Beck and crew mock new Cain allegations

This is just a fun segment, perhaps the most fun segment you’ll hear on this all week. Obviously Beck feels like something is wrong here and they proceed with a lengthy and appropriate mocking.

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  • Anonymous

    allred is the slimiest of all leftists cockroaches, only Beck’s show could possibly make me laugh in a good way with that vile women in the picture.

  • Man, these guys totally eviscerate the cosmic red flag Gloria Allwet and the smiling Sharon babe’s stupid story. Best (((GB))) evah!

  • Anonymous

    Ok, if that doesn’t work maybe they’ll try something like this:

    Ahem, one afternoon in ’98, on a blamey, er balmy day, Cain grabbed my head, jerked it back and slit my silly throat, killing me instantly…that’s the truth. I’m typing this from a non-earth location.

    Calm down with the Obama successes and reasons he deserves another term Dems. I’m overwhelmed with’em over here. Just kidding. I do know of one “success”. Bringing Chicago-style thuggery to all 50 states. The resulting cesspool rising across the rotting plain.

    My wife is in the next room laughing her tail off at this Beck clip. I’ve counted approximately 10 guffaws so far 🙂

    • Anonymous

      It’s that laugh of Pat’s!

  • Anonymous

    Aw, this is priceless!
    They really put this whole slimy smear into true perspective, don’t they?

  • Pure gold on a Tuesday morning. Thanks Glenn for the great laugh.

  • 30 Solid Reasons Why Herman Cain can’t Win

    1) The investigation into election and campaign fund and law violations….
    2) Bankrupting employee pensions at Aquila and getting sued for it.
    3) Endorsing Alan Greenspan architect of the Real Estate Bubble.
    4) Funneling over 100k in individual campaign donations to his company to purchase his book.
    5) Not knowing China had nuclear weapons – whooops!
    6) Godfather success story is based on his laying off 300 employees and closing 1/3 of the stores. The company never had growth or expansion afterward, it even lost 50% of its sales. How is that for success?
    7) Breaking FEC laws on allowing a non profit to use funds for political purposes.
    8) Dismissing the 08 downturn of the economy and then endorsing a stock during the downturn that lost 80% of its value costing investors hundreds of thousands $$
    9) Donated to Mitt Romney’s 08 campaign and actively worked promoting Romney. Stating openly he would willingly be Romney’s VP.
    10) Altered his “tax” plan to allow for hedge funds to make more.
    11) Wants a gradual 23% unconstitutional national sales tax.
    12) Pulling the race card 3x’s – Blaming others for his personal drama
    13) Not wanting to audit the Federal Reserve
    14) Voting for Clinton and Lunching with Henry Kissinger
    15) Twisting and flipping on the issues till we are dizzy
    16) Not knowing how to amend the Constitution
    17) No Military, foreign policy or law/court background what so ever.
    18) Border security is something to joke about and his border security plan mirrors Rick Perry’s down to the “Boots on the Ground Stance”
    19) Proposing Opportunity Zones where SOME Americans will be exempt from Income Tax
    20) Surrounding himself in his personal life with long term staunch Democrats which support Barack Obama.
    21) An Economic plan that mirrors one in SIM CITY video game
    22) Being Anti Abortion – making it illegal BUT advocating Pro-Choice – it is the woman’s right to choose (I still haven’t figured this one out). – So it would be illegal but it would be ok if the woman chose to do it..?? HUH?
    23) Was against a flat tax before he was for it
    24) Backed by the Koch brothers
    25) Represented Whirlpool at a Security & Peace Partnership (North American Union) summit in Canada in 2007
    26) He supported TARP
    27) He supports the UN-Constitutional Patriot Act
    28) Herman Cain’s 999 tax plan is revenue neutral, no tax-revenue will be lost, no spending will be cut, and the burden will be shifted from the wealthy to the middle-class
    29) Bloomberg investigation alleges Koch subsidiaries paid bribes, sold to Iran (illegal trade)
    30) His blatant flip-flop away from the Constitution with the killing of Anwar al-Awlaki. First he believed al-Awlaki deserved a trial, then he fully supported his assassination without an indictment or any form of due process.


    • Linky1

      Research this: Barack Obama, Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright. That trumps these 30 reasons.

