Bill Kristol: Romney should embrace Bain and release more tax returns

Bill Kristol believes that Romney should substantively defend his work at Bain because it’s a good thing – he was very successful there and is very proud of his accomplishments.

He also says that Romney should just go ahead and release more tax returns tomorrow and get it over with, take the hit for a couple of days, then give a big speech on his agenda and make the debate about capitalism, business, and jobs. After all, that’s what Obama did in 2008 with the Jeremiah Wright problem and Kristol believes that if Obama can survive Jeremiah Wright then Romney can survive these attacks on Bain.

Watch below:

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  • 911Infidel

    Bain rescued a lot of companies. Better than that crony capitalism that Obama practices by throwing tax payer monies at loser green companies that went belly-up.

    As to the tax returns. Tell ya what Bill when Obama releases his college transcripts, and gives an explanation as to why he owns a fraudulent SS number and a fraudulent Selective Service number, then we can discuss the issue of transparentcy.

    That is the object of this game right Bill?

    • marketcomp

      Right on, 911Infidel! I mean why do these RINOs always seem to have foot and mouth disease! Yea, Mr. Arab Spring is a democracy movement, Bill Kristol. Why don’t he stop playing this stupid Obama game or just shut the h***-up?!

      • 911Infidel

        Spot on.

      • Patriot077

        I haven’t been able to stand that guy for a loooong time. Even before his Arab Spring stupidity. Just shut up, Bill Kristol.

  • keninil

    Is it time to start chasing O’s medical records or his emails as an IL state senator? Of course his college records are a mystery too, but maybe they are too far removed. His medical records would still be relevant. We certainly don’t want him to collapse like Jesse Jackson Jr. (his mother said in an interview it was from the extreme disappointment of not being chosen to replace O in the Senate and then not being chosen to run for major of Chicago.)

  • I think Kristol is right. Make this an election between the American public embracing capitalism or socialism. Give the people a very clean choice and see which they pick. Because if Obama wins in November, we WILL become more of a socialist nation than we are right now. So, unless you want to stop that, vote for Romney in November. If not, then more socialism is what you’re going to get in the years to come and that will mean the end of this nation as we know it.

  • Romney doesn’t need to get caught up in this defensive game the BO administration is trying to play. They want him on his heels. They are just waiting for him to say just the right thing to attack again. He needs to play the offense. Make BO take a defensive stance. You tell people enough times he is a crook, he will be a crook in their eyes. Nobody wants to educate themselves. It takes too much time end effort.

    I bet most people still believe MLK was a democrat. I also bet they think the Dems abolished slavery. Why? because that is what the democrats have told them.

    I agree with 911Infidel.

  • ruffusduffus

    ROMNEY MUST ATTACK. If he is accused of not releasing some papers, let him point to Obama hiding all of his papers, like school transcripts, birth certificate, draft card and social security number documents – all of which he hides!!!!!!!!!!!

    This Romney – if he cannot attack the dog regime that ONLY knows to attack, Romney is not the only dead meat – America is DEAD!

  • odin147

    Even if he does everything Kristol would like him to do there will always be something else they will lie about, the narrative is already etched in stone, Romney is Gordon Gecko, my advise to Romney would be to stop giving interviews to msm shut them out just go on talk radio if the msm wants interviews from him they have to give up the narrative, I know he will not do this and that is why this election will be close when it should not be.

  • I don’t think Romney should release his tax records at all. At least, not until all of this is over. I think this issue is win-win-win for Romney even if he does nothing. The reason is simple. Suppose this issue goes away, are the liberal MSM suddenly going to start attacking Obama? No. This Bain issue is a non-starter. It has no legs. It is not moving the needle in Ohio or anywhere else. What’s going on is pollsters boosting the Dem%. Obama is actually below 50% in the targeted swing states. Having said that, I still think it’d be a good idea for Romney to defend his work at Bain and contrast it with Obama’s failures.

    • GOP_NYC

      After Romney’s imperious denial of any involvement with Bain after 1999 on Friday, the story will have legs IF the Democrats have any documentation that Romney was involved with the business after that — beyond what has already come out — would be devastating to the campaign. But you won’t hear about it soon — if there’s anything there, the Democrats will hold it until October and spring it then.

      Bain is a huge operation with multitudes of portfolio investments and millions of documents that have to be signed by Bain authorities every year – from tax returns to press releases to offer letters to bank account authorizations.

      If Romney was involved after 1999, evidence of that involvement will surely come out. So, if he’s lying, he’ll have destroyed his own campaign. And it won’t be because he “outsourced jobs” or because he ran private equity. It will be because he chose to lie about it (if he did.)

