Beck: DOJ won’t return my calls about economic terrorism

Beck says the DOJ just finished prosecuting one guy for making liberty coins, something they readily called economic terrorism. But when it comes to the video of Lerner plotting his own brand of economic terrorism they uncovered yesterday, the DOJ is apparently not interested.

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  • Anonymous

    Glenn has opened a can of worms here that the DOJ will certainly try and close……..

    Is this how the left is trying to Alinsky-ize Glenn?

    IT’S ON!


    SOURCE: 1st Quarter ratings due out next week show Beck has lost 30% of total viewership vs. ’10; Nearly 40% of 25-54 demo…

    Number of advertisers now boycotting show closing in on 400…

    (Headlines on Drudge this morning)

    • Anonymous

      Interesting article. I hope Glenn doesn’t blow it.

    • Anonymous

      I hope he does. And I hope he takes M. Kelly and S. Hannity with him. Greta also. Just leave Bill O behind.

  • Well you have to remember the coin guy actually broke the law and did something. This other nut job guy is just talking about doing something so you can’t really throw the book at him in the same way.

  • sDee

    This is so very simple. The executive branch, with DOJ is bypassing all laws and balances of power in our Republic. Congress and the media are silent. It is complicit subversion and tyranny.

    The silence and the fact that only Beck is carrying this forward should scare the hell out of every American.

    Crickets for freedom. Twitter abuzz about Elisabeth Taylor

  • The PTB won’t let someone like Beck get in the way of their NWO.. This is quite the boring high-school-gossipy cesspool.

  • Anonymous

    I love GB, BUT he continues to try to be relevant and it seems he takes one step forward and two steps back in the “relevant” department.

    The White House will ignore GB until they know he has a tidal wave of support and the White House believes he is losing momentum not gaining right now.

  • Anonymous

    The fed if really touchy about someone trying to make/print currency. Duplicating US FRNs (Federal Reserve Notes- our money) is a big business especially overseas. North Korea buys a lot of stuff with the FRNs they print.

    Last year a group tried to set a parallel currency that was gold backed and not exchangeable for FRNs. They even had a number of vendors accepting them. They were shut down too.

    Now if you just boycott or withdraw your funds move your mortgage from a bank, that is not against the law, it is similar to the libs getting advertisers to boycott Beck – all legal. Not paying your mortgage is also legal, but there are possible consequences. So what is the problem? The banks have leveraged themselves extremely with the mortgage money and the assets they bought are not liquid. Why do you think so many banks have so many branches that are free standing brick buildings?

  • Reason # 1984 why holder, zer0, jarret, et al. need to live in SuperMax for the rest of their days. Perp walk, anyone?