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See if you can find the person in this video with balls:

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  • KeninMontana

    That kid has balls that CLANK solid steel.The protesters there at the end of the video show their true ignorance and Bravo Zulu to the men of the LAPD.

  • WOW- I'm sure this happens often, but I rarely stop to take a look at protests or anything of the sort since they hardly ever remain civil when involving that specific issue.

    It is interesting that the young kid was dead on in his view of the crowd. The interview with the lady at the end confirmed that, and also confirmed what Krauthammer said in another one of your posts.

    Can't have peace with those that don't believe you have a right- there is no room to negotiate with extremists.

    I don't think I would have done the same in his situation, especially at his age. However, if I did, I would want to handle it just like he did- calmly and rationally stating his point of view.

    EDIT: In response to KeninMontana- I had no idea that was in a US city.

  • One Guy…

    Hypothetical dialogue…

    Policeman –
    What are you doing here?

    One Guy –
    Walking on the public sidewalk with my Jewish flag.

    Policeman –

    One Guy –
    Because I am free to walk on a public sidewalk with a Jewish flag.

    Policeman –
    Don't provoke violence.

    One Guy…
    It's just a Jewish flag.

    Policeman –
    Don't provoke them.

    One Guy –
    Tell that group shouting at me that, not me…

    I'm only one guy… walking down a public sidewalk with a flag.

    And I, as an individual, meaning ONLY one person, do not need a city permit to walk down ANY public sidewalk with a Jewish flag, do I?

    And I, only one person, can not be accused of provoking violence… right?

    STOP! Islamization Of America

  • Isn't it interesting how stupid and thuggish false religions like Islam makes people and how smart and couragous true religion makes people? Judeo-Christianity helps to civilize people, Islam turns people into stone-age barbarians.

  • I am glad the picture said it all. I frankly don't have 7 minutes and 19 seconds to waste on idiots.

    Kudos to the kid.

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  • KeninMontana said it best, “That kid has balls that CLANK solid steel.” Good on him.

  • I want to be this kid when I grow up!

  • mcg1969

    Those are some seriously circumcised cojones.

  • Holy Cow! A high school student? Alone? Educated and undeterred by the mob who support Hamas. This is something else. This shows the resolve of the Israeli people to survive whilst being surrounded by wolves foaming at the mouth.

  • All you have to be aware of here is the difference in approach and behavior of the two groups. Those Arabs are astonishingly ignorant of their own TRUE history. They're spouting what has been fed to them from infancy which is garbage. Garbage in, garbage out. See if you can find the Palestinians in the following clip:

  • Impressive to say the least. Stand strong Israel.

  • mbs

    Pretty good demonstration of all that is admirable about Israel, and all that is despicable and craven about Islam.

  • DamnCat

    One peaceable, courageous, decent soul surrounded by screaming, thuggish, hatefilled barbarians. A perfect metaphor for they Middle East.

  • An Outhouse

    yes, it took balls of steel to hide behind several police officers apparently paid by our tax dollars to protect one brainless idiot.

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  • You really are an Outhouse. Spewing bile and full of crap.

    – The Cat

  • He should have led them, like the pied piper, right off a cliff.

    That one nut yells “you killed my people”. He shoulda yelled back “Among thousands of other cowardly attacks, your people flew planes into the world trade center”

  • 134567

    I am tired of these people defending their pals in Gaza who were dancing in their streets as Americans died in 9-11.These jihadists were dancing in the streets in many muslum nations,celebrating their attack on America with glee.Now they want my sympathy when they set up a sham on the seas and trigger a confrontation?I watched the vidoes.They were weilding those steel bar quite peacfully bashing the soldiers skulls.Who do these peace activists(terrorists??) think they can kid?I am not jewish but I support Israel 100%.This young man has balls of steel.I commend him for his strength.

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