  • HoughmagandyCar
    • G_unitttt

      quit spamming you effing freak

  • UnsungPatriot

    I can understand public officials releasing their tax returns (to prove they haven’t profited from their positions) but why should a private individual EVER have to show theirs?

    Other than his years as Massachusetts governor, what right does anyone claim to his personal financial information besides voyeurism?

    OMG 2012.

  • Constance

    Only a moderate GOP guy would say something like this. Give the Obama Administration nothing. Don’t give an inch. Don’t go on the defensive. Attack and keep attacking. If Romney continues to defend and concede, he loses. That’s why Obama keeps going after him on Bain. It’s a tried and true tactic.

  • I believe Bill Kristol is right. Romney has to come out completely clean if he wants to stay in this race. More tax returns and more in depth detail about Bain Capital. Complete transparency will win over the people.

    Then tell Obama he’s been transparent, how about the same from the President. The longer Mitt with holds his information, the more time people have to think he has something to hide.

    • crosshr

      Alan ,I wish Romney did that during primary. Too late now and it’s his fault. Sometime the traps we build caught stuck in it.

    • toongoon

      If anybody cared what either of them had to hide they would be screaming for Obama to come clean. The obama campaign is getting exactly what they want, the left has something to demand from Romney, and the right… telling him to come clean.

      If Romney keeps bending to their demands there will be no end to it. Do you really think they will run out of things for Romney to appear so squeaky clean that Obama will have to show what he has been hiding. NO. Conservatives have to come down hard on Obama for the next few months and maybe, just maybe the chorus from the people will force Obama’s transparency.

  • 12grace

    And they want 12 years of Romney’s tax returns?

    obama demands that Romney show his records, investments, etc.. But obama continues to stonewall on his own records and background:

    1. Occidental College records — SEALED!
    2. Columbia College records — SEALED!
    3. Columbia Thesis paper — SEALED!
    4. Harvard College records — SEALED!
    5. Selective Service Registration — SEALED!
    6. Medical records — SEALED!
    7. Illinois State Senate schedule — SEALED!
    8. Your Illinois State Senate records — SEALED!
    9. Law practice client list — SEALED!
    10. Certified Copy of original Birth certificate — SEALED!
    11. Embossed, signed paper Certification of Live Birth — SEALED!
    12. Record of your baptism — SEALED!
    13. Your wife, Michelle, can no longer practice law as an attorney? WHY?
    14. Why does your wife have 22 assistants, when other First Ladies had one????????
    15. Why were you getting “foreign student aid” as a college student????????
    16. Which country’s “passport” did you have when you visited Pakistan in 1981????????
    And Mr. President, why can’t I find any articles you published as editor of the Harvard Law Review????????
    I also can’t seem to find any articles you published as as a Professor at the University of Chicago! Oh, that’s right! You were a visiting lecturer, NOT a Professor!

    Also Mr. President, why did you say “My Muslim Faith”, when you were being interview by ABC Anchor, George Stephanopoulos?

    Just some of the statements that obama has made . . .

    8/17/2007 to SEIU: “Your agenda’s been my agenda . . .”
    7/13/2008 to La Raza: “(We) rise fall together as one people . . . And together, . . . we will transform this nation.”
    1/17/2008 “(I)f somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can, it’s just that it will bankrupt them . . . under my plan of a cap-and-trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.”
    (Endorsed by the Communist Party (CPUSA) in 2004, and in 2008 obama got CPUSA’s endorsement. CPUSA endorsed him again for 2012!

    • daisybud

      THIS IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!! 16 trillion likes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • 12grace

        I’m happy to help, d. smile!

        Action Step:
        Let’s all copy, paste and distribute this to everyone we know….

        BTW: I just happened upon this great Conservative radio show on Sundays.

        It’s called Klein on line, It’s on live right now. I think you can also see archives.

    • crosshr

      This is absolute requirements for Romneys team to demand from the Liar & Pretender in chief. Excellent 12g.

    • MaxineCA

      Good one! Send that off to the Romney campaign, would you please?

      • 12grace

        Great idea, M.

    • Freempg

      Well done, 12

  • pistol pete

    Bill,just because your father,Irving was a conservative pioneer,it doesn’t make anything you say credible.Obama is hoping Romney spends all his time defending against a torrent of scurrilous lies because every day he doesn’t have to anwer for his own disastrous record is a victory for him.

