Awesome: Rush interviews George W. Bush

Rush had former President George W. Bush on during the second hour of his show today, and might I say what a great interview! I know you probably watched Matt Lauer’s interview with Bush last night, and you might be thinking that you’ve heard it all, but I assure you this interview is quite different. Rush mixes in current issues with issues during his Bush’s presidency. They talk Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac, Obama’s blaming the financial crisis on him, “This war is lost” by Harry Reid, Sarah Palin (a little), and so much more. Rush did a great job.


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  • Jim

    I can’t wait to watch this later tonight. Unfortunately I don’t have headphones and can’t turn the volume up here. Thanks for the upload though!

  • Great interview. Thanks for sharing. I miss GWB.

  • Palin debuts another money-making venture, a consumer rating guide called “Sarah’s Scores” – REVEALING story at:

    Peace! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    That must have been very painful for Rush.

    Thank God this book didn’t come out two weeks ago. George W. Bush is a decent man and never deserved the hatred that was directed at him, but he was a lousy president and that interview just reinforced every reason why I think so.

    • Paulchri

      He deserves to be in prison as a treasonist. Just like Obama, Clinton, Bush 1, and many more. Anyone who says the constitution is just a (explative) piece of paper and governs that way taking away the unalienable rights of US citizens is a treasonist. Plain and simple. Anyone who invades two foriegn countries and kills hundreds of thousands of their citizens while disarming them and controlling their givernments without a declaration of war is a murderer. Killing illegally is murder. Anyone who thinks that alqaida is not a CIA created entity that is used by the US government to justify their illegal foriegn atrosities, is misinformed. Anyone who thinks that giving up our essencial rights for security is unwise. Anyone who thinks that we should spend $1T a year fighting spooks in caves is watching too much main stream media.

      • Anonymous

        I guess the health care law isn’t working out so well for you. Look into it, maybe you can get your meds for free now so you can GET A GRIP.

        • Paulchri

          The health care law is just another way to bankrupt the country, put power and control in gvnmts hands, and devalue our currency for the implementation of a world currency controlled by the IMF. Bush did a lot to do the same things, while helping control natural resources, gvnmts, and people in other countries. He was a transnational tyrant just as Obama and the rest. Did you like Bush’s bailout for the banks? Did you like his power grabs? Does Homeland Security give you a big warm and fuzzy feeling? You know the “new”, “huge”, federal dptmt that can put you in prison indefinitely without notification to your family for six months by claiming that you are a “potential” threat.

          I really wanted to put “Duh” after that last sentence, but I didn’t.

      • Diamondback

        Hey dude, what’s your source of drugs. You’ve obviously got some good ones you’re using. What was it about this interview that bothered you, his love of America or the fact that he protected us by preventing any further attacks following 9/11? Or that he has decided to NOT criticize Obamao or engage in petty politics with the dignity of the Office of President? Exactly what is it, your rant is somewhat ‘crazy’ and lacks substance.

        By your standards every President including George Washington and every Congress since the country’s founding have been treasonable. And, I’ll agree that is probably the case. However, when you’re responsible for the lives of 320 million people, I would think you develop a “bigger picture” viewpoint.

        Furthermore, regardless of who or why Al Qaida was created, it IS STILL A THREAT to American lives TODAY!

        I agree that there are some provisions of the Patriot Act which should be immediately repealed as it has provided LE with the false authority to infringe upon some unalienable rights. The same applies for the RICO legislation and other so-called “laws” which call for tripling sentencing for “habitual” and “aggravated” circumstances. LE and DAs across the country use these so-called “laws” tyrannically and unconstitutionally daily!

        I think the people of Iraq and Afghanistan have a “once in a lifetime” opportunity to establish FOR THEMSELVES a system of democracy which could protect them in the future from the horrors of tyranny inflicted upon them by extremist within their own ranks. Freedom is not free. It must be purchased with blood and sacrifice much like anything else worth anything in life.

        Get off the drugs, wake up, quit being so selfish and become a supporter of “freedom for all.”

