AWESOME: Older man shoots robbers at Internet Cafe in Florida

THIS is exactly why people should be allowed to carry guns. On a day like today when our statist rulers are calling for stricter gun control laws, this video is proof of why that is exactly the wrong path to take:

Samuel Williams is a hero. I hesitate, especially on a day like today, to think of what could have happened if he had not had his concealed weapon.

Consider this your open thread for today.

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  • KenInMontana

    This is why you do not mess with old dogs and old men, we bite.

    • nibblesyble

      Amen, kinda like Eastwood growling..”get off my lawn”

      • E. Lee Zimmerman

        More like, “Stay off my blog.”

        • nibblesyble


    • Army_Pilot1967

      Dagnabit, you beat me to it. Yeah, old timers don’t mess around…when they see something wrong, they usually step up and do what’s right. I saw that video several days ago and laughed through parts of it, especially where the dudes were falling all over themselves to get out of there once rounds started flying and hitting them!!!! Good job, Mr. Williams, and well done indeed!!!!

      • Dukehoopsfan

        Textbook … stable base, two hands on the grip, front sight, squeeze. That guy was awesome!

        • steprock

          Did you notice how casually the punks walked and how they waved their firearms about? No control. No confidence. They expected everyone to just bow to them like they were mini gods because they were armed. And everyone did…except one.

    • Cindy09

      This was awesome!!! I laughed my butt off at the way the robbers scraped for the exit!! And the older man did not flinch one bit!! Simply awesome!!

    • Nukeman60

      Roger that!

    • white531

      Every would-be punk in America with a gun needs to see this video. This video is the answer to those who would take away our guns. My answer to them is this: It should be against the law NOT to carry a gun if you are over eighteen years of age. How hilarious to see this pair falling all over themselves, trying to get out the front door. Samuel Williams is a Hero. I’ll bet he gets free coffee for life in that cafe.

      • steprock

        What would happen if you knew FOR A FACT that 50% of the populace was armed? You think people would just strut in and try to take over and start shooting? No way! They’d think twice because they would KNOW that they’d face resistance!

        Was there time to call the cops? No! The place would have been robbed and ransacked with the police taking questions and scouring video. Instead, they will never again attempt to rob a place. Scared straight for life AND arrested.

  • TANGO40


    • stevenbiot

      And God bless gun manufacturers.

    • RighteousCrow_JustCaws


      -Thank our founding fathers.

      Yep! Buy ’em and go to the range…practice, practice, practice!

  • dabbobean

    That dude was on the ready!!!!

    Viva the 2nd Amendment

  • WordsFailMe

    Next time, hollow-points, Sam.
    Thank you sir, you are an American Hero.

  • This is a very satisfying video, to see two crook maggots tripping over themselves to get away from a bad-ass old man.

    • One ran the other one over trying to get out of the store! I agree very satisfying.

      • E. Lee Zimmerman

        Just like happened in A CHRISTMAS STORY!

      • MaroonRepublic

        Thanks for that scoop! That was a freaking riot. Those thugs were like holy schnikes, some old dude is going to cap our ass.

  • stevenbiot

    Get some old man! Thankfully, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, like how to be a feminized male without balls and gusto. Society tells us not to defend ourselves against degenerate members of the human race. This hero must have skipped that pc lesson.

    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      Notice, too, how the coward crooks NEVER even turned back to take a look at the ol’ guy OR to even ATTEMPT to shoot back. They ran like the effing coward they were, and all the ol’ guy did was keep advancing.

      There’s a metaphor in there for all of us, people.

      • steprock

        I was talking with friends today about George Lucas’ emasculated view of men when he revised Star Wars to make Han Solo sit there and get shot at before he took action.

        – Han shot first –

  • Theconservativechic

    I love it how unafraid he was & just kept after them. Take that! It’s too bad we must arm ourselves. I carry pepper spray & my Rosary. A gun looks p r e t t y good at this point in our lives. Especially what happened today. My heartfelt condolences to all the families that lost those souls today.

    • 4Hoppes2

      One of my brothers had asked me on a certain occasion if I was carrying, I told him I am always carrying and pulled my Rosary out of my pocket.

      • Theconservativechic

        Padre Pio used to say, “The Rosary is a weapon against Satan.”. I love Our Lady & The Rosary. If only people knew it & mediated on the Mysteries of The Holy Rosary which is Jesus. 🙂

        Jesus 2012

    • sno_warrior

      He probably carried an M14 somewhere in the Pacific many years ago….

