Beck interviews mother taking on school over indoctrination

I heard this on the radio in my car before lunch and knew this was bound for a post. This mother is taking on her public school to fight the lefty environmental indoctrination of her six year old, and she’s not backing down.

What’s really great in this interview (besides the awesome backbone of mom) is you get to hear her little six year old girl perform 2 of the songs she learned in class, and it’s really cute. The last one happens to be a Wham! remake which is actually pretty funny.


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  • Odin147

    conservative need to take over the media.

  • Lee0521

    If I had a child today, I would homeschool him/her. I grew up in the 1970’s, before all this PC crap. We were free to eat what we wanted in the cafeteria, (my favourite was the cream-filled chocolate donuts) we sang Christmas carols in the gym every year, no one said ‘happy holidays” instead of Merry Christmas and no one apologized, nor felt the need to, for being White or Christian. Multiculturalism and leftist indoctrination were non-existent. I feel sorry for the kids today, their freedoms are being hijacked from day one.

    • Anonymous

      Oh yes. Those were the good ole’ days for sure. I remember riding around in the back of a pick-up truck too. In 4th grade I had a teacher named Mrs. Merrill who actually read from her Bible each morning to us. She was so cool. I also remember when she said that she was no longer allowed to do that. She almost cried while telling us that, as did I. I loved that old lady.

      We homeschooled all three of our children. They are all over 18 now.
      Unions and Government seems to destroy everything they touch.

      I want my country back. I miss it so much.

      • oh wow, so sad that she couldn’t read the Bible.

      • John42399

        Riding in the back of a pickup was a normal thing back then . It was 2 years ago that I had my kids in the back of my pickup and was pulled over . The cop gave me a nasty lecture on how unsafe it was to do that . Told me there was a huge fine , this & that . He scolded me like I was a little kid . He didn’t give me a ticket though . There’s just so many things you can’t do anymore like you could a couple decades ago. Too many laws , it’s suffocating every day life .

    • Persephone

      You got doughnuts?
      Oh man…we never got doughnuts.
      And the chocolate cream-filled ones are my faaavorite.

      I agree with everthing you’ve said, too.
      Our poor kids today don’t even know how much has been taken away.

  • Persephone

    What a little sweetie.
    Such a shame how our kids are being programed and indoctrinated.

    When I was in school…
    We said the Pledge of Allegiance every morning…with our hands over our hearts.
    We said the Lord’s Prayer before lunch.
    There was a big wooden plank in the hallway with the 10 Commandments carved into it.
    The older boys would even bring their hunting rifles and put them in the coat room till after school, so they could go hunting on their way home.
    Nobody ever even joked about using them on each other…not that I ever saw.

    We have let the Left destroy a lot of what was good in our lives…and in our country.

    • wow that is SO different from now. i can’t even imagine a school like that

      • Persephone

        I went to three different elementary schools, and a couple of different high schools…out here in the midwest.
        And it was pretty much the same at all of them.
        Except for the wooden plank in the hallway…that was at one, but the others had the 10 Commandments posted prominently somewhere.
        All public schools.

        I learned the Pledge [that’s what we called it] in the first grade.

        It was nice…not overtly religious though, pretty generic…but Christian.

        I am sorry that you didn’t have the same experience.

    • Anonymous

      She was too cute indeed, loved how she kept stealing the mic and waving into the camera.

      Reminds me of my school though, in Elementary we said the pledge every day, and practiced it with the hopes that we would be picked to say it over the intercom. Then as time went on, we started singing Earth day songs in music class, but at that point we would just mock them after school, so we truly didn’t get much from it.

      Now that I think of it though, I did have two years of English in high school that was purely focused on the “Progressive Era.” Ugh, if only I knew then what I know now, then I would have probably been expelled.

      This is why I hated school, at least that’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it.

  • Anonymous

    Vouchers are the key!! My kids went to parochial school. I coached park district soccer for them. The kids from all schools knew all the bad words, but the kids from the public schools used them. They also thought anything was okay if no one saw you do it. Now the only bad thing is hitting someone, verbal bullying is okay if you are not caught.

    We need more citizenship and prayer in schools. Those who don’t like it need to move to one of those flexible countries like China.

    • Vouchers? So you want distribution of wealth? You must be a socialist.

