Biker chick sits on Biden’s lap while Obama lifted in the air by restaurant owner

Boy, what these guys will do for votes. Consider this your open thread for Sunday.

President Obama is lifted in the air by Scott Van Duzer, owner of the Big Apple Pizza owner.
A lady biker sits on Biden’s lap today at Cruisers Diner in Seaman, Ohio. via the AP

UPDATE: OK Biden, this is a little much:

Joe Biden kissing a fan on the lips in Zanesville, Ohio

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  • Josephine

    This is weird. I don’t care if they want to shake hands, but this creeps me out. How does Mrs. Biden feel about that woman sitting in her husband’s lap?

    • warpmine

      In reality, she’s thrilled his dumba$$ isn’t anywhere near her.

      • PVG

        Thinkin’ the same thing!

    • AlabamaPatriot2

      ……a little better than the guy on Biden’s left, I think.

    • MortimusMaximus

      Those two guys don’t look too happy

    • actually it looked like she was sitting on a chair place right in front of him but scrolling down that kiss freaked me out a bit lol

      • Even if she WAS sitting on a piece of the chair right in front of him…helloooo… that’s pretty inappropriate! Especially for a ::cough:: ::cough:: statesman… ick…

        And the man lifting Obama up?

        And, the kiss on the lips? Good grief!

        If they are so intent on showing themselves as just one of us…maybe they could stop behaving WORSE than us, and maybe we should just make them …just one of us in November!

      • Cindy09

        I just cannot fathom why she would put her chair in front of the Vice President of the United States. That is so inappropriate. And Biden bending over to touch her forehead with his. Really?? Some kind of magnetism there? The husband on the right does not look too thrilled, neither does the other guy!

        The kiss on the next picture is just “Yukky”… Kids are right to use that word!

    • hbnolikeee

      As long as he keeps the depends coming…

    • smmy33

      This so how the Chicago team operates, they go to the black and hispanic community, through preachers, leaders, entertainment figures, radio…. And tell them to vote for Obama , whitey wants to take down Obama cause he’s black and they’re scared to share the power

      The white vote all they need is no lower then 38% So they go to all the white areas, colleges, rual committees, send Biden , Clinton or Obama, playing up their ” regular folk ” fake ass crap, hoping dumb whites will fall for it agian

      Because nothing say stupid like voting for Zobama 2. 0.

    • Cindy09

      Gosh! To think that Biden is one half beat away from the Presidency! Yikes!!


  • ChangeThis

    Gee, makes ya real proud.

    • poljunkie

      Or want to vomit!

      • 4Hoppes2

        1st. Picture
        Name: 4Hopppes2- Rank: Pvt.- Serial #-BR549er
        2nd. Picture
        Same as before
        3rd. Picture
        Anything you want to know, Please make it stop, ANYTHING

        • Tell us what we want to know, or we’re going to use sarcasm!

  • PVG

    Real classy! Is it Nov. yet???

  • The good news I take from this is I found out 2 restaurants to avoid if I ever visit NY (again) or Ohio. I will not visit or frequent a business that openly supports the Socialist Manchild who is Hell bent on destroying the American Way Of Life, Curtailing our Freedom and turning this Great Nation into a Third World Country.

    Freedom not Freestuff!
    Change not Chains!
    Hope not Hype!
    Freedom Loving American (Romney) not Socialist Loving empty suit of questionable origin!

    R&R not BO!

    • cathmom

      Rest & Relaxation not Body Odor!!

      • Exactly! 🙂

        • this time

          It’s extremists like you that keep Romney and Ryan from having a realistic chance at winning. Our country will be better for it. Thanks nutjobs.

  • poljunkie

    I love the look on the bikers faces. HA.

    Who are these guys that are supposed to be running OUR Country?

    • KenInMontana

      Did you happen to notice the patch on the biker to “Biteme’s” left? The one on the left side of his cut (vest) just below the one that reads “President”, it says “Ordained Minister”.

      • poljunkie

        I saw that Ken.

      • poljunkie

        What’s your take? Biker bikers? Or just guys in vests?

        • KenInMontana

          Their leathers look “off the rack” fresh, too clean, no road wear. Patches are immaculate, no wind wear or “road stains”. My own vest (it’s not a “cut” as I do not belong to a club) looks ancient in comparison. The guy to the right of Biden is sporting a Notre Dame logo tattoo on his shoulder, a bit different for a biker. My take is they’re “weekenders”, not that there is any thing wrong with that, but they aren’t “diehards”or “1%ers”. If I were a betting man, I would say that the odds are better than even that they belong to a Christian MC or Motorcycle Ministry, we have a couple that are local here, nice folks and the tend towards being Conservative Republicans (Which would explain the look those two guys are exchanging).

