Biden quotes China’s official Communist Party’s news agency to attack Romney

Well, I guess it makes sense that a propagandist would quote propaganda:

Meanwhile, Obama is pretending to get tough with China after Romney’s been ripping him for it in new ads.

Leading from behind.

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  • marketcomp

    This is the exactly the wrong action that Obama is taking. Romney is talking about unfair trade practices in addition to how China is degrading our currency.

    • You’re dead right, but… I bet you’re not in the least surprised. Nothing this REGIME will do to stay in power would surprise me…. I’m half afraid the election itself will be put off – “In the interests of National Security” I wouldn’t put it past them… Not for a second! Prepare… The storm that is coming is a bastard of a storm… If we reach January 20th in once piece… it will by the Grace our our Lord God!

      • marketcomp

        Absolutely, Whitewolf2009! But this little tactic by Obama to sue China in the world court is exactly the reason that Romney/Ryan will not reveal their tax plan in detail because while we know that Obama will not do anything he will demogage their plans to scare people. He is a dictator and a dictator will do anything to hold on to power including cheat, and elimnate the elections if necessary.

        • I’m wondering if he’s also not trying to bring about the economic collapse a little quicker. Maybe the feds aren’t doing enough Q’s for dear leader’s liking- so what does he do? He publically reprimands the nation who holds most of our debt. Way to go!

          • We must pray hard during the lame duck period… Pray first that we survive it… Pray second that what we find is worth surviving for. With Nobama we never know!

        • Indeed… A wounded dog will bite at anything in his rage.

          BTW, my friends call me Wolfie… You can call me Mr. Whitewolf the 3rd! 🙂

          You can call me anything!… Just not too early in the morning. I have my 2 dear doggies for that… 6.15am… They decide I need to get up… It’s a fair trade off though… They guarded myself and my better half until the crack of dawn… Now it’s my turn to get up so they can sleep… AT least it seems that way to me…

          Why am I being lighthearted in such a serious thread? Well… It’s about mental health… if we don’t laugh… We may well crack up! 🙂

          • white531

            Only one thing I would add to that, Wolf. Train them to hate Muslims.

        • Wisewoman2

          It’s also another example of Obama “leading from behind.” This time behind Romney since Romney’s policy is to take on China in the area of unfair trade and currency manipulation. He is a Johnny come later. Obama the Thug & Liar-in-Chief is saying and pretending to do anything to try to get reelected. He is one brazen you know what. As an AA he is an embarassment to me and shames the legacy of MLK.

          • marketcomp

            Amen, Wisewoman2!

  • Ah! So The Communist Dictatorship in China is where the Democratic Talking Points Originate! That explains a LOT!!

    Poor Biden the Poodle… Just barks on command for treats these days…

  • tshtsh

    I do not know who to reference but has anyone heard that China is using the interest we pay to finance their military build up?

  • Figures. But don’t blame biteme for it. After all, when your dear leader boss is endorsed by commies world wide- the likes of Chavez and Castro, Putin.. well, it’s an easy mistake to quote from one of your daily news sources.

  • Birds of a feather

  • PChandler

    Can’t wait for Biden to quote Inspire Magazine

    • Give him time… Nobama hasn’t tweeted him the URL yet!

  • Heh! Romney send out his Bulldog Ryan to fight the good fight with facts, truth, and a pure America Loving heart!!

    NObama sends out his little pudgy poodle Biden to produce the next “gaff of the week” 🙂

    • Did somebody say poodle? To dear leader poodle goes well with noodles. YIKES!

      • Shhh!! And did you see poor doggy Bo at all in the last few months?

        I would die to protect my dog from some asshole…

        NObama would let his dog die to eat his his asshole…

        That’s all that needs to be said.

        • Ouch! Sorry Whitewolf, that did make me laugh, but the language man! 😉

          • I apologize… I was upset… Now I’ve edited them.. Thanks for the warning instead of just Moderating them out of existence… Lesson learned.

            • Aw, c’mon! I’d never moderate anything you say out without mentioning it.

              It really did make me laugh though 😉 But your edit made me laugh loud enough to wake my boy! Thanks for understanding though Wolffriend!

              • I know you never moderated my posts.. I’ve been checking every one of them since day one! Not really! 🙂 Though you might have been tempted! 😉

                Whoops! Say hello to your boy for me! Blame me for waking him up! My wife blames me for almost everything (:-) ) so I’m used to it! 🙂

                If we lose our sense of humor (which I’m assured is installed and working properly, despite evidence to the contrary!) we’re lost! 🙂

                • You do make me smile Whitewolf. Never stop doing that! 😀 Have a Blessed night my dear friend!!

  • Ol’ Plagarisin’ Joe should have stopped at “I seldom quote”.

    • tshtsh

      You are so right K-bob, he meant to say “I seldom give credit… all right I never give credit.”

  • Army_Pilot1967

    If China is attacking Romney that must mean they’re leery of him and that’s a good thing. The Chinese know all they need to know about obama….that he’s a pushover and nothing to fear. They’re not so sure about Romney!

  • p m

    I seem to recall Cutter (the face) quoting Chinese propaganda recently, too. As the campaign chair for zero, not surprising biteme would do the same. Guess we can expect more of the same drivel. Revealing, though.

  • FreeManWalking

    Why import from China, when he can quote from home grown Communist news organization, like ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS and BSNBC?

    Come on Joe quit using China products when you have just as good right here at home.

    • white531

      Freeman, you got that one right!

  • Nukeman60

    It stands to reason that China wouldn’t want someone like Romney as President. They would prefer someone like Obama. Thanks for making that point, Joe. If I wasn’t voting for Romney already, I sure would be now.

    What’s good for China is bad for the US.

  • opinionatedhermit

    There was an ol’ Chinese proverb that I particularly liked. I’ll even translate it for you. It went something like this:

    “Joe Biden is an idiot.”

  • repubboy

    Old Chinese Proverb Joe Biden put Hand half way in pocket feel foolish, Joe put hand alway in pocket feel Nuts ! Yes Joe you really nuts…

  • Landscaper

    I hope he keeps talking up to Nov.

  • white531

    It is amazing to me, that Obama still allows Biden access to a microphone. It is something akin to giving a six year old, a loaded gun.

    This is a crucial election for both sides. To quote Yogi Berra, “when you come to a fork in the road, take it!” All humor aside, this election is indeed a fork in the road. Probably the biggest any of us in our lifetime are likely to see. The outcome of this election will set in place the future of America.

    That Obama would keep in place, the biggest verbal time bomb in the history of Politics, is amazing to me. If I were Obama, I would have him locked up in a time vault, with food and water, that could only be opened after January. It is simply another illustration of how severely crippled he is, in grasping the importance of the reality around him. He is in love with himself and his image, that much.

    Obama’s vision of himself on the world stage, is close in comparison to too much Tequila. After the first few shots, you think everyone likes you, especially all the pretty girls. A few more, and you think you are invulnerable. A few more, and you finally get to where you think you are bulletproof. That’s about where Obama is right now. He’s in dreamland. But his dreams are about himself. not Michelle. Those are nightmares.

    His wake-up call comes in November. I wouldn’t want to be in the White House at that time. I hate to see grown men crying.

  • Sober_Thinking

    These people are lying buffoons…

  • The only thing is laughable is Biden….”the gaffe king….” He is just another nail in Obamas coffin.

  • ChaplainCandidateBrandonBra

    that didn’t sound like chinese to me