Fantastic new NRA Stand and Fight ad: “We are America!”

This is a great new ad by the NRA, reminding those in power that they don’t rule us, we grant power to them:

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  • Oh YES!!!!! LOVE it!!!! This is the best thing I’ve seen for an ad in ages. This has got to go viral! Thank you Scoop!!

    • MiketheMarine

      Darn tootin’, Angel

      • Rshill7

        I already said darn tootin’. (Patent # BR 549) You’re gonna have to say dang skippy or something aren’t ya’? 🙂

        • MiketheMarine

          Plththththththht…….Sue me. LOL

          I am close to being off the grid as is humanly possible but still work so good luck serving me court papers. LOL

          • Rshill7
        • He’s gotta watch who he calls skippy. 😉

      • 🙂 Hey myMarine! Yeah it’s a good’un! Whoo hooo!

    • TonyToye

      I hope the GOP are taking notes!

      • It’d be nice- but why do I doubt it?

      • c4pfan

        No, they won’t.

      • BS61

        Looking at politics from both sides now, I realize the GOP just want to control us too. They just spend money more slowly and repeal nothing that the Dems put in. Boehner kept funding Obama care after the 2010 record breaking GOP wins, we need to clean house!

        • Jazzee

          amen amen amen

      • Jazzee

        have to wake the fools UP worthless losers they are
        read they are working on an agreement on the amount of bullets for a magazine
        bad idea idiot GOP wake UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • BlueGood

      MUST listen/see & spread

      • Excellent! Thanks BlueGoodbrother! Spreading it now.

      • PatrickHenrysBody

        Thank you! This is not a kooky conspiracy theory. It is real and it’s happening now! This must be stopped…AT ALL COSTS! Many folks are up in arms about this issue where I live and they have been holding local and state government officials to the fire. This needs to happen everywhere in the U.S. WE MUST RESIST THIS!

        • BlueGood

          UR very welcome PHB…I thought it quite profound…

  • Rshill7

    Darn tootin’! Uh, dang skippy, hot diggity, oompa loompa 🙁

  • TonyToye

    This is a thing of beauty! I just love all these NRA ads. Keep em coming

  • Love the ad, the voice actor sucks though.

  • Lives4Freedom

    That was excellent. I detected a hint of Optimus Prime in a couple of spots there. 🙂

  • MominNV


  • Excellent.

  • G-D that was awesome! I was standing up clapping and loudly proclaiming “Hear! Hear!”

    Now, please do whatever you must to get this ad on TV! – Spread the word! Spread the truth! Scare the Libtards back under the rocks!

    I’m a proud bitter clinger to my guns, God and my Bible and NObama and his socialist lemmings can go and F themselves!

    • proudhispanicconservative

      Like always your comment right on, 1000 likes for you, and u are right they can go and F…..Themselves.

  • 1776 Freedom Fighter

    Inspiring ad, thanks for posting it!

    I’m a newbie here on this site. If I may be allowed to veer o/t:

    Kudos to the technical team here at The Right Scoop. Somehow you’ve dodged the bullet (sorry, bad pun) which has impacted *many* other Disqus sites today.

    In recent weeks I’ve been posting on American Thinker and Breitbart. Prior to that, I posted a lot at MOTUS and a bit at NewsBusters.

    All 4 of those sites, plus many more, have been impacted today. Disqus finally acknowledged the problem, posting on the Status area of their site:

    Latest Event
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    1 hour ago, affects API

    So kudos to you, the team at The Right Scoop. Whatever you’re doing, it sure is running smoothly. Keep up the good work; your site is awesome!

    Best Regards,


    • Welcome to the TRS… The bar is over there… The lounge through that door… You’re new so you’re expected to buy the regulars a round or two! 🙂

      Seriously! Welcome to TRS… You are among friends here!

      • 1776 Freedom Fighter

        Thanks very much, Wolfie; I appreciate your warm welcome!

        I just alerted (via cross-posting this link) some of my new buddies over at American Thinker, so we may see some new faces here from those patriots.

        Yes, I’ll be delighted to pick up the first few rounds at the bar! I wonder if we can spike the Tea 😉

        • Hey now, go easy there! 😉

        • DebbyX


          Next rounds on me 🙂

    • proudhispanicconservative

      Welcome aboard, here you will find the classiest and the best that America has to offer, every now and then you get a troll or drone, and they usually find themselves uncomfortable among people with brains and reasoning. Some of our stars
      Wolfie, americanbornincanada, 1776 freedom, Rshill7,lives4freedom,Mikethemarine, etc just to name a few.(notice you are in there too)

      • You forgot proudhispanicconservative! 🙂

        • proudhispanicconservative

          LOL THANK YOU

      • 1776 Freedom Fighter

        Thank you, Proud Hispanic Conservative; I’m grateful for your warm welcome. I’ve seen many of your posts over at Breitbart, and I found them to be very impressive!