  • daisybud

    Yeah Bill Kristol, it was advice like yours that got Obama elected in the first place. Shut up and start giving some real advice like asking Obama to put all his records out on the table. Let Obama have to explain why he is spending millions of dollars to keep his past hidden.

  • crosshr

    Can someone tell Kristol to go on vacation, why would Romney give these hack from the left the satisfaction of responding to their demand. Romney is running a loosing campaign by trying to play civil and nice to Obama. Romney shall evermore demand Obamas Fast & Furious, his transcript real birth certificate, his school records & full disclosure of the Obamacare funding from day one and the nature of the coverage, and why & whom some companys are excluded and treat with special favor.

    I miss Newt, he would have slapped around Obamas mouth pieces from these distracting demands they throw in this week.Obama is drowned with his short falls , negative non leading accomplishments, the country economy is going down the drain, and the best Romney is coming up with, apologize Obama ! Didn’t Romney told Newt @ campaign to get out of the kitchen and stop whining !

  • el_jefe33

    Sometimes I think the democrats are writing the script for the republicans also. I just get the feeling the fix is in…

    A lot of the republicans have done a poor job of defending Romney as has his own campaign. You don’t have to negative to get your point across and I think Romneys campaign feel like going negative will hurt them….the defense seems so simple to me when I am yelling at the TV

    Get a backbone have some much ammo to choose from..

  • I agree with Kristol on this… I am tired of these all these Marxists attacking capitalism and nobody giving a substantial defense of it. The free market system has done more for the advancement of mankind than every worthless Government program ever dreamed up by any politician. I am convinced that Bain did a lot of good, made a lot of money for people, employed a lot of people and improved a lot of lives. Why hasn’t the Romney campaign created a video trumpeting whatever good things were accomplished by Bain? A healthy debate about tax policy would be a good thing too, so long as it’s done competently.

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    And Bill Kristol needs to shut up thinking that his opinion is relevant. It’s time for Romney to be his own man. If he don’t wanna man up and fight the fight against Showbama, then he doesn’t deserve to win. Romney’s a RINO — just like Kristol — and they’re both far more interested in destroying their own than destroying a Dumbocrat.

    • Freempg

      One thing though ELZ, the rest of the roundtable were discussing Portman and T-Paw as suitable VP picks (with straight faces). At least Kristol rolled his eyes, but then mentioned Christie and Rubio as choices that would excite the base. Oh well.

  • Freempg

    What confuses me is why people think Romney’s experience at Bain will somehow translate into successful governance. His Bain experience came before his governorship of Massachusetts, where his record was mediocre at best. Why do we expect him to do any better when promoted to the presidency? That’s the Peter Principle writ large. But yes, I know, he’s better than Obama. Sadly, that’s about Romney’s only qualification.

  • MaxineCA

    The only folks that seem to think this is interesting is the media. Unfortunately Fox is going along. “We the People” don’t give a rat about his tax returns. We know he was successful at Bain, good for him, he saved a lot of jobs along the way by risking his own money, not the tax payers. How about the media focus more on all of the executive orders, regulations, rules mandated by his departments that are destroying our country????? I think that’s more important.

    Wonder if Obama will instruct the IRS to audit Romney, and miraculously have a leak?

  • Sober_Thinking

    Bill is right to a point… defang the snake and it’s no longer dangerous. Now, Obama with his damned media is more like a python or a boa… but once again, Romney should have nothing to worry about. If he’s as clean as he seems, then the Tea Party, which is an anaconda in this case, will put the squeeze on the REAL crooks – Obama and his ilk.

  • FreeManWalking

    Shouldn’t a doctored PDF tax return be good enough for billy crystal and the rest of MSM.

    They were fine with 0b0’s fake birth certificate.

    • williamm

      I’m glad they released the birth certificate as a pdf file. Adobe Illustrator does an amazing job editing layers of the pdf file. Not accusing Obama of showing a fake birth certificate, but it shouldn’t have taken as long as it did to change the info.

  • Kristol should go pound sand. And Romney should tell Obama to pound sand on the tax returns. What he earned is none of anyone’s business. And until he releases evidence that he stopped doing cocaine, what license does Obamachev have demanding anything of anyone?

  • Jaels_Song

    Shut up you pompous idiot. Shut yourself up, shut Peggy Noonan up and shut that hair pieced freak George Will up while your at it. Go away you filithy rotten RINO’S…

  • NoToTyrants

    Ostensibly, Kristol is a Conservative pundit advising Conservatives. However, we know this is GOPe on GOPe. The question is, why? Why would he be urging Romney to give the left potential ammunition with which to fire back at him?

