Beck addresses the end of his show on Fox News


Beck says he never really wanted to do the show in the first place (as he didn’t enjoy doing it at CNN), but decided that it would help him get his message out. He says that going forward he will be doing specials with Fox News and ‘other things’, but doesn’t really get into too many specifics.

Here’s his segment:


UPDATE: Beck first talked about this in October of last year. Of course we didn’t know what he was talking about because he was intentionally vague. But this is what he said then and maybe it will help put some context around what he said today:

There comes a point when Paul Revere put the bell down because work had to be done.

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  • debby

    I’m going to miss my Beckmeister 🙁

  • debby

    I’m going to miss my Beckmeister 🙁

  • Pete

    The Countrt, the people and God will miss your daily show. I hope in the future, you can be just as effective as you are now when we see you every day.

    God Bless You Glenn. You are the “Light of Our Country”


  • Anonymous

    God Bless Glenn Beck.

    I started watching him when he came on CNN, and he took me from hating the news (it was CNN…), to actually enjoying it and truly pushing myself to learn and branch out. Some things happened in my life a year or so later, I ended up losing everything in my life, including my religion, and I ended up ending with true salvation in Jesus Christ (after going through some serious hell). A week or so later, I ended up reading a story on Msn; I got so upset over it that I deleted every news site off my browser and looked up FOX, which I was told was conservative, and in doing so I re-found Beck. Beck has changed a lot since his CNN days, and I feel as though I have too, as he’s pushed me to learn what I believe in both spiritually and politically, something that no one has ever been able to do before; I owe quite a bit to him for keeping me on track with what’s important in my life.

    I do hope that he continues to work with Fox and to get his word out (as was stated in his contract), and hopefully at a better time. I still have the feeling that he’s branching out and leaning towards creating a new station, which in my opinion would be for the best (Imagine David Barton and the works with their own shows on their own network). Wish for the best for him either way though, I trust him enough to follow him where ever he goes.

    One thing is for sure though, if Fox did cave and fire him like is speculated, I would refuse to watch them ever again.

    • Constance

      I agree. Should it ever come out that Fox News fired him, they are toast in my book. I would refuse to ever turn that network on again. I can’t abide by milktoast networks or management. It would tell me that Soros and the Saudis are indeed… pulling the strings.

    • Marie

      Thanks for sharing your story.
      Seems we’ve all got one.
      No matter what his critics say of him, they can’t change the fact that many people have united and instantly became friends because of him.
      The truth is, I really don’t know what might have happened if G.B. wasn’t there to keep saying “remain calm”, “don’t hate”, “don’t give in to violence. That’s what they want!”
      Because in Jan. of 2009, the tensions were so high, and the Left seemed to be geered up for that one little thing to go wrong ~ but it didn’t.
      I really think it didn’t go as they had planned and hoped it would. Because of the many prayers people were praying, and yeah, I think a lot of it is owed to Glenn Beck ~ the man that wasn’t afraid to cry in front of the camera when he spoke about what he feared was happening in America.
      March 13, 2009.
      I’ll always remember that date and believe in some kind of devine intervention happening in this country, because of his efforts.

      I often hear him ask for our prayers that God gives him clarity.
      The truth is, God gives us each clarity, one step, and one day at a time. We’ve been on this journey together, and we’ll continue to move forward.

  • vetteman

    a true patriot.

    hope to see him a lot in the near future.

  • Mensaman62

    I only found Glenn last year after having my head in the sand for so long. I have learned so very much over the last year (from his show and my own research) and will miss my daily dose on TV. I attended 8-28 which was absolutely amazing. I will continue to follow him on Extreme and look for his specials there and on FNC.

  • Paul Revere? Really?

  • Glenn showed us what is happeneing, he was the light that opened our eyes and he will be in my prayers forever. He deserves the medal of honor. Now it will be up to us to save our country, which we never would have known about had it not been for him. God Bless you Sir!

  • Anonymous

    Glenn is a Beacon of Light guiding us through tumultuous times. We WILL
    make it through this and be better for it – because we are Americans – and
    we don’t quit. Godspeed Glenn… we are with you.

  • Constance

    I’m sad about this. Beck grew on me. I didn’t like him that much at first, but now I do. I doubted the things he said, and I thought he was kind of a loon, but darn if most of his predictions have come true. He is still third rated on Fox, so I don’t think it’s the ratings, but I know there has been tremendous pressure on advertisers to drop him – that’s to be expected. I do hope he is still around regularly though, because I believe we need his insight, just as we need Rush, Levin, Hannity, etc. Each brings their own brand of the right, and each is valuable.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll miss my Daily Beck but will be there in the Insider Extreme Zone. Glenn is destined for something bigger and as much as I hate to see him go from his show, he will make a bigger impact than he already has.

