Awesome: Breitbart’s ‘Occupy Unmasked’ trailer released

At BlogCon we got to see a much extended version of Occupy Unmasked and it was excellent. They really do a great job of exposing not only the Occupy movement but how the media was pushing it along.

Here’s the trailer:

(via Washington Examiner)

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  • On the third day, he rose again! I really miss this man.



    • The

      You’ve seen NOTHING yet. There are more men who will do greater things than Andrew. They will make what Andrew did seem like an atom compared to their universe. Many conservatives believe this is their movement. Wrong. Yours is just a segment of a larger picture of Truth and Freedom. One in which Andrew unfortunately did not see in its full glory. He sees now.

      God has cleared the way for the next phase of Humanity. The players have been chosen, groomed and are currently honing their skills. We are all waiting for the sign. Once it hits? …

      Sit back, you won’t want to miss it.

      • Rshill7

        Would you be willing to elaborate?

        • Sounds magical.

          • hbnolikeee

            sounds like someone ran out of thorazine.

            • Sounds like someone really enjoyed 4/20

              • hbnolikeee


  • Mary_Linda

    You say, “exposing not only the Occupy movement but how the media was pushing it along.”

    You forgot to say, “and how Obama encourages it” too.

  • rick0857

    I am anxiously awaiting the release of this movie. I know Andrew did his homework on this as he always did on everything he ever produced. R.I.P. Andrew

  • Trust1TG

    You Go, Breitbart!


    …the TRUTH shall set us FREE , God Bless LIBERTY !”

  • God Bless Andrew.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Wouldn’t it be nice if a “brain” occupied those idiot’s heads?

    I can’t wait for this to come out. It will reveal the truth and help to reinforce what a criminal farce this (bowel) “movement” is.

  • Jaynie59

    I love you Andrew Breitbart.

  • Occupy…

    The woman said –

    Occupy San Francisco
    Occupy L.A.
    Occupy D.C.
    Occupy Chicago

    She forgot one –

    Occupy the Oval Office..

    … by the Insurgent-in-Chief
    … by the Putschist-in-Chief
    … by the Occupier-in Chief

    For those who might be unsure what a “putsch” is and what a “putschist” is –

    This short and right on definition is from the American Heritage Dictionary –

    putsch also Putsch (poosh)
    n. A sudden attemp0t by a group to overthrow a government.
    putschist n.

    Now we know what BHObama meant when he said, “… we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America”.

    Without a properly vetted ID, BHObama has successfully managed to “OCCUPY” the Oval Office even though he is not “… eligible to the Office of President…” according to the words of Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5.

    The 1795 Naturalization Act, which inserted the single word “Citizen” in place of the 1790 Naturalization Act which had the three words “natural born Citizen,” confirms that President Washington, who had veto power if he did not accept the change in the words, agreed that “Citizen” and “natural born Citizen” did not mean the same thing.

    By changing the words, President Washington agreed that the 1787 Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 “natural born Citizen” referred ONLY to a child born on the soil of the United States to two “Citizen” parents.

    BHObama KNOWS that his is NOT a “natural born Citizen” but he does NOT care.

    As the Occupier-in-Chief, BHObama can, by definition, be called the Putschist-in-Chief, aka THE “putscher” MAN.

    Hey, it fits… like a needle in the arm.

    And like a needle in the arm, it satisfies BHObama’s “putschists” involved in the premeditated OCCUPY movement “putsch” into the Oval Office and across the Republic.

    The “putschists” will DO and SAY anything to protect their “Putscher MAN.

    But, hey, I could be wrong.

    BHObama may be legit… only the Shadow Knows… whoever his is.


    • las1

      She forgot one –

      Occupy the Oval Office..

      It was already occupied… long before “Occupy”.

      • “… already occupied…”

        Yes, las1, that’s my point.

        It was a premeditated 100 year progressive “putsch” of socialism through to communism and a “… transformation of the United States of America” from an individualist constitutional Republic to an collectivist democratic Commune.

        BHObama is the one to successfully “OCCUPY” the Oval Office as THE “Putscher” MAN of the “where-did-they-come-from” Occupy Movement, aka THE “putsch.”


  • Andrew Breitbart, I hope we find another fighter who will stand up for the rights of conservatives like you did. We need people like Breitbart now more than ever. We are going to be overwhelmed by a deluge of lies from the Democrats from now until the election. It is up to all of us to stand up against those lies and inform the rest of the nation what the truth is. Breitbart is no longer with us anymore, but who will pick up the banner and take the war to the liberals? I hope we find somebody real soon.

  • MiketheMarine

    A bunch of neo nazi nihilists. Hammer and Sickle crowd.

    Believe it.

  • In a word- Excellent. Breitbart was a genius of the best kind. The world is lesser place now because he’s no longer in it.

  • drphibes

    Giuliani says the Left embraced this movement, now they must wear it around their neck.

  • nibblesyble

    I got the frickin’ chills…especially when Breitbart came on.

  • antidrone

    Where and when can it be seen? Theaters, internet, disc?

  • idesign2


  • sybilll

    God Bless Steve Bannon, a cinematic rockstar. This was so full of win! I wish I had an iPhone, I’d share a pic of myself wearing my Breitbart Is Here t-shirt. Thought it was appropriate to wear it today knowing that BlogCon was honoring him.