        • Paulchri

          Any interview of a treasonist being a patriot for the sake of image only, disgusts me. If you think that the wars were legal according to our constitution, then you wouldn’t see my point. If you believe that we should invade any country we want based on a preemptive philosophy of getting them before they get us, then you believe that we should invade, disarm, and control many more countries. If someone does that to us, then you should agree with that also, unless you are a hypacrit. You obviously don’t believe in unalienable rights as unalienable. If government infringes and becomes tyranical, what is supposed to happen? If you put these people in prison for treason, it won’t happen as it has. He is not a Christian, because Christians don’t strike and kill first.

          Why do people buy into giving up rights, and spending trillions of dollars to fight a relatively tiny enemy that the US could easily stomp out if it wanted to? The excuse that they are so spread out is a lie. Why do people think that nine years of tyranny in another country is OK. Wiki Leaks, and many, many main stream news reports have verified the death toll to these countries due to our wars. 1 million in Iraq alone. They only have 33million people. These death tolls are not all enemy combatants. They are civilians. We are using deleted uranium in ammunition everywhere and it is causing major death in civilians years after we use them. Our own troops are being exposed. Our gvnmt does not care about its people. Not at the top. We are being used for our military might to take over countries that have massive amounts of natural resources such as oil, and lithium in Afghanistan. Fox news reported that we are protecting opium fields and supplying fertilizer for them to grow it. Opium production has tripled since we have been there. Where do you think this opium goes? Most of it ends up in the US in the form of Heroin. Do you still think that Bush wanted what is best for us? Come on man.

          Even if you think the gvnmts story about 911 is true, why do you ignore the rest. Without 911 they couldn’t have done all the rest. You know that is true. If they wanted to do it, why would they not want 911. Gvnmt sponsored terror is nothing new. Glenn Beck is actually talking about it this week.

          Our government doesn’t want democracies in these countries. That is why they put conditions on leaving irrevocably tied to succeeding in setting up a stable government. Their culture does not allow for our version of a stable government. Bush knew that Islam will never accept an open society as we see it, yet he says that Islam is a peaceful religion. These indicators are endless that tell you Bush was not acting in “our” interests. The media spun him as “ignorant”, “stupid”. This gives people another excuse for Bush’s treason. “He may not have got everything right, but he is a good guy”. Really? Isn’t that a little naive?

          Bushies are like abused children that make excuses for their abusers.

      • alCIAduh

        Totally agree. These people are living in a false left/right, republican/democrat controlled world. The NWO is working behind the scenes to create this one world government, controlled by the elites of the world that want to see the world population reduced to 500 million people.

        • Paulchri

          Researchers reported H1N1 as a mild virus that will not spread quickly. The CDC put out press releases telling the public that it would kill many people and spread quickly. They then launched a huge panic driven drive for vaccines. The vaccines killed more people than the flue. The vaccines contain Thimerisol which contains 51% mercury as a preservative. Mercury breaks the blood brain barrier and does neurological damage. Fluoride is a carcinogen that breaks down biological tissue at the cellular level. It causes bone disease, creates an environment for cancer to thrive, causes fluorosis, and in higher doses to small children causes convulsions and death. Yet the ADA and feds force it on water districts. GMOs create natural pesticides and cause plants to be resistant to Roundup so that the plants can be sprayed with it and not die. Studies prove that this causes cancer and many other problems. Yet the feds refuse to even allow labeling of GMO free products. They have been caught putting live virus’ in polio and flue vaccines.

          Our gvnmt really loves you and wants you to be healthy. No, they want you dead before you retire. That is why SS was set up to kick in when you were expected to die. They put up a show about certain fats and overeating, but nothing about poisons in the food supply. Nothing about poison added to the water.

          The whole thing just pisses me off.

  • Anonymous

    That must have been very painful for Rush.

    Thank God this book didn’t come out two weeks ago. George W. Bush is a decent man and never deserved the hatred that was directed at him, but he was a lousy president and that interview just reinforced every reason why I think so.

  • Steven142

    Interesting he wanted more reform… hmmm, that doesn’t seem to be the republican message these days.

  • “there are many jobs Americans won’t do.” uggggggggggggghhhhhhhh, punch in the gut. GWB, how could you in possibly parrot that mindless drivel impersonating as a talking point.

    • Diamondback

      Problem is, it’s true Frank. Don’t believe, go out and start asking most anyone under 30 if they’d like a job at minimum wage picking cotton or fruit or cleaning toilets or being “servants” etc.