          • poljunkie

            Thanks Ken, I always value your insight. I didnt even notice the Notre Dame tattoo. Good catch!

            My hubbys vest looks old and tattered as well.

            Such a crazy photo, isnt it? No matter who they are!!!

  • Joltman1974

    Utterly Disturbing!

  • As a married man, I would never kiss a woman that is not my wife on the lips like that. I know my wife feels the same. It’s just disturbing to me. I’m sure many of you feel the same, married or not.

    • poljunkie

      Totally agree!

    • stevenbiot

      Can we prove that woman isn’t really a man?

      • True. The same can be said for the person wearing the glasses and blue pants! 😉

        • stevenbiot


    • stevenbiot

      My wife would pull an ex- Mrs. Tiger Woods on me for that kind of thing.

      • LOL! 🙂

      • poljunkie

        Same would happen at our house, from both of us.


    • Who kisses a stranger on the mouth? WTF?

      I’ll be a little fair and make the point that Obama is lucky that that dude lifting his skinny ass up like he is a long lost daughter happens to be a fan. I wonder what was going through the minds of secret security at that moment.

      • The SS might have been secretly whispering: Now squeeze! Squeeze until he stops moving! LOL! 🙂

      • I’m wondering why security even allowed it? I thought you were not supposed to get too close to the President, or security would help you remember who he is. But, then again, if the VP is holding a woman on his lap and kissing another on the mouth, I suppose all tradition is gone in that respect, too!

      • Don’t you think it was staged?

    • Nor would my husband, I’m happy to say.

    • 3seven77

      Whitewolf, it isn’t the kiss on the lips that freaks me out. It’s where he’s got his hand….

  • stevenbiot

    It looks like the old lady (Sons of Anarchy term) isn’t gaining any points with the two male bikers. Guarantee she will have her “cut” taken by the club. The restaurant owner, well, what a kiss a$$.

    • DebbyX

      That term was around loooooooong before the tv program.

  • onetwopunch

    Proof that biker chicks and old progressive woman are easy falling for ol’ short bus Joe.

    The biker dude on the right looks like he thinking, “you can have my skank, but if you touch my soda old man, your toast”!

  • stevenbiot

    I wonder how Michelle feels about her husband being in a Pizzeria?

    • Probably doesn’t really care, that whole “health” thing she’s on is as bogus as her pretense to now be proud of her country.

  • Biden’s hand is right in her crotch, LMAO..MY EYES!!!!

    • NotFan

      Great imagination you have!

  • The creep Biden looks like he’s trying to shove his hand into her crotch

  • Biden’s hand is right in that woman’s crotch! Oh my eyes!

    • stevenbiot

      Some things are meant to be kept to yourself. Haha.

    • Stop that! Stop it right now! Eugh eugh eughhhhh!

    • JohnFLob

      It’s the administration double-down trick. Biden’s hand is near the crotch in both pictures – the biker babe and the extremely youth challenged purple pants.

  • hankfromthebank

    no porn warning??

  • I was struggling, but I think I had it beat … then came the last pic. Upchuck, all over my monitor, keyboard, desktop, floor, wall, ceiling, pants, shirt and cat. Gee, THANKS A LOT!

    • Hehehe! On the plus side, you probably won’t have to feed your cat extra food today! 😉

  • poljunkie

    Remember when the President and Vice President had respect for their office?

    • MaxineCA

      Not since dear leader has been in office.

      • poljunkie

        You got that right Maxine!

      • And here I thought slick willie telling the world which he preferred in underwear was bad.

        • Patriot077

          Me too, ABC. I remember thinking that was just beyond the beyond at the time.

          Was the boxers/briefs media blitz before we found out about all his hanky pankies?

  • Doesn’t that picture of NObama being lifted off the floor like a little girl getting a big hug from daddy look very Presidential to you? Not embarrassing at all, no, not a bit.

  • Joltman1974

    Bush 41: CLASS
    Clinton: Trash
    Bush 43: CLASS
    Obama/Biden: Trash

    • poljunkie


  • dlg1956

    If Clinton was there they would have gone to the back room for a cigar tasting session.

  • I would never kiss another woman that is not my wife. I don’t care if it’s for votes or money, I respect my marriage and my wife.

