Biden’s limo service in France: $321,665

The Weekly Standard dug up this limo bill from CNN:

After two items last week on the cost of lodging for Vice President Joe Biden’s early February trip to Europe, other news organizations began to investigate further. Wolf Blitzer’s show The Situation Room on CNN uncovered a contract apparently also related to the same visit to Paris:

Also on the receipt was $321,665 for a limousine company.

Although CNN did not link to the document, the notice of the contract award for the limousine service was posted on the same government website as the hotel contracts. Oddly, the “Contract Award Date” is listed as 2012, but this seems to simply be a typo:

So it looks like cumulatively Biden has spent an easy billion or more while overseas. Why does he need to travel again?

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  • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

    Between threats suggested by Cyprus, and sequestration, seems like our guvm’t waste is beginning to get the attention of our better-heeled comrades.

    • njmom

      RighteousCrow_JustCaws For years we have heard about raiding the Social Security funds; is this where the money is going?

  • Rshill7

    “An easy billion or more…”? With a “B”?
    Anyway, the reason he might need to travel some more is because we can’t have excess money going to pay for White House Tours for folks who have been planning said tour for months. We also need an excuse to release more illegal alien criminals on Main St. USA.

    • njmom

      Rshill7 It also makes one wonder how he spent so much on a limo or was it a fleet of limos and if so for who?

      • Rshill7

        Psychiatrists, firearm lingo tutors, snafu secretaries, oral-foot specialists, co-jesters, and a special limo just for “Old Bessie” and a couple of shotgun shells.

    • hachie1

      @Rshill7 Well ya think about this: a Billion or two here, couple billion there, an’ perty soon yer talkin’ real money.

  • I can’t comprehend spending an easy hundred these days if groceries and electric bill isn’t included.  But hey, I’m not as important as plugs.  He’s special….

  • OneThinDime

    Keep in mind the Obamas and Bidens will be out of the country when they raid Americans’ bank accounts and set forth martial law.

  • njmom

    This is disgusting, disgraceful and deplorable because it is OUR money he spent. Next time let him spend his own!

    • DCGere

      njmom No doubt, he’s got plenty! Disgraceful while our troops aren’t getting tuition support and he’s spends like a maniac.

  • Rshill7

    Listen. If Biden starts singing “Fly Me To The Moon”, take every dime you have and bury it somewhere unusual.
    “Hey Biden! Daddy just thought of an unusual place to bury that 321K!”

    • Rshill7 Actually, I’d scrape up every dime I could to send him to the moon on a one way ticket.

      • Rshill7

        My favorite boots and I could accomplish it for free sister. Being the designated kicker is payment a-plenty 🙂

  • ryanomaniac

    I’m sure the media will be right on this story. Its a story they should be salivating over. Rich guy flying all over the place, laughing and having a good ole time using the money squeezed from regular folks trying to feed their kids and educate them.

    • stage9

      ryanomaniac wrong rich guy.

  • The Sentinel

    Maybe he and Moochelle are taking in the sights…

    • Rshill7

      Certainly. Shotgun sights can go horribly awry during travel…wind turbulence can knock ’em all outta whack.
      Sometimes ya’ gotta let ’em out, sometimes you gotta take ’em in 🙂

      • The Sentinel


  • stage9

    The French limousine service thought: 
    “With the French President being a socialist, and demanding a 75% hike in taxes, I had better cash in now with this buffoon from the US while I still have a chance!”

  • This must be more of that “shared sacrifice” NObama is always on about… We do the sacrificing and they share the wealth – amongst themselves and their cronies… And of course to pay the scroungers to keep them in the hovel they’ve become used to so they’ll keep voting Democrat as if to prove they are indeed morons.

  • Rshill7

    We are “piss-poor” as a nation. Why, “we haven’t a pot to piss in”! What’s he doing? We need to proclaim every stupid government expenditure from now till we have all three branches in the conservative camp.
    Does anyone know where these two expressions above come from? It seems that back in the day, tanners (of leather) used to ply their tanning trade using human urine. A bunch of poor families would all piss in a pot all day and take it to the tanners at day’s end. Some families were so poor, they didn’t even have a pot to piss in. That’s how you knew you were the poorest of the poor, the lowest of the low.
    Yay! I mean, awwwww!

    • NYGino

      Rshill7  Did you just make that up?

