Awesome: YouTube apology to President Karzai on behalf of Americans

This is an excellent apology by Kira Davis to President Karzai, an apology that she said was inspired by Obama’s recent apology over the Koran burnings.

So just listen, and listen all the way to the end. This is the one that Obama should’ve sent to Afghanistan:

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  • stevenbiot

    Now that is an apology I can get behind! What a woman!

    • vespo08

      Steve, My thoughts exactly!

  • like button x 1000

    • Conservative_Hippie

      I’ll raise you a 1000 more!

      • Lorelei Azarian

        And I’ll see you about a million more than that. Wonder if she’s old enough to run for office. Bet she could get on the ballot and win in 2012!!!!

  • Maxsteele

    mmmm, perfect!

  • Xatly! Salami Balogni…

  • Now THIS is an apology! Dear leader would do well to learn from this incredible young woman. Too bad the antiAmerican, muslim lovin’, marxist liar in chief will never stoop so low as to listen to common sense and real intelligence.
    Thanks Scoop! I’m loving this girl! 🙂

    • I’d love it if Levin played every word of this tonight on air.

      • leel004

        RC……we need to get this on EVERY talk show. Do you have any method on doing this?

        • joyfulgiver

          I just sent it to Roger Hedgecock, if he receives it, I’m sure he will say something about it.

      • Oh yeah- it would be great! I think someone will send it in to him. I would if I knew I could get it through. Maybe I’ll try anyway.

    • Z

      Our Commander in Chief apologized to try to lower tensions and save the lives of American Soldiers. An apology like this one above would only get more Soldiers killed and this is coming from a Captain in the Army with three deployments so obviously I know what I’m talking about. You are fools who are quick to judge yet do not know the first thing about diplomacy…

      • Of course, otherwise they are almost as peaceful as little lambs.

      • mike morrison

        American diplomacy: we apologize, they kill us. Their diplomacy: we send money, they kill us.

      • Captain Sir, you can apologize to people like this in a graceful way all you want. All they do is wipe their ass on your apologies and kill our soldiers anyway. You can’t use diplomacy on people who are not diplomatic. These are radical animals, and their only interest is killing off anyone and anything that doesn’t believe in what they believe. How long has this war been going on? Nine or more years, and our country is still losing soldiers. I realize that our country feels the need to help other countries, but don’t you think we’re kicking a dead horse with diplomacy? It’s not working, and it’s costing more and more lives everyday, and nothing seems to be changing. We apologize to them for anything WE may have done wrong, but they sit back and laugh in our face. It’s time for harsh action.

      • Hartley (Buck) Macklin

        Actually the opposite happened. Despite the ‘smart democracy’ more soldiers have been killed.

      • I would reply to your comment, but a few others have already said what I would have. I do thank you for your service, and I really mean that. I do have family who has and is serving and I am grateful for all our military past and present. I am not grateful however for the apologist in chief, as he bows and scrapes and apologises for the American people as if our military and our citizens are to blame for what’s wrong in this world and plenty of us are mighty sick and tired, and more than a little disgusted. His apologies mean nothing to the enemy, except as a sign of weakness and defeat. Our soldiers- yes you know more than I do, but having to see our soldiers reprimanded and apologized for for fighting political correctedness and not given the tools to fight the enemy, and it’s still getting them killed over there. This dear leader is a disgrace. The enemy can go on murderous rampages and kill, and harm innocent people daily for NO reason, and apologies are not going to change that, neither would the words of the young woman in this video.

      • wchapple50

        I’m a retired Law Enforcement Officer and if our cops ran our cities this way, we would be working for the criminals…wow…I just had a revelation…our troops are protecting the crooks in Afghanistan…

        Our President is an embarrassment and can stop apologizing for our fine military.

        I worked with people who felt the way you do and I we buried 9 of our finest in my 25 year career with you ass kissing attitude…our guys were REACTIVE instead of PROACTIVE. They hesitated because of the politics of dealing with taking action.

        I appreciate your service, Sir, but perhaps it’s time for you to move on.

        I do think it’s time for our troops to get the hell out of the middle east. Leave those ass-backwards people to their own fate. They can cast off their own demon leaders, or not…

        • My thoughts exactly. As a retired senior NCO (US Army) and disabled Vietnam veteran, I fully agree. Since Vietnam, we have apparently learned nothing with regard to propping up third world idiots. If they aren’r going to let our milityary engage the enemy as they have been trained (Close with and destroy them), then get them the hell out of there. We tried the hearts and minds routine in Vietnam and qwe can see where that notion lead us.

          • paxnme

            George, I’m an Aussie Vietnam Veteran and also disabled. I see this exactly as you do brother. We, the coalition forces have learned nothing from Vietnam and stupidly one of our Prime Ministers agreed to be bound by the UN rules. How dumb is that. Our current Prime Minister is more danger to us than to those ragheads our troops are trying to fight with both hands tied behind their backs

      • Thank you for your service to our country. I really do appreciate your service and sacrifice and have no doubt you are more aware of the situation than I.

        You don’t have a C-i-C, you have an imposter illegally acting as such. He has bowed down to foreign leaders, which is totally unacceptable for and American leader and has kow-towed to the moslems.

        If you are advocating the prosecution of our troops over this crap you seriously need to rethink your position. Why don’t you explain that these filthy korans were defaced and defiled by the moslem prisoners to pass jihadist messages and the islamic law to dispose of defiled books is by burning them…not killing American troops.

        Also, I don’t think anyone seriously believes the message Miss Kira recorded on this video should be used in an official capacity. It is just a way for us all to blow off steam instead of rioting in the streets and killing moslems. This is a lot more civilized than what we are witnessing over there.

      • And neither does the President.

      • Kenneth Norris

        Oh really…..well then, what was the reasoning for Oboneheads mid east apology tour shortly after the ____ for brains took office in 1/09?

        Delivering apologies seems to be the only thing our crook in chief has any consistency on.

        It was an accident, that the Jihadist Playbooks…er…. Koran’s were burnt. Ya, try explaining that to a country, where 80-90% of it’s population can neither read or write, but that “apology” sure didn’t stop “our friends” from MURDERING our soldeirs in cold blood, now did it?

