Bill Whittle: The time for courage is now

Bill Whittle talks about what he learned from this election and says that despite a very dismal forecast for this country over the next four years, the time for courage is now. Considering the history of this country, Whittle says “we’ve been through worse than the election of a jug-eared narcissist thug from Chicago” and maintains that we will be able to defeat him. But, he says, fighting liberalism is like mowing the grass, it never ends and that’s an important lesson from this election.


In case you’ve got more time on your hands, here’s Whittle’s post-election response on his show Stratosphere. I haven’t watched it yet due to it’s time length, but I’ve been sent it by several people and it’s Bill Whittle so I’m sure it’s awesome.

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  • Rshill7

    Thanks Bill, but…

    Nobody has lied and cheated more than Obama. Vote fraud, campaign donations from other countries, 20% of Ohio voters illegal, AG suing states who wanted legitimate voters only to vote. Poll watchers tossed out of a bunch of PA voting precincts, and military people not being able to vote at all, were certainly contributing factors to this defeat.

    Obama lost in every state with voter ID laws in place. It makes fraud much more difficult you see, and democrats count heavily on the fraudulent vote. And it’s almost impossible to prove. This administration and the democrat party are rife with corruption.

    When one side follows the rules and the other side does not. How do you win? And again, why is a company in socialist Spain tabulating our votes for us? And when the coal industry is no more, which industry will the EPA kill next? According to them, each human is a polluter by merely breathing.

    When the healthcare taxman and the fiscal cliff taxman hit democrats they’ll be screaming bloody murder along with the rest of us. When they can no longer earn money, or save money, because their energy and food costs have surpassed all their other fixed costs, they’ll wish they hadn’t voted democrat multiple times. When dollars are like pennies, look to your party leaders.

    To the next generation. I’m sorry we as a nation are too inept to keep one side from election fraud. I’m sorry that trying to have an election where only legitimate, eligible voters vote, is considered racist and unfair. I’m sorry you have been robbed of critical thinking skills and non-revisionist lessons in World and American History. You’ll have to suffer. Thank the Department of Education and teacher unions. They failed you. They wanted to indoctrinate rather than educate you.

    I’m sorry that the press was a collective captive bunch of sycophants who perpetuated lies and ignored the truth. That they slobbered over one side while constantly chewing up the other. You deserved a fair presentation like those who came before you were afforded. Things just aren’t that way any more. One side has the entire establishment against them from the starting gate.

    Combine that with massive fraud, and how can the other side get in and stop the slide into the socialist abyss? Your grand parents were the greatest generation, you are now living in the immoral generation. “Rules are, there ain’t no rules.” Many of those on the conservative side are indeed truly sorry for you and those that try to come up after you. You see, groups like the Tea Party who simply want to adhere to the rule of law and balance our national budget are now radicals. I guess if you obey laws and balance your checkbook you too are radical. The North Pole is now the South Pole and left is right. Weird right?

    Well at least all those who wanted to riot if Romney won cuz he’d “take away their food stamps” didn’t show up. Where are the Romney rioters? Oh right, he was on the side of decency. His supporters don’t cheat and they don’t riot…at least not yet.

    Decency to democrats is naive stupidity.

    • johnos2112

      When a true conservative will call out the lies early and often, become a true conservative and not apologize for those that attain wealth, explain the value of hard work and that dependence sucks, that is when the next election will be a landslide republican win.

      • Rshill7

        However, they are taught the exact opposite 7 hours per day in our “schools”. We give doctorates to those who become proficient experts in opposing tradition values, the work ethic and the tenets of our founding.

        If everyone who voted Republican would pull their kids out of those schools right now, perhaps we could eventually get somewhere. Yes, even those whose ballots never arrived or whose ballots were shredded, burned or “lost”.

        • Home-School. That is what my family does. BTW for those who believe all immigrants are D’s and vote that way. I can say, not all. My wife is an immigrant (legal of course) from Hong Kong. She is more conservative than I am and she is a great teacher.

          • Orangeone

            I don’t think anyone on Scoop believes immigrants vote D. It’s the illegals that vote D because they promise amnesty for federal law violations.

      • nook34

        Kind of sounds like Allen West to me.

    • nook34

      Nice post. The only thing I disagree with is that the people will never blame the democrats no matter how bad it gets. They’ll still only blame Republicans (or conservatives or George Bush!) Obama had a filibuster proof congress for his first two years and they still blamed the Republicans for legislation not getting passed. I do understand why you write it though. We all do it. “They’ll see” we say, “they’ll see what their policies do to the people”, “we’ll show them”, “they’ll be sorry”. And the only thing that happens is that they come up with ever more incredulous reasons to blame the Republicans.