      I really don’t have a problem with some kind of worker assimilation program whereby they prove they’ve been lawabiding, pay their fair share of taxes and get in the back of the line for citizenship AFTER THE BORDER IS SEALED AND SECURED! We’ve played the “assimilate now and we’ll secure later game before” and all it’s done is provide wave after wave of millions of more illegal trespassers.

      SEAL AND SECURE THE BORDER and ONLY THEN will We the People go along with another assimilation program!

      • The only thing that your proposed survey will show, even if the results are resoundingly negative (which I believe is the burden of the person advocating a broad generalization to show, not the burden of the critic of the generalization), and even if the sample population is an accurate reflection of the American population (which would require something more than asking passers by on a street your proposed question), is not a result that I dispute: that Americans don’t want to be servants and don’t want to work hard for low wages. The desire to have good wages for hard work and to have autonomy in employment is something that is no doubt prevalent in the the third world as well. However, this truth, which I acknowledge, is not the same thing as the statement that “there are some jobs that Americans won’t do.” What the fictional survey participants say they want is far different than what they will do. The only study that could begin to assess the inquiry of whether the claim is true is one that would measure conduct, not statements.

        More to the point, a job performed is not inseparable from a wage paid. If you, Bush, or anyone else that holds to the principle you claim (and that I dispute), believe that wages paid are inseparable from the job performed, and that such wages will not vary depending on supply and demand, I would like to see the explanation for that.

        If you, Bush, or anyone else, acknowledge that wages paid are not inseparable from the job performed, and that they will in fact vary depending on supply and demand, then why don’t you, Bush, or anyone else, say “there are some jobs that Americans won’t do at the wage available in the market.” There is a huge difference. By either lazily or purposely refusing to add the final seven words (or a substantial equivalent) to the claim, you ignore the fact that the wage for the jobs that Americans supposedly won’t do would raise if the supply of workers was smaller and not buttressed by the population of countries which have economies that are in no way comparable to that of the U.S.

        Even worse, by refusing to acknowledge the variation in the wage for the jobs that Americans supposedly won’t do depending on the supply of workers available, persons who advocate the position that you claim is true are simply acknowledging that Americans refuse to cast away the cheap labor that pushes down the prices of goods and services in our economy, even if the persons who make those cheap prices possible, are living in abject poverty, if not a form of slavery, and even if we pass laws that are designed to prevent the mechanism that makes it impossible for persons performing those jobs to negotiate a more reasonable wage.

        The claim Bush parroted is actually a surreptitious way of justifying the maintenance of a steady supply of cheap labor so that American citizens can maintain their high standard of living. Yet it is a position advocated by those who see set themselves up as being compassionate in providing jobs to “benefit” immigrant workers.

      • Paulchri

        I agree with you on securing the border. Bush did not agree with you. This problem didn’t show up with Obama. Our borders were less of a priority than two countries in the middle east. In reality, Bush supports the blending of Mexico, the US, and Canada. They do not want closed borders. NAFTA was Bush 1’s love child. They shipped jobs to a failed state to end our productivity and then opened the border for overflow into the US that they could use as a political tool to blend our countries. This is obvious as you see Obama continue Bush’s policies. Mexico’s president calls for amnesty and disarming the US on the front lawn of the White House. We need to call treason, treason. We need to call treasonists, treasonists.

  • Brifry

    Bush said it was beneath the dignity of the Prez to respond to the Dems, he did however take several nasty jabs at conservatives esp during the immigration debate. I regret voting for this man, twice!

  • Fantastic! I have about 125 pages left of this brilliant memoir. I miss him everyday and this book reads like a personal journal. It was deeply and is deeply personal. God bless President Bush and yes sir, we sure do miss you.

  • Bush isn’t acquitting himself well in these interviews. I’ll always appreciate his strength on the wars. But his politics are not right for the time. He doesn’t want to fight for domestic policy and politics. And it’s dispiriting. Political leaders need stronger political integrity than this. We can’t go his route again.

    • Paulchri

      He wasn’t put into office by world controllers to effect domestic policy, except to clamp down on our rights. He was put there, and kept there, to continue wars and take over territory in the middle east.