  • toongoon

    I saw this video last week, if my below average memory serves, both of the criminals were shot and eventually apprehended.

    This is a great video, thanks for posting it Scoop.

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    FanTAStic job, Mr. Samuel Williams! You, sir, are a patriot.

  • MiketheMarine

    Now THAT is gun control. Keeping both hands on the weapon and hitting what he’s aiming at. Well done, Sir.

  • In all seriousness, I wish one or more of the theater patrons in Aurora had been armed.

    • I was thinking the same thing. Instead, the liberals want us to be unarmed and defenseless.

      • The airplanes on 9/11, Virginia Tech, Columbine, etc. ad naseum, were all gun- free zones. Why do you think the perpetrators of all those atrocities picked those places to commit thier crimes?

        • steprock

          Not like they care. They’ve already planned in advance to ignore the law of humanity, what do man’s laws matter after that?

        • Laine Andrews

          Even crazy people who have decided they want to murder a lot of people know the place to do it is some “no gun zone” where they won’t be stopped before their ammo runs out.

    • steprock

      My wife and I were talking about that today. We live in Parker, about 20 minutes south of there.

      That thug would not have gotten so far if someone had shot back. I guarantee it.

  • WordsFailMe

    I’m hoping that President Fathead will start blowing again to turn this into a political event

    With his uncanny timing for verbal flatuence, he will certainly launch another 100,000 guns into the hands of American patriots by August 1. (PS: That Glock 40 is sweet.)

    Show us a little ankle in those lite-loafers, Obubbba and give us a littl’ mo Owl Green, like, well, you know….

    I’m so in love with me,
    Whatever you think you see,
    It’s always meee—ee—eee……

    “And yooo-hooo-hooo-hooo,
    Lookin at me…eee…eee….eeee”


  • anyonebutbarry2012

    Sorry to say wish more of the people in colorado in the theater were armed, hard to say what happens in pandemunium, but less guns is not the answer. Its a ugly world out there, and we have the right to protect ourselves and loved ones.

    • WordsFailMe

      Aurora PD reported that they received 100 911 calls at 12:39 am. What if those callers had been packing Glocks instead of cell phones? Or say, half of them? A Quarter? 10?

      • anyonebutbarry2012

        I know we have no details right now. Again sympathy for the victims, there was a article I posted from air force times, they say they had military in that theater, going to watch the movie, of course they be off duty.,I guess that means they would not be carrying weapons.

      • 1mathteacher

        Even one, in the right place, would have changed the entire situation. It is so wrong that this scumbag is still alive.

        • oldguyjustsayin

          The problem is that the theater, like so many other locations are “gun free” zones.

          • Laine Andrews

            “Gun-free zone” synonymous with “target rich environment” or “fish in a barrel”

  • Joe

    Am I seeing things ??

    —————- By the look of those “GAMS” –

    ——————————– I believe that’s NYGINO

    ——————————————- He is my hero 4VR !!!

  • Dang, I had to watch it like… 6 times I was so… pleased! LMAO. God love a man on the ready, BABY!!

  • B-Funk

    Well done Mr Williams!

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    Mr Williams, you are a Hero

  • SaraPFan

    Video is hilarious. Bravo. Did you see those cowards tripping over each other trying to make it out the door? Thieves don’t think about how victims feel when they when they brandish their weapons to innocent bystanders handling their business.

    • Army_Pilot1967

      Someone commented on some other less important website that they thought it was a bit much for Mr. Williams to shoot at the one perp when he fell down as he was hastily trying to exit the store. BS!!!! Shoot ’em however you can because they waved a gun around and created the impression that they might use it on innocent people. Tough doo-doo if you fall down on the way out after an innocent person whips out a pistol and starts shooting. I still get a chuckle out of seeing those two scatter like roaches after a light comes on in a dark room. LOL…..

      • I’m with you! If he’s alive and brandishing a gun… What are you waiting for? For him to kill some other innocent victim before you unload your clip on the bastards!?

      • mike morrison

        A criminal who is shot and on the ground is MORE dangerous because they think they can’t get away and will die–they’ll act even more recklessly! If he still had the gun in his hand, shoot until the threat is over.