      • Rshill7

        The MSM needs to be forced out of business then. They need to be starved. Young people need to rebel against the democrat establishment as they rebelled in the sixties, only this time they do so, understanding that what is popularized as “forward” is actually backward and vice versa. They need to see that once we started abandoning the genius of our founding, we began floundering. That America was SO great that it has taken years and years of chipping away to get us to this point.

        I guess our country is like one giant crackhead in need of hitting rock bottom before they’ll trash the pipe.

        • nook34

          I’m with you. I’m there. But how do we do it? How do we educate those that don’t want to be educated? There must be a way but I don’t know what it is. How do we show them that it is better to be educated? And how do we combat the MSM? I keep saying to myself there must be a way. I just don’t know what it is. We can’t lose this great country.

          • Rshill7

            We underwhelm some parts of the system, like the educational system by pulling our kids out. We let the welfare state overwhelm itself, and we compete against the MSM by starving it to death. It’s not easy. People are still too complacent. I guess too many still have jobs which allows them little time for little else.

            Maybe we need to allow the left to hit rock bottom. At some point the MSM will no longer be able to hype the genius of sunblock while the sky keeps raining, obliterating the sun.

            At some point even they will need to ask, How far we’ve fallen, how do we get up? Maybe we should reexamine the wisdom of our founders alongside the foolishness of Marx and Engels. Perhaps they can discover that the founders knew the way to prosperity but they followed Marx down “the road to serfdom” instead.

            At some point the masses have to reject conventional wisdom for what it is, foolishness and national suicide, just as we threw off British rule and it’s accompanying oppression.

            People are still too comfortable. That’ll change. If we cannot renew America here, we may just have to start another elsewhere. Or maybe we can just split this country along red and blue lines without a war but rather an agreement, then proceed with a little friendly competition betwixt the two and see who migrates where. One will flourish while the other fails. The producers will migrate to the red states and the deadbeats to the blue.

            • gajaw999

              Rs, you are correct except about possibly leaving. Nowhere to go once this house of cards falls. Costa Rica? Belize? How secure will any place be after the umbrella of American stability is gone?

        • E. Lee Zimmerman

          BOOM! There it is! You’re saying precisely what I was saying the night of the election returns. The only way we have an honest chance is to see the media titans dismantled. They don’t embrace our values, they don’t support this country, and, day-to-day (along with the education institutions), they’re painting yet another layer of liberalism on this house of cards.

          No, for those of you who’ll pop by to say it again, I’m not crying about an uneven playing field: I’m suggesting what we need to do to level it. I’m saying we need to go about becoming a proactive group and …

          (A) DO NOT support any products the mainstream media puts out, whether that’s TV programs, their news agencies, etc., and, one step further …

          (B) Actively shut them down. When they put a lie on the air, we flood their phone banks with demands for retractions and corrections, and we do it in such a way that they’re required to show the egg on their face. (I could go on with this forever, but I’m preaching to the choir.)

          (C) We actively begin expanding our own media outlets by bringing in like minded individuals to continue to pound the drum against the mainstream institutions. This is a wide-ranging mission that would take many aspects, but, again, I could go on forever …

          (D) We actively STOP SUPPORTING advertisers of those mainstream outlets. Yes, this will be painful in the beginning, but ya gotta start somewheres.

          (E) We actively court politicians friendly to our arguments to continue to make these issues public, getting them out for folks to know about each and every opportunity.

          (F) I’d love to see a place like RightScoop morph into other areas of concentration, much the same way Breitbart did (largely b/c I think there are several writers in the Breitbart stable who’ve lost or co-opted Andrew’s vision for their own). I’d love to come here to see more informed commentary like I can get on American Thinker and other places, but methinks you’ve gotta seek out some fresh new voices with fresh new ideas for the next steps of our revolution.

          (G) We get creative folks to start creating our own brand of viral video projects that are fun, fun, fun, fun, fun … and funny! With the talent on tap from so many, there’s no reason why our side of the ideological island shouldn’t have its own ‘Funny or Die’ themed website (there are folks at PJTV who are taking solid stabs at this, but I think it’s time to ramp it up). It just defies logic. Instead of some businessmen throwing 50M at Mitt Romney, why not throw 1M at a start-up web venture? That’d make more business sense to me!

          Seriously, like most folks here, I could go on and on and on and on and on, but methinks you get the idea.