    • Right on David! Same here!

    • poljunkie

      Speaking as a wife, I respect that and wouldnt do it either.

  • David Boyes

    lap dance ?? ticlke me EL JOE ….. lambeau leap – imitation, kissing old babys …. on and on and on ……

  • Pic#2 —

    Left Biker: “Pssst … Hey, Troll.”
    Troll: “Yeah, wut?”
    Left Biker: “We gonna do ‘im here and now or later in the parkin’ lot?”
    Troll: “Hmmm….”

  • KyleRocket

    Look out Barry and Joe…your slime is showing.

  • Where is the barf bag?

    • marketcomp

      I know, this is waaaaaaay over the top. I just want to tell Romney/Ryan do not do what these idiots are doing to get votes.

  • Rocco11

    George Washington is spinning like a turbine in his grave…

  • Class-less dirtbags….

  • Galatiansch2vs20

    Trashing the dignity of their offices and not commanding the respect the offices deserve. It’s shameful!

  • mder4thegov

    A total embarrassment.

    America, I hope you’ve had enough of this buffoonery.

  • Mike Myers

    Joe better watch out or that biker dude on his left is going to pop him a good one.

  • WordsFailMe

    THINGS I like about America:

    –Burger guy strips the cool from cheap pimp with belly bump.

    –Biker chick puts a stupid liberal pansy into the sights of a biker daddy. “It’s okay if she smiles, asshole. It’s another thing if you smile.”

    –“Once they’ve’ tasted Biden, they never go back”

    –and a guy on you tube who writes “take a hollow point 200 gr and melt tungsten into the tip….it will take a hell of a vest to stop that im sure”

    Bring, it on.

  • nibblesyble

    Yuck..I wish I hadn’t seen that…

  • blamar1ev

    I pass cruisers on 32 when driving to see family. Have never gotten the chance to stop and am now glad I didn’t. I won’t support a business that supports Obama.

  • blamar1ev

    I pass cruisers on 32 when visiting family. I’ve never had the chance to stop in (although I love old diners) but am now glad that I haven’t. I will not support a business that supports Obama.

  • NanNJ

    ooh, Dr. Jill gonna be mad at him. Dog house anyone?

  • MaxineCA

    Well, that was SO weird in so many ways. It was obviously a set up, for what purpose, I have no idea.

    Pic #1 – Notice how there is no one sitting at the tables on the right? Notice that all of the folks standing behind the empty tables have some sort of credentials hanging around their necks? Does anyone believe that the secret service would actually allow a guy to reach out and grab the president?

    Pic #2 – The look on Biden’s face was just so “icky”, if you know what I mean. Another one where I doubt the secret service would allow unless it was a set up. (The biker dudes didn’t look very happy!)

    Pic #3 – Hum, well we know Biden doesn’t respect our country, but now it seems he doesn’t even respect his wife.

    Just disgusting and degrading to them.

    • poljunkie

      I agree. I just read on Yahooo, that the pizza guy is a “registered Republican” that isnt voting with his party, and will be voting for Obama again. They called his shop with a 40 min notice, about coming and he was playing golf and rushed to be there. He is a power lifter, and they went on and on about how much he lifts and presses.

      • PhillyCon

        He’s probably a Republican the way Charlie Crist and Arlen Specter are “Republicans.”

    • He’s just one of the guys, like all of us peasants. Hey, did you hear, the WH put out their own beer recipe. Wow! This guy really gets us regular folks!

      Seriously- How stupid do they think people are?

      • MaxineCA

        He must be directing this to the REALLY stupid people that still support him. Hey, he’s just trying to get his “cool” back don’t cha know!

    • NYGino

      But he insists on everybody calling her “doctor” Biden.

      “doctor” PHD…..Piled Higher and Deeper.

  • WOW!!!!! Where to start, never mind, disturbing in sooooo many ways…….as another billion adds to our debt clock! WTF

  • Here is another shot of Biden giving her a massage, Dear Scoop please add to post

  • That’s ole Joe for ya! Follow me on Twitter @areubetteroff

  • Well isn’t that special. Like the looks on the biker dudes faces! I’m glad they’re having so much fun while this country is in the toilet.

    • marketcomp

      Right on, ABC!

  • Looks like we have a a new ‘Joe the Plumber’ for this election.

  • Like it or not, that is what is called an iconic photograph. Those dudes in the back don’t look real happy.

