AWESOME – Rush: Heavily skewed CNN poll proves that Obama inevitability talk is manufactured

Great news here. Rush opened his show noting that the CNN poll which has Obama up 6 points over Romney is a joke of a poll, that it over samples Democrats by a very wide margin. Which makes his point that media is still trying to prop up Obama with these phony polls.

He explains below and more:

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  • kamiller42

    This all may be true, but I don’t want the right to become comfortable with the idea of “The polls are wrong.” I remember blaming pollsters was done over and over again during McCain vs Obama. (Michael Medved could spin a 72/25 in Obama favor poll as a good sign for McCain.) The polls turned out accurate. I would say the polls closest to the election turned out accurate.

    • conservativenews

      True. I believe these polls are skewed. We’ll see more accurate polls 1-2 weeks before the election. Then we really can start panicking or celebrating.

      • bobemakk

        Celebrating that the Obama regime will be over.

    • bobemakk

      On a conservative news network yesterday, the commentator said the polls are fudged and Romney is really way ahead. I hope she is right.

  • MiketheMarine

    Nothing new here. Remember that Al Gore was leading the polls right up till the moment they announced that he lost.

    • johnos2112

      Jimmy Carter was up 47-44 on Reagan a fee days before the election. Folks this is not FDR running. This is an anti colonialist that despises America as it was founded. If you have not seen 2016 go and see it!

      • The only thing worse than having a Marxist as President is a Socialist disguised as a Conservative … oh.

        • johnos2112

          Romney a socialist?  Then don’t vote.  Prove that Romney is a socialist.

          • Do I have it wrong… is Romneycare NOT a social program?

            • steprock

              Let me try to beat Johnos to the punch – that is a faaaaar cry from being a socialist.

              Most Conservatives do not like his background on Romneycare, but have realized there is not a perfect candidate. Romney is far and away better than O, if not the preferred guy.

              • Sounds like most Conservatives just roll over and let the GOP elite tell them what to do and who to support. I can not in good conscious support a Republican that insists on being a “moderate/progressive”

                When Republicans get swallowed up by the disguised wolf like Little Red Riding Hood, who’s going to be the Lumberjack that comes along to save them? …and will it be too late?

                • steprock

                  Uh, no. We had a set of primaries and voted for the person we wanted. I liked Newt, but he lost.

                  Now, do I take my marbles and go home, claiming it’s a matter of conscience, or vote out the most liberal president in US history? Please don’t make light of the situation – we all have a set of values, and for me, Romney can represent many of them. Not all, but neither did Newt.

                  The GOP sucks for running a moderate, but he won the primaries. I’m voting against Obama.

                • And by giving in to allowing another moderate leader we’ll be right back to where we were in 2001… Republican control but no backbone to support it.

                • steprock

                  Vs. a Marxist who would preside over the destruction of Israel? 2001 sounds pretty good to me.

                  I don’t like Romney, but Obama is freakin’ dangerous, probably a Communist plant, maybe a closet Muslim, clearly incompetent.

                  We can do worse than Mitt, that’s all I’m saying.

              • bobemakk

                We simply cannot like every past history about any candidate. Obama must go, period!!

            • Pixel, whether or not you agree with Romneycare, it is TECHNICALLY Constitutional. This is the part most have missed on the ENTIRE THING about Romneycare. The Constitution states that whatever is not delegated to Congress. is left to the States. This means, if a State wants to enact something like Romneycare, then the States have that right, since it is not an enumerated power left to Congress.

              I am like you, I don’t agree with it, but, the State voted for it, and is by all means Constitutional. So, to me, he is only following the Consitutional Right that a State has. That doesn’t make him a Socialist(though the program mirrors that of what a Socialist would want for the entire country….aka Obamacare).

              To your point that it is a social program, you are right, but, keep in mind that it would pass the Constitutional muster better than Obamacare should have.

              • How about the fact that he’s backpedaled on his talk of getting rid of Obamacare, “there are some aspects of it that I would like to keep.” Sound to me like he wants to turn it into Romneycare for the whole nation.

                • Hey Pixel, I am not going to defend Romney, as he was the last in my list of choices.