        If find it rather odd that the Afghani Tribesman revere a book so highly and are so upset and would murder the very people trying to liberate them..when 9 out of 10 of them, can’t even read the “satanic verses” contained within that abomination passing as holy scripture.

      • posted

      • Diplomacy has gotten us where? Gotten us what? It’s time to stop fighting with blindfolds on with one hand tied behind our back. It is time to hit those bastards with the FULL FORCE of the USA! Turn that hell hole into an oversized ash tray or litter box!

      • paxnme

        Mate I was a captain in the Australian army and I served in Vietnam and I’m sorry to have to tell you I disagree with you. Nothing but nothing will appease these people. Apologize all you will and they will still kill you because you are an infidel dog as far as they are concerned. Don’t you understand they see America as the Great Satan to be destroyed at all costs. Sorry young man but you are under a misconception.
        I do wish you well and respect your service to your country though.

  • sDee

    Further evidence of the wisdom of the Founders. We, the people, can best govern ourselves.

    • librtifirst

      If those who can’t didn’t get bailed out by the government, then they would eventually learn to govern themselves, or simply get weeded out. Government actually creates people who can’t government themselves, then they use this as an excuse to “govern” everyone else.

  • Exactly. What a lady this lady is. OUTSTANDING…just damn outstanding!

  • InsiderII

    I am Sorry that we are so sorry. She has just said what Millions of Americans think and would like to say to all the leaders of Countries that have allowed the Islamist Radicals to trieve in thier Country. This is headed in a direction that will bring World War III into a reality. May God Bless America and those that will stand up and be against this Sadonic belief. I pray for you and me.

  • Conservative_Hippie

    A beautiful woman with a beautiful apology. Apologies to all for our sticking joke of a president!

  • Alborn

    My sentiments exactly. They may issue a fatwa on her.

  • 911Infidel

    Oooooh…that were good….

  • WordsFailMe

    She left out “ruthless, barbaric, dope dealing, flea-infested, camel-humping scum,” but probably not on purpose.

    She’s one great American!

    Oh, and Prezzident Car’s Eye should send an apology to all black dogs for his insulting comparison of an obama to a noble breed and a decent animal.

    • librtifirst

      If we quit giving them a target, they might just destroy themselves.

      • WordsFailMe

        What if George Washington had taken your advice when he was considering King George and British oppression of the colonies??

        What if Lincoln had taken your advice when the South fired on Ft Sumpter?

        What if Roosevelt had taken your advice when the Japanese Imperial Army bombed Pearl Harbor?

        What if Obama took your advice when the Iranians told the IEA inspectors to get out of the country?

        Oh that’s right Obama DID take your advice.

        • librtifirst

          Our government imposes more on us than King George did. Do you advocate for doing the same thing Washington did?

          The south was challenging the federal government’s authority to wage taxes, and succession was constitutional. Who waged war with who? (I expect the secondary slavery issue to come up here) We wouldn’t be nearing totalitarianism if it were not for Lincoln’s attack on states rights. If the south had won “this” argument, then it would have been hard to create a central bank, impose income taxes, etc. Lincoln did cut out the bankers creating the greenback, but going to war with the south to expand the power of the federal government was just a preamble to getting a central bank, which would fund all subsequent wars for a government who could not have taxed enough to fund them.

          The US prodded Japan to attack, and may have had advanced warning.

          The Iranians had an open nuclear program before we invaded and occupied Iraq. They shut it down in 2003. Our presidents, including Bush, have rejected their offers to open it up in exchange for lifting sanctions. Who is the aggressor? Can Iran put sanctions on us? They can’t do crap, and are surrounded by 45 military bases. I don’t fear Iran. I fear government. Our government puts sanctions on us, small business, big business, the markets, competing currencies, etc, etc. Sanctions are a control mechanism, and have always been a pre-war tactic. Government is fully engaged in a war with the American people to take our liberties.

          Why people think that we never do anything to anyone that might cause a response is beyond me. This mentality that recognizing natural human behavior and coming to an unpopular conclusion is “hating America”, is scary. Its like the mental militarization of society, and flies in the face of rational, objectivity. This tactic was used by Hitler. It is called Nationalism.

          The way I see it is that there are multiple mentalities concerning aggressive use of force against other nations. Some believe that it is the best tactic, and should be used because the US has the moral imperative, but most other people using it is wrong because they don’t have the moral standing that we do. Others believe that war is the absolute last resort and only to be used for defensive purposes, because preemptive force ensures that war will eventually happen. Then you have your pacifists who would rather just die at the hands of any tyrant that comes along.

          The first group ignores our own tyrants, and supports aggression against anyone that government and the media call terrorists. The second group recognizes our own tyrants and says that we should destroy anyone who is an imminent threat, but no preemptive war or unconstitutional intervention in the affairs of other sovereign nations. The last group just sits around waiting to be killed off by anyone including their own government.

          I choose to be in the second group.

          • WordsFailMe

            I’ve heard that men live on their knees or die on their feet. This middle ground is new to me. Sound like it’s where where you occasionally get up off your knees when you need to run.

            My guess is that the sheep in the middle of the flock are probably the last picked off by wolves.

            • librtifirst

              Are you saying that there are only serfs, or dead men? It will probably come to that in the US. If it does, I might be hiding, but not in the middle of the sheeple. The sheeple will be pointing out the ones who don’t go along to save their own butts.

              • WordsFailMe

                I think you may have misunderstood me. I do not agree with you. I don’t find your arguments compelling. In fact I absolutely, totally disagree. Period. There’s no common ground between my position and yours. Nothing to discuss.

                Please understand that I respect your opinion and your right to express it. I simply disagree. My position is clear. My line has been drawn but it is not drawn in sand.

                Unless you are living in an alternate universe, there are only two sides to a line. I’ve picked mine and I no longer consider “straddle” to be a viable choice. Should the SHTF in this country and the choice offered to me between “serfdom and death,” my choice has already be made. Sounds like yours has too. Or did you leave some third opportunity out of the “serfdom or death” image?

