Awesome: Romney releases another ad hammering Obama for saying ‘The private sector is doing fine’

Wow. They are really milking this for all it is worth. Yesterday the Romney campaign released an ad with individuals talking about how much trouble they are having finding work in this economy. Today they’ve released an ad of the media reacting to the terrible job numbers from a couple of weeks ago when unemployment ticked back up. They are hitting Obama from every perspective to showcase how stupid his comment really was:

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  • RightSightings

    I really appreciate the fact that they’re being aggressive about this, it’s ABOUT TIME!!!
    Great ad! 😉

  • denbren52

    When the ONE provides the nails for his own coffin, you gotta keep hammerin’!

  • Rshill7

    Duh gaff dat keeps on giving 🙂

  • Crash_Davis

    If negative advertising were an Olympic sport, the Romney campaign would be the undisputed gold medal winner.

    Sorry, I just can’t ever forget how he did this to our side throughout the primary.

    That being said, we MUST win…so let’s win. And then hold his feet to the fire.

    • Sorry, but Romney was quite a gentleman compared to what I’ve seen in primaries in the past. If you think Romney was bad in the primaries, then perhaps you should disable all channels other than Sesame Street.

  • BSScoop

    The ad was awesome until the end. Romney, you represent all of us, stop using language that divides America by class! It is irrelevant, quasi-Marxist crap that divides us. Stop playing their game! Why do I even bother?

    Don’t Tread On Me

    • detectivedick

      What you are missing is that LIAR Obama wants to add 450,000 people to the public payroll. Hence, 20 plus more Billions of Dollars to the Nation’s debt and 450,000 voters for LIAR Obama. Not class warfare, just buying the vote.

      • hrh40

        And how many does Romney want to add?

        Studied MA under Romney yet?

        Oh yeah, it’ll be kinda hard since he deleted emails and bought up state-issued lap tops when he left office.

        Oh, and because he was out of state more than 212 days in his virtual last year in office.

      • BSScoop

        I’m not missing any of that. I’m well aware of Hussein’s intentions, it’s Romney’s that worries me. He is far from a conservative and the archetype of the very flip-flopping, I’ll say anything to get elected politician that so many of us despise. Mitt Romney WILL let America down and hard.

        Don’t Tread On Me

    • Is_Sense_Common

      Exactly! He had me saying, “Yes!” until the end when it mentions the “middle class.” This is America. We don’t have a class-system (yet). Quit using that language of the Left!

      • Nukeman60

        The ad would have been perfect if the words ‘the middle class’ had been replaced with the word ‘America’. Very powerful.

    • marketcomp

      I know, why did he feel the need to say “middle class.” As so many have pointed out we don’t have classes, perhaps middle incomes, but not classes. Obama is out of touch with the majority of Americans except that 20% of far left Marxist.

      • Nukeman60

        Just like all Marxist regimes, Obama’s use and abuse of the ‘middle class’ idea will eventually eliminate the middle class altogether and leave us only with the poor and the elites. It’s what they want all along.

  • badbadlibs

    Keep using the words out of bo’s own mouth, Romney!
    Great ad! Kudos to the people who are coming up with these ads! Hammer it home, Romeny…we do have a prez who is out of touch…period.

    • hrh40

      Not any more out of touch than Romney.

      • NHConservative0221

        What’s your answer again? Sit at home and let Obama get another 4 years??

        I’m sure that won’t hurt American right??

        What do you do when Sarah endorses Romney?

        Sarah has already said it’s Anyone But Obama and that she WILL support the GOP nominee.

      • G_unitttt

        not a fan oof reason and logic huh?

        i think you are lost. you should have taken a left turn to HuffPo and then another left into Looneyville.

      • 3seven77

        Even I, a Newt supporter, have had to accept the fact that Romney will be our nominee. It won’t be Newt, it won’t be Sarah. It’s not what I wanted, but it is what it is.

        You might want to ask yourself, do I want Obama gone or don’t I? Once you answer that question honestly you’ll know who you should vote for.