  • Ladies and gentlemen, behold true American heroes. I pray she can get other parents to join with her and fight the garbage they’re teachimg our kids in school. She will stand and fight and not give an inch to the Marxists.

    I hope she runs for POTUS some day.

  • Anonymous

    We can not offend anyone except for the 80+ percent of us who are self-described Christians. Does this make sense? We avoid offending one person by offending nearly all instead. How dumb is that? What will America’s culture be like when people now 40 and over and gone?

    Can the pendulum swing back? I think it has to.

    I like hanging with you right-thinking folks. You make me feel better about many things. America needs us like we need her, and each other…to come back from wherever it is she went.

    • that’s what pisses me off. the movement to ban “offensive language” offends more people than the “offensive language” itself. what total bullcrap!!

  • this is cute but at the same time, creepy. o__o it’s so wrong, what they’re doing. teaching kids stuff they know the kids don’t know about. what is the point of teaching them stuff that they don’t know what it means? BRAINWASHING. disturbing. the goal is to plant this stuff into the kids’ heads throughout childhood. then, as they grow older and DO understand what it means, they will automatically believe it because that’s what they were trained to do. evil.

    • Persephone

      Yeah, it struck me as creepy too.

      Little kids are just trying to figure stuff out.
      They don’t need that kind of brainwashing.

  • Anonymous

    Boycott? They’re teaching them to be little community agitators. Just like Barry.

    • Persephone

      It’s like they want to be able to ‘activate’ them into boycotting later, when they are consumers.
      Socialists are such control freaks.

  • Anonymous

    Jimmy Carter started the Dept. of Education to indoctrinate children. This Department needs shut down. Education belongs in the states not the federal government. Shut it down.

    • Persephone

      Our education system has gone down hill ever since the Dept. of Education was created.
      We used to lead the world in science and math…now we don’t.

      • Anonymous

        Ahem…mi, mi, mi…

        “There….was a farmer had a dog and BINGO(!) was his name-O.”

        Thanks Jimmy Carter, who signed that into law in 1979.

        Don’t forget the wonderful contributions made by the NEA…and always look for the union label…when ruination is your goal! Spell it with me if you please p-a-r-a-s-i-t-e-s. I see that even Scoop now has a pair-of-sites with the addition of RightScoopTV.

        Bring it brudder!

        One further note: I was thinking the other day which I liked more, Unions or a sharp stick in the eye. I am going to dry-lab/theorize the stick in the eye thing cuz I already know that it would be a close call without trying both.

        • Persephone

          I got a twig driven into my eye once, in high winds.
          Some antibiotics and a bit of pain…was healed up in a few weeks.

          Now unions…that’s the misery that just keeps on sticking it to us.
          Look at what the scum-suckers are doing to Boeing!
          It’s like they won’t see reason until every last job is driven from our shores.

          Unions get entrenched in good times, when the economy is strong.
          Then el greedo kicks in.
          And they want more, and more.
          They think they are imune to the market forces that affect…everything.
          They’re wrong.

          • Anonymous

            Marry me.

            • Persephone

              Awww that’s a high compliment.


              But my hubby might have sumthin to say about that.

              • Anonymous

                As will me wife. Did I mention I’m Scottish-ish?

                Hand me that kilt, er quilt dear…

                Nite ya’ll.

                • Persephone

                  And kilts are just…hot.

                  Nitey nite, Arrrshill7.

  • That rhyme, while catchy, is about as bad as the “Mmm… mmm… mmm…” bit from that one school in… New Jersey, if I recall. The praises being sung to the President are still far worse than this. I recall learning rhymes and songs when I was in elementary school (late 80’s into early 90’s), but nothing like this. They were more songs and rhymes from our history, not something trying to promote a particular political point.

    This rhyme was pretty neutral until they got to the idea of boycotting and petitioning. A six year-old can likely understand the idea of recycling. Same with not driving alone and biking instead of driving where practical. These are good ideas, but more importantly, they are readily demonstrable as good ideas.

    Trying to explain boycotting and petitioning to a six year-old is about the same as telling a child they must avoid or not like the kid across the street while answering “Because I said so” to the barrage of “why” questions that will inevitably spawn from such an order.