                  I hate the fact that he is saying this now, because it does show what his true stripes are. The problem with the GOP electorate, is they are suckers for a good “BS” speech. They just want something that sounds good, and if it does, who cares about records or laws they have enacted.

                  Sadly, he is the ONLY choice that has even the slightest bit chance to beat Maobama, so we have to suck it up and hope for the best.

            • johnos2112

              Yeah it is.  A state run program that was a joke!  Now here are the choices:  The anti colonialist vs a decent man!  If you don’t like Romney then stay home.  I choose to defeat the bastard that is Obama and the thugs like him!

              • I’m totally with you on Obama… it’s just that I consider Romney just as much of a thug – probably more so because I hold Republicans to higher standards.

                • Romney a thug? Is he complict in the murder of a federal agent? Does he have a bogus ss# like Obama does? Pals serving time in federal prisons? Does Romney have thug friends like terrorist Bill Ayers? Bow to Arabs? Use ex. orders to defy the U.S. Constitution? Does he have VP choice, like Biden, that won his election with ‘help’ from one of the most notorious mobsters? I know who Mitt Romney is, and Paul Ryan. Who is Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Sotero, endorsed by the Communist Party, product of a Communist family that never had any allegiance to the U.S. Who is chaingang Joe Biden? Do some homework on what Barry did to Senator Diane Feinstein and, while you’re at it, google Shore Bank in Chicago. Thug? Damn straight Obama is one…

            • Look up the facts on Romneycare, what Romney did, and what was vetoed by a Democrat controlled MA legislature. There is a huge difference between the MA healthcare act and the socialist ACA mandate that represents 1/6 of GDP, in a debt crisis where debt is now 100% plus of GDP, with three months to until the end of 2012. US debt is historic. Only one time it was 100% of GDP and that was during WW2. Post WW2, economy boomed—that will not happen in the US because of the sheer number of people out of work, welfare rolls, loss of industrial base. MA is a state, not the US. It does not require its own military defense, and the countless government programs in the federal govt. MA also had a revenue stream, now challenged due to pension liability in its heavily unionized state. The only revenue stream the US has is bbgun bernanke who prints money at obama’s command.

      • I took a few of my friends to see 2016 that said they were “undecided” before seeing the documentary. When we walked out of the theater they were absolutely stunned at how little they really knew about Obama and what his true vision of America is … the total destruction of our economy and to make EVERYONE dependent on the goverment.

        Four more years of Obama? No way! We are voting for Romney and taking our country back!

    • They’re just fluffing the number for the unspoken *Chicago Effect at the national level. Harder to dispute illegitimacy if polls all support the Dem. I wonder how Chavez polls in Venezuela.

    • Don

      Hey Mike, if the polls didn’t show the liberals/demonrats leading before any presidential election I would definitely be concerned. The mainstream media makes no effort to hide their bias with their disdain for anything remotely conservative. The polls can be slanted in so many ways that outcomes can be pre-determined easily. We are being attacked from within by a progressive movement that has the mainstream media in their back pocket. The problem is America sees where this is headed and are slowly but surely waking up. If anyone believes anything they see or hear out of the demonrats or their tools in the media mainstream media they should be considered dumber than a box of rocks. Semper Fi from an 11 Bravo.

  • Normally I don’t get into this stuff of conspiracy…But this doesn’t even sound right….If you thought that Obama had a large bounce on a poll that is points most to democrats…all this poll shows is the democrats are gaga over him(no kidding really)….but everyone has been citing this poll as proof that Mitt Romney had a bad convention and Obama might ride back to the White House for 4 more years….again I don’t believe these conspiracies theories but its food for thought!

    • CalCoolidge

      I don’t think “conspiracy” is the right word. Skewing a poll and reporting the results are not crimes.

      Do you really think this is the only inaccuracy the liberal media let pass or participate in? Every time a Dem speaks, they say the Republican “plan” is tax cuts for the rich? Anyone in the history of the world ever announce that as their plan?

      In my opinion, the skewed poll is more accurate than the claim that Republicans will cut taxes for the rich.