        I appreciate that you would include me in those TRS luminaries you noted. I’m merely a newbie here, so I’d suggest I have not yet earned such a lofty status 😉

        I do have some history at other conservative sites, and I’m really looking forward to the interaction here. You’ll see more of me here in the weeks ahead.

        Thanks again, PHC!

    • 57thunderbird

      Welcome to Real ville!Where common sense rules.

    • TexasPGRRider

      Welcome 1776 !!! Don`t be Bashful sharing Truth. Happy Easter….

    • DebbyX

      Welcome to our world!

    • PatrickHenrysBody

      Welcome 1776 Freedom Fighter!

  • c4pfan

    At least the NRA gets it, because the GOP sure doesn’t.

    • TexasPGRRider

      We gotta Keep Prayn` for `em c4….

      • PatrickHenrysBody

        I’m praying for them to be replaced by true conservatives.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Excellent. 🙂

    • TexasPGRRider

      MOST XLNT Observation Sober !!!!

      • Sober_Thinking


  • Clapping! LOve this! Nuff said.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    I have chills!!!!! Beautiful ad, God bless the NRA. Thank you.

  • 57thunderbird

    Outstanding ad,Take it to them NRA and American gun owning,second amendment loving patriots!

  • Now this is what AMERICA is all about you go NRA!!!!! Share Share share!!!!

  • TexasPGRRider

    I also saw today where our Speaker of the House Finally called out B.O. on the Fact that HE is the one who Promoted sequestration!!! `Bout TIME !!! Keep sayin` the Truth, louder and Louder, over and Over, and sooner or later it`s GOT to be Heard…I`m SICK of SPIN Not being Confronted with Facts and Truth….


    I donated money to the NRA after that video.
    NRA is the only one with balls to stand up to these Leftist degenerates.
    Hey RNC/GOP look, listen and learn something, till then don’t you
    dare ask me for a penny.
    Not a FRIGEN PENNY!!!


    …as RUSH would YELL ,” RIGHT ON, N R A , RIGHT ON, RIGHT ON !”

    Great Ad and God Bless America.”

  • OneThinDime

    From Daily Caller, NRA is taking to the paper, airwaves and net targeting (pun intended) where US Senators are up in 2014!

  • OneThinDime

    Thought I’d share this young woman’s story of assault on Reno NV college campus, 50′ from campus police office, gun free zone, CCW permit holder who obeyed the law and her assaulter did not. She’s also 2nd degree black belt. NRA interviewed her, hope there is an ad forthcoming.

  • 1776 Freedom Fighter

    Honorable patriots here at The Right Scoop, thank you **so much** for such a warm welcome!

    I’m deeply moved by such kindness, and I may not be able to fully reply asap to the flurry of greetings. Please rest assured that I’ll be back frequently in the days ahead. My plan is to rearrange my posting habits to include more time here at this amazing site.

    Again, sincere thanks!

    Fond Regards,


  • Ray

    We should send this to all our friends, liberals as well!

    • sickandtired

      I no longer have liberal friends nor do I associate with liberals if I can help it.

      They are insane and unable to listen and think for themselves.

      This makes them very dangerous!

  • DCGere

    Good stuff!

  • clockwindingdown

    We only grant them power as long as we have our 2nd Amendment rights. When we loose our guns/weapons they will seize control, which is why they want our guns/weapons.

    Every citizen of our country should be required to have guns/weapons, every citizen should know how to use it/them. Every politician should be (and is judging by their effort to remove them) scared of the citizenry and their guns/weapons, we are bound by the blood of our founders to reject tyranny, and they, our politicians, are tyrants!

  • Jazzee

    I LOVE THIS AD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! show it everywhere please
    yipppeeeeeeeeeeeeee great job

  • loriannringold

    AMEN!!! The best ad (of course it would be by the NRA) I have EVER seen. Makes me proud to be a gun owner!!!

  • PatrickHenrysBody

    I went to the range yesterday and popped off a few. It was cold, but firing my weapons warmed me up. LOVE THE AD! It made me proud to be a gun owner!

  • After so many years of the left attempting to ram unconstitutional “change” down our collective throat, it’s time they discovered our teeth.

    Well done, NRA.

  • NRA is kicking rear end and taking names with these powerful ads. They are doing the jobs that the cowardly RINO’s won’t do-standing up for America.

  • 1MadMarine

    ^ ^ Clicks Heels and Salutes….Way to go NRA

  • getarope4u


  • getarope4u

    democraps,,,the scum of the earth,,,,,

    liberals,,,,,,they eat that scum,,,,,,,,,,

  • I prefer NAGR to the NRA. The NRA supported Harry Reid and others like Joe Manchin. Their initial response to the shooting was somewhat inept and they supported background checks after Columbine. NAGR doesn’t compromise on the 2nd Amendment.

  • usofa

    @Alex  I think we all would support either organization. Why don’t they come together so that we have more political clout to maintain our freedoms?
    Throughout history and in every age, when man becomes Godless he has been destroyed, taken over or enslaved. Doesn’t anyone read their history?