          • gajaw999

            Bill is making the point that we don’t try to shut them down as in your Point B, but use those energies on building our own. Boycotts and protests have ceased to work because half the society is not virtuous and is not paying attention. We have to think differently because the loss this past Tuesday truly was a tipping point. Our nation, at least 50% of it, has NO idea what travail is coming. Obamaphone lady, hold on to your lady parts, it’s gonna be a bumpy flight!

        • Orangeone

          Only 60% of youth vote went to Barky, 40% was conservative. Let’s keep working with the youth and we will turn it around. Parents, you need to talk to your first time voter children. I heard countless adults say, I let my child make their own decision. This is the most important first thing they will do in their life (contrary to virginity loss in the Dems minds) and you need to guide their thought process to understand what each side offers (takers vs. makers, dependency vs. independence)

      • E. Lee Zimmerman

        BOOM! There it is!

    • Nukeman60

      Well said, Rs. I’m at a loss for words…

    • Dukehoopsfan

      Well said!

    • gajaw999

      Everything you say is true. What Bill is saying in the very long but thought provoking second video post above, I think, is that we must go around, not through. We are going to need to build separate structures such to provide health care, education, etc., that can run circles around the liberal government behemoth. I do believe he is right when he argues that Obama has just been elected the captain of the Titanic. Iceberg dead ahead, we’d better prepare for impact.

  • truthequals9

    Thanks Dad! Well, not exactly. He’s not my Dad, but it felt like I’m listening to a Dad like figure reassuring me that all would be good in the end.

  • anneinarkansas

    Charles Krauthammer has an excellent article in the Washington Post today giving great advice to the Republican Party.
    We must have courage. It is not yet over, just delayed.

  • Susitna

    Why did we let this guy run again? I cannot even get a beer without an I.D.! He instead insulted us with a forged Birth Certificate and no one is saying anything! Where are the cojones!!
    I see only one way and it is impeachment for Fast an Furious, subordination of the U.S. Armed Forces to the U.N., the Libya war without congressional approval, and the cover-up of the assassinations in Benghazi. We cannot afford 4 more years! The Country is in big danger.
    We also cannot accept the massive voter fraud before and during election day! He is not the guy we want! We want to be free again and we want to work! We cannot accept the treason and fraud of the useful idiots!
    Someone has to do something about it and this is us. What about striking, what about not following regulations, what about not implementing Obamacare and ask for a waiver. We have to reduce his power until he steps down. There must be a way!

    • Conservative_Hippie

      “There must be a way!”

      -Susitna, Listen to Bill Whittle’s second video. He proposes a way. He calls it the “Common Sense Resistence”.

      • Susitna

        Many thanks for your input. I just listened to Bill Whittle who I love and admire very much. Nevertheless he is counting on a social media platform that soon will not exist, as we know it now. Obama is planning to take over internet which means he will regulate access and have control over the content (censorship). He will of course explain that the internet take over is to protect the country.
        Although Whittle is not calling for a revolution Obama could decide in his sick mind that the creation of a parallel structure is subversive to his regime and therefore illegal. So the FBI or the Obama Youth will start knocking at doors and making people disappear in the darkness of the night, like they did with Mr. Breitbart. Obama could also decide to prohibit home schooling or not to recognize such school diplomas as valid.
        The truth is that we are not in the same America anymore and that Obama is not going to let us live our normal lives and for sure not let us create a parallel structure. A common sense resistance can only work if people remain free and we are upon to lose our freedoms of speech, communication and maybe some day also to meet in groups. Not long time ago police arrested a guy for teaching Bible lessons in his own home!
        Now is not the time to create anything parallel because we have to confront the reality that is hitting us right in our faces. Only after Obama has left we can think about creating conservative structures to reduce the 47% of citizens that willingly or unwillingly are depending from the government. I always said that we have to outnumber and outsmart them. We have to gain more people to our side so that we can bring Obama through impeachment or other legal means down. We have to push Congress to do that. There is not time to lose.
        Our borders, our constitution, our freedom and Israel cannot wait 4 more years.
        I mean we know from history what happens when communists are ruling, they don’t lose time and this is what we conservatives have been doing during the last four years.
        Whittle doesn’t want to analyze what we did wrong, but if we don’t, we will repeat the same mistakes again and not improve our strategies.
        One of the fastest ways to beat Obama would be to defund his welfare system that makes him so popular. What, if we donate all the money that we would have to pay in taxes to charity organizations instead? I mean he is sending our money to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. We could say that because of religious freedom and patriotism we want to send our money somewhere else. There are many veteran organizations for example or mother with kids in need.
        A raise in taxes for the so called rich and middle class would make his first action in the second term a complete failure. Obama’s welfare promises would go down the toilet and a huge discontent among his followers would force him to step down. If Congress doesn’t have backbones, we do!! I once thought that Obama would become our first ½ term President, well let’s make him our first ½ year President in the second term.
        God bless you!