  • Carkrueger

    I Hope he becomes a movie director!! We need conservative motion pictures inc. God bless you Glenn

  • I just wonder if he and SP don’t have something planned.

    • Anonymous

      You be dreamin!! and I hope you are right!!!

  • I just wonder if he and SP don’t have something planned.

  • Bird

    If Fox forced this move I will not watch them ever again and only get my news from the Net.

  • Glenn’s been dropping hints about what he has planned for the coming year, and he said his plans surprised his staff. I wonder if Glenn has or is about to reach the point where he fully believes that the Apocalypse isn’t something 50 or 100 or 1,000 years from now, but an event that is close at hand? He laughs it off now and then, but other times he seems far more serious about it. I know little about the Mormon beliefs, but one can speculate about how Glenn’s pronouncements and observations may be playing with any left-leaning members of the hierarchy of his church, and I would not be surprised if he has been “warned”. (To demonstrate: Harry Reid, for one, is a co-religionist of Glenn’s, but the diametric opposite of him in so many ways, just as Sean Hannity and Nancy Pelosi are Roman Catholics who are as far apart politically as the North and South Poles.) As an aside, the majority of Jews at the time of Jesus didn’t believe what they were witnessing because they had allowed themselves to be swayed by those who claimed they knew scripture better.

  • Tom

    I just had my TV on Fox all day just so I would not miss GB now they have nothing for me

  • Anonymous

    you will be able to follow beck. he is going to expand the media he uses, do specials, continue to make his documentaries on his website. he is not leaving us. he is growing his presence. stay connected. have you joined freedom connection? we must stay connected. tv is so cumbersome. new things.

  • Mike

    God’s Speed sir.

  • When he mentioned Paul Revere going back to being a silversmith today, I did remember him saying something similar, but I didn’t recall when he said it. Thanks for refreshing my memory, Scoop. He has been planning this for awhile.

  • Glenn…You are loved and respected by more people in this country and around the world than you will ever know. GOD BLESS YOU NOW AND ALWAYS ! Can’t wait to see what you do next. :o)

  • Marie

    Q. Where’s there?
    A. Tell ya’ when we get there.

  • The radio clip really explained a lot- I guess I missed that show.

    For the past week I felt like he was going to somehow force leaders to pop up; and in being absent that is exactly what he will accomplish- at least I hope.

    It kind of feels like a sandbag across the face, but every man has his calling- I hope we can all hear ours. It means nothing to the non-religious folk that may lurk on this blog, but I know that those that share faith have also heard the subtle cues. I have to admit that I don’t listen many times, but I have good reason to open my ear.

    For the non-religious types that my read this post: I don’t speak of conscience, I speak of a very suggestive righteousness that is felt in almost every choice- it’s almost like permitting the right thing to take place rather than controlling the outcome.

    Hope to be able to see the good things-

  • roy

    thank you for teaching me how to fish glen

  • roy

    thank you for teaching me how to fish and not just giving me a crappy fish stick dinner. i’ll miss your tv show with my lap top on my lap checking the things you say thank you for all your hard work and god bless glen

  • Publius

    He’s laid down the challenge.

    I have long argued that the 20% who say they are liberal have so much sway over the 40% who say they are conservative, because they just work harder at politics. Conssciously or unconsciously, liberals see politics as their real avocation: seeking out every megaphone of media and academia, being drawn to command every informatioin-censoiring chokepoint, and tapping a pipeline into the taxpayers’ money to fund their street army of unionized thugs and community-organizerd bloodsuckers.

    The 2010 election shows what every election would be like, if conservatives would just wake up, be Paul Revere’s and realize that the price of liberty is eternal vigilance. The radical left never sleeps.

    “Fanaticism is forever busy, and needs feeding.”
    — Col. Dummond, from Inherit the Wind

  • Anonymous

    Who else heard an interview where he was talking about the death threats, etc?

  • silver smith

    He wasn’t the problem, and unfortunately Fox will continue its myopic narrative far into the bleak future.  Fair and balanced won’t come from any network whose prime time is principally opinion shows, like Beck’s or Maddow’s.  But this guy was particularly toxic.  I am relieved to see him go.  The Fox audience will find some other hack to obscure the facts and madden common sense.  But nobody did it like Glenn. 

    Good riddance.