        • Army_Pilot1967

          Hey, Mike, I agree with you 100 percent….shoot until the threat is over.

  • There should be a law making mandatory concealed carry the law of the land. There are never robberies, rapes or massacres at shooting ranges. Remember that.

  • He should’ve been at the batman premiere, he could’ve saved a bunch more.

  • i noticed the customer who saved lives that day, look down at his pistol with a slight twist in the wrist as if to say hell! how did i miss!
    I think this hero would have had a couple of spots on the floor, but for the misfire.
    These two were very lucky chumps.

    I like this American Heroe’s philosophy

  • Ah yes…..see how they run. I applaud this gentleman for saving no telling how many lives in that cafe. Bravo!

  • aZjimbo

    My only wish is he put them 6′ under.

  • KarlRogue

    That is awesome.
    It is a pity no one was carrying in that movie theater

  • bjohnson55

    I wish there were a couple old dudes like this in the Movie audience in Aurora Colorado last night.

  • Wouldn’t older men not have to shoot robbers at internet cafes in Florida if criminals didn’t have guns? And wouldn’t people not get massacred in theatres in Colorado?

    • wodiej

      Uhm, many criminals get their weapons illegally or without the appropriate background check or none at all.

      • Uhm, criminals can’t get firearms if there are laws preventing them from getting them. For example, criminals in China don’t have firearms.

        Also, Canada and Europe have highly restrictive gun control, and they also have much lower violent crime rates.

        • mike morrison

          violent crime goes up without fail in every society that bans guns…it’s the same in the US. Just look at Chicago. There are at least 300,000,000 guns in America. No one is going to confiscate all of them. If you ban guns, only crooks will have guns because law abiding citizens will not give up their guns no matter what the current law might be, thus making them crooks, too…and that’s exactly what the pro gun control lobby wants: all gun owners to be made crooks.

          • Violent crime actually goes down when guns are banned. Let me quote a comment you recently replied to:

            Uhm, criminals can’t get firearms if there are laws preventing them from getting them. For example, criminals in China don’t have firearms.

            Also, Canada and Europe have highly restrictive gun control, and they also have much lower violent crime rates.

            EDIT: Japan also has extreme gun control, and thus has one of the lowest murder rates in the world. –

          • There are a lot of guns in Chicago. Chicago has done a terrible job banning guns. If there weren’t guns there wouldn’t be that many crimes. Look at Japan, China, Canada and Europe, the first two countries which almost outright banned guns and Canada and Europe having harshly restricted them. Violent crime is a lot lower in gun control countries.

        • If you tie everyone up, and put someone in charge, then you can force everyone to be good.

          Put me in charge!

        • oldguyjustsayin

          Bombs and Dollars… I hesitate to even reply… but you are not stating the truth. I don’t know if you are misinformed or malintentioned, but nothing you said is true.

          If you care to know the documented facts that correct the talking point myths you posted, you can find them here:

          • What I said is that the violent crime rate in Canada, Europe, China and Japan is much lower than in America. All of those countries have strict gun control. Those are facts. Do you disagree with the facts?

            Perhaps you think that America is different? Maybe you think there are other factors besides gun control that make the crime rate so low in each of those countries? You can argue that if you want, but you can’t make up fake facts, like “Canada, Europe, China and Japan’s crime rate is higher than in America.” You lied by saying that the facts I quoted weren’t true.

  • A lot to be said for being able to defend yourself when confronted by armed gunmen. How many people would have survived had there been at least one or two people armed with guns in that movie theater in Colorado? Yes, a lot to be said for being able to defend yourself when confronted by killers.

    • Not very many people would have survived if there was a viewer with a gun in the theatre. The criminal snuck in in the dark in a crowded loud theatre, so people didn’t even see him or his gun until he started shooting. He was shooting rounds all over, and he would have already killed and injured a lot of people before any one had the chance to respond.

      One situation where people wouldn’t have been killed would have been if the armed gunman didn’t have a gun.

      • white531

        Not true. One of the eyewitnesses saw him come through the door when he entered.

      • onetwopunch

        “gunman didn’t have a gun.”

      • DebbyX

        Are you for real?

      • bindare

        Your anti-gun bias defies simple logic. A dark theatre would accentuate the muzzle flashes of the perps weapon. Have you ever been shot at? You can bet return fire would have gotten the attention of this maniac and put some fear into his heart. It would not be surprising if he made a hasty exit just like in the clip we just saw.

