Awesome: Allen West says Obama should apologize for his failed policies

This small clip represents exactly why I love Allen West. He is always on offense, this time saying that the best thing Obama can say to the people of Florida is “I’m sorry”:

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  • kong1967

    Allen West….never boring and always uplifting.

  • Great idea! An NObama apology tour I would approve of! 🙂

  • BS61

    Thanks RS – I’ll listen tomorrow, although, I already know I will not be disappointed!

  • poljunkie

    RScoop, I love the Ron Paul error page.

    • ??? RP error page??

      • keninil

        The TRS 404 error page has a funny video of Ron Paul.

        • Thanks keninil, I’ll have to try and find it to have a looksee. 🙂

          Just did! Hilarious! 🙂 And thanks poljunkie for bringing it to my attention! 🙂

      • poljunkie

        Sometimes when there is a site problem, a 404 error page comes up and it has a short video of Ron Paul waving. Yesterday was the first time I had seen it here in months.

        • I know about 404 pages – I do some web design. I just didn’t understand and thought you were referring to a news article or some such…

          • poljunkie

            Oh I figured you knew about the error page, I just wanted to explain the Ron Paul part. Its pretty funny. Especially when you are trying to log on to the site, and nothing will load. Then all of a sudden Ron Paul waving furiously.

            • Hahahaha!! The Paulbots must be bald from pulling out their hair every time they get the 404 message! Hmmm… Not a bad thing… Might let their brain breath a bit of fresh air and start the critical thought program running again! 🙂

          • poljunkie
  • DenverKitty

    I look forward to the State of Florida supporting Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan! None of us can afford 4 more years of Obama’s negativity in the White House.

  • keninil

    So is O visiting S. FL to help DWS?? Is Harrington making some progress??

  • sara holy land

    Allen West is the best.
    Always speak clearly and to the point
    I wish he would be Secretary of Defense .

  • Nukeman60

    In the next two months, we will be able to tell what the Obama internal polling is saying by watching where he goes to campaign. He just came from Iowa, Colorado and Ohio. Now he’s in Florida. He’s worried. The pollsters are trying to say he’s way ahead in the swing states (eg, Quinnipiac), and we all know the Obama and Romney internal polling is most accurate, so why would Obama visit a state that he thinks is in the bag?

    You can lie, you can run, but you can’t hide from the truth. Oh, and Obama giving that apology speech? Yeah, it’s coming right after he releases his past documents he spent upwards of $4 million trying to hide. Trust me, they’re in the mail.

    • toongoon

      I really hope he comes to Illinois.

      • To stay! 🙂

        • toongoon

          OH NO, NOT TO STAY! Sorry for yelling, you just caught me by surprise. There was talk last week of Obama rushing to buy a house in Hawaii because it is likely he will need someplace to live next year. He won’t go back to the streets of Chicago, too cold, too dangerous and he doesn’t he doesn’t need to agitate local communities any more.

          Check out his new crib:

          • LOL! Nice crib. I’m sure all his Socialist buddies will appreciate him living there. I’ve not been to Hawaii, but I recommend it for the NObamas. Infact the further they go from the 48 contiguous States the better… Perhaps his childhood homeland of Indonesia or the land of his birth, Kenya… Ooops! I forgot his Photoshopped Birth Cert doesn’t say Kenya. But that’s another can of worms for another day! 😉

  • 1vote

    The rare element of truth

  • Maybe Allen West can be our first black president??

    • crosshr

      our very own first real Black POTUS. yes Jerry !

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    This election should not be close considering the record of the incumbent. The RNC and team Mitt should apologize, for their line up of speakers and structure at the Convention. No Allen West, no Sarah Palin, both huge mistakes. Now we like Obama Care? Prevent defense at it’s finest. There is a time to turn your aircraft carriers into the wind and unleash hell. What happened to courage, in the face of evil? The only thing to fear, is fear itself.

    • crosshr

      I hear you GWYPF, loud and clear. This is Play not to lose. Best defense is Offense. Baghdad Bobs of the Left is attacking. We have to play nice ? Even if all you can find is few Pami gravel, take a swing at it. That’s how Goliath tumbled by little young herds boy David.
      West = POTUS Material.Made of Steel, Produced through fire with great love for his MOTHER the US of A !

  • Where are the heads of the people in FL not to election a great individual like Allen West. I wish like anything that he was running for president (2016) if we win in 2012. They have someone to is truely a great individual and they are going to pass him up for a party that doesn’t believe in GOD. Shame on them he and romney should be way up in the polls. Shame on America if we don’t make the correct road back to sanity.

  • 12grace

    I love Allen West. He is phenomenal.