Bill Whittle: Is Occupy Wall Street Anti-Semitic?

Bill Whittle explains how the Occupy Wall Street movement and the socialist-Islamist-fascist axis unite around the anti-Semitic banner:

He forgot about the Borg. I’m sure they’re anti-Semitic too.

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  • Maxsteele

    This is 100% true. My grandfather used to say that no matter how much people hate one another they will all band together to hate the jews.

    • True but sad!!

      • And they don’t even know why they hate them. It’s like the mob mentality on a grande scale

        • Anonymous

          right-oh friend-oh.

    • Anonymous


  • Bill nails it again. God help Israel, and those who stand with her.

  • Anonymous

    A president who aids Al Qaeda to power in Lybia with an unsanctioned U.S. war, allows Iran to increase its nuclear and conventional arms unchecked, places Israel on the terror watch list, increases U.S. funds to Palestine knowing full well those funds are lining Hamas pockets, promotes a return to pre-1967 borders in a move that would destroy Israel, and now disparages the Israeli leader in crass audio clips… is not a friend to Israel. However, Jews on the ultra left would disagree. With friends like Obama…

    • Jeff Song

      A little tid-bit that puts the aid to Israel enemies in perspectivie — apparently, for every $1 that Israel’s enemies spend on weapons, Israel needs to spend $1.20.

    • L B

      kinda strange that the Jews will continue to support Obama because of they vote Demo-tard and are afflicted by the liberal gene.

      The Israelis on the other hand love the Republican support and flow of armaments.

  • Anonymous

    The title to this webpage has the correct words, but their order needs to be changed.

    title says:

    Is Occupy Wall Street Anti-Semitic?

    I say it should be:

    Occupy Wall Street IS Anti-Semitic.

    There is no question about it. Accordingly, no question mark needed.

  • Come on man….you are whipping a dead horse! All this “poor Jewish people” stuff! What about the bad stuff they do to the “Goyim” (non-Jewish people)?Jewish religious laws (which aren`t even in print they are so evil and “anti-Goyim”) say they can enslave us, cheat us, even kill us without any thought of guilt. The Old Testament -the ONLY part of the Bible they believe- told them they could kill all the men, women, and children, and animals…and take their lands – the so called “promised land”. The slogan of the Zionists is “A land with no people for a people with no land”. The first terrorists in the Holy Land were the Jewish Irgun gang who would go into a Palestine town, line up the men, and shoot them all, then stuff their bodies into the well, ruining the water supply. Then they would go somewhere else and tell them to move on, or the same fate would befall them. Thats terrorism folks! This is why the “bad” “evil” Palestinians are so pissed that they would strap a bomb to themselves to kill any Jewish person they can…cause their people started this bloody feud over 60 years ago, and the UN does nothing but give a chiding and handslap to the Israeli government and military forces and their hired swords that have slaughtered tens of thousands of innocent people! So we are now to feel sorry for the greedy bankers and financiers and the system which they have created to fund their evil deeds?
    Secular Jewish people may not even believe their own Bible, but their own GOD in THEIR own Bible, said over 2,000 years ago that if they continued to disobey God`s word and His prophets` message after message of warning- that God Himself will disown them, remove His blessing, and cancel all the promises He made to them! It says that they- in their own “arm of the flesh” and carnal wisdom have tried to keep on going WITHOUT God`s blessing or direction, stiffnecked and refusing to bow to even God Himself. Read in Jeremiah- that when God got fed up with their disobedience He said He was through with the Jewish religion! Jesus then came along and went so far as to say that even the “Goyim” who received Him could now become the “Spiritual Jews” and spiritual children of God thereby receiving the inheritence that was once promised only to the Old Testament time faithful Jews! Its not me…its history and their own Bible that says all this! Which has also caused an anti-Christian reaction of the modern religious “Jews” and has opened a whole new “can of worms” for those who don`t want to accept the fact that the Old Testament contract with God was nullified and re-written so that NOW anyone can be a “JEW” by receiving the Messiah who ALREADY came. The big problem here then is that now you cannot be a JEW unless you have receved the Messiah. So the rebellion continues because of a few stubborn people who are doing their damndest to go forward with their own plans despite what God has said! I suppose now they will call their own God an “anti-semetic” and ban the Bible as an anti-semetic book!