  • Jeff_the_Macedonian

    Sam looks like my Dad.

  • Jeff_the_Macedonian

    When seconds count, the police are minutes away.

    • The police can’t be everywhere at all times. That would be a police state.

    • Laine Andrews

      Some wit said: “I carry a gun because I can’t carry a policeman”.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    In light of the recent shootings in colorado I bet the libs are going to go wild asking for gun control, as they always seize any opportunity to exploit any issue.(Bloomberg)This is the video to show them what can happen when people are legally able to defend themselves. This man is my hero, and if someone in colorado would have had weapon who knows how many lives would’ve been saved.

    • People don’t need guns to defend themselves if criminals don’t have guns. This video shows criminals who where in the process of violently robbing an internet cafe and threatening consumers and workers because of their use of firearms.

      • white531

        I totally agree, Bombs And Dollars.
        Now, next question. How exactly do you propose to keep criminals from acquiring guns?

        • crosshr

          simple answer white, criminals would just ask Bombs if they can buy one and would that be ok. last I heard the devil is nice, kind respectful and would always let us know ahead of his next chaotic destructive plan,
          I thought I send an email to the mayor reminding him to shut the fork and shove his wisdom. (Folks, sorry for the temper )

        • You can create regulations to keep criminals from owning guns. For example, in China no criminals own guns, because the government prevents criminals from owning guns. Now law abiding citizens don’t own guns either, but there’s no reason for law abiding citizens to own guns because the crime rate is low. (The murder rate is 5 times lower than in America.) There are some target shooting ranges for recreation, but they are heavily regulated, and the guns are provided on site.

          • Laine Andrews

            China is a totalitarian police state. Japan is culturally homogenous (no blacks) and has rigid follower tendencies (remember their militaristic past). No freedom loving people would accept the degree of government control necessary to keep guns out of the hands of criminals though people like you who are either control freaks or who want to be controlled keep pushing for more government control.

        • Send them to China.

      • proudhispanicconservative

        You are so delusional to think that if you got what you want which is gun control, that these tragedies will cease to exist, there is always going to be crazy individuals. I could care less for people that think that I shouldn’t be allowed to defend myself, and i still think if someone on that theater would’ve had a weapon who knows how many lives would’ve been saved.

        • Not true. We have examples the world over of what happens under gun control. Europe and Canada have gun control, and their murder rates are lower than the US. China has an outright gun ban, and its murder rate is 5 times lower than in the US. Obviously if you take away the instruments, criminals will have no means to kill people.

          Now you did say, “there is always going to be crazy individuals,” and you are right, that in China there are still crazy individuals who may on occasion stab someone or mug someone, but the statistics speak for themselves. 5 (US)/1000 is greater than 1/1000. The statistics in Canada and Europe also speak for themselves.

      • DebbyX

        You’re living in the wrong Country or you haven’t read the history of the one you’re in!


        • Are you referring to the fact that the US defeated Great Britain for our independence? That has nothing to do with using guns for self-defense, fyi. Great Britain wasn’t wearing a joker mask and massacring people at the threatre.

          But if you think that Americans somehow have a right to commit acts of terrorism (or “Second Amendment solutions”, in the words of Occupy Wall Street socialists), you are living in the wrong country. America has a long history of law and order, not people using violence to attack the government just because they don’t agree with government policies like Occupy Wall Street is trying to do. Furthermore, even if you did think that violence was the answer, the government has tanks, and they would bring justice on you, so guns don’t give you any protection against government disagreements masked as “fighting tyranny” and “oppressive capitalism.”

      • KenInMontana

        Go back and watch it a second time, one of the punks has a pistol, the other an aluminum bat. Should we make baseball bats illegal as well? Aside from the fact that the vast, overwhelming majority of firearms in criminal hands were not acquired through legal means, just how do you propose to keep firearms out of their hands? Consider the fact that there are 300 plus Federal and State laws addressing firearms already on the books. Those laws only serve to impede law obeying citizens from the exercise of their 2nd Amendment enumerated right, laws that are ignored by the criminally predisposed with reliable regularity.

        Murder is illegal, we still have murders committed.
        Rape is illegal, we still have rapes committed.
        The same is true of any crime you care to mention, we have laws and prohibitions against this behavior, however laws do not prevent crimes from occurring.