                Patrick Henry, 1775:
                “It is in vain, sir, to extenuate the matter. Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace– but there is no peace. The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”


                • librtifirst

                  I agree with the sentiment of ‘live free or die”. I just see myself as a serf right now. I work to pay the system. I get to choose the work that I do, but that is the only freedom I have. I can choose not to work, but the system won’t leave me in peace if I do. I can’t have property without paying government, so I have no option there. Where are my real choices?

                  Americans have given up their liberty, and don’t even know it. We pay, or a gun shows up to make us pay. We obey, or a gun shows up to make us obey. They let us keep our guns as long as we don’t use them. Even then they can call us mentally compromised, or a threat, and take that away.

                  The link that you gave me voiced a strong opinion of when the right time to fight is. That time may have passed a long time ago. There is a point at which the people are so ignorant about what freedom actually is, that they become weak minded about their liberties. If they wait until we have totalitarianism, there may be no rebellion, just unarmed dependents and serfs. We are very close to that.

                  Where is the revolution? Who is opposing tyranny? The weak minded suckers in this country have succeeded their rights to government. Their ability to survive without government is gone. Government clamps down on any resistance, such as independent militias, or local law enforcement that does not comply. Yet, nothing but crickets in the background.

                  The people of this country are going to be subject to all kinds of tyranny, and apparently they want it, because they suck down all of the crap soup that government serves up.

                  Very, very few actually even mean it when they say “live free or die”. They just like how it sounds. You have to know what freedom is to even know when you are not free. Americans still think that they are free. Bull pucky. They are serfs, and they like it until they can’t go out and buy “stuff” anymore.

                • WordsFailMe

                  Okay. I like the direction this conversation is taking now.

                  You wrote: “Very, very few actually even mean it when they say “live free or die”. They just like how it sounds.” and “Where is the revolution? Who is opposing tyranny?”

                  I’ll tell you where the revolution exists and how I fight it every day with every breath and the majority of my waking hours.

                  The revolution is in the 9mm loaded, leaning cold and black against the wall by my beside. The revolution is in my mind. It is in my gut where I feed it and nurture it everyday. It is in my words where, thanks be to the Creator, the internet allows me to communicate with millions of people usually only one at a time.

                  The revolution is building in the hearts and words of men and women everywhere and it is growing every day, every time you see Patrick Henry quoted or a link to You Tube parody of the little prince or an “AmericanBornInCanada” encouraging every one who takes a chance and posts a thought on this site, or a post from 911Infidel who’ll tear a non sequitor to pieces with his grasp of history and philosophy , or an sDee, immigrant to this country who could not be more American, or an Unidentified who doesn’t even live on this continent but yearns to be free, or an NYGINO who, while he cannot figure how to load an avatar, has more guts and courage when he speaks the truth than a platoon-full of unionized, NYPD cops on overtime and a thousand more Right Scoop posters….

                  The revolution doesn’t spring full-grown from the head of ZEUS, wielding a fist-full of lightning bolts. The revolution doesn’t fall off a cart in Louis XIV France one day, with a cleaver in his hand. The revolution starts here with you and me. It starts now. If there is to be violence, let the sides choose, let the chips fall–to everything, there is a season, but until that day– Think. Speak. Act. In that order.

                  One more time for the record. Patrick Henry, 1775, one year before the Declaration of Independence is signed and before hostilities with the British began:

                  “The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle? …Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”

                  I know, it’s just words and sometimes words fail me.

                • librtifirst

                  The best thing that we can do is to bear arms, and parade it around. Rights that are not exercised are generally lost. When the people are disarmed, it is over. When I see swat teams breaking down doors and shooting people, their pets, their children, etc, over the possibility that they might have pot in the house, I wonder, why wouldn’t the people in the house just start shooting? They get out of bed, at 3 a.m. and watch their dog get shot, and a bunch of goons pointing guns at their family.

                  This happens to all kinds of people, and they often don’t have any drugs. I put a sign on my door saying “be prepared if you come through this door uninvited”, because my first response to my door being kicked in will be semi auto fire from a 12 guage loaded with twenty rounds, and every other round is a slug. My second response is forty rounds of semi auto fire from a mil spec carbine. The third response is fifteen rounds from a nine mil.

                  They can come see me in the middle of the day, serve a warrant, and do it legally, if they want me to cooperate. What they should expect from American citizens when they raid their family at night over an little pot, is just what I described. I don’t do drugs, but it doesn’t seem to matter to these people.

                  Are you aware of Sheriff Mack? The sheriff is the answer.

                • wchapple50

                  You, Sir, may well be my twin brother from my other mother!!

          • The secondary slave issue? Some libratarian.

            • librtifirst

              I take it that you think that was why the south did what they did. I am sure that the slaves saw it as the only issue. I would have as well, if in their shoes. Lincoln was quoted as saying that he had no interest in dealing with it, when he took office. Though the war was a good platform to use for addressing it. What better way to win a war than by converting a whole subset of people in enemy territory to your cause. If left to the states, slavery might still be legal. The federal government had the right to deal with this from day one, but refused until the war. Eighty years of legal slavery in the US, and it took a war over states rights to deal with it. I liken that to many things that our government does now. Our founding documents say that “all men are created equal”. The bill of rights is based on the concept of rights via our creation. Eighty years of the most Christian government in the world, and they couldn’t be bothered to deal with it.

              We should have fought the war over slavery alone, and left the federal government out of our business concerning taxation, and militarization. The states should have remained sovereign, with the feds dependent on them. Now we have tyranny, and it isn’t just black people, but everyone.

              Libertarians don’t distort history to appeal to people. Ron Paul is the best example of this. People may want to make the civil war to have been a slavery war from the beginning, but it wasn’t.

      • mike morrison

        Yes, they’ve done such a good job since the inception of Islam…:(

        • librtifirst

          Islamic societies have been fairly incapable of maintaining a cohesive governing body. Especially since the beginning of the industrial revolution. We have helped them cohere due to intervention in their affairs. If left alone, they will generally focus on killing each other. This is one of the reasons that they never broke out technologically. The technology that they have now is usually given to them by us, the Russians, or China. If left alone, they would have little effect on anyone else in the world. They would still want the wealth that comes from their oil, but their dictators and religious zealots would keep the people down while making deals with other nations to get the wealth of their countries for themselves. Like any governing body, their government just want to control their people. They only care about other countries when we get involved in their internal affairs. The governments don’t wage war with us, the religious factions do. Then we go in and take out the governments. Not sure how this is going to be successful, unless you consider that corporate control of their oil and bankers controlling their money is the issue. That is the only thing that makes sense when I look at what we actually accomplish. Too many veterans have told me that this is what we are doing over there. Its hard to ignore.