  • milmom123

    I live in Milwaukee Wisconsin and my children attend a Milwaukee Public School. The teachers all called in sick one day and I had stay home from work to care for the kids when the whole budget repair fiasco was going on in Madison. Around that time, my daughter mentioned that she wrote a letter to to the Senator about Scott Walker’s budget bill. I asked her about what but she couldn’t remember. I finally got a printed copy of it from her today. It was really sad to see and discuss it with her this evening. She wrote to the Senator to not support Scott Walker’s bill because it would mean fewer teacher, fewer materials, and fewer field trips. I asked her, “What is Scott Walker’s budget repair bill?” She said, “I don’t know, it think it’s to repair buildings that are broken down, because it has the word repair in it.”

    Shouldn’t the teacher at least have sent home a permission slip? To me, it’s such a breach of moral conduct, I can’t grasp how this teacher thought it would be OK.

    How much sense does it make that I sent Scott Walker an “atta boy” letter for the good work he does, to have my daughter instructed to oppose it when she clearly knows nothing about it.

    Reminds me, I also recently opted her out of the “Human Growth and Development” curriculum which teaches things like puberty and safe sex. It’s a crazy world. I am going to schedule a meeting with the teacher and tell her to include my daughter in any future letters, and the principal to share my feelings of disapproval. But what more can I do?

    • Persephone

      If you know any of the other Moms, that are conservative, maybe you could get together and talk about it.
      If enough of you complain to the administrators, then that will give them the ammunition that they need help you.
      But you need to keep it low-key with the teacher herself.

      Teachers are abusing their power.
      And they want more.
      There should be no unions for govt. workers, IMO.
      They work for us.
      So….it’s Them vs. Us the taxpayers….which is all kinds of wrong.

      I feel for you, really.
      You hate to make a big deal out of it, because then your daughter’s teacher can take it out on your daughter.
      That’s why you need to do what you can, anonymously.

      I would email what you have just said, to your Governor.
      And the Republicans in the State Legislature.

  • John

    What the “liberals” (ie socialists) don’t realize is that conservatives DO care about the environment. We love nature, going for walks, keeping the streets clean and preventing green spaces from turning into depressing, concrete jungles. However, that doesn’t mean we want government telling us what to do, what to believe or how to do something.

    Caring for the environment is one thing. Having public schools inject political organizing is something entirely different and wrong.

  • Tactcon4040

    Isn’t clapping and cheering this little girl reinforcing the indoctrination? I mean by all means tell her she is a good singer but you have to tell her it is not good that her teachers are doing this to the children. I would have jumped up during the program and protested.

    Doesn’t the little girl say to herself, hey thay are clapping because I sang this song , I should sing it more often.

    • Persephone

      It’s a really tricky situation.
      At that age…little kids are only concerned with ‘getting the song right’.
      That’s what is so sinister about teachers abusing their power this way, and using young children as politican pawns to foment their propaganda.

      The little girl probably doesn’t understand what her Mom and these grownups are upset about…just that they don’t like some words in these songs that she has had to learn.
      Sounds like the Mom did protest it, though…somewhat.
      And I’ll bet she will be on the look out for any more of it.
      The indoctrination can be overcome, if it is nipped in the bud while the child is still this young.

      I just hope that the teachers won’t retaliate against the little girl while they have her in their clutches during the day.
      Or use the child as a way to retaliate against the Mom.

      Such is the insidious nature of this marxist socialistic indoctrination of our youth.
      Marxists always use something that is wholesome, and twist it to further their own agenda.

  • Onlinescoop

    I’m a conservative person who sends my child to religious, private school. I don’t see anything wrong with supporting the environment even at the expense of capitalism. I think the reasons are obvious and don’t need explaining.

    • Persephone

      Does that private school indoctrinate their students with leftist propaganda?
      Do they teach that the EPA was started by a conservative President?

      “Supporting the environment” is not a left-right thing.

      Polution is bad. We shouldn’t do it.
      It is crapping in our own nest.
      I am not fond of creating huge scars on the countryside with strip mining either.
      ‘Capitalism’ does not necessarily equate with ‘polution’, though.

      The Left has hijacked the environmental movement, and are using it to force their idea of ‘social justice’…and socialism.

      Not everyone is fortunate enough to live in smugville…and are stuck with sending their kids to public schools, where the liberal teachers use them as political pawns to further their agenda.
      I think the reasons are obvious and don’t need explaining.