    • DebbyX

      Bikers don’t take kindly to their “old ladies” doing that sort of thing. I’m sure she had a stern talking to afterward.

      Plus, why would she want to anyway?

  • Obama, the lightweight. How embarrassing for him.

  • The president and his administration should take their show on the road as a circus act. This is so tacky on so many levels.

    • Unfortunately, they would find a lot of clapping audience demanding an encore!

  • Can you imagine the outcry if this would have been Ryan? Oh boy, this election would have been over, don’t you think so?

    • MaxineCA

      No, he wants to repeal the entire Obamacare legislation and start over with reforms. Go to Romney’s website and see for yourself. Some of the ideas he likes and will include them in the new legislation, but he has no intention of pulling apart Obamacare piece by piece, as far as I can determine.

      • kong1967

        Although getting rid of pre-existing conditions sounds nice, it won’t work. I sure hope he forgets about doing that.

        • MaxineCA

          I don’t think getting rid or pre-existing conditions are a good path either, nor does Romney. After they repeal the whole monstrosity of Obamacare, they could put together a 10 page bill (or so) to include it in insurance plans. It’s so very sad when someone reaches their max payout on their insurance and it’s cancelled, what the heck do they do? Go BK? How very sad. Yes, it will raise premiums for all of us, but I’d much rather pay a higher premium for that than this BS about “reproductive services” the libs have been shouting about.

          • kong1967

            So the article (linked by AbiC) was wrong when it claimed Romney wants to keep Obama’s “no pre-existing conditions” part of Obamacare? I’ll be looking for him to talk about this in the future.

            I’m not sure about the max payout limit. That would suck to run out, but at the same time if someone lives to be 195 years old (lol) and they have a very expensive illness to treat, it would cost insurance companies an unreasonable amount. I’ll have to check this out.

            • MaxineCA

              There has been a lot of confusion on the topic when Romney says there are a few things he would like to keep in his HCR reform. When everyone was jumping all over Romney today, I simply went to his website to do a little research. It clearly states that he wants the whole thing repealed and replaced. After listening to Romney over the last several months, I guess I understand that he will include the pre-existing conditions and a few other good features in their reform bill.

              Common sense tells me there is no way in hell, they can rip apart the Obamacare 2,700 page monstrosity piece by piece because all of the sections, and subsections are so intertwined with other regs. (HHS has already put into place 13,000 pages of new regulations, and OBcare hasn’t even been fully implemented.)

              If anyone has been paying attention to Michelle Bachmann over the last few years, that’s exactly what she says needs to be done, full repeal and replace with common sense ideas. I believe that is his plan.

              • NotFan

                You can’t do pre-existing conditions without a mandate. Romney knows that, which is why there’s a mandate in Romneycare.

                • kong1967

                  Well, Maxine says he’s not wanting to get rid of pre-existing conditions. I sure hope not, because if he does then we will just have another version of Obamacare. It’s impossible to get rid of the pre-existing conditions without a mandate (as you said).

                • MaxineCA

                  You are correct. You can’t have thousands of folks going without insurance until they discover they have a major medical problem and then jump into the market and expect reasonable rates. They should pay a higher rate for taking that risk, not me. I feel bad for the people who have been responsible and have always been insured but they maxed out their cap on their insurance plan due to a catastrophic illness. (Everyone should check that out, even if your medical insurance is provided by your employer. There is most likely a cap on the amount of coverage.)

                  That being said, it ticks me off that illegals can walk into any hospital and get free care…. I won’t get started on that topic.

              • kong1967

                I’m going to have to take your word for it for now. I’m not so much a fan of “replace”. Sounds like he might be thinking of replacing it with Romneycare. Pure speculation, so don’t take it that I’m accusing him.

                Our system does need reform. Tort reform for one, which will send the Dems in a tizzy because many of them are crooked lawyers. I will be fair and try to give Romney a chance to show us what he proposes before I pass any kind of criticism or judgement.

                • MaxineCA

                  I’m waiting as well to see what happens, my friend. Tort reform INDEED. I think one of the things that ticks me off the most is that this is supposed to be a representative government by “We the People” not “We the Lobbyist, Big Business and Big Labor that contribute to keep you sleazebags office and help make you rich while you are there, as long as you give us perks back”.

                  Geez, we just have to start taking our country back in this election!

                • kong1967

                  Even though most of it’s legal, it’s still corrupt and not what our founding fathers had in mind. Just think how much money is tied up in all that, too. It’s no wonder we can’t get our politicians to do what’s right.

