Awesome Games Done Quick 2014 And The Prevent Cancer Foundation

Today is the beginning of this year’s Awesome Games Done Quick 2014. This is an event where gamers from across the country get together to race through classic video games and raise money for cancer prevention. Speed runners play non-stop for the full seven days to collect donations. Donors are also entered for various prizes and bidding contests. (scroll below the video to get straight to the donation links.)

I’m not much of a gamer, but my good friend Neil Stevens is playing this year. His game of choice is one all you old timers will recognize and you young whippersnappers will find to be an intellectual curiosity, in the same way that modern man likes to view cave paintings. Here is one of Stevens’ best runs on that classic game: E.T. The Extra Terrestrial, for Atari. If you’re like me, the sounds alone will take you back to your childhood.

And just for kicks and background here’s an interesting article from IGN about the great video game crash of ’83, whatever that is, featuring none other than E.T.

In order for Neil to get a game time slot in the event, enough money has to be raised through the donation link here. Simply select Bonus Game: E.T. in the section titled Bidding Challenges/Choices. Remember EVERY PENNY goes to the Prevent Cancer Foundation. I’ll update with a time once the goal is reached and we can watch Neil live on the internet like the futuristic folks we are.

Ace of Spades HQ is also promoting the event here.

So if you are looking to start your charitable giving for 2014, why not start with a fun event for a great cause and help Neil Stevens reach what everyone I knew wanted in 1983. Total. Atari. Immortality.

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  • toongoon

    I’m not much of a gamer and it isn’t just because I can’t beat my five year old grandson either.

    • NYGino

      Show me someone who remembers the 60’s and 70’s and says they can beat their 5 year old grandson and I’ll show you a liar! These kids are hard wired for this stuff toon.

  • I’ll never forget that Christmas in the 70’s when we got a “Super Pong” game set. Atari made that too. Had a lot of fun with that thing. Plus we could actually get a clear colorful picture on the TV screen when playing it. Once we turned it off and tuned into Bonanza or something, it went all rabbit ear snowy again.

    Then I’d go outside and jump ramps and set new personal wheely ridin’ records with my bicycle 🙂

    “Those were the days my friend, we thought they’d never end”

    • NYGino

      I could kinda picture you in the wind on a Big Wheel back then.

  • I’ve watched some of these guys today actually! Its mind boggling the precision these guys have. You do master hand-eye coordination, if you play long enough! 😀
    Considering ET’s supposedly the worst game ever, they have guts to even be playing it at all! lol

  • Oh dang this is cool! I wish I could donate but I have no way to do it online!! Wish I could do it. I rock at Zelda lol.
    This is so cool! Thanks Caleb, and Neil.
    Need to kick the crap out of cancer once and for all.

  • timerunnersc

    Prayer for healing is answered.

    Faith is very powerful:

    Believe in God Jehovah and pray in the name of Jesus Christ for in them alone are all things possible.

    • While not all are healed by prayers, it’s not the lack of faith, it’s one of those ‘why’s’ we’ll have to wait for before we find out the reasons.
      But even if one isn’t completely healed, prayers still help.
      My brother in law said if he didn’t know some of us were praying for him, especially in the worst times in excruciating pain and alone in the hospital, he never would have made it. He said our prayers were what kept him going and thanking God even through it all.
      Same with my sister this past summer.

      • timerunnersc

        I’m sorry Duckie to hear about your brother and sister having to been in the hospital. I know how hard those days and nights are for whole family and even more so if the condition is life threatening and the outcome uncertain.
        As the creation we can never fully understand why some are healed either through medications, surgery or because God gave us a miracle. So when we read about the Apostle Paul who had some type of condition (the Bible calls it a thorn in his side) Paul asked God to remove the thorn but we know God refused to heal Paul and we know that Jesus Christ did not heal his disciple of his thorn. So in faith according to Gods word and mercy we know all things work together for good and we’re comforted by the words of the apostle James who tells us that prayers of a righteous man prevails much. Though these prayers do not always bring healing one thing we know and have seen as believers in God Jehovah and Jesus Christ we know always these prayers bring us comfort and peace that passes all our human understanding. This is demonstrated over and over when we visit a dieing brother or sister in Christ at hospital or senior citizens home or at home who is dieing with no earthly chance of recovery, yet in beautiful love and peace they lay their heads on their Bible and say I’m not afraid, I’m ready to go home to be with my Lord Jesus. Some who were dying say out loud to everyone in the room they see an angel in the room waiting for them, even though no one else in the room can see him, the angel.
        So while we’re running towards the mark, in prayer, faith and love we work putting all our trust in God Almighty, fighting the good fight of salvation.

        • Well said my friend.

          • timerunnersc

            always your welcome and sorry I forgot to mention to you that I’m happy for you and your family that your brother and sister recovered.

      • DebbyX

        Sorry to hear of your family woes. Hope all is well now. My hubby is in the hospital now. He fell down the stairs in our house Sat. night. He has a partially collapsed lung and back problems, but thankfully, he is doing much better than expected. We all need prayers!

        • Oh wow Debby I’m so sorry!!- I will keep him in my prayers. Hope he’s doing better than it sounds!! ((((((()))))))s
          Thank you. I appreciate the thought. My sister just finished her treatment, her husband is in remission for the 2nd time- keeping him in prayers it doesn’t come back any time soon, as his is a non curable one. Thank you Debby.

          • DebbyX

            Thank you for your prayers………….same goes for you and yours.

  • NYGino

    “Centipede” and “Asteroids” Those were my gaming drugs of choice back then. Pretty darn good at them too. Hate to think how much $$$ I put in those slots!

    • Galaxian, Pole Position (I ROCKED!) and Rygar were my main ones. Dang I wish I had all those quarters now lol.