    Conversely, are there any leftist pundits on national television urging Obama to release all his college transcripts, his medical records, his Illinois State Senate records, and on and on? The answer of course is no, the left isn’t that stupid.

  • TEXs

    There is a whole rattle snake pit in Romney’s tax returns.

    If he’s got nothing to hide he would disclose it long time ago.

    Ask yourself:
    “Would Governor SARAH PALIN hesitate for one second to show all of her tax returns?”
    NO,she would not!!!

  • xjesterx

    Bill Kristol really shouldn’t be giving campaign advice. Sure, talk about capitalism. But f#$k giving in to media pressure on any tax releases. Is there some “mounting pressure” from the public to do this? NO. Its just the stupid…and I do mean STUPID media.

    Say every time someone asks about tax returns: “When Obama releases all of his college records, I’ll release ten years of tax returns. Now, let’s talk about what capitalism means to this country.”

    That’s it. That’s freaking it!! Don’t give in. Don’t relent. Don’t give any more interviews to ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC….

    Attack. Attack. Attack this clown!!

  • TEXs

    Do you know what Willard Dukakis Romney did with government computers when he left
    his governorship in Massachusetts?

    He spent $120,000 taxpayers money to destroy them!!!
    No trace,no government records left!

    In liberal Taxachusetts it was legal,but it shouldn’t be.Willard should be in jail for
    destroying government records on such massive scale.

    Compare that with 50,000 pages of Emails that Governor SARAH PALIN left to the whole
    world to see!!!

    • KenInMontana

      Government agencies regularly destroy their old computers, it’s an old practice.

  • gothicreader

    These talking heads and their infinite wisdom is what Romney needs to screw up his campaign.

    Bain, Bain, Bain…..Bain of my existence.

    They are playing into Obama’s hand.

    Stick to the issues. And, I might add to Romney. Where are you ads attacking Obama when you attacked your own party?

  • TEXs

    Kristol is right.

    Bain and LBOs are here to stay,Obama and his Chicago thug machine will never let it go.

    Demands for Romney to release his tax returns will grow louder and louder…and louder…

    There is no way to run….there is no place for Willard to hide!

  • Nukeman60

    Kristol, as usual, misses the biggest point about the difference between Obama defending his association with Wright and Romney defending his tax returns. The Media.

    Obama didn’t have to defend his Wright associations. The media buried it, while we already see that the media wants to condemn Romney for legal tax moves, moves that all smart, wealthy business people do, including most of Congress.

    Doesn’t matter what Romney does, he will get hammered for it by Obama’s media. I think Kristol has been buried in Washington for too long to see reality.

  • Rshill7

    Bill: Please peddle your pedantic pontification in perdition.

  • Sandra123456

    What “hit” is there for Romney to take? Is there any doubt that Romney is a rich man? You want him to prove he is very rich?


    • TEXs

      There is lots of rich people in this country,much richer than Romney.

      Since he wants to be president,and his only calling card is “mr businessman”,
      the fair question is:
      Show us how you got so rich,or at the very least show us your tax returns.

  • hongryhawg

    Romney should do tit for tat. I’ll release all my stuff if you, the democratic nominee, will release all your stuff. Whatever Romney’s stuff is, it’s gonna be Cub Scout stuff compared to the pretender. Offer the deal, Mitt. The pretender will never, never accept it. And, you’re off the hook. Offer the deal, Mitt, or you don’t have a hair.

  • The democrats have a different logic – no logic, just attack. Same strategy wont work with people with brains.

  • Yeah, when oBummer releases all his sealed records, otherwise F/O BC.

  • Why should Mitt do that? Why not show all the donations Mitt made his entire life? Can’t do that because it would embarrass the President and especially the VP donating $300 dollars for his tax year.

  • JohnBarry2012

    Stupid is as stupid does, troll is as Kristol does. Whose quarter is he on?

  • Guppymonster

    Fine, right after Obama rescinds Exective Order 13489, which he signed January 21, 2009 (his first day in office) and discloses in entirety to the American people: 1-His birth records with accompanying seal of the state where he was born, 2-His college applications and transcripts (courses and grades), graduate/law school applications and transcripts (courses and grades), his medical records, passport information both initial passport and subsequent passports and any other personal data sealed from the American people on January 21, 2009.

  • rtilk

    Obama has a plan that has worked his whole political career; he will continue to stonewall on his own records and background and has no apprehension to having Mitt Romney’s tax returns and any other personal or incriminating information released when it becomes politically expedient for him and his campaign. We have to ask who is the real criminal that needs to be investigated and impeached? It’s not Mitt Romney.