        The Police have no responsibility to prevent crime or protect individuals, their are at least 10 court rulings (SCOTUS, Federal and State) establishing this, I can provide links to this if you like. In other words, you’re on your own when it comes to protecting yourself and your loved ones. Why do you suppose the Personal Protective Service industry does so well? For the average citizen purchasing a firearm and getting some basic training in its use and practice at a range (at least a 100 rounds a month) is a far more financially doable than hiring a bodyguard or a Security firm ($55 an hour, low end estimate, per guard).

        Most other nations have either highly restricted and costly procedures for private ownership, some have absolute bans on private ownership. They still have violent criminal acts perpetrated, most African nations completely ban private firearms ownership, that fact has not prevented the atrocities that have occurred there, Rwanda is a prime example.

        So what’s your solution? How do you propose to accomplish keeping guns out of the hands of criminals without violating the Rights of millions of law abiding gun owners in this country?

        • Aluminum bats are much less effective for murder than are firearms. That punk with a bat could maybe kill one person, after running up to him and battering him a number of times, while the others would have time to run away, etc.

          • pilgrimhere

            “run away” is clearly your solution. Please do run away to any of the irelivant nations you are refering to. “… could maybe kill one person” and you’re fine with that!? Some people are just sick with hostility and act with violence however they are able. Should the mother of a battered child just run away when she could have prevented the death of her beloved offspring? You are not a thinking person and are evidently deluded by cultural poison from sinister control freaks who will prevail eventually thanks to mass conditioning of society with propoganda such as yours. And when they do, your purpose will have ended. Wake up.

        • Most other developed nations, as you said, have restricted procedures for owning guns. Thus, they have much lower murder and violent crime rates. Canada and European country’s murder rates are much lower than in America.

          Some countries even go with outright bans, and their murder rates are even lower. China, for example, has a murder rate of ~1/1000 compared to America’s ~5/1000.

          • KenInMontana

            If you think that one blow to the head of a man with a bat wouldn’t be enough to kill, you’re sadly mistaken. That said, it was used as example of the flawed logic of your arguments.

            Murder rates or homicide rates? You do realize that different countries have different reporting techniques, do you not? England is a prime example of this “massaging” of numbers, in the UK a case is followed through the courts and listed statistically as whatever the final conviction is. For example, what enters the system as a homicide may end up being counted as “manslaughter”, while another may end being counted as a “murder”.
            Try giving this a read;

            Japan has the lowest crime rate in the world, you should read that article a bit more closely. Even with the highly restrictive gun laws, they still have crimes committed using firearms, so in the end the laws fail to deal with the problem of criminals and firearms. They also practice they same crime reporting techniques as the British. While the FBI counts all fatalities linked to a crime, even those killed by an armed citizen in an act of self defense, as an illegal homicide. Japan is also a statist’s wet dream, particularly when it comes down to the rights of the accused, as in, when accused of a crime there is a presumption of guilt, not the presumption of innocence like our own system.

            China? You’re citing China? You better go back and do some real research on that subject. This is just a sample of what has leaked out of China,

            In the end your argument is badly flawed and from a failed position.

            • You are flailing because the murder rate stats are against you. I cited publicly available stats, and all you could cite was that some people were killed with knives (not guns) in China a number of times. The amount of people murdered in America per 1000 is a lot more than the amount murdered in China.

              You obviously don’t know what an anecdote is. According to your argument, Obama is a great job creator, because his policies created 1 job somewhere sometime or other.

          • Laine Andrews

            The lower gun crime and murder rates you ascribe to low gun ownership is actually due to those countries lacking a 12% black population. If you subtract black gun and crime statistics, the American murder rate drops to the civilized levels you point out in other countries. (See any book written by Prof. John Lott). In Switzerland every household has a gun, but gun crime is perishingly low, as are the number of blacks. Conversely, Jamaica has exported half her population and everywhere they have gone, they have taken gang, drug and gun crime with them as well as an anti-police attitude even among the so called law-abiding Jamaican immigrants. Sorry to bring up these inconvenient facts to a liberal who thinks facts are racist, but you can’t be allowed to keep spreading utter BS about guns causing crime rates. Black people with guns are the x variable. The occasional mass murdering white crazy is insignificant in American gun crime statistics.