        • Conservative_Hippie

          Grant it his idea is not fool proof. He says he will elaborate on it in future video. I guess I’m at the mind set that I’m open to anything, as long as it is a peaceful solution.

    • Orangeone

      You cannot get a post office box without a federal or state ID

  • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

    Staying on subject, Bill Whittle is right on target as always. Hats off for articulating my resolve so brilliantly.

    Thanks Bill. It’s good to have you in my corner.

  • NYGino

    “Take a break for a while” Thanks Bill, I needed that advice.

    • Arrrggghhh

      As painful as it may be, maybe the best thing will be to sit back and let people see the result of their choices. Perhaps these young voters need to feel what it’s like to be cold and hungry for a while. Birth control and gay marriage will rapidly decline in their list of priorities.

      I remember a Twilight Zone episode about a kid that wished that every day was Christmas. The moral of the story was to be very careful what you wish for.

      • Orangeone

        And Employers need to inform the youth when they apply for a job that because of Barky Boy’s policies, they won’t be hired. No jobs here. Try again in 8 years.

    • Me too.

      • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

        Levin’s analysis doesn’t change the reality, but his perspective gives me strength. Many years ago I recognized in myself a dark and a light side and that certain people and situations bring those out in me.
        So…simply…avoid people who make me feel dark and gravitate toward those who make me feel good and strong. TRS, Levin, Whittle, Palin – to name a few – elevate my spirit. My sister and brother, with minds like steel doors, I will avoid.
        It’s called self preservation. One life, too short to compromise.

        • RosiesSeeingRed

          “minds like steel doors” aka BRAINWASHED


          Agree with you 100%. Good post.

          • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

            Thanks Rosie.

            Crow =;>

      • mike3e4r7

        Me too Wolfie. Yesterday my spirit was feeling better and I was ready for the fight.
        Today was my first day back at my 2nd job, and I had to deal with a number of people who, whenever I see them are always bitching and moaning about how tough the economy is, gloating because Obama won. I felt totally dumfounded and demoralized.

        It’s demoralizing when you see so many people who are motivated by blind rage at
        the wealth creators in this society. I don’t know how we reach them. I know I should try to find a way, but right now I’m just trying to stop myself from punching the ignorant, smug smiles off their snarky faces. But, yes, courage. We’re all searching for answers.

        Not everyone where I work are class warrior libtards. Some were as upset as I was
        about the loss. One guy was angry at the fact that around 90% of Blacks will still
        vote for an incompetant Black man over a competant white man regardless of the economic misery it will cause them. He also made a similar point about the Latino vote and felt that the only choice we have is to nominate a Black candidate next time. I told him, as disheartening as the points he made were, the whites in this
        country still make up about 75% of the population and that the bigger problem is that we have way too many ignorant and stupid white people (I’m white). Of course, we have way too many ignorant people, period – whatever their race is.

        You are not alone.

        • Keep the faith mike, when the storm is at it’s worse, we have to believe that tomorrow the sun will shine again.

        • BikerHoop

          When I went back to work on Thursday, I couldn’t believe the mood. It was like I was in the middle of a wake… someone had died. There were no smiles, none of the good-natured chiding, none of the friendly banter… all gone. This election had a major impact on people.

          On the flip side, you could definitely identify the liberals. They were as giddy as school girls. An extra spring in their step, a big smile, whistling or humming… totally oblivious of what they had just done. They will, however, find out soon enough.

          I was convinced at the beginning of this campaign that the only way we were going to be able to win was to front a truly conservative candidate, one who was black (I know that sounds racist) so we could eliminate the liberal race card, one who was intelligent enough to debate DuhOne into the ground (wouldn’t take much) and one who was not afraid to call a spade a spade. I still believe that. We didn’t do that and look what happened.

          Anyway, enough off-topic. Sorry for rambling.

          Bill is right. Now IS the time for courage. Courage to do what we know must be done regardless of what the other side thinks of us or does to us as a result. Our Founding Fathers ARE rolling in their graves. Not because of this election but because Americans are about to hand their experiment over to the forces of evil that would decimate our Constitution. We can’t allow that to happen.