  • Pure awesomeness!!

  • Trust1TG

    I hope President Gingrich will invite this young lady to the White House for a special Patriot award.

    • Trust1TG

      Patriot award = a Year’s supply of $2. per gallon All-American gasoline.

      • librtifirst

        You would have to add value to the dollar for that, or borrow a lot of money and take over another industry. Government only appears to be able to do one of these.

  • stage9

    LOL! sis, you rock!

  • anneinarkansas

    I do hope that this goes viral today!

  • denbren52

    Kira Davis should be Secretary of State!

    Awesome apology!

    • Compare her attitude with Hillary’s. How satisfying if Kira, or somebody like her, could replace Mrs. Clinton, and that will happen when Obama is replaced by a real American with a backbone.

  • ernst1776

    I’m sorry….. I didn’t think of this first. That was terrific!!

  • poljunkie

    That would make a great Toby Keith song!

  • got it going around facebook already. Whoo hoo!

  • welovetruth


  • Ranger1325

    This will be forwarded to every person I know. Please join me.

  • DebbyX

    I go on Face Book about 4 times a year and only post things I agree with, like this.

    Face Book would not let me post this, anybody have a clue why not?

    • stage9

      You should be able to just copy & paste the url into your message field. View the video on YouTube and then copy the url.

    • I had no problems Debby. But don’t worry, with the amount of “shares” it’s getting, it’ wll get to you soon enough for you to pass along too! 😀

    • Really? I did. It’s on my wall right now. What I did was go to the direct Youtube link, removed the “&feature=player_embedded” part, and copy/pasted it in my status with some words from TRS at the top. Try that. Let me know if you experience any problems with this. I’d be glad to help.

    • KenInMontana

      I just clicked the “share” button in the upper right corner (it comes up at the end of the video) followed the prompts and it posted.

    • librtifirst

      Maybe this is why.:)

      I don’t use it anymore because government is too involved, and I have a higher regard for personal privacy than it seems most do.

      Or, maybe it is just because I don’t have any friends.:)

  • Newt or Rick’s new commercial!

  • What an awesome and appropriate response! I hope it goes viral.

  • awesome

  • Sober_Thinking


  • texasgirl46

    Saw this on facebook….she’s awesome..

  • Shared!!

  • CalCoolidge

    Nothing left for me to add.

  • tvlgds

    I don’t know who she is, but she GETS IT! This should be broadcast on every network, in every city!

    • StandingGround

      Loved it and the fact she is Young. There’s hope for our country if the generations coming up have this much knowledge to go with her kind of attitude. I hope her message will greatly multiply.

      • tvlgds

        Me too! Gives me hope for the future!

  • tvlgds

    This must be her!

    • Looks like an excellent site- thanks tvlgds. I’ve shared somethings to face book off it already!

      • poljunkie

        ABC, Im not a Facebooker, but I agree, I looked at her site, and thank tvigds for finding/sharing it.

  • Arrrggghhh


  • mjs_pa

    Kiri Davis for Sec. of State!

  • Gloria

    Kira you nailed it! Rock on Lady!

  • Is_Sense_Common

    Woman-crush! Rock on Kira!

  • NYGino

    And she never once bowed.

  • Defytheleft

    Is it too late to nominate Kira Davis for the Republican nomination???

  • sDee

    Ronald Reagan on appeasement.

  • America’s new Queen has been found!

  • Been_There_BT

    Can we elect her to Congress – we sure could use a few more people with a backbone like hers in DC.

  • Coralchristie


  • Raaaaacist!

  • Marky_D

    Love it!

  • JoeMontana16

    Wow Obama, you just got served. She better keep her head on a swivel cause media matters and the daily kos might come after her. She was awesome.

  • Put this woman in Congress IMMEDIATELY. She’s my new hero.

  • Nukeman60

    Wanna bet she is family to one or more of our finest, outstanding military members. I give her 313,075,319 likes, one for each and every US citizen. SALUTE!

  • Jean_A

    Right on!

    Right on!

  • And, of course, the O-bots, paulnuts and koranimals have a conniption and start with the hate mail.

  • TruLevinian

    Excellent! This girl is awesome! Really smart.

  • edwardlee

    There’s someone I’d vote for higher office!

  • Joe

    YOU GO GIRL !!

  • Rightstuff1

    Hey this is just pure racism !!! Its obviously racist and hateful and and and …. oh wait…she is not white! 🙂

  • CitizenHill

    The truth that should have been said. . . kudos!

  • mder4thegov


  • “Now that, is strength, boy, that is power!” I believe that this unnamed woman has the internal fortitude, that is needed! Brava! If that video is posted to YouTube, all those that have accounts there, should make her video a ‘favorite’.

    Long live the Republic!

  • Kira Davis for Press Secretary!

  • She has my vote.

  • Kira, you are proving why it is time we chased the supposed menfolk from the levers of power they are too confused to operate resolutely or honestly, and put in the gals who seem to have all the mojo these days.

  • Cindy09

    Awesome!! …. and the head covering makes it just … to the point!!!

  • LeonidasOfSparta1957

    WoooooHooooooo!!! What a LADY and what a “letter.” Kira, RUN FOR PRESIDENT, pleeeease.

  • shawn S

    None of it makes any sense. If the detainees had secret messages in the books, then why burn them? They should be studied for intelligence sake.

    If you then wanted to burn them, why just partially burn them and leave them in a pile to be photographed? And why not burn them in secret? Why burned the outside of the military base

    Its most likely a staged event by morons who want to rile up the Afgan population to fit their agenda

    Obama’s “apology” did nothing but justify the ridiculous volent and murderous outrage in the minds of the Islamic radical part of Afganistan

  • That is one brave women, I’ll tell you. You know how much of a sh*t storm is coming her way if this goes viral? “Everyone draw mohammed day” girl is still in hiding. She seems like she has the wits and spirit to persevere and push back though!

