***UPDATED WITH CORRECTION*** Biden: ‘This Isn’t Your Garden-Variety Slap across the Face’

***UPDATE: NRO made an update to their original post that includes a slightly longer video and transcript:

We’ve learned that certain behaviors on the part of an abuser portend much more danger than other behaviors. For example, if an abuser has attempted to strangle his victim, if he has threatened to shoot her, if he has sexually assaulted her, and there’s a number of other signs, about eight others. These are tell-tale signs to say this isn’t your garden-variety slap across the face which is totally unacceptable in and of itself.

That’s a little different than the NRO made it sound in the first place. It would be nice in the future if NRO doesn’t do hatchet jobs on their videos.



Joe Biden gave a speech this morning introducing a new domestic-violence-reduction initiative and was talking about tell-tale signs of domestic abuse. Apparently though, you aren’t abusing your spouse as long as it’s a ‘garden-variety slap across the face’:

3..2..oh wait, a Republican didn’t say that. Nevermind.

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  • Rocco11

    Stand up Chuck!

  • He scares me.

    • deTocqueville1

      If he wasn’t so dumb he would scare himself.

  • I wish somebody would slap Biden in the face to bring him back to reality. The man gives me a swift pain somewhere a lot lower than my face.

    • Has he ever had reality?

    • johngalt30

      But, the concussion might further advance his dimentia

  • Oh my God this man is so frighteningly delusional.

  • get professional help, Joey…Don’t look in the mirror – you’ll do something stooopit 😉

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    Wow. I guess we all need to brush up on the nuanced differences of domestic abuse. Good things we got folks like Crazy Joe to show us the way!

    • steprock

      If your spouse is violent, buy a shotgun.

      Buy a shotgun.

      Buy a shotgun.

      • joyfulgiver

        and technically, you have Joe’s permission to use it :o)

        • “Trick or Treat!”



  • poljunkie

    Such a way with words…

  • badbadlibs

    He isn’t your “garden variety” moron. The people who elected him should have that “garden variety” slap.

  • steprock

    And it’s sexist at the outset. If “HE” harms “HER”.

  • joyfulgiver

    Hey Joe, brace yourself and turn the other cheek, get ready for that garden variety slap. What a stupid, demoralizing thing to say.
    NO slap is acceptable!

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Joe, I don’t want to pee in your cornflakes, but there are female abusers too. That’s probably a lot rarer, but be politically correct, okay? Don’t always use “he” when talking about abusers. Thanks a heap.

  • deTocqueville1

    What an idiot!

  • OneThinDime

    Here’s a hint Joe, fix the economy! Domestic abuse increases as the economy continues to tank, it’s been studied for decades!!! You, Obama and your Congressional buddies are 100% responsible

  • clockwindingdown

    Biden’s mouth is an assault weapon!

  • Spartan4Palin

    Can I give him a ‘garden variety’ bitch slap?

  • Jazzee

    I don’t give ‘it’s just joe’ a pass like everyone else
    he is stupid and I hope he runs in 2016….please old Joe do it
    the media would be having a heart attack had this been a republican
    cannot take much more of these idiots in the obama house…..they are such liars and incompetent jerks

  • notsofastthere

    Has anyone noticed that good ole Joe never has to apologize for anything?
    The feminists never seem to get upset with him or Bill Clinton either. Talk about being coated with Teflon!

    • It’s his style, and in some ways, that’s the way to be in politics. Commit a major gaffe, and act like it not only never happened, but act like it makes you even more lovable. It’s a salesman’s schtick.

      I can’t stand listening to BuyAShotgun, but I do wish we had more folks on the right who were unapologetic.

  • Joe
    • Oh man, you’ve got me crying with laughter! ((:

  • Yazz55

    The femenazis should be all over this.

    But don’t expect to hear a peep from them about it.

  • OneThinDime

    Maybe ole’ Joe ought to have a beer summit with Jim Moran’s son, Patrick re: his domestic abuse behavior. http://www.redstate.com/2012/12/13/jim-patrick-moran-domestic-abuse-beating-women/

    Or possibly with George Soros and his ex-girlfriend on domestic abuse issues.

    Looks like it’s the Dems and their War on Women raising their ugly heads again.

  • c4pfan

    NRO sure is becoming pathetic.

  • denbren52

    I had a feeling there was context cut off. I’ve learned to trust no one, even The Right Scoop when your sharing someone else’s content.

  • 911Infidel

    Speaking of doing violence, everytime Joey runs off at the mouth my ears hurt. I can’t stand the sound of his voice. Skeeter is no different. I tune them both out. I’d rather listen to the dulcet sounds of someone running their fingernails across a blackboard than “Buy a Shotgun” Biden.

    • GWShrub

      There was a preacher that used to say:

      “Why, I’d sooner hear a donkey bray at midnight in a tin barn”. 🙂

      • $21422555

        Good one. That’s a keeper.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Biden Speaks.

    If someone took the time to record all of this goober’s gaffe’s, it would make quite a book. 🙂

  • repubboy

    Hey Joe ! one should always engage brain before using mouth !

    • no cogs on that gear anymore

  • proverbs2611

    The original cut off so quickly after the gotcha phrase I assumed it was taken way out of context… even for VPotUS. Let’s not stoop to their level, guys.

  • cabensg

    The best thing about Joe is we get to see the inner workings of the liberal mind and they aren’t even Freudian slips. He just blasts it out there like it is.

  • clockwindingdown

    Only a politician can talk at length and say nothing, speak while at the same time contradict themselves, and think at the end of the day they have accomplished something.

  • tinlizzieowner

    Crazy uncle Joe, the gift that keeps on giving. 😉