        • Orangeone

          Just smile when they complain. We tried to nominate a black candidate and the MSM destroyed him. 2014 West needs to run for Senate and 2016 for president against the amnesty-loving Demorat in RINO clothes Rubio. We need to squash Rubio now and not let the GOP and MSM choose our next candidate.

        • Orangeone

          Deleted comment

  • Well, the only thing I can say is if you want to know what our future is going to be like, just look at California. THAT is going to be the United States after four more years of Obama. We will officially be broke, stagger from financial crisis to financial crisis, and we will have sky-high taxes. Only Paul Ryan was talking about the fact that Obamacare has about 21 new taxes baked right into it. So since we can’t repeal Obamacare anymore, we’re going to have to pay those taxes, and it will be bad. Why do you think Wall Street is going in the toilet? Because they’re not stupid. They know that come January 1, 2013, a TON of new taxes are going to kick in, sequestration will take place, and the economy (what’s left of it) will collapse. Hello, California! Only problem is, the Federal Government could bail out California. Who is going to bail out the Federal Government, especially when China decides to stop lending us money it knows it will never get back? Hope you like California. It’s what we do best these days as American voters.

  • Arrrggghhh

    I’ve never seen a BW video that wasn’t spot on.

    I watched the longer video a couple days ago (thanks to a link provided in an RS post). It was very interesting and definitely worth the 1.5 hour investment. Perhaps we do need to need to start thinking very differently.

    Let’s step up our campaign against the media and the educational system. Although I only had less than basic cable, I pulled the plug on it yesterday. Williams, Pelley, Stephan-a-hole-olis, Rove and the ladies on the View will never come into my house again. I’m going to research charter schools today. When my kids are ready for college, they will NOT go to a liberal institution. Although at times of weakness over the past few days it has been tempting to give up, I’m finding that I just don’t have it in me to give up. Let’s roll people.

    • Conservative_Hippie

      well said! I like his idea of setting up parallel structures. It was a very enlightening video!

  • RosiesSeeingRed

    Well, at least he’s upbeat. I had actually watched the 2nd, much longer, video 2 nights ago. He filmed it just hours after the election and his thoughts were all over the place. During some of it, I was like “Right On Bill! EXACTLY!” and other parts were like “You have got to be kidding me — that would never work.” But he was clearly a man struggling with what had just transpired. Like him, I was prepared to lose, but I really thought we were going to win this one.

    Like people who become involved in a cult, if you try to talk to them, they don’t believe a thing you say. They are totally brainwashed, and it is very, very difficult to get them to see things any other way than how they see them. The people under the age of 40 voted for Obama in droves. Why — because they have been indoctrinated by a left wing public education system, indoctrinated at college, indoctrinated by TV shows and Hollywood movies, indoctrinated by talk show hosts, and indoctrinated by the NEWS. They are brainwashed, and they don’t believe a THING WE SAY.

    And this is what makes it so easy for a jug eared narcissist and totally inept empty suit to be elected to the presidency not once, but TWICE! They march as one, so there is only ONE message and everyone agrees with it. THEY ARE BRAINWASHED. It’s very easy to herd the sheep when they all think the same.

    Then there’s us — the independent thinkers, because we understand we have the FREEDOM to think independently. And that’s why we disagree on immigration reform, legalization of pot, and everything in between. We all have opinions, we engage in meaningful discussions among ourselves (the left sees us as fragmented because of that). They don’t know what freedom of thought is. But it’s much harder to “herd” us because we are not brainwashed. We have no messiahs in government. We do not all think alike.

    I agree with Jasper on the other thread (and BREITBART, which is why I still proudly use his face for my avatar) that the single greatest enemy we have is the left-controlled media. We absolutely MUST find a way for our message of FREEDOM to infiltrate. Then it won’t matter WHO we run, because what we’ll be running is freedom, not a person.

    And I would add that the word CONSERVATISM is not what we want our message to be. The word should be FREEDOM, because freedom appeals to everyone, and it is the foundation of conservative thinking anyway.

    • Good post. I see it as we are the Lone Wolves. Thinking for ourselves. Working sometimes alone or sometimes in packs for our future. We argue sometimes about the best way to hunt and the best hunting grounds and when we should camp and when we should march out.

      The Sheep… They just sit in the field waiting to be told what to do, where to go, how to think and what to say. They don’t argue much because they are too clueless about the issues to understand them enough to even reason and argue them on merit.

