Bill O’Reilly, Mary Katherine Ham have a knock down drag out on legalizing marijuana

Wow. BillO and Mary Katherine Ham really got into it over legalizing marijuana. BillO is on the side that says it should be a banned substance and that whatever we are spending now pales in comparison to the social cost of what we will be spending if marijuana is legalized. Mary Katherine Ham, on the other hand, believes it should be legalized and that this cost differential that BillO sites…well, let’s just say she’s a little skeptical.

But where this gets ugly is BillO believes the impact on children will be devastating long-term if we legalize it for adults. Mary Katherine Ham disagrees, citing the fact that there are already illegal substances that teenagers have to decide whether or not to associate with and marijuana won’t really be any different. BillO didn’t like her answer and accused her of dodging the question.

Wherever you come down on this issue, Mary Katherine Ham went toe to toe with BillO and never let him push her around. That’s worth watching just on it’s own.


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