  • Joe

    I know and

    You know and

    We know – BUT

    The problem is that we MUST let THEM (the peoples) know that the polls are


    WE must push at 110% to get every vote out there

    Find your local GOP office and do something !

    THIS MUST be a LANDSLIDE – to send a message to DC

  • johnos2112

    For those that do not want anymore of this crap, ignore the polls, and go to the ones that count in November! This garbage is turning into Wisconsin all over again. Remember that crap we dealt with?

  • Joengima

    Just look at the ABC/Washington Post poll of 49%O to 48%R

    Dead even right? When when you learn it’s 33%D and 23%R it opens your eyes and go “They are skewing it just to keep it even?” Dem 10+ of likely voters and Obama manages a 1+ lead?

    I’m not saying we get cocky, but like Rush said yesterday, Polls don’t matter until after the debates and a week or 2 before the elections.

    This is the last chance for the Media to have any influence if they had any.

    I’ll say this, funny how yesterday Rush called out these bogus polling over the weekend, and now the race became a dead heat again even with tilted numbers.

    • CalCoolidge

      These polls matter! All you have to do is unskew the sample to get accurate results. Also, they show how propagandizing the MSM are.

    • Not only is it +10D, it’s 5% more for Dems than in 2008. Could you imagine Obama having 5% bigger Dem turnout? Actually scratch that, it’s 5% of the entire voting sample more than in 2008. They would need something like 15% more Dems. The entire country would be blue. But it isn’t.

  • The reason why the polls are skewed is because of a social psychology concept called Social Proof. Look it up and pass it along. The published polling data has termendous impact on other people’s opinion. This is pure propaganda by the media. It is estimated that upto 24% of the population is very influenced by polling data. This is the worst form of propaganda and yet Rush has no idea of the social psychology concept behind this.

  • Stehekin912

    I don’t listen to pollpaganda, but we must remain vigilant and continue to work very hard to succeed. We must be able to win so completely that NOTHING can challenge our success.

  • Love you, Rush. 🙂

  • Love you, Rush. 🙂

  • Sober_Thinking

    Lol… is there nothing that’s true coming from the so-called media? Sickening.

    Polls are kinda meaningless at this stage… well, any stage really. What matters are votes.

  • LOL….well WaPo has 49/48 Obama among Likely Votes with a Plus 6 Dem Sample and Romney up 11 points with Indies….which tells you that Romney is really up 50-47/46 over Obama. The CNN poll oversampled dems by 9.6 or close to 10…IT IS A JOKE!! So much for that DNC BOUNCE….even WaPo noted the bounce was gone by Saturday and that is with their PLUS 6 Dem which is 2008 and BS!! Lets look at this way….2010…Repub were even and their is NO WAY IN YOU KNOW WHERE that OBAMA will have PLUS 6 this time….At Best maybe Plus 2-3 but no Plus 6 and I would guess more likely even…with that scenario Obama is in trouble and when you lead INDIES by 11 that is more tellin as well…WaPo made me laugh how they stresses though amonh registered voters Obama is up 50/44…WHO THE HECK CARES! Registered Voters is BS…and in there Register Count it is PLUS 10 DEM….GIVE ME A BREAK!!

    In other words…Romney is winning really and that is good to hear…So much for that CLINTON BS and THE DOOM GLOOM by the MSM and some on the right!! GEE!! As for CNN…keep pedaling that crap CNN!! You have no viewers….PLUS 10 Dem…next they will have PLUS 15 for crying out loud!!

    OH I CANNOT WAIT TO VOTE AGAINST OBAMA FOR ROMNEY!! I am so jazzed up to get rid of this loser!

    • Obama actually got a -3 bounce (that’s NEGATIVE THREE). Which isn’t a bounce at all. They were all freaking out, so the pollsters came to the rescue with a false narrative. Because this far out, who’s going to know? Well, people who know math and can calculate the D/R/I split from the crosstabs. That’s exactly what I did and you get 44/34/22, a +10D skew. It’s ridiculous. The pollsters are saying Dem turnout will be 5 points higher than in 2008. That’s impossible.