  • quite_rightly

    Thank you, Kira! You speak for this American, for certain.

  • This young, intelligent, insightful woman with a strong aptitude for sarcasm has helped restore my faith that all is not lost. I hope there are thousands mored like her. God Bless America.

  • aZjimbo

    Amen. That looks like Allen West looking down on her.

    • Rightmindedmom

      I thought the same thing. It looks like our brave young lady is an Allen West supporter! Me too! BOOYAH!

      • aZjimbo

        Allen West is one of the few real people, real leaders left in this entire government including the GOP. He has guts, takes no crap and tells it like it is. The GOP should be pushing guys like Allen West, Rubio, Jim DeMint and the real Conservatives to the forefront. Problem is they are scared of their jobs and most are PC wussies.

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        Rightmindedmom wrote, in response to aZjimbo:
        I thought the same thing. It looks like our brave young lady is an Allen West supporter! Me too! BOOYAH! Link to comment

      • aZjimbo

        Allen West is one of the few real people, real leaders left in this entire government including the GOP. He has guts, takes no crap and tells it like it is. The GOP should be pushing guys like Allen West, Rubio, Jim DeMint and the real Conservatives to the forefront. Problem is they are scared of their jobs and most are PC wussies.

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        Rightmindedmom wrote, in response to aZjimbo:
        I thought the same thing. It looks like our brave young lady is an Allen West supporter! Me too! BOOYAH! Link to comment

    • Rightmindedmom

      I thought the same thing. It looks like our brave young lady is an Allen West supporter! Me too! BOOYAH!

  • 2hairs


  • DCGere

    Most excellent!

  • equinoxranch

    No chance of a guest appearance at the DNC Convention or an invitation to join Moochelle on her next distant land spending spree junket for this gal.

  • If you want to avert another huge deadly conflict or even WWIII, you have to do what our President did and apologize while continuing the practice covertly as well as doing all you can covertly to fight our enemies. While we may have had short lived patriotic feelings with President Bush II and his axis of evil talk and other actions forcing American values on other countries, those actions caused us more harm than good. The Taliban and al qaeda recruitment soared during the Bush II administration. Everything President Obama does is calmly and coolly calculated for the long term good of our Nation, not the short term patriotic pleasures that end up costing us lives and dollars in the long run.

    • Major914

      I like the one about ‘halting the rise of the oceans’ better.

    • NYGino

      With all due respect, now that you’ve come up for air, take a deep breath and stick your head back in the sand.

      • KenInMontana

        I wager there isn’t a lot of sand where he has had his head at. 😉

        • tvlgds

          LOL! And who says moderators have no senses of humor! 😉

    • jondos

      Come on, are you serious? The Middle East has become more unstable in the past year than it was in the previous 20. And as far as I can tell, Obama’s Muslim fan-boy attitude has greatly Fundamentalized the region, with Iranian influence growing more and more each day. Can anyone say Egypt, Libya, Syria or Pakistan? Please, think with your head next time you comment!

    • PVG

      Because of this inept appeaser’s pathetic policies, the US is viewed as weak. We are neither feared or respected. This is a deadly situation for this country…..what an imbecile we have in the WH. HE MUST BE EVICTED!

    • wchapple50

      Seems to me we had a “target rich environment” during the “W” regime.

    • Red Bear

      The “recruitment” you addressed soared during the Clinton years. Don’t recall Reagan getting close to WWIII, or much about buildings of non-combatants blown to pieces. “Long term”? Absolutely, which the paramount reason to prevent more of his actions.

    • Keep dreaming the axlerod junior!

  • NYGino

    Now here’s a real community organizer. She’s organized this site into one big love fest for her thoughts.

    • Red Bear

      Her thoughts are shared/the same as many Americans. True a good community organizer, as you put it, and good reason for type of “us” in DC, and the Pentagon.

  • Yet the jerk has a go free pass? Where is the outrage?

  • Pretty good.

  • forgetyoutoo

    Thank you, Kira. Thank you so much.

  • This is the first time I see Kira Davis… doesn’t matter… I love this woman!!! Well said!

  • PVG

    Bravo! Kira for secretary under John Bolton!

  • Too bad all Western leaders would make a similar apologies. Sadly, we’ve – the West – have no balls and are lead by the ignorant, gullible, impotent and the corrupt – without any meaningful recourse. The police, legal and justice institutions won’t go after a – say – George Soros. These formerly prestigious institutions didn’t and won’t investigate Obama even now since numerous States won’t allow his name on the ballot due to him failing the BASE Constitutionally stated criterion to attain such an office. They won’t charge him and those behind him for treason and introduce him, or the Clintons, to the Rosenbergs. The list goes on. Sadly the West is lead by a Elitist lead one party oligarchical system in coots with those behind Fabian Whitehall across the pond. How else can/could things become so – in my opinion; intentionally – perverted?

    • tvlgds

      Including our alleged “commanders.”


  • I wonder if any Arab leaders apologized for “kafir=infidel” beheading by Muslim extremists?

  • I <3 Kira Davis!!!

  • tvlgds

    And then there’s this little jewel….I couldn’t even watch it all the way through. My jaw was on the floor, which is where my laptop would have been if I’d continued watching. We are SO screwed!

    • Boxershelby

      Sir, you really need to get your head out of the sand and wake up to reality!!!

      • tvlgds

        Sir, my head is not in the sand–I must be missing something, though. I’d have sworn that attack came from a leftie.

  • Boxershelby

    You go girl!!! I will have your back any day!!!! This should be aired on nation wide television 24/7, but….I’m sure the left wing idiots would say it wasn’t politically correct. God forbid that we would offend some hate filled muslem with their intolerance for others and their inhumane mind set!!

  • We lost a great opportunity after Sept 11. I would have double nuked the bastards and declared the war on terror over. Warned every country to clean up their own mess because American troops would never soil their boots by setting foot in one of those places. Set an example and watch peace break out! Too bad. I apologize that I wasn’t the president on Sept. 11.