    • kong1967

      Ugh. The two things I saw mentioned in the article will raise the cost of insurance quite a bit. Pre-existing conditions are there for a reason. If he adds that to his own plan we’ll be back where we started because that’s why Dems had to make it manditory to buy health insurance. Why bother getting health insurance if you can wait until you’re really sick then pick it up? Insurance companies will be suddenly paying for $300,000 hospital bills from people that have only paid one monthly premium.

      Romney’s going to screw around and a lot of us will stay at home in November.

  • MaxineCA

    In case you want to take a break and cleanse your eyes, here’s a great short video reflecting parents living in Obamaland. Great satire, it would be funny if not so true.

    • Ha! Loved it! Shared prosperity explained to a kid and still libs would not get it:)

      • MaxineCA

        Aside from the obvious redistribution of wealth great satire, I also thought it was humorous the music they were playing in the background was a theme song from a TV show that ran back in the 50’s or 60’s. when all of the TV shows taught family values, hard work, honesty, etc. Gosh darn….. it’s been bugging me all day because I just can’t place it.

    • kong1967

      Lol, that was great! You are right. It’s satire but it’s also true.

      • MaxineCA

        I have no idea who did this since there were no credits at the end, but I thought it was brilliant! Little subtle things, like the 50’s-60’s TV show music theme, when there were only TV shows that promoted values. Gosh darn, which I could remember which show it was.

        Secondly, I thought it was pretty dang funny that the parents seemed to be in the “evil” 1% by looking at their house.

        Glad you liked it!

        • kong1967

          Yeah, it’s the kind of music they put in old shows with family values. I can’t identify it, though. “My Three Sons”? Doubtful.

          Obama just might use this for his next “Julia” type promo. Liberal values.

  • DebbyX

    May I just say: YUUK!!

  • Where is the dignity?

    • The DemocRats have no dignity

      • NotFan

        But Clint Eastwood does!

    • kong1967

      I’ve been asking that for over 3 1/2 years.

  • dabbobean

    Biden really is crazy….that’s Troll’s ol’lady!

  • Oh, GROSSS! You just made me throw up.

  • The Democrat’s modern day version of “kissing a baby”….

    • NYGino

      Being a ‘biker’ myself, 44 years a rider, I can say without reservation that you would be hard pressed to find a handful of bikers who would give the Impostor or Jester Joe the time of day.

      edit: sorry Valerie, this was not meant to be a reply to you, it was meant to be my thoughts on the story, an independent post, but these photos have really wound me up.

      • Biker people are some of the nicest people I have ever met.

        • It helps to know the club they belong to.

          • Maybe I was lucky. But one I know now runs the family owned liquor store. Great guy. Others I’ve known that were nice, they had great looking bikes. Oddly, the few I avoided had trashy looking bikes and clothes… I guess it’s clothes maketh the man, even if he’s a biker?

      • MaxineCA

        Wow, I didn’t know that you were a “biker”. Have you ever heard of Cooks Corner? It is just one darn fun place to go (supposedly famous country wide). It’s just up the road about 10 miles from where I live. (I swear some of the Harleys cost more than the first house we purchased many years ago.)

        When they had a rally on the 10th year after 9/11, I could see all of the riders with US flags flying and heard their roaring engines on their way to Cooks from my upstairs bedroom window all day. It brought a tear to my eye.

        Great people watching, and always a friendly crowd. Here’s a couple of links for you:

        A little history:

        Don’t you love it when Allen West wears his leather biker vest with all of the patches?

        • “gang” patches, no less!! Man, what a buffoon that Patrick Murphy is.

        • NYGino

          Thanks Maxine. Never been to Cooks probably because I’ve never been to California. This place reminds me of Earls Hideaway in Sabastian Florida where you’d probably find me on some weekends listening to great blues and enjoying the company of interesting people. Sounds to me like it might be time for you to get on a bike and ride.

  • That guy should be careful. The last time Obama visited a restaurant, the owner died!

  • smbren

    Man, their security detail continues to suck.

  • I’m willing to grant a mulligan on this…charity work should be bi-partisan.

    More on this story here:

    “Mr. Obama said he decided to stop at the pizza place because of the work Mr. Van Duzer does donating blood, and urging others to do the same.

    ‘One of the reasons that we wanted to stop by is that Scott has been doing unbelievable work out of this pizza shop in promoting the importance of donating blood,’ Mr. Obama said.”