      • badbadlibs

        bo has NO equal…NONE, nobody is like him, except for Karl Marx.
        It’s mind boggling to think there are people who actually believe such utter nonsense.

  • 12grace

    Go get em, Romney! Love it.

  • NHConservative0221

    Beck has a Paul supporter on the line to try tell him what the plan is — ie: why he’s not voting for ROmney and what the answer is —- coming up in the next few minutes!

    • hrh40

      Let us know.

      What does the Paul supporter have to say about Rand’s endorsement of Romney?

      • NHConservative0221

        The Paul supporter basically kept saying how he’s sick of both parties…etc.

        Beck told him that Romney wasn’t his first choice, but he’s not a card carrying Marxist like Obama. That you can’t always have the perfect candidate.

        Beck made the analogy to wanting to marry a hot model. That at 10 years old you want a hot model, that at 25, 35, 55 years old you’re holding out for that hot model and end up living alone with your cats. Beck said would you rather live with a woman who’s attractive (but not a model) that has other good qualitites and someone you agree with for the most part, or be stuck living with a Marxist?

        • marketcomp

          You know, I do wonder about the Paul supporters. I mean are they all getting high somewhere and can’t see the big picture? I really do wonder about these supporters.

          • Nukeman60

            Oh oh. Cue the Paulbots in 5, 4, 3…

          • NHConservative0221

            Just look at the way they’ve treated Ron Paul’s son!!

            Tell Rand to “Go to [email protected]”, calling him “Judas” and you can imagine what else!

            THey sound like Occupy Wall Street. This is a big reason why libertarians don’t win elections.

            Don’t they think that father and son discussed the matter before Rand publicy endorsed Romney??

            • marketcomp

              I have always beleive that their characteristics were very similar to OCW crowd. Doing the nomination process they would show up a Herman Cain’s and Santorum’s events and shout them down. Now these people say that they are Constitutionlist but I think they are all cranked or cracked up on something. This people are crazy so let them vote for Gary Johnson, the candidate for the libertarian party. Yes we need all the votes we can get but maybe those who would have voted for Obama will vote for Johnson since he to wants to legalize drugs.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Great ad! Put it on national T.V. now.

    Great to have a candidate who is finally going for the throat of the bad guys – since he’s done ripping our other GOP candidates apart.

  • anneinarkansas

    Great Ad.

  • Nukeman60

    Milk this puppy till November, I say. How can Obama counter it? He really believes that the public sector is more important than the private sector, yet everytime he comes out and says it, he gets hammered bigtime. He’s caught between a Barack and a hard spot. Pound, pound, pound, till there’s no more bleeding.

  • NHConservative0221

    It gets old arguing with those who refuse to vote for Romney.

    A common reason for not voting for Romney is:
    “Although the rhetoric is different between Obama and Romney, the policies are nearly identical.”

    I don’t believe that Romney will:

    – Try to replace capitalism with communism
    – Have the government take over banks, car companies, and other industries
    – Allow his EPA to set new and arbitrary standards without regard to their impact on people and business, often driving businesses out of our country
    – Try to make energy unaffordable
    – Try to make more people dependent on government
    – Promote abortion
    – Try to curtail freedom of speech for his political opponents
    – Exercise widespread bribes and rewards for supporting his policies, such as loan guarantees and grants for “Green companies” run by his contributors and exemptions from legislation such as Obamacare
    – Support continuation of Obamacare
    – Send our soldiers into combat based on UN agreements without authorization from Congress
    – Offend our country’s traditional allies and bow down and embrace countries wishing to destroy our freedoms
    – Surrender American sovereignty to the UN.
    – Appoint liberal activist judges to the Supreme Court
    – Include known Marxists in his administration
    – Appoint people who have never had a real job to posts in his administration
    – Continue with Trillion $$ deficits for the foreseeable future
    – Encourage Islam and Sharia in the US
    – Try to complete the job of destroying American values, morality, and culture
    – Try to complete the job of destroying the American education system
    – Use the Obama technique of continually lying to the American people
    – Try to bankrupt the United States

    this list could go on and on ….
    Romney was not my first choice. In fact he was way down on my list. I believe he is misguided on some policies and I wish I felt more convinced of his commitment to others.
    Yet, I see little real similarity between Obama and Romney. Romney is an American through and through. He grew up as an American, he has American values, his influences were pro-American. He believes in American exceptionalisnm. He believes in the American people. He believes in freedom. He believes that America is a force for good in the world.