        • Laine Andrews

          Good points. One Rwandan tribe hacked to death 800,000 including women and children of another tribe using machetes. No guns needed when murder is on the mind.

  • Jay

    Looks like a .380. We should take up a collection to buy that gentleman a .45, or at least a 9mm. But in the end, I guess he brought enough gun to get the job done. That’s why CCW is so important, these cretins are looking for easy pickings, not a gunfight, Just the thought of someone shooting back prevents an enormous amount of crime.

  • Kordane

    Even if there’s a risk you’ll be arrested, I say it’s better to be tried by six, than carried by six.

  • wodiej

    oh my…just love it.

  • Landscaper59

    Punks just got OWNED by an real American.

  • CDS in Manitoba

    More stupidity in the Great White North: A judge in Nova Scotia wants to ban glass containers in bars:

  • WestGAFlash

    And that, my fiends, is what my wife and I have carry permits.

  • Notice how the media are ignoring this story… A man with a gun stops a crime… Doesn’t fit their anti-gun mantra so will be ignored… In the real world, he’d be hailed as a hero! He, of course, is a hero to me! God bless him!

  • onetwopunch

    Due to the cost, my wife has a purse that we use to sneak popcorn, twizzlers and milk duds into movies. From now on, when attending a movie, snacks will not be the only thing her purse will be hiding.

    • If me and my wife happen to be in that movie… I want us to sit by you… BTW, you won’t be alone… Say no more!

    • DebbyX

      I’m with Whitewolf, you will NOT be alone!

  • BunnyOle

    Most people out there killing other folks don’t have legally owned guns & even if they do, that doesn’t mean the ‘state’ has the right to dictate to the rest of us what we can and can’t do in the most controlling of terms. Out of 350MILLION people I think I am reading of only something like 10,000 murders a year, and that’s just not that many, considering. I also would like them to give a breakdown on gun vs. other murder methods and how many murders were carried out by illegal aliens.
    They can’t even protect us from Mexicans, what business do they have telling us how to protect ourselves !!

    You should go back & do research on that old Luby Cafeteria shooting in Texas. A woman in the restaurant (and I think her father was killed) was a licensed handgun owner & concealed weapons carrier, but, she left her gun in the trunk. She recalls hesitating & then thinking naaw, I want need it. A decision she’ll regret forever, as she watched all those people, including family, die.

    Another fine example is the country of Switzerland, where almost every citizen owns a handgun or rifle, and their crime & murder rate is very low. Of course, let’s face it, the quality of citizens is important & very telling.

    Here in Sweden, no guns (i think rifles for hunting is allowed) people are robbed & shot all the time, even a store 5 minutes walk from my home in a totally residential suburb with a little ‘suburb center’ that is a small indoor mall with groceries, library, shoes, post office & a little gold shop (very small with some jewelry) they were robbed 2 weeks ago by people with automatic weapons (by which I’m sure they meant sub machine guns) who escaped on ‘scooters’ they had stolen & then were found burned up nearby. THESE PEOPLE ARE ARAB IMMIGRANTS. Nobody gets caught, they won’t ‘tell’ on each other & they look so much alike it’s insane (I’m sorry that is not racist, they are highly inbred and they DO look very much alike – actual siblings look like clones, but, extended families are all first cousins married to each other & their kids marry the kids of their own brothers & sisters, it’s messed up. 2 townhouse address #s down from me someone fired a gun directly into a 2nd floor apartment window (somalians) I mean I LEFT Memphis, TN and came here for ‘gun free safety’ boy was I mistaken. Another part of the problem HERE is that NO ONE HAS GUNS EXCEPT for the immigrants. They ALL have weapons & they rob, rape, murder, extort with impunity. They harass, they threaten, they put swedish boys into comas about a fight over ‘who gets to use the soccer field’ – their 13-14-15 year old sons rape & in mobs beat old people to death & kick their heads in. I would give the MOON if Swedes could get legal weapons here.