  • lobotrojan

    Thanks for the apology, Kira! Well said indeed! Yep, that whole Washington D.C. crowd: military leadership at the joint chiefs of staff, “yes men” in search of one more star, and their corrupt politician bosses need to be sent packin’! We need a new generation of leadership, military and civilian, and we need ’em fast if the nation is to be preserved!

  • Gary Claytor

    YOU GO GIRL. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER quit that indigent outrage……I LOVE it.

    • I only wonder what Bill Maher, Obama’s mouthpiece will say about her?

  • Gary Claytor

    YOU GO GIRL. Love your letter. Keep sending them.

  • You go, girl! Hit the nail right on the head! And I’ll add my 1000 likes x10 … You make me proud to be an American!

  • mainelysteve

    I don’t know you lady, but you’re awesome!!!

  • mike morrison

    Standing ovation!

  • akroguy

    Ooohrah!! Well done, young lady!!

  • William Klabunde

    It sounds like your saying Obama doesn’t have the balls to fight just like “Saint Reagan” did with the Hezbollah back in ‘83 unless the point is you don’t question the Republican President but it’s okay to castigate the Democrat one, the one that actually had the Brass balls to get Osama, which is something Bush had eight years to do but didn‘t. .
    But again I don’t know all the FACTS but who does. Oh the Republicans do. What was I thinking stupid me.

    • wchapple50

      Get real.

      If Big Bad Obama hadn’t authorized that OP, and it ever got out, he would have been run out of DC even sooner than the next election…

    • Keep drinking the koolaid. When the truth comes out, & it will, it will be PROVEN that Obama DID NOT want to go after OBL. The military leaders FORCED his hand. He has NO BALLS AT ALL!

  • kong1967

    OMG!! I have my vote for our next Press Secretary. She is totally awesome and we need to have her sit down with our arrogant piece of crap President.

    She gets an A ++++++++++++++++++

  • p-s

    When are the American people stand up and not be afraid to speak in public what we all speak in the privacy of your homes. It’s time to get the political back bone to this great nation of ours back straightened out and stand up for this country and let the others around the world rot for a while. Maybe then will they appreciate what we do without right here in the States to try to give them a little help! I’m sick and tired of hearing about apologizing when we had thousands killed on our own soil, and not one apology from the Muslim terrorist that perpetrated that awful day. I’m sorry also that my 21 year old son came home after 2 years in the middle east with only half his face. For what? Let’s get out of the middle east. Let the backward religious zealots kill themselves.

  • Political Correctness has no place in our National Defense Strategy – Lt Col Allen West

  • sara holy land

    speechless -GREAT-AWESOME !

  • 6ele9

    Good for you, young lady!!! Obama has given us unlimited reasons to be sorry. Be aware, however, he has done a great service to this country. He has opened wide the eyes of America-loving citizens to the destructive nature of Progressive politics. The insidious nature of the Progressive’s infiltration and eventual take-over of a political party has been exposed, but, unfortunately, not yet neutralized. Although it will take a generation to right his wrongs, America will survive Obama’s dastardly deeds.
    God Bless America–all of America.

  • I am shaken by the commentary of Kira Davis. And, just as much, by the commentary on the commentary.

    For example: “Now THIS is an apology! Dear leader would do well to learn from this incredible young woman. Too bad the antiAmerican, muslim lovin’, marxist liar in chief will never stoop so low as to listen to common sense and real intelligence.”

    When Americans (or Canadian-Americans) embrace such simplistic labels, what hope is there for intelligent dialog? Afghanistan is a mess. It calls for serious discussion, not license-plate blather.

    Why, pray tell, does the President’s effort to–perhaps–save the lives a few American GIs on the ground in Afghanistan by issuing an apology for the burning of another religion’s sacred book justify labeling him as “antiAmerican” and “muslim lovin'”?

    The answer seems to be in the all-defining concept of “BALLS.”

    Do Presidents with a regard for the advances of diplomacy worked out over the last five hundred years or so deserve to be dismissed for lacking BALLS?

    Frankly, I am of the mind that if we could eliminate the word and the concept of BALLS from our discourse on U.S. foreign policy and military objectives, it would be a great big step forward.

    Yea, yea, I know. The undersigned writer of this diatribe has no balls.

    (He did, however, serve proudly in the U.S. Army, 1953-56.)

    John Boyle

    • Red Bear

      “Do Presidents with a regard for the advances of diplomacy worked out over the last five hundred years or so deserve to be dismissed for lacking BALLS?” Yes. Look to history and your ball-less diplomacy for more answers and reasons why our CIC, whether male or female, must have “balls” or America is in jepordy of annilation.

  • PREEEEEEEEEEEEACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Very bight and well spoken woman!!

  • You go girlfriend!!My kind of lady!!Well presented and well spoken!!

  • billwell

    This young lady has more balls than our head honcho………
    Thank you Kira Davis

  • billwell

    This young lady has more balls than our fearless leader.
    Thank you Kira Davis

  • My final sorry would be issued shortly after sending them a few fully armed nukes via special air delivery to cities of our choosing. Ben laden bragged to the news media over 2 years before 9/11 that the USA was a paper tiger. He insisted that we had great weapons but were too cowardly to ever use them. These Islamic freaks have operated on that premise for far too long. It’s time they learned that there is a limit to our patience. If it’s 72 AIDS infected whores in Hell they want, put them on the express bus! To continue to do less will condemn the USA to an endless series of attacks and costly wars of attrition we cannot win.

    • Red Bear

      Abso-f-n-lutely, Nathan!

  • Right on Kira—I am sure the majority of Americans agree with you.