      • Anonymous

        Most people on here are aware of Obama, Ayers, and Wright. I haven’t checked all 30 things Dave mentioned, so can’t comment on them until I do. Do you want to vote for any candidate that isn’t quite as bad as Obama? We do need to get past the He Said She Said and deal with the issues that will affect our lives.

        I’m not concerned there ever will be a Fair Tax. The 16th amendment would have to be repealed by a Constitutional amendment and that won’t happen. Even if it got past the house and Senate with 2/;3rds majority, it would have to be ratified by 38 of the 50 states.

        • Anonymous

          Sorry, the second paragraph should have been sent to Dave.

        • Linky1

          I can’t vote in your election as I am Canadian. My whole point is (as many others have made) is that these stories about Obama were glossed over during the 2008 election. Obama had less experience in the real world than Herman Cain has and again, that was glossed over all in the name of hope and change.

          I agree totally-this issue clouds the other issues, the real issues, the serious issues. What it is doing is passing judgement on someone who has not been found guilty nor has been charged with anything and in the process muddying the waters for future candidates, ones who can make a difference to set their foot in the political ring. It’s one thing to “vet” a candidate on the issues, it’s another to crucify them all in the name of winning votes.

          • Anonymous

            I don’t pass judgement on Cain for these allegations , just as I won’t pass judgement on the women because I don’t know the truth. We may never know the truth.

            I want the truth to get out about the other issues. It would be nice if people could be civil when it’s being discussed, but it won’t happen on here.

            Cain does have a problem with flip flopping on issues. Things like he supports the second amendment, then in the same interview he thinks gun control should be up to the states. That is an issue that is very important to us.

            He says things like this:

            On the Gingrich-Cain debate. ” I like the Ryan Plan. I haven’t found anything in it yet that I don’t disagree with. “. Does that really mean he likes it, but he can’t find anything he agrees with?

            Back in May when discussing the Fair Tax:

            ” It replaces all income tax that’s being taken out of peoples checks.
            Replaces the payroll tax that’s being taken out of people checks.
            That’s the part that people often forget to miss. ”

            Those are little things, but will be used against Cain, just as we used the 57 states against Obama.

            • Linky1

              That’s the type of vetting and discussion we should be having-all overshadowed by allegation and innuendo.

    • oh I’m so glad you convinced me how horrible Herman Cain is.

      I guess now I have to vote for Ron “let’s offer our friendship to Iran” Paul. Or Ron “I don’t care if Iran has nukes” Paul. Or Ron “I’ll never win an election even though my fans keep skewing online polls” Paul.

      Nevermind. I’m back on the Cain Train. Toot Toot!

      • Anonymous

        I’m not a paulbot, but the issues Dave brought up are important enough to be checked out. I don’t care who you vote for and although I disagree with you on Cain, I respect your opinion. I have the same problem with Paul you have and will never vote for him. I also will never vote for Cain.

        We should be able to discuss all issues without being attacked just because our opinions are different.

        • Dax

          Like I said above, you guys get together and put up a similar list for Paul, Romney and Perry or any of the candidates for that matter. I bet you won’t do it because you like them.

          • Anonymous

            I dislike Paul and Romney almost as much as I dislike Obama. Before the election in 2008, I did everything I could to convince my sisters that Obama will harm this country, so much they didn’t want to talk to me. I had to promise I wouldn’t mention Obama in our phone calls. Now they agree with me about Obama. I’m not sure how I feel about Perry yet. The Flat Tax needs to be scored by an nonpartisan organization. Perry is a maybe.

            The only one I really want is not running. Allen West

        • He wasn’t attacked just because his opinion is different. Did you read some of them? Some aren’t even accurate.

        • Besides, if you can’t handle a little ribbing…

          • Anonymous

            That’s why I said they need to be checked out. It’s sad, but we can’t blindly trust anyone anymore. I’ll be checking out everything in his list.

        • Anonymous

          You are able to express opinions, but some of us have the freedom to attack you as we see fit to do so. All you feminized males nowadays are really pissing us true testicle donning dudes off. Check out the issues, but prepare to be made fun of if one of my tests didn’t go well, my favorite Sam Adams beer is out of stock, or if I think you are 5’2″, and have a cat fetish.

          • Anonymous

            Attack me all you want. I never attack first but really enjoy arguing with idiots. You don’t have a functioning brain and probably other parts of your anatomy don’t function any better, Eve. You have to attack the messenger since you aren’t intelligent enough to debate the issues.