  • Mitt Romney on the Chicago Teachers Strike, Obamacare’s Repeal and The Obama Defense Cuts

  • deeme

    Everything is about appearance to this administration, the only thing they should win is an Academy Award….and if you don’t support them or make them look good you will be sued…On the other hand it’s not hard to believe they are up half of this country is getting something from them , so they will vote for them again..They don’t know the hand that feeds them is an unsustainable one , one way or another…

  • steprock

    Journalistic malpractice, eh?

    Can we sue?

  • Hacker5988

    Rush is trying the best he can to support Romney but Romney if does not atack Obama soon he will lose and Rush knows it. Hard to challenge the people running the Romney campaign since they ran the McCain and Dole tickets and we all know they worked out.

    • BS….there is noone from Dole’s or McCain’s campaign with Romney. God tell us how to attack? Show us the way…since he is not hard enough…show Romney the way…because I am sure you will win election…DID you try to run?? I get sick of the armchair quarterbacks…what should he call Obama…that EVERYONE WILL COVER…since we all know the MSM will oblige right? Tell us what he should do? Spend millions telling everyone that OBAMA is a radical…horrible president…Jeremish Wright and deficits….I MEAN he does nothing but run ads telling people how bad the economy is!! People already know how bad things are. The one thing I want is to cut against the NARRATIVE that OBAMA IS A NICE GUY!!

  • tinker_thinker

    I’m waiting for Holder to sue them.

  • Bryan Ewbank

    A single poll is pretty much meaningless too; there are 50 separate elections, in which R or O will win. If the “poll” says O is up overall, but there are more states in which R is up, R wins the election(S!).

    We’ll see what happens, as we will survive.

  • drphibes

    Romney will win handily, if not by a landslide. The factors that shaped the 2010 midterms are unchanged.

    Also, when you hear about “Undecided” voters, you can put 80% of those points in Romney’s column.

  • JoelDick

    Not to be pessimistic, but what about Rassmussen? Surely they are not skewing in favor of Obama.

    • Joel, there is only two numbers that count: unemployment going into the election and Obama’s approval rate. The approval rate will determine the percentage of ‘legal’ votes he gets, and there are half a handful of polls that accurately calculate approval. Rasmussen is one, Cook another..and private subscription polls.

  • Did the media manufacture Carter’s “inevitability” in 1980? Or is this a new phenomenon?

  • If the dems, (felons, illegal, and dead people) think Obama is way ahead, many won’t go to vote. Let them build up Obama and underestimate Romney, that put Romney in office…good outcome.

  • If you don’t vote for Romney and stay home as a “matter of conscience”, you are voting FOR Obama. It is that simple. How do you think Obama won other than the fact that he got the votes of illegal aliens, dead people and people who voted multiple times? Romneycare is constitutional at the state level. States are empowered to do anything they want by their own constitution. Romney wasn’t my first, second or third choice. He is far and above better than Obama. We have to get that Marxist out of office this time or we are done as a nation. Done. The end. Americans made a mistake the first time. They gave the first black to run for president a chance. He promised hope and change. Now we can only hope for change. A change that puts Romney in and Obama out. Hold your nose and pull the lever for Romney if you have to, but vote for Romney.

  • tamara1964

    i will continue to worry about obama getting another 4 years because his policies make it tough to eliminate voter fraud. i foresee many dead people voting, i foresee many people voting who aren’t even citizens, i foresee many democrats working in voting centers to stuff the ballot box. i foresee these things because they’ve been busted lying and cheating so many times already. i don’t think the polls necessarily mean anything. remember harry reid’s last run? he wasn’t leading in ANY poll before the election, but there he is for another term.

  • The CU-Colorado study that has accurately predicted the outcome (electorally) of every election since 1980 show Romney as the clear winner.

    Obviously, the polls that over sample Dems to make Obama look good and show him ahead are bogus.

    When every Dem and Independent I know that voted for Obama in 2008 are ALL voting for Romney in this election, I know that there is NO way that Obama will be re-elected!

    Romney will BE our next POTUS! Obama needs to start packing …. maybe go stay with his half brother that lives in a hut in Kenya!