  • While most of this was excellent, it overlooks some of what I see as obvious. Obama’s apology wasn’t intended to be a pass for Karzai. It was an attempt to dampen the primitive emotions of the rioting Afghans in hopes of saving American lives from incidents like the gunning down of two American officers, INSIDE a government building. If that apology serves to save one more American life, then I think it was well worth it. There is little real value in thumping our chests and proclaiming to the world that we look down on their primitive society. If that’s going to be our message, then we owe it to our troops to get them home safe before we deliver it. I agree with Ms. Davis’ message, I think she sells our president short. After all, W thumped our collective chests (remember “Bring it on”?), but bin Laden was actually brought down on Obama’s watch. The wholesale killing of AQ’s top leadership acutally bloomed on Obama’s watch. Bringing the troops home from that horrendously expensive and absolutely unnecessary Iraq adventure of W’s was actually accomplished on Obama’s watch. The recognition that we were spinning our wheels in Afghanistan and the drawdown of our troops there was atually accomplished on Obama’s watch. But, Ms. Davis doesn’t have to apologize to or for President Obama. That’s something the shrub should have done.

    • Red Bear

      “…but bin Laden was actually brought down on Obama’s watch.” Your man find him by himself,huh?

      Very naive. When will you persons realize those other “persons” live only to kill your family and you.

      “Shrub”? Better to be/have been a burning bush/shrub than to betray the Constitution like a, fortunately for America, a limp, dwindling obnoxious weed.

  • VinBick

    Since everyone knows BO stinks, why is no one in Congress considering impeachment?

  • batterone

    thanks for expressing your disappointment in the apology, funny how we didn’t get one for the two troopers who were killed!

  • batterone

    thanks for your view on the apology, funny we never got one back for the two soldiers killed!

  • tcdancer

    My new hero!…is it too late for her to run for president? I hope our next commander-in-chief has at least half the common sense this lady has and stops apologizing on our behalf and instead starts standing up for America, specially our military…after all, it’s their blood and our money that supports all these corrupt and ungrateful countries. We need more Kira Davis’s. Are you listening Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton? I would like to add an apology of my own…I apologize for being soooo stupid and electing these so-called leaders to represent us. Im sooo sorry, but we’ll do something about it in November!

  • tcdancer

    My new hero!!…Is it too late for her to run for president? I wish our current commander-in-chief had at least half the common sense this young lady has. Instead of apologizing, Mr. Obama should be standing up for America, specially our troops since it’s their blood, along with our tax money supporting corrupt, ungrateful and ignorant people like this around the world. We need more Kira Davis’s! I would like to add an apology of my own…I am sorry that we are soooo stupid to have elected such a weak leader (if you can call him a leader). But we’ll take care of that in November.

  • boatdoc49

    Is she going to run for pres.?? Got My Vote!!

  • Doubledoubter

    I wish you would run for a political office! I would contribute to your political campaign! I guess the only other thing I can say is AWESOME!

  • flashgordonvtx

    Kira Davis…..just when I have given up on our American youth, you spring forth…GOD BLESS YOU! YOU GO GIRL! Please continue to speak the truth. My fear is the youth of today can’t think or speak for themselves, that they have become sheeple to the Pied Piper in the Oval office, Michael Moore, and the Hollywood liberals. You have dispelled that myth and have given this 59 year old patriot real hope for change in America.

    Larry Gordon

  • Excellent, girlfriend! You’ve got more balls than our president, that’s for certain.


  • I’m only sorry we didn’t blow away those that were intent on hurting American soldiers before it was too late! Blow all of them away and DO NOT apologize for it. No one is going to respect us because of the cowardly humble president of the United States. Let’s get him OUT!!!

  • Who is this patriot?

  • Red Bear

    Thanks for saying what a lot of true Americans would’ve/could’ve said.

  • Brilliant!!! Bravo!!!!

  • BRAVO!!!!!

  • DocnChaos

    Right on! You Go Girl! DocnChaos

  • DocnChaos

    WILL YOU MARRY ME? – DocnChaos

  • I Love This Lady. I am an 80 year old Retired Army Officer that totally agrees with her. She is quite a lady.

  • Remember we are approaching crunch time… Great way to handle a tyrant.

  • tomd120

    Let’s rename our Commander in Chief. He is more like Fearless Leader, of Rocky and Bullwinkle fame! What a joke!!!

  • tomd120

    I prefer to call “him” FEARLESS LEADER” instead of commander in chief.

  • margaretpaddock

    Ok is she our new write in candidate in November! Way to go Kira!!!

  • Frank M

    For everyone that says the current president is to blame for continuing this war, does anyone remember who started it? It doesn’t matter who is President this War on Terror will never end. It is goal that can not possibly be accomplished. Our military will try to see it to it end anyway because we have put too much time, money, and effort to bail out. Also we are the mightiest country in the world, we definitely should not give up. It would make us look bad, even though there is no way to actually win this war. But, you would have to wonder why any President would want to win this war, because a President’s power increases during times of war.

  • robtheblather

    Thankyou Kira. You’re right on… 100%… now all we have to do is get the lemmon out of the White House… and the Troops to a location where there sacrifice is appreciated. Thanks, again. Rob Blatherwick… Parshall, North Dakota

  • BelieverInJustice

    AMEN!AMEN!AMEN!AMEN!! Maybe she should run for president of the U.S. She certainly has better sense and a stronger backbone than anybody currently in office! Well said!

  • Boy this women has some guts. She put some thought into what she was going to say. She deserves a big hand.

  • msclvr1954


  • axhogen

    My goodness who is this brilliant young lady. Thank you for saying what a lot of us are thinking, but don’t have your ability to write and speak. Thank you

  • this POS is the reason this country is in the shape the way it is now. Ship this POS to anywhere but here. She is a leach on the tax payers and a waist of the use of good oxygen. the lowest form of crap that has come along in a long time. Wipe some pig lard on her back side and send her to Afghanistan. You don’t like it come to Pressley Aviation in Indian Trail and tell me so. My husband runs the place and I am the book keeper.

    • Papazee

      If your “husband” runs the place (Pressley Aviation), and your name is Steven Short, may God have mercy on both of your souls for being gay, which is an abomination to our Lord. And, your comment of “waisting” good oxygen was really a “waste” of your supposed intelligence. I thank God that there seems to be enough intelligent, patriotic people to take out the trash in November, to rid us of TLMIOOTH. That translates to “The Lying, Muslim, Illegal Occupant Of The White House” !

  • antiqueteen

    What a wonderful well thought out speech! Congrats to this lady for her guts and intelligence! She should be in politics!

  • antiqueteen

    What a wonderful and inspirational speech! Congrats to this young lady! She should be in politics!