    The Fall election is NOT a choice between two bad options. It is a choice between one really bad option, a person dedicated to destroying our country, and a good, but not perfect, option, a person who actually loves our country and will do his best to preserve it … even if we are not convinced that he will do everything we think he should (which President ever did?). I will feel very good about my vote for Romney


      Romney is a political wind indicator. Whoever has his ear or convinces him a “majority” are behind something, you can expect him to move that way. In his core, he is probably very moderate, and maybe indifferent on many things. There is no question he is a effective, decisive leader and pretty smart too. He also at least understand how the economy is supposed to work and a capitalist.

      Romney was my second to last choice. My first choice decided not to run. I donated to Cain and Santorum. I would even prefer Gingrich over Romney.

      Romney is the nominee.

      Obama has to be defeated for the very survival of the country.

      Romney is a squandered opportunity of what could have been a great conservative leader going to the Whitehouse…we shouldn’t compound that error by allowing genuine Marxist to continue to occupy the Oval Office.

      Obama is really that bad.

  • This morning, it has been reported that Obama’s commerce secretary has been involved in a series of hit and run crashes. A metaphor for what Obama is doing to the private sector?

    • WordsFailMe

      Now look who’s driven the car into a ditch! lol

      Heard he hit 2 cars, then they found him, not conscious, in his car. Drugs and alcohol not immediately apparent. Probably, like most democrats, he was engaged in midnight multitasking and either his hands were full or he was giving FOX FUR’S “Shamu” a ride home.

      So blame that one on Bush, commie/socialists! It would be the bush you’ve been smoking.

  • steprock


  • Pyrran

    “Doing fine” in this case means……
    a. My plan to destroy the country is on track.
    b. I’m a complete idiot.
    c. I’m not sure what the phrase “private sector” means. (see b.)

  • londondave

    This ain’t yer Grandma McCain’s campaign.

  • TexBob

    Since when did state & local government produce anything without first confiscating from the public sector? Helloooooo!

  • Hey, that was supposed to be MY line!
    – Gaffin’ Joe Biden

  • Dustoff

    Sweet, hit him again!

  • redc1c4

    Obama is a SCOAMF.

  • 3seven77

    There ya go Mitt! I knew you could do it! Hit hard, hit fast and keep hitting.

  • section9

    I do like how he’s using Maggie Thatcher’s old “Labour Isn’t Working” line from the 1978 General Election against Sunny Jim Callaghan. It’s as if he’s hired Saatch & Saatchi to do his ad work.

    I’m a Palin guy who is pleasantly surprised by what Mitt has done so far.

    • NHConservative0221

      Good to hear.

      Maybe you convince some of those at C4P to wake up and realize that Romney is much better than Maobama!

  • sorry gang time out, Obamas needs a smoak break.

    Tea Party Patriot
    excellent ad

  • “Has there ever been a President so out of touch…”

    not out of touch–actively malevolent. Have a look at the insanity going on in the EPA and how the administration is intentionally crippling our economy.

  • jerseyflash

    “OUT @#$K-IN STANDING”….you have your boot on his neck…NOW PRESS DOWN !!!!

  • FINALLY! This is an ad Newt would have done! Keep it up Mitt!

  • Romney should keep pushing on it. Thing is, we’re a way out until election day. But I really do believe that Obama’s statement is something that’ll sink his chances in November. There’s proof out there that he did not misspeak. Reid said the same thing in October last year. Their jobs bill is meant for the public sector. The stimulus was for the public sector.