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      But as to the American taxpayer with Obama’s policies- you can’t squeeze blood out of a turnip. Do you suppose Mr. Van Duzer is trying to say you’re squeezing the life blood out of our small businesses, Mr. President and you are about to be carried out of office by people coming out in strength voting against you? Poljunkie’s comment answers that question- too bad.

    • kong1967

      Oh yeah, I’m sure Obama stopped by because Van Duzer donates blood. It’s a PR stunt.

  • NYGino

    Scott Van Duzer is the owner of one of the Big Apple pizzerias in South Florida. He is an honorable man who established the Scott Van Duzer Foundation which, through the years has been behind numerous charitable drives. He has raised tons of money for good causes. How the Great Destroyer was able to tap into this is beyond me.

    • kong1967

      After looking at the picture, I’d say he tapped it alright.

    • Any good businessman knows that his customers are going to be from both sides of the divide. Choosing one over the other is a bad idea. Like Michael Jordan famously said, “Republicans buy shoes, too.” So maybe this guy is just as welcoming to Republicans? I dunno.

      Any Scoop followers using “Progressive” auto insurance? Not very many, I’d bet.

  • Nukeman60

    Here’s the difference between backing Obama/Biden and refusing to play their game:

    Restaurant goes out of business one week after Obama mentions it in speech:

    And muffin shop (Crumb & Get it) is swamped with business, after refusing to allow Biden to use him as a prop:

    Take your pick. Back them and go out of business, or walk away and prosper.

  • She’s not in his lap!!! She’s sitting in a seat. Sure, he’s checking for earwax and it’s oddly close, but she’s definitely not in his lap.

    • MaxineCA

      I agree, but what an odd place to put a chair. It’s still creepy!

    • kong1967

      There’s no class in the way they are seated and how cozy they are. Pretty sleezy. This isn’t a single’s bar.

    • NotFan

      Come on, the lie is so much more fun!

      • NCHokie02

        didn’t you already post the same thing above?

    • NCHokie02

      Why place a chair right there though? Why would you put a chair so close and in front of the VP with two guys on either side of him? Why not be just in between all of them? Weird.

  • bayway48

    This was Obamas message in Florida today. I guess the power hug and lift was a show of affirmation. Surprising that Yahoo didn’t censure the comments. 13k+ and counting.

    “Obama: I’ll work with Republicans if they agree to raise taxes”–election.html

    • NCHokie02

      He’ll work with the right as long as the right agrees to do what he says. Ha.

  • Sheya

    Biden riding the Clinton Bounce

    • Biden: “No, that’s not a half a roll of tums in my pocket.”

  • NanNJ

    Tickle, tickle, tickle. Man, Joe isn’t losing it….he’s lost it.

  • The liberals are showing this picture as a Republican business owner voting for the Obamination. Was wondering where his security detail was…..perhaps looking the other way?

    They didn’t show Biden’s pictures–have noticed that they try to keep him out of the public eye as much as possible, for which I’m eternally grateful.

  • How childish and telling….this is embarrassing!

    • kong1967

      Not as embarrassing as bowing to foreign leaders, but it’s up there.

  • Guest


  • We have SUCH class currently occupying our White House. But then I’ve come to not expect much more from Dems…. after all, Ted Kennedy killed a woman, Slick Willy used one for a humidor in the Oval Office, John Edwards cheated on a dying wife, and we have a congressman who solicited sex from a 17 year old boy off of CraigsList and then met him behind a public rest area to consummate the act. And they say Republicans “don’t respect women”??? Hypocrites. I can guarantee you right now if we had a Republican administration behaving like this, the Dems would do everything in their power to run them out on a rail.

    • kong1967

      It doesn’t even take a fraction of the same behavior for the Dems to demand a Republican step down. A Republican came forward and said he was gay and the Dems demanded he step down….and he did. Hypocrites.

      • NCHokie02

        Why did they demand he step down for being gay? I thought they were all about the LGBT community? Well as long as the believe the Democrat ideology I suppose.

        • kong1967

          Because our party is supposed to have better morals (and/or higher standards) and we are against people being gay….so was their reason.

          It wasn’t but several years ago. Maybe someone else can help me with his name.

    • NCHokie02

      Dont’ forget JFK who slept with a ton of girls at the WH.

  • I am telling you guys. On the last democratic convention, I was half expecting them to invite strippers to perform for them, maybe 4 years from now they will. I mean they already have those “slut” buttons made for them. Wondering how low will they go.

