Bill Maher Wishes the Death of Glenn Beck

The hateful words out of Maher’s mouth sums it all up…..This is the party of tolerance.

Watch the video after the jump:

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  • he's such a dirt bag. I hope he fails!

  • Maher is disgusting. This goes beyond free speech and into the realm of a implied threat. Maher should be fired from HBO, as any conservative should be fired from their show for saying the same thing about Maher or Olbermann or any other leftist. This has nothing to do with ideology. It has everything to do with common decency. But then, who should expect Maher would know what decency is?

  • Maher is a dumbass and a distuging piece of crap! This is wrong!

  • janetweeks

    Wow, is all I got to say…and it will of course go without notice or comment, because, of course, he's on the “right” side. When did America become a nation of “sides”, anyway?

  • janetweeks

    Wow, is all I got to say…and it will of course go without notice or comment, because, of course, he's on the “right” side. When did America become a nation of “sides”, anyway?

  • Titus01

    This man has deep issues, those words don't come from any place associated w/love–Beck must scare him, or maybe Beck reminds him of the big, bad scary man from his childhood.

  • cubachi

    Knowing how nutty the people on the left are, this statement is downright dangerous. HBO accepts this kind of garbage on the air?

  • chambodia

    The worst part is when the audience erupts into applause. What kind of people support such comments? If a conservative said this about a scumbag like Maher, I would boo them for it, and rightly so.

  • rickj63

    I used to think Maher was clever and funny but those days are long gone. Now he's only getting attention by being hateful and crude. If it wasn't for those two things, he would have no audience.

  • Tyler

    What's EVEN MORE pathetic about this…is that he STOLE the Beck portion of this joke from The Onion News Network.

  • 12grace

    Bill Maher is as boring as he is stupid!

  • jd73

    Ha, the Onion bit is so much better, you're right Tyler. I forgot about this one.

    I miss having cable television after watching the Bill Maher clip. I used to like watching Fox and Friends in the morning and Bill Maher at night. My poor mind would be all confused afterward.

    (Please note, I wish no actual harm to come to Glenn Beck. It would be nice if he lost his ability to speak for a couple of years though)

  • Tyler

    Keep in mind too that I'm a BECK FAN. I just happen to think The Onion is HILARIOUS. I fell in love with their newspapers YEARS ago and even bought the Our Dumb World atlas-like thing a while back as well.

    The only thing which ticks me off about that site AT THE MOMENT is that the SPONSOR is MICHAEL MOORE and his NEWEST LYING ABOMINATION TO AMERICAN VALUES. Otherwise, I just re-click the short I wanna see to SKIP the ad.

  • yeah that is real funny, it's cesspool humor like Pryor and his swearing constantly, I would love to go on these shows and make fun of their ill fated circumstances in life…I am sure I could slam them just as well as they slam others…doesn't take a genius to ridicule another to make inferiors feel superior…I mean look at the way he is dressed …like his grandma laid out his clothes for him…and his head …good grief too bad the whole cranial space is a vacuum, otherwise he might have some reason for existing…

  • …i feel better getting that off my chest…oh and who writes his jokes, some Dr. of Suessology…

  • grandpasguns

    Maher is such a waste of skin. How HBO still employs this jackass, I will never know.

  • Tyler

    It's all about ratings. Unfortunately, there are still LOTS of IDIOTS out there who still think this guy is just so funny and witty. They've gotta find something to temporarily fill the emptiness that is their lives after all.

  • Tyler

    Yeah. He probably WAS picked on a lot as a little kid. He HATES it, but he's still Jewish no matter how far away he turns from God. I'm sure he CAN'T STAND that Jewish is also an ethnicity.

    This stuff MIGHT be kind of funny if he set it up a little better. At least Pryor's swearing was used in a context that would set up a decent joke every once in a while unlike THIS kind of crap.