  • bigalk2

    You Go Girl!!! – A Red, White & Blue Hip – Hip- Hurray to you!!
    Too Bad you aren’t our President – maybe someday.

  • classysassy514

    if this young woman can see the writing on the wall, why can’t others…of course they don’t read or keep up with politics and what’s going on around them because they know someone else will take care of all the bad propaganda for them….if you don’t vote ” you are the problem “..please please vote this november…NO MORE OBAMA or America will be obliterated…

  • silverkite

    President Obama should call her and show support like he did to Ms Fluke. What a phony President. I can’t believe the American people elected this guy.

  • dothan

    Truer words were never said but what else would a Muslim sympathizer, with a dislike of white Americans and democracy and who has systematically weakened America in every area would do!

  • BunsandNikki

    Love it…. About time it is said the right way Amen sister….. And Thank You….

  • Kira?….I love you! I’m glad that aomeone of your age group has the sensibility to see what the realities are instead of taking in the pabblum fed to us by the administration and the media. Keep it up!!

  • What is so amazing to me is why Barack Obama is still ahead in the approval polls this close to November 2012. Why on Earth does anyone want to vote for him? What drugs are American citizens on that stunts their mental capacities? Are Barack Obama’s philosophies so important that we have to sacrifice everything?

  • Nan128

    Thank you Kira for saying exactly what many of us think! Kudos to you!

  • WOW!!! You Go Girl… You have expressed the feelings for millions of Real Americans… I too hope that the White House get this message!! Thank you & GOD Bless America!

  • Problemdisolver

    This girl… correction, This Lady ROCKS!!!!!!

  • PLHolman

    Way to go, Kira! I wish Obama and all the P.C. folk, in Washington, had your courage! You are a True Patriot! God Bless.

  • giallopudding

    I’m sorry we haven’t hijacked the opium trade in Afghanistan, and recouped some of the trillion dollars we spent trying to smoke the rats out of their caves.

    The fact remains that for much of the country, “might makes right.” While the inauguration ceremony in November 2004 signaled the transitional government’s succession to a new government, many parts of the country are still outside the reach of the government. In these areas, local warlords continue to hold sway over the communities. An organized disarmament process, Demobilization, Disarmament, and Reintegration (DDR), has been underway to reduce the capabilities of armed militia forces and thus reduce the power of local warlords. The DDR program has boasted of progress since it was first implemented in late 2003. However, the program was too narrowly scoped, preventing it from reaching the heart of the problem. DDR has been limited to organized Afghan Militia Forces, which were independent militias nominally under the control of the Ministry of Defense. Private militias were not involved with this disarmament process. Thus, the most unaccountable and dangerous parts of the warlord system have not even begun any disarmament process. Additionally, the DDR process was largely focused on heavy weapons, but small arms, including rifles and light machine guns, were often left untouched. Anti-air implements, mortars, rockets, and heavy machine guns are more frequently seized in the disarmament process. Part of this is because of a “gun culture” in Afghanistan, where it is not only a pragmatic need to possess a weapon, but owning a firearm is also connected with an individual’s sense of independence, capability, and manhood. All of this creates an environment of potential violence that could be threatening for democratization, especially due to the connection of warlords to the narcotics problem.

    The tensions between democratization and warlordism are revealed in an e-mail I received from my young Afghan friend Murad in early 2007. Murad still lives and works in Afghanistan, in a small village

  • I got an idea!
    Lets every one in America burn the koran on the 4th of July.
    This will show our Goverment what we thing of the Koran.
    After all, our goverment had no problem burning the Holy Bible.
    I will be buying one to do this.

    Mike tanner

  • I wonder if she realizes that the Bush administration installed Karzai.


    Looks like another has left the Plantation. When will idiots understand Racial Hate is spawned from the Womb (Google PLO and Child Bombers) and the sooner Liberal Idiots and Peacemakers get a clue the better? I as a young Idiot Irishman condoned IRA Killings of Brits even though I was NEVER Taught to HATE. What hope is there against a Bunch of People Spawned from the womb and “EDUCATED” Daily to Hate and Despise the Infidel?? We face the Same Crap here with the older Folks holding on to the past where Blacks were Water hosed and Denied Seats on a Bus. My People faced the same Fate where at risk of death the Irish were forced to contain 200 pound wood railway ties thrown down embankments while their fellow black co workers were safely kept from the fray as they were more VALUABLE.. No Irish, Jews and Blacks Need Apply. To conclude, One of My Closest Friends is ENGLISH and My Wife’s closest Friend Is Jamaican.(her mother was killed by her sister over cash in Jamaica on holiday from London).

  • even though this lady don’t have any BALLS iam sure on her side keep it up perty lady iam all for u.

  • usathegreatest

    Go Girl, finally somebody tells the silent majority what is wrong with this country. we have anti american leadership.

  • flyright66

    Rock on girl!! You get it, too bad too many don’t!

  • jazt4

    ooh rah. Well said. Thank You.

  • Yes, I love this apoligy. I would Love to Meet this lovely lady. Ronnie (Fish Rouge)

  • Love this girl and totally agree with her. She is great and deserves a metal for the whole thing. Good going girlfirend.

  • Scottybeammeup

    When you your run for office start. You have my vote. Well said and to think our good guys did for them to have an Islamic government. You are the best. Keep it up.

  • Now this is an apology that the USA needs to send!!!! I love it. You go girl!!!

  • Says it all, if you ran for office you would have my vote

  • David J Williams TD

    Well there you have it Mr President K. Simple and straight forward. You are totally confused and a 21 carat gold hypocrite. When your rogue Soldiers and Police kill our troops you say sod all, yet if your people are injured or killed you are the first to stand up and shout your mouth off.
    Our leaders should really take a long good look at the decisions they are making, then when they see sense pull all the troops out of your country, stop all aid, and wait until you are able to act as civilised people who would then justify help on grounds of compassion and not as a bargaining tool to stop you from harbouring terrorists or making threats to the greater population of this planet.
    One our our Soldiers is worth more than you can ever repay so sort out your own troubles and stop bumming off of us just so you can play your diplomatic card at the worlds poker table.
    God bless America