial vacuity of its silly spokesperson, B. Jealous.

  • I refer to the people that are too cowardly to take a stance or to look into issues and consider themselves independents just because they have no clue where they stand- Watch random interviews on TV and you will see wishy-washy answers from some.

    Informed ideology is not really in that category, but if you want in under that big tent, most of America is already in there and there is plenty of room for you too.

  • Hardsell

    Too cowardly to take a stance? No clue where they stand? Centrists aren't cowards, Mr. Castillo. And they're hardly clueless about where they stand.

    We stand with ideas. We stand with policies. If we simply stand with a party, then we're assuming that our party–and only our party–has any ideas or policies worth standing for.

    Do you ever disagree with your party? If you do, then you're an independent. That's something to be proud of, not hide from.

    The Democrats attempt to demonize anything that comes from the right. The Republicans attempt to demonize anything that comes from the left. That's a juvenile view of reality. Hopefully, more people are starting to understand that.

  • looks like I accidentally gave you a like- enjoy-

    Anyways- I view myself as a Conservative and define myself by my ideology. I am registered as a Republican, but in case you haven't noticed- I think they are [politicians] almost all opportunists and liars.

    You are ignoring the substance of what I said and instead are taking personal insult (which you are free to take). If you consider yourself informed, which most people who actually bother reading political sites are, then you do not fit my generalization. Now ask yourself if that same proactive and self-educating attitude is a part of the broader American population. How many of us Conservatives and Liberals seek out information? How many people wouldn't be able to define where they stand on the political spectrum because they are just bystanders in the process? Think about that and then tell me how I'm wrong.

    As far as the assumption you may make because I am a registered Republican- I hold some distinctly anti-Republican views and also lean against Conservative group-think on a few issues. My goal is the truth and the pursuit of it.

    I always post what I think without placing it through any politically ideological filter as would be evidenced by my posting on the U.S. Mexico issue and my initial thoughts on the border issue a while back. A poster on this site responded with some links to information, and I listened to the AZ law and read the Federal law and changed my mind to agree with the Conservative standpoint. I was not for it because as a part of group-think, I was for it after I became informed on it, although I still hold reservations about power in the hands of the government (state or federal).

  • “Like” given… no accident. :O)

  • Hardsell

    I've been a political junkie since I was a teen. But instead of it making me smarter about issues, I've grown to recognize the complexity of issues. Does that make me misinformed, or better informed?

    You state that you are a registered Republican and view yourself as a Conservative. You also say “I hold some distinctly anti-Republican views and also lean against Conservative group-think on a few issues.”

    So you admit to making up your own mind about things. Do you really think it's intellectually honest to ridicule centrists for doing the same?

    Life is complicated. Politics is complicated.

    Thanks for the discussion. And watch out for those centrists. 😉

  • I like the way you think—- 😀

  • I'm not in fear of centrists- I don't think I mentioned them…

    Centrist = has opinions that are not far on either the Conservative or Liberal spectrum.

    Moderate = Centrist

    Conservative = Libertarians and some Republicans have this base ideology

    Liberal = Democrats and Socialists share common ground with this philosophy

    Independent = No allegiance to either party but, sometimes a designation used to describe oneself when the person has no idea what the hell is going on in politics, but they don't want to look like a complete moron.

    Just a little clearing up- thanks for the debate

  • Hey, we may be brothers ~ but we ain't twins… your nose is too small! 'O)