            BTW, donning someone’s testicles doesn’t make you a man, but you have a right to live that life if you wish.

            • Anonymous

              Thata boy. I was just checking to see if you had testosterone pumping through your system. Get out there and show em your mean face.

      • How was Kadaffi (sp?) persuaded to give up his nuclear endeavors?
        What was more effective in Vietnam – the war or the subsequent interaction and trading?
        What has been most effective and pro-western in the Korea’s? Trade and influence with the South – or sanctions against the north?
        Think of the most pro-western Islamic country in the middle east – and ask yourself why are they pro-western?
        Paul’s answers and solutions are reasonable and proven effective in history.
        Short of all out war – failures from the sanction/enemy perspective have always failed to bring about a successful foreign policy relationship.

        For instance – following World War I – conquering nations imposed strong sanctions against Germany – Hitler came out of it and so did WWII.

        WWII – subsequent war foreign policy encouraged trade and friendship and we end up with two of our current strongest allies in the world (Germany and Japan). Although still communist – strong trade and friendship with China has brought them to be very pro-western – and the greatest enhancements of personal liberty have come from shaming them within the relationship.

        Scoop – the bridge is out and the Cain Train is going over the edge. Seriously consider the research done above and reconsider. The tooting doesn’t alter the physics.

        • Anonymous

          You are the professor that everyone nodded their head in agreement with, just so they could get “A’s.” But, in reality, all your students probably thought you were a loser, and a babbling ninny.

          • Excellent response – your arguments are insurmountable.

        • Anonymous

          What are you talking about? Haven’t you been paying attention to what’s happening in the the Islamic world. there is no such thing as a pro-western Islamic country any more. They’ve all been over thrown or are about to become part of the “Arab spring(winter)” with Sharia at it’s core.

          • Exactly… And why is that? What percentage of this didn’t happen because of the intelligencia currently running the State Dept. For all the good it’s doing – he should nix that too.

    • Dax

      Bill keep on believing the lame stream media. You will go far. Why don’t you make a list for Romney, Perry and Ron Paul? I’ll be waiting.

    • Constance

      Most of your reasons posted aren’t even understandable. You must be a Ron Paul supporter.

      • Try a little harder – it’ll eventually come.

    • Anonymous

      Get a job and a life.

    • Thank you for your information, but I am going to tell you one last time – RON PAUL IS NOT GOING TO WIN. Okay, now go ahead with your day…

      • Hmmnn… Now polling 2nd behind a garbage scowl. You still think this?

  • Anonymous

    Oh Glenn..can we meet…. If you let ME take your case against Cain I’ll drop this bimbo like a hot potatoe….at least you can remember your lines… Call me !

    Glorified Allwet

  • Notice – none of the reasons listed here include the allegations. These other reasons are far more important and should be the issues that are discussed.

    • Anonymous

      Say, you really “bot” that one right out of the park there Ron, er, Dave.

      The way to lift your candidate is to lift your candidate sir…not by trying to bring everyone ele’s down. Don’t you dupey dopes realize that all you do is drive folks even further away from your own guy? There’s a word for that. Let’s see if I can spell it properly…stooopid. That’s close enough.

      Is anyone other than Ron Paul qualified in your opinion?

      • Actually – I’m posting issues – not smears. Candidates should be vetted on not only their talk – but also their walk. So – Rshill7 – what would you prefer I say…. vote for Ron Paul because I like him? I’ve listed off policy issues as a reason for voting for Ron Paul a million times on here. For some reason – those with blinders on can’t use positive issues to vote for someone else. That’s why “attack ads” work unfortunately.

        So – if you’re a so much a Cain supporter – defend him. Give me positives to vote for. Show me where the above research is wrong and that the issues presented are something that we shouldn’t be concerned with.

        If I were a 1 issue voter – it would be the Federal Reserve – but most eyes seem to glaze over when you talk about monetary policy. Without an economy – none of the other issues matter – BUT – some people don’t get it.

        • Anonymous

          I like all of the candidates much more than I like O’. I like Ron Paul and Rick Perry too. Cain is the left’s punching bag right now so I want to defend him.

          The list of things that were/are detrimental to Palin, Paul, and Perry though would be of a list of “bot” names…in other words, their rabid supporters, spreading discord eveywhere they go…”EMT” style.