  • $321,665 purchases:
    495 mossberg tactical 12ga
    732 mossberg flex 12ga
    4020 beyonce tickets
    healthcare for roughly 45 years, with $5,000 a year deductible
    68,585 gallons of regular unleaded, please
    214, 4443.3 bloomberg big gulps
    3,216 root canals, because of the big gulps
    8041 obama phones
    6.5 2014 corvettes
    321,665 bottles of 16oz deer park water
    64,333 pounds of coffee, or
    my rent for 446.75 months, or
    3.75 days of pay for Warren Buffet


      herbert_2 …you forgot about the 257,332 toasted bagels with butter mmmmmmmmmmmm !

      • LIBERTYUSA herbert_2 my bad. my girlfriend loves them, and when we go to myrtle beach she always gets the “everything” bagel, lol

    • tshtsh

      herbert_2 Are those corvettes still made of fiberglass?

      • tshtsh herbert_2  fiberglass/resin, but same thing as plastic in my book. Made in Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA

  • I still don’t get why Biden didn’t just stay at the US embassy in both Paris and London? It’s safer than a private hotel, I’m sure they have very nice rooms there, and it would save the taxpayers tons of money. I guess that would just make too much sense.

  • I still don’t get why Biden didn’t just stay at the US embassy in both Paris and London? It’s safer than a private hotel, I’m sure they have very nice rooms there, and it would save the taxpayers tons of money. I guess that would just make too much sense.


    … imagine one heart beat away from the PRESIDENCY .”

    • stage9

      LIBERTYUSA If you want Lewinsky-like chaos, nothing would get you there faster than making this buffoon president.

  • IvanCardona

    This guy is not worthy of being a parking attendant.

  • GWShrub

    It’s just sad. It just makes me want to puke, these GRIFTERS. We all laugh & joke & make comments but the spending continues. What can we do?

    • GWShrub Buckle up for the ride and suck it up. Or, you can join the conservative party, Carolina has one, as well as PA, I’m from there so I checked. google
      You can get involved in local politics, and vote as often as you can. Stay on top of things by doing lots of research. There was a bond referendum on the ballot last Nov. The community college system here wanted 210 million for new buildings, but being a student I knew they had a 55% drop-out rate, so why the extra facilities? It was a money grab and I voted NO.
      You gotta stay ahead, period. And learn this corrupt system.

  • Proudhispanicconservative

    Your question “why does he need to travel again?”, I think you are being too polite this is how I would ask it “what the hell is Biden doing out of a nursery home?” Or “how the hell did this magnificent country elect these two morons?” I think you get the point.

  • tshtsh

    Remember this is the guy so cheap he charged the secret service rent.  If it came out of their own pockets, they would charge ala carte for state dinners, raffle off flotus gowns and charge fees to play golf with it.

  • NYGino

    Should have used the M&M limo service (Menendez and Melgen), they would have thrown in some ladies of the evening for the same price.

  • StevenValdez

    Really? Geez.

  • clubgitmo

    Is there any more worthless politician, dumber career politician than plugs biden?

    • TimeForAnarchy

      clubgitmo Maybe Hank Johnson, the dingbat from GA that thought that Guam would tip over if too many people moved there.  A great spokesman for GA, indeed.

      • clubgitmo

        TimeForAnarchy clubgitmo I do remember that beauty also. LOL.

      • Army_Pilot1967

        TimeForAnarchy clubgitmo I wonder about the people here in GA that elected ol’ Hank in the first place….they probably also think Guam will tip over if more people/materiel is put on the island.  Public education or people as smart as a box of rocks?

  • poptoy1949

    Spend, spend and spend.  Any which way you can.  Put the U.S. further in debt……..Cloward and Piven  strategy to overwhelm U.S. finances and cause it’s internal Collapse…….don’t believe me?  Research Cloward and Piven.  Obama is a frickin Socialist/Communist being run by George Soros.

  • jrenai67

    These goverment appointed jobs take advantage of using tax dollars and using money that they have and never will earn on their own.  What does the government produce that creates this amount of money that is abused for the purpose of leisure??

  • ShojibAshrafiNaAshrafi

    I guess someone forgot to mention to you that the whole ‘ban this’ thing stopped being funny months ago. Now it’s just a sign you can’t think up anything intelligent to add to the conversation.
    My thoughts exactly… you’d think people who either own or plan to ride in a limo would like to know that information!