    ALL the shootings involve Somalians or Arab/North African/Afghani immigrants.
    Like 100%.
    Even in a very small town of 75,000 where I live, a once safe clean & quite town, never had a single gun crime….now people are firing guns into restaurant windows after “warning” the people they “weren’t allowed” to open a restaurant. Most of them are owned by muslims, immigrants get those start up business grants & it’s always a pizza & Kebab shop or a convenience store…the pub owners are being extorted for PROTECTION money & one guy who owned a restaurant got extorted by the GARBAGE man who said he wouldn’t pick up the garbage unless he got extra money.
    I lived in Morocco for a while and that is exactly ‘how it works’ NOBODY will do a damn thing, even if it is their paid job, unless you ‘bribe’ them and cops won’t help because they probably get paid protection money. Senior cops steal wages from lower level cops, it’s 100% corrupt over there, and these scum balls bring their crime and disgusting filthy corrupt lifestyles with them when they come here. (plus their assault violence, people screaming day and night, eat food or drink from plastic bottle & just throw it on the ground the minute it leaves their mouth empty (even though permanent attractive garbage cans are placed frequently throughout the entire suburb, like in front of every 3rd apartment, they throw garbage out of their effing windows onto your HEAD. It’s disgusting.

    • Trust1TG

      It’s past time to push back hard against the Islamist and Russian mobs here in the US.

    • The vast majority of murders in America were carried out by Americans, and guns were the most popular method for murders (obviously, since they are the easiest).

      Although it may be true that being murdered is relatively unlikely in America, it is also true that being murdered in America is much more likely than in most other developed countries. The US murder rate is 5 per 1000, much more dangerous than Canada and European countries with relatively strict gun control. Even looking at countries like China, which has banned private gun ownership, China is one of the safest countries for violent crime, with only 1.12 murders per thousand. Ironically, for someone to argue that murder is uncommon in America as a reason for not trying to take gun control measures to decrease murder, you are also arguing that there is little reason for law-abiding citizens to own guns to protect themselves (from this uncommon threat).

    • From what you’re describing, Sweeden sounds like a hell hole because they have far too few regulations on guns and many people have guns and commit crimes with them. Where I’m living in China, no one has guns, because there are gun control regulations that actually prevent people from having guns and committing crimes, and thus very few people commit crimes, especially not violent crimes. What happened at the theatre and what happens in Chicago everyday doesn’t happen in China because of the success of gun control.

      • And the “success” of totalitarianism.

  • BunnyOle

    And I gotta read how ‘insulted’ people are about people saying hoodies = thuggies – THEY DO !! especially those plain grey ones. watch the london riot videos, you see plenty of hoodies in those too.

    NICE VEIL on that one guy XD XD

    • It ain’t the hoodie that’s the problem. Lots of conservatives buy them for their kids. I wear them a lot. You don’t see me robbing the local 7-11.

  • PJRodman

    Bet this guy is a sport shooter….awesome style.

    My family was discussing this issue last night. My sons had just finished practice for their 3 gun shooting competition next weekend and after watching even the 15 year old’s “dead eye Dick” marksmanship I wondered how many shots the Colorado gunman would have gotten off if my family had been in the theater. My eldest said that even considering he was wearing some body armor the .45 would definitely “get his attention” and stop him before he was able to shoot that many people, even IF it took a couple of attempts to make the head shot.

    Unbelievable that this evil bastard was able to pick off so many people like sitting ducks. Just a few packing people could have prevented the number being so high.

    Just heard on the news that they finally got into his apartment and it was booby trapped heavily. The reporter speculated that it was meant to be a diversion to keep law enforcement from the theater longer. Wonder why that didn’t happen or what he had planned for the bombs?

    • bindare

      Somebody shooting back at the perp in the theatre would definitely have saved many innocent people from injury or death. Hit him or not, you would surely get his attention as he would have to worry about his own skin.

    • This guy snuck into a crowded theatre and started shooting in the dark and noisy theatre. If there were a video of it, you would say, “He looks like a sport shooter.”

      Doesn’t matter if anyone else had guns. They didn’t even know where he was until long after it was too late.

      I bet if this criminal didn’t have a gun, he wouldn’t have killed so many people.

      • PJRodman

        Thank you Mr. Obvious…I would have never put the criminals with guns vs. the good guys with guns thing together. I would have also been really inspired by the sport shooter offing people in the theater-based upon his expertise-and thought he was really cool if you hadn’t pointed that out.

      • pilgrimhere

        You are not a thinking person! You simply do not think through the rhetoric you are positing. Had any one of the movie-goers in proximity of the perp been carrying, lives would have been saved.

        “Doesn’t matter if ANYONE else had guns. THEY didn’t even know …”

        That’s just stupid!