          There’s an old saying that goes something like this: “It’s nearly impossible to influence and offend someone at the same time.” That’s what you koookey boookeys are trying to do. You are spinning your wheels, backwards. Lots of activity, negative results.

          • Well – I’m not paid – actually take time away from my business so I can persuade others towards liberty.
            I think it is impossible not to offend someone by pointing out the negatives of their heroes. Your position on this would make it impossible not to persuade you away from Herman and towards someone with a better solution. It’s an unreasonable position.
            Poke some holes in the liberty ship. If there are errors and problems – they can’t be fixed unless someone points them out.
            I don’t like the sexual harassment discourse – but there’s a lot of smoke – there. It’s not a “political issue” as much as it is a character issue – but I think the political issues should receive front burner discussion. Once they have been ironed out – then we move on to the character issues. Leaders need to be honorable – don’t you agree?

            • Anonymous

              Sure. Their supporters should be too.

              • They should be – but how can any of the candidates do that. Is this a standard that should only be applied to a single candidate?

            • Constance

              Yep I had you pegged. A Ron Paul guy. No thanks there Dave. There’s something wrong with you. Geez Louise.

              • hmmnnn… In what way have I been pegged? Have I been identified by the issues?
                Check your premises – then get back to me.

            • The problem with Ron Paul isn’t his logic, It’s his lack of sense of humor. This unfortunately is a popularity contest, and people who have life in their voice will win the people’s vote. Ron paul has extremely sound logic and watching him in the debate is refreshing. But the true test of a leader or any person really is can they make things go right? Ron paul is very smart and philosophically superior in the realm of ideas to the other candidates, but why can’t he wrap his head around what it takes to get wide support? He has his own demons he’s battling. I have an opinion one of the greatest things he can do to win greater support is to learn how to make a crowd laugh with him. He has my support if he get’s the nomination. But until then my money is with Cain, because he can get votes and hes not a hallow politician like Romney. Mark my words as soon as the Republican primary is over Romney will ditch his conservative rhetoric and go independent because it seems easier, and he doesn’t have a strong back bone.

              • So – now that Cain is out – what are you up to?

  • Dax

    It’s almost like Ryan Secrest is creating another Kardashian show and the media is in on it. Yes we are all fooled…NOT

  • Anonymous

    After watching, cue Meat Loaf’s PARADISE BY THE DASH BOARD LIGHT.


  • Anonymous

    I want to clarify a few comments I’ve made here about sexual harassment. This will be a little graphic, but anyone who found Beck’s bit funny should not be the least bit offended by what I write. I do not believe there is such a thing as sexual harassment. But sexual assault is real. I don’t believe Bialek’s story because I think she lied to make herself look better. I have no doubt that Cain is a lech and he probably did grope her. I just don’t think it happened in the car.

    I went to a vo-tech high school for Retail Merchandising. So everybody I knew worked retail. All us kids got jobs in retail stores. My best friend, Debbie, worked at Kinney Shoes. I used to hang out with her and her co-workers, all of whom were male. They ran the gamut in age from teenagers like us to the mid 20’s. One guy who worked at Kinney’s was in his 50’s. His name was Otis and he was the spitting image of John Goodman, only not quite that fat. This was circa 1977.

    One night somebody had a party in their apartment. The drinking age was 18 back then so we had no problem getting booze. There were about 10 or 12 people in this one bedroom apartment. It was a typical apartment with a galley kitchen that had a cut out open to a dining area and living room. It was me and Debbie, a couple of other girls, and the guys from Kinney’s. A couple of people were in the kitchen, four or five people were playing cards at the dining table, and the rest of us were in the living room.

    Three of us were sitting on the couch. It was Otis, me, and somebody beside me. A couple of people were sitting on the floor near the stereo going over all the records. There were a couple of people sitting in chairs chairs. The point is that this small little apartment was pretty crowded with people. There were several different conversations going on. It was a good time.

    Something happened at the card table. Somebody told a joke, or won a big hand, and they started to laugh and scream. Otis took that opportunity to attack me. It happened so fast I still can’t believe he had the balls to do what he did. He lifted me up by the butt with one hand and used his other hand to digitally rape me.

    I’m not kidding. He did it in a room full of people. Thank goodness I was wearing jeans, so he didn’t get far, but he tried real hard and he was real strong. The force he used shocks me to this day. I can still remember it like it was yesterday.

