Ben Shapiro on thug tactics of the left in trotting out Christian pastor to push gun control agenda

I think Shaprio nails this one and it’s true almost in every argument. If you oppose the Democrat way of doing something, they question your motives. And in the case of gun control, they act as though you want people to die at the hands of mass murderers – or at least you don’t care if people die because you love your guns. And they make you sound like a bad person. We see it from Piers Morgan all the time.

It’s the demonization of the Right to destroy the Right to so they get their way.

If you oppose abortion then you must want to see girls in back alleys with coat-hangers hanging out their vaginas. If you want shrink entitlements back to the point where only the needy qualify for them, you hate children and want to see them die of malnutrition. If you want to limit regulations on the environment, then obviously you want people to drink dirty water and breath dirty air. And let’s not forgot the one that is trotted out the most: If you disagree with Obama, you’re a racist.

And the list goes on and on and on.

We can’t have honest debate in this country anymore and this trotting out of a Christian pastor to try and shame people into giving up their second amendment rights is just another example of the Left trying to force it’s agenda on the American people by arguing emotion instead of arguing facts. The Left never has facts on their side. All they have is hyperbole.

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