  • poljunkie


  • Dude. Seriously? Why are people so impressed by this, when we all should’ve immediately dismissed these people as cranks and potential criminals, after seeing they conceal their identities behind the mask of a foreign terrorist that was out to overthrow the rightful government of his own nation by violence and murder, installing himself as a ruler? The “occupiers” are true and thorough moral and mental degenerates. THEY are the true 1%: the LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR of the nation. ‘Ask not what you can do for your country, ask what your country can do for you’. Every time these grubs crawl out from under their rocks, well, I have the answer for how to deal with them.

    Every time they appear, violent or peaceful, they should be DOUSED.

    • K-Bob

      Prob’ly make a lot of them smell better.

  • publius1969

    we lost a general in this war when breitbart was killed. we have to symbolically pick up the flag and stay in the fight

    • M_J_S

      His heart failed, lets not go there.

      • publius1969

        normally I am not into conspiracies but this event is just too odd.

      • K-Bob

        I think I saw Andrew working at a Dunkin Donuts in Kalamazoo. He said Elvis makes him work the morning shift.

        Andrew Lives!

        • K-Bob

          Too soon?

  • PicklePlants

    I would improve this trailer by adding a clip of a Tea Party rally with – oh – how about a respecful pledge of allegiance? If both sides are shown it makes the gap easily apparent.

  • NYGino

    Breitbart may be physically gone now but he grows every day in spirit by the work he has done. His life continues to be a success as long as the truth is identified and spread.

  • BMartin1776

    Wash Examiner is few mos late this has been out for a while!? Wish AB was around nothing like seeing his retweets and destruction of liberal progressive scum

  • JazzFromHell

    i can’t wait

  • TxTea

    The Democrat-Media Complex exposed. Thank you, Andrew.

    I’ll be at the True the Vote National Summit in Houston next weekend, where Steve Bannon is speaking – hopefully we’ll get a peek at the “extended” trailer.

  • Trust1TG

    Stephen K Bannon is a great film maker. He made the real Sarah Palin movie, The Undefeated, narrated by Mark Levin and Andrew Breitbart. It’s awesome!

    Great music, great cinematography, scenery, story… this movie is sure to be just as good.

  • Cindy09

    Breitbart lives!

  • c4pfan

    All the Big sites aren’t the same without Andrew. He’s sooo missed!

  • 911Infidel

    Yeah and according to Miss 1% Dianne Sawyer (15 million dollar Penthouse aside…) OWS is in 1,000 countries. Its really sad that dumba$$ rich yentas like Dianne never spent a whole lot of time awake in Geography class.

    Oh and then there’s Ms Plastic and Botox…aka Insider-Trading Pelosi. Talk about fake. Her astroturf comment is as fake as those boobs of hers.

    Kilroy is gone. Breitbart IS here.

  • Oh yeah, the people who have little money & little education [on business, economy & such], with their mob mentality, including abrogation of contracts, have good ideas on…

    It’s up to them the grow the economy, because Barry says that prosperity comes from the bottom up — that’s why the many countries with so many on the bottom are really prosperous.

  • Charlie Sanders

    Obama is Indonesian and his preferred religion is muslum, but Jeremiah Wright filled in some gaps for him. His admission papers showed Indonesia; that’s what he provided Occidental College. He’s always been a radical and a left wing socialist like his father whom he greatly reveres to this day.

    He’s had a chip on his shoulder his entire life and he will lie about anything and every thing to accomplish his goal, which is taking down America. As he said at the protest at Harvard, “Open your hearts and minds to the words of Professor Derrik Bell” (and Critical Race Theory). Don’t forget what he told Dmitry Medvedev, “Tell Vladimir to wait until my second term and I’ll have more freedom then.” Freedom to unilateraly disarm the United States is what this impostor was referring to, of course.

    He must be stopped by being defeated no matter how ugly or how violent things become and things will become bad, but we will be strong and we shall destroy him, his czars and his minions.

    • NYGino

      I can’t imagine where he’ll try to take the USA when he has more “flexibility”. Actually I can but I really don’t want to think about it, or the resulting backlash.

  • MacSwain

    Anarchists being the useful idiot tools of the Communists Communists being the useful idiots of the Anarchists. Take your pick – it works for Obama both ways.

    The question is: Are we, the American people going to sit quietly on our backsides and let this happen.

    You know…it wasn’t that long ago we saw images like these from third world countries never dreaming it was our future. If anyone had suggested this occurring in America we would have laughed in their faces.

    As Pogo would have said: “We have met a third world county and he is us.”

  • Jay

    These are the children of the ’68 convention rioters. (The same people who are running the country.)

  • That is awesomeness on top of awesomeness. Me likey. 🙂

  • aZjimbo

    Can’t wait until the full fledged revolution comes so we can seperate the men from the boys.

  • Joel Miller

    Am I the only one who sees these spoiled filthy Marxist traitors and wants to go down and kick asses all day every day?! If they love socialism so much drug them all (they already are) and put them on cargo ships and sail them to China and dump them off. The communists there will kill or work to death them all before the election even happens! Traitors who have no appreciation for the freedom and financial liberty they enjoy. Let them go to Africa where you have to not take a shower but once a month because they have no water not just because they enjoy smelling like shit!! Get rid of them and we well be immediately better off as a free country!!

  • Jude O’Connor

    I’m 74 and I saw this type of behavior in the 60’s when the hippies didn’t trust anyone thirty or older, communes sprouted up across the land and drugs appeared everywhere. The communes eventually disappeared because someone needed to do the work and the workers got sick of doing most of the work. When they got feisty and started to destroy things Kent State happened and there was hell to pay. We are nearing that now with this OWS thing. The agitators will stir this up until a bunch of people get killed and that’s just what the socialists want and will scream for gun confiscation and we all know what that means.