Beck hilariously mocks Dan Adler’s new campaign ad!

This is priceless. Democrat Dan Adler has released a new campaign ad called “Stick Together” to try and win the 15% minority vote in his district:

Talk about oddball ads. Needless to say, Beck and crew have a blast taking this apart:

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  • Persephone

    I am glad to see someone ripping this juvenile ad apart.
    It really is an example of shameless pandering….and not even very well done either! 

    • poljunkie

      Totally agree. Can you imagine the casting call? Send over…

  •  That is freaking hilarious!

  • JimNEPA

     This is what you get when you hire a writer for The Onion to do your campaign ads! ……wait, he DIDN’T hire someone from The Onion?

  • this is soooooooo funny!! yeah this is a pretty easy thing to make fun of. it’s so stupid on so many levels. 

    the korean woman is stupid. if i were korean i would hate this ad and would never vote for him, even though he specifically tried to appeal to my ethnicity.

  • Anonymous

     Laugh from the belly funny!

  • Atking

    What is the Korean woman saying at the end?

    • Sounds like either “What’s a mensch?” or “What a mensch!” It’s a yiddish saying that describes a generous, humble, reliable, moral man. So it’s likely a nod to the Jewish community as well.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s apply the “Pigford” rules. If you ever attempted to be Korean…

  • Anonymous

    Ahem…Cuz I’m a panderer, yeah a panderer, I pand-around, ’round, ’round, ’round, ’round…

    …what he needs is a really loud, nasty, mannerless, BURP(!) at the end there…

    …this “mensch” should stay on the bench. 

  • Lonestar17

     It is a joke. If you take it seriously obviously it is racist, but obviously this guy is not being serious. If you look at his other ads, he reenacts Rudy with a training scene in a suit. And if we are going to look at being racist, Rush Limbaugh on Hu Jintao was racist, because it was serious. scene in a suit. And if we are going to look at being racist, Rush Limbaugh on Hu Jintao was racist, because it was serious.

  • medicare? medicare? Speak to my selfish, gimme, gimme, gimme handouts! Hey “minorities” being American is following the law, paying your taxes, contributing to your community not expecting a poltician to pander to your ethnic racial group!
    America is a melding pot Repubilc, not a section feudal system divided along racial boundries!!!