    Raise up a standard oh God……raise up a standard……

    • Oh, no, you’ve conjured up some bad dreams for me tonight. Those code pink ladies, with them giant hoo-hahs. They’ll be on stage in 2016. Maybe my glaucoma will keep me from needing eye bleach by then.

  • aZjimbo

    plugs biden is a classless pig.

    • kong1967

      Most Democrats are.

      • aZjimbo

        Now that we agree.

  • JohnBarry2012

    “You’re gonna love me even more!” Obama lifted in the air by restaurant owner, very dignified and presidential.

    • Nosmo King

      The pizza owner is a friend of NObama…He visited the White House in July…Not a spontaneous visit…

  • patriotbens

    I hope Biden brings home some Herpes. Damn creep!

    • kong1967

      He’ll probably give it to her.

  • B-Funk

    Aren’t they supposed to be kissing babies? Did I miss something?

    • MannaDelight

      Dems kiss ‘babes’, not babies!!!! :->

  • ‎”Are you better off than 4 yrs ago” is risky to ask by romney. Sept. 2008: Wall Street was about to collapse, leading to the $700 billion bank bailout

    • But the bottom line is that Obama is leading the country down a path that is contrary to our Constitution and contrary to what the founding fathers taught as small government is best for all. We can look at world history and see that big government is detrimental to the well being of people’s freedom. Obama must go in November-end of story!

  • She’s sitting in a chair, not in his lap.

    • kong1967

      Maybe so, but they’re still more cozy than a two-bit whore and a hard up john.

    • NotFan

      Dang, but lie is so much more interesting!

  • The Biker Man’s vest says Troll,President, and Ordained Minister.Wow they covered all the bases only I think this was a set up photo op. No tats or long hair.Even the guy behind Her has the EXACT SAME Vest .The clothes are brand new and they have hair cuts.Regular glasses are laying on the table (not sun glasses).No food or drinks. Baloney!

  • Although the words are not spelled the same, I find it ironic that the town in Ohio where this chick was on his lap and where the picture was taken is called Seaman. think about it…..

  • I could just hear Biden whispering in the ear of the biker chick, “Hon, I swear to you I’m only 42 and I don’t need Viagra. Really.”

    • NCHokie02

      The two guys on either side of them seem happy that he is there.

  • TugboatPhil

    What’s next, are these guys going to hit the state fair circuit and bite off chicken heads?

    • geoffmartin7777

      They can join Romney and Ryan selling snake oil.

  • kong1967

    Sleezy idiots. What is this? “The Little Rascals”? They’re acting like children.

    • geoffmartin7777

      “The Little Rascals”? Dang that’s a LONG time ago.

      • kong1967

        Lol, yep.

        • geoffmartin7777

          And I’m 56.

          • kong1967

            Lol, I’m 45. It was the first show I thought of when I was trying to think of a show that was pretty much entirely made up of kids.

            • geoffmartin7777

              Hahaha funny got it.

  • OBAMA/BIDEN 2012!

    • kong1967

      I hope Obama enjoys the long bus ride home.

    • WordsFailMe

      That’s it? That’s your best shot? You’re like a Taliban with a roll of toilet paper attacking a US Marine bro. Step it up or put your thumb back where it was before you ventured out on a field of men and women who believe that this country is better than a pimp and a saggy old nincompoop.

  • Where’s the Secret Service in the first photo!?! The next thing we’ll see is Obama being ‘floated’ across a mosh pit because he thinks he’s a rock star! That goes for Biden too in both of ‘his’ pictures. What a huge flirt (prostitute)! Anything for a vote.

    • WordsFailMe

      It’s okay. The Secret Service has seen them do this before.

    • poljunkie

      Oh yikes dont give him any ideas. He’ll be at a U2 or Bruce Springstein, or Bon Jovi concert next month.

  • NotFan

    I love the comments here! By God, no one on earth whines like a wingnut whines!

    • Jay

      Welcome aboard. We “wingnuts” have the utmost respect for any teabaggees who stop in.

    • AlabamaPatriot2

      You obviously have never read Huffpo or DailyKOS.

  • WordsFailMe

    Lot of speculation about what is stimulating gun sales, though Democrats in the white house generally leads to increased sales as the public takes note of what cowards Democrats are..

    CNBC tries to smooth the whole thing a typical business melody over with:

    “Sure, about a third of it is politics,” said a Maryland salesman, who also didn’t want to be named. “But the majority are people concerned about safety. They are worried about crime and looking at the economy and no one having jobs. They want to be protected now. So they’re buying.”

