Bernie Goldberg: You’re right Jon Stewart, I was wrong

Goldberg answers Jon Stewart’s slam of Fox News on the basis of hypocrisy by admitting “guilty as charged.” But then he turns the tables on Stewart a little and points out his slanted ‘reporting’:

Goldberg enunciates what I, and probably many conservatives were thinking. He always goes after Fox News much more than the others. Sure he hits CNN and the rest, but when was the last time he really focused on the crap that’s spewed over at MSNBC, in the same passion as FNC? I bet if you did a measure of who he goes after the most, FNC would be far above the rest. And this is what makes him overall intellectually dishonest.

But he’s a liberal elite, so I guess we shouldn’t expect much more.

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  • He probably doesn't mention MSNBC because no one would know what the hell he's talking about. “MSNBC? Is that an alphabet agency? I hate when they audit my tax return.”

  • Tyler

    HAHA. Nice one, Josh. I just wanna say this and it's SO true. If you every want to TRULY take a break from what I consider to be an OVERSHOT by FNC at times…then you NEED NOT watch the Statist media. Just watch The Daily Show and The Colbert Report and you'll have ALL the same slant…but at least you'll laugh.

  • mitchblatt1dot1com

    I have to say, Goldberg does a bad job of responding to Steward. He spends a few minutes saying, “I was wrong,” and then he makes a “generalization” about liberals and flyover country.

    Anyway, Goldberg was never wrong. He just said that the MSM lies about the tea party. Didn't Steward make that same point–albeit to a very much weaker degree, because he's scared of being too correct–in the same segment?

  • neyney

    Stewart is the worst kind of critic. He's a one-sided one. Granted he throws the right a few bones from time-to-time just to have the appearance of being fair and balanced. However Goldberg makes an excellent point here. By Stewart not calling out Klein, Blow, or others of that ilk he shows his true liberal colors. Sadly since he is a comic he gets to throw out the F bomb to make himself appear hip and thus he draws in the 20 somethings like moths to a flame. It's just another form of liberal indoctrination.

  • Russian55

    What worries me is that there is a sizeable percentage of the population that gets ALL their news information from Comedy Central's “The Daily Show.”

    It isn't news — it is entertainment. (Sort of…)

  • widgee

    Whereas the product provided by Fox News is entirely factual, unbiased reporting? At least The Daily Show doesn't claim to be news.

    • Anonymous

      They don’t work very hard at telling people they aren’t really a news show, though.

  • williamm

    I have to admit MSNBC did air the McVeigh tapes last night proving it's not the words you have to worry about as Clinton said. I guess technically words did cause the BoMBING if you count the words from Janet Reno to attack. Rachel actually proved it's not the tea party that creates violence, but Clinton's administration ordering the tanks in, and killing children that did no wrong. Clinton owns that, but he wants to use the deaths comiitted by a sick & cruel madman. MsVeigh in his own words said ” WACO started this war, hopefully Oklahoma would end it.” That is in the 2 hours of tape Rachel is showing. If it's still on MSNBC, it's on part 6.

  • Tyler

    Of course Fox News is biased as well. I watch everything I can get my hands on and I will say this. Fox seems to spin things LESS than the rest of the MSM does. You really can't deny that.

  • williamm

    I agree Fox is biased, but nothing close to the bias from MSNBC. Every other network is biased in favor of Obama. Fox is the only network we have. MSNBC complains because FOX is obviously on the side of the Tea Party movement, but they spend most of their time attacking the partiers. I watch them a lot and Ed Schultz always attacks the Tea Party as old white people. He claims there is no mandate in the health care bill, but says you will be fined if you don't have health care. If you haven't watched him much, the videos are available on MSNBC and can be downloaded with Mozilla Firefox with the download helper. They are approx 162 meg files in .flv format. I dl everything i can find for both sides.

  • frankpotochar

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  • mugatu

    Its Jon's show he can sit there making faces if he wants but, he has a big following because he is funny, and we liberals elites are smart enough to know when he is being sarcastic or not. So why is it his responsibility to say what the people who only watch FOX? We actually are informed before watching the show, if you dont know whats going on you would miss most of the jokes. FYI the opinion shows on FOX are not real news I can understand how many of you dont get it, you can level the same thing at JS when:
    1. He is a channel that is xxx news
    2. While on TV there is a logo on the bottom saying xxx news
    3. There is a promo saying “fair and balanced” while showing his picture
    4. There is a promo saying “the most trusted name in news” while showing his picture
    Anyway enjoy FOX with its constant fear mongering of how we are becoming nazi socialist communist fascist (whatever other words you want to use while having no facts to back it up) America

  • Anonymous

    One sided critics?Fox”news” is slanted so far right,if I turn on the channel my TV slides off the table!?And this constant whimpering about “attacks” is a joke coming from people that open a debate with fellow citizens on bringing the Country together by using vitriolic, hate speech and threats of violence!