  • DebbyX

    The Greatest Generation – 1

    Scumbag losers – 0

    Also, they had guns, why didn’t they try to defend themselves.

    Bunch of cowards!

  • bindare

    When I was young I depended on my ability to fight or run. Now at 72 I have a concealed carry license and weapon. I hope I can keep it concealed, but I would not hesitate to use it to defend my unarmed fellow citizens.
    They ought to give this guy a medal!

  • Trust1TG

    Love it! Go Gramps!

  • Trust1TG

    You notice the perps were wearing ‘The Uniform’ – hoodies.

  • Sparky5253

    And, this is why Obama wants gun control……less power in the hands of the people.

    FYI: July 27, 2012, all countries are gathering at the UN for a scheduled vote on a Global Gun Control Treaty for the purpose of having all small arms controlled and registered. Next step would be a ban on firearms and changes to the 2nd Amendment.

  • This is good, Scoop! Everybody should be able to defend themselves anywhere, at any time, period.

    In this aftermath of the Colorado shooting, it’s good to see that the correct response to “gun violence” is a quick, accurate take-down.

    === === ===

    My open thread stuff is pretty thin today. Couple of quick things…

    I’m back down in the fastness of the Boogie Southern Compound. The trip up to Boogie North was short, sweet, and productive, but I’ve got chainsaw work to do down here.

    Also, Steve has released a new video to go with the recently released song, I Just Care About Tonight. You can see it at his blog.

    I think his work with the new videographer shows great potential. He also shot some “footage” (what do you call digital video in memory anyway, byte-age?) at Steve’s recent gig at The Blind Pig in Ann Arbor, so I’m looking forward to what they do with that.

  • mike morrison

    I love how he waited and then pounced. He didn’t screw around or try to talk some sense into them. He saw the threat, waited for an appropriate second to draw his gun, and acted with control. LOVE IT.

  • steprock

    They RAN. They ran like frightened cockroaches from an old(er) man. Did you see how everyone instantly put their hands up and surrendered, even though you can tell from how they carried themselves that the invaders had no clue what they were doing?

    Authority puts punks to flight every time.

  • mike morrison

    Looks like a Kahr 9mm:) If it is, they should supply him with ammo and service the rest of his life for making that gun even more famous!!!

  • PJRodman

    Here’s a perfect answer to Bombs and Dollars commentary. Obviously Doug Giles was thinking about the same way as I was about people well trained and good with a gun coming in handy…because the criminals will always have access to guns and “Well, Dinky…crap always happens when you least expect it.”

  • gothicreader

    Looks like this video has been made private; anyone having problems viewing it?

    • KenInMontana

      It may have been “pulled”. I’ll pass it along to Scoop.

  • Good job …..!!!!!!!!


    I posted link on MRC site last night I found on YOUTUBE.

    On youtube you have to get a Google account for over 18 viewing for this video because of the violence I guess.

    I had to do it, because I could not find the video anymore, it had ben everywhere 3 weeks ago.

    I would never suggest for someone with a gun take on the MOVIE MURDERER and that was a “gun free zone” according to reports.

    Seen many “experts” say if a person takes on guy dressed as this one one was and armed,
    there would be even more carnage.

    I am not so sure, especially if the one taking him on is a SEAL (or any Special OPS soldier/Warrior).

    If 5-10 people rushes him from all sides, it would a least distract him and give people some time to get out. Only would take one HARD HITTING person to take him down, IF there was some ex-football players there. It would take unbelievable courage and quick thinking, but it is possible. WE NOW KNOW WE HAVE TO TAKE ACTION, not let everyone get slaughtered.

    I would take that chance, remember Flight 93, “LET’s ROLL”.

    I am an older slower guy, so I would “probably” do something to save the youngsters, if I could get a free “shot” on him. I would be scared too, but knowing what I know now about these crazy killers, we are going to have to have a mind set we are not going to take it.

    Don’t care what he is wearing, just shows he was a coward, and needs to be brought down hard as possible.

    That guy in the video, had the RIGHT STUFF !
    If we could be LIKE HIM instead of LIKE MIKE, maybe the shooters would stop?

    I think it is video games, not guns, but is is my opinion only.

  • Too bad he didnt kill the 2 useless hip hop jerk offs

  • 2yves

    I bet those thugs would have to be more careful where they target again. Next time they may get killed. It would make other thugs think twice.