    “The biggest new group of buyers now are senior citizens,” Larry Hyatt, owner of a North Carolina gun shop, said on CNBC’s “Closing Bell.” “Ten thousand Baby Boomers a day are turning 65; they can’t run, they can’t fight, they got to shoot.”

    The fact is, that regardless of what you think you bought the gun for or what you told your wife, or how you explain it to your girlfriend, guns are used to kill. Good people use guns not for protection but for prevention. Bad people use guns to intimidate, enslave and control you.

    And if you are buying a gun or adding to them and stockpiling ammo, you are not doing it because you expect Chinese paratroopers, or swarms of muslims smelling of dung invade your neighborhood. You’re buying them because you expect that some day you will find yourself in the sights of a gun held by another American. Maybe he’s a criminal maybe he’s some racist out to destroy you because someone with your skin color wronged someone whose skin matches his..

    But you didn’t buy a gun so that you can sleep at night. The last thing a gun will do is give you peace. Let me say that again, the last thing a gun will do for you is give you peace.

  • Sandra123456

    Could the first two photos be Barry’s and Joe’s Dukakis photo or Hart’s Monkey
    Business photo?,,687082_717846,00.html

  • indthinker

    Where’s the respect for the office? Can you see this happening to Queen Elizabeth? Seems the Democratic Presidents and VPs would rather appear cool than keep decorum in our country’s highest office.

  • indthinker

    Does anyone see any dignity in any of this?

  • Obama looks so small and weak being lifted up by that guy. How humiliating to the office of the president. Has he no pride?

    • poljunkie

      His Dukakis haha moment. Although the media just wont go there.

  • You are right, the pictures are worth a thousand words. There we have two baffoons trying to show something; we haven’t figured out what yet. I find it hard to believe anyone would want these clowns to lead our country.

  • bobemakk

    How ridiculous can we get. Obama was lifted in the air by a restaurant owner, too bad he didn’t drop him on his head. But then again, with Obamas policies he was probably dropped on his head many times. Out with Obama and in with Romney.

  • wesmorgan1

    Tip O’Neill famously said, “All politics is local,” and this is a prime example. Toss around snarky comments to your heart’s content, but there are voters right now thinking, “You know, that stiff Romney wouldn’t even show his face around a place like this…”, and they’re going to be more likely to listen to what those folks have to say. Like it or not, that’s good politics.

    On the morality/decency/propriety question, were all of you similarly outraged when John McCain went to the Sturgis Rally and offered his wife up for the (usually topless, occasionally bottomless as well) “Miss Buffalo Chip” pageant? If not, why not?

    Seriously, folks, there are SO many issues on which we need (and deserve) serious discussion; why waste time on this attack-dog stuff?

    • KenInMontana

      News flash for you, McCain isn’t running, nor is Bush, do try to keep up.

      If you want a “serious discussion”, then put a serious topic out there instead of a pathetic third rate attempt at trolling.

  • white531

    Has anyone seen any evidence of the Romney camp using this in their campaign?

  • Leland64

    Check out the biker dudes checking out Biden and the biker chick. She’s smiling, Biden is smiling but the dudes don’t look happy.

  • I will give you two out of three but that biker woman was not in Bidens lap. Biden was sitting behind the woman and her chair proves that.

  • re: the third picture…at least Bidden’s hand is on her shoulder

  • TomGMS

    the woman looks like a demon; her eyes are completely black. And Obama just looks so completely stiff, it’s unreal.

  • UGH……..this after telling his wife HOW MUCH HE LOVED HER just last wk. at the convention…….sorry, but some things should just NOT BE ALLOWED…..UGH….I don’t care HOW MUCH YOU ALL NEED THE VOTES…..please, stop the displays…..downright

  • RENE

    What a man. The moment that our brave Commander in Chief and very extremely
    intelligent President chose his vice presidential pick I know that with President Obama wealth of experience in almost every field with his sterling academic record which will be release in the near future as proof, his clean and honest life devoid of any taint of dishonesty due to his avoidance of any lobbyist or any corrupt person, America is very lucky indeed to have such an illustrious pair. With Joe Biden a man free of gaffes and an laser like insight Americas bright future is assured indeed.

  • Neosaigo

    Biden as usual is like a crazy uncle. In a good way, but still a tad too far.

  • JeffHarrell

    Wait a minute something just came up in my throat