    I jumped up, shocked. Just shocked. And then I laughed. I was so embarrassed, and shocked, and I liked him so much, I just didn’t know what to say or do. He never reacted. He just sat there. This all happened in about 10 seconds. Less than that. Whatever had happened at the card table was still going on. Nobody saw what he did. He just took the opportunity when he had it.

    In a room full of people.

    I told Debbie what he did and I never hung around them after that. I chalk it up to a good learning experience. Nobody would ever get away with something like that again with me. And they never did.

    But, don’t ever think personable guys like Cain are not hiding a degenerate streak. He very well could be.

    • Dax

      A man sexually assaulted you therefore all men are sexual deviants? It’s time to let that false belief go. Now it makes sense why you have been so hard on Cain.

      • Anonymous

        That’s what you got out of my comment? Figures.

        Let’s see how he handles himself in this press conference. My guess is that no matter what he says people like you will defend him.

        • Constance

          You wrote that you think Herman Cain is a lech. Based on what, exactly? Your personal experience? So you project your personal incident on to a presidential candidate and I am supposed to listen? I don’t think so.

    • Anonymous

      Would you ever let that guy near you again. This lady shows up at another conference, meets up with Cain backstage, gives him a hug and whispers something in his ear. If you ever experience a sexual assault, you would never let the guy get anywhere near you. Been there, done that and her story doesn’t float.

    • Anonymous

      Herman isn’t a fat John goodman digital raper; these ho bags are lying strumpets.

  • Anonymous

    My friend Steve had a great point. This scenario Bailek described about Cain is a physical impossibility! Picture this! …
    They are in a CAR .. Cain supposedly puts one hand up her skirt, the other on her head, nudging her toward his crotch. TRY THIS AT HOME! It CAN’T BE DONE! Someone or something is in the way no matter which hand was where! On top of it, Bailek is on the chunky side & Cain is no string bean himself! This situation physically COULD …. NOT … HAVE … HAPPENED.
    (Message from my friend to anybody willing to help):
    Here’s an odd set of questions for you ladies…. (Personally, I think it would be more entertaining if it were a guy in a cheap halloween wig and too much makeup playing Bialek)

    Are you anywhere near the Dallas area?
    Are you approximately the same height (5’8” to 5’10”) and weight as this Bialek witch?
    Would you like to be in a video, helping me forensically debunk Bialek’s claims?
    If anybody would like to help my friend Steve PROVE that this situation she claims is a physical impossibility, contact him here>

    • Anonymous

      I just did it to my wife, and made her call me “Herman.” oh, it can be done if you are a tall drink of water, like myself.

  • Joe

    THANKS – Scoop

    ROFL –

    Crazy crew he has

  • Anonymous

    There is something about those glasses. My guess: they are new too.
    They tend to make one look more intelligent. just sayin’

  • “I’ve a boyfriend” means lets have a 3 way. “Take me back to my hotel” means lets get more comfortable.

  • Anonymous

    What an awesome segment!

  • Anonymous

    What an awesome segment! It’s all so phony its hilarious. It only makes me want Cain even more.

  • Anonymous

    I want to know how Cain is supposed to have done this. So they are in the car. Does he twist his body, reach across the console and awkwardly put his left hand under her skirt , and then quickly grab the back of her head with his right hand before she has a chance to react? Or did she let him touch her crotch for a while and then refuse when he tried to get her to “Lewinsky” him? That seems to be the only way her scenario could have played out… So why didn’t she push him off when he was diddling her?

  • Glenn and friend are surely funny here.

  • Constance

    “He was wearing a suit jacket with no shirt and no pants or underwear, only wing tipped shoes….” I have been laughing now for two solid minutes. This is priceless. 😉

  • Anonymous

    Glenn Beck is such a homo. He couldn’t sexually harass a real woman if his life depended on it.

  • Anonymous

    Oh my goodness! Hilarious doesn’t even cut it! With satire, Glenn and his crew has done an even better job of debunking that bimbo’s claims than even Levin did. Encore!!!

  • Anonymous

    Those dudes are some funny bastards!

  • You know what, if you try to reenact what the woman says happened, it doesn’t work. If you are in the driver’s seat of a car, you can’t reach for someone’s head AND ‘genitals’ at the same time. It would be VERY awkward if you are trying to use your left hand to reach over for their head while grabbing at their ‘genitals’.