      Ultimately, when the lone wolves and the wolf pack smell smoke in the forest, they know it’s time to take action for survival.. To move. When the sheep smell the same smoke they sit and wait and do nothing to help themselves except hope the farmer (government) comes along soon and tells them what to do.

      • RosiesSeeingRed

        Thanks Wolfie. We should just tell liberal trolls, when they come to argue, that we’re not going to waste our time arguing with them because they are brainwashed and incapable of having a meaningful discussion on the issues. No matter WHAT they say, what insult they hurl, and no matter how much we want to zing them back, we should just calmly respond — well you are brainwashed, so there’s nothing we could say to change your mind anyway, or, well of course you would think that — you are brainwashed, and that is group-think. No sense in arguing with you.

        • Right on Rosie. Right on!

        • gajaw999

          Exactly. And then we need to run them off their feet by pursuing virtue and freedom in our personal lives. We will not be distracted by their foolishness any longer.

        • Orangeone

          RSR, just smile and remind them that elections have consequences. Smile extra large when they complain about gas prices, no promotions or raises, vacant positions not being filled, EE share of health insurance premium increases, etc.

      • Orangeone

        We Scoopers are a darn good pack. We are from all over the US and parts of the world. We support each other, brainstorm, encourage and improve on each other’s suggestions. We are the model for 2014 Senate & House races and the 2016 pres race. We need to find our candidates and support them.

    • Nukeman60

      I now truly know how the founding fathers felt way back then. I can read their words and appreciate their thoughts, but to have to face exactly the same situation really brings it home to me.

      To fight for freedom, we must fight uphill, against a massive foe who seems invincible, and now it will be four more long years just like the last four. The founding fathers suffered physical anguish in their efforts, but we still face the mental and philosophical angst that they faced to win the day.

      I still feel we will win, but it is sadly a much longer and tortuous path that we walk.

      • Orangeone

        If we would like to be a little rebeleous. let’s attend those nontraditional ceremonies and voiceably object when the question is ask, “Does Anyone Object”. That’s the way they treat us so let’s be vocal about how disgusting it is and against the bible and nature.

  • MrMicawber

    Well said Bill. As far as “not looking back,” Project Orca was a disaster so huge it’s hard to even contemplate. I regret very much getting involved with it. And hope to God that we didn’t cost the election.

    Looking forward, I must say that the most formidable thing in front of me right now is going to Thanksgiving Dinner and facing 20 uber liberal family members, most of whom I have argued with for years. Their “see, we were right…” smugness will be mighty hard to take. A small thing in the big scheme of things – but that’s how these things unfold ultimately: personally, intimately. Because of this, I may not even go.

    On the other hand, one of the key insights of Conservatives is that politics isn’t everything; that it should be bracketed. And yet, they (progressives) are forcing their vision upon us and me; in the former Soviet Union, for example, even where you went to drink was a “political” decision; for them everything is political, and they are making this a reality here. That is not the sort of world I want to live in. But in order to avoid it, I have to implicitly act as if everything IS political. Catch 22.

    I think about the Civil War: like now, these were not just normal political divisions (you want higher taxes, I want lower, etc.) Could you have spent time with your family, the rest of whom believed ownership of slaves is legitimate? I could not have sat across the table from such people. Maybe something is wrong with me.

    To me, our situation approaches this^. HOw can I sit across from smug no-nothing drones who are destroying this country? How can I break bread with them? Love the person – hate the evil that moves them. Yes, but there are breaking points. I am not Christ.

    HOw to be a happy warrior in all that? I’m not sure I can be anymore. 🙁

    • Nukeman60

      …the most formidable thing in front of me right now is going to Thanksgiving Dinner and facing 20 uber liberal family members…‘ – mr m

      At the very least, you can ask them why they think the market is tanking (now in it’s third day since the election). Tell them, “I told you so” and walk away. They will have to take responsibility for what’s coming up.

      Sadly, Obama finally owns this economy.

      • MrMicawber

        I agree and yet I don’t want to sound bitter either. Perhaps by Thanksgiving things will be so bad – and so obviously BO’s doing – that showing up and saying nothing will itself be a kind of triumph. 🙂

        • Nukeman60

          Sad, isn’t it, that our only triumph is in how bad things are going to get. It’s what we’ve fought so hard against. Watch us get blamed again for things that we strived so hard to prevent.

          • MrMicawber

            I know…I was thinking as I press reply, maybe I should add that I am not cheering for a disaster. I don’t want anyone to suffer. And yet maybe suffering is the only way people will wake up?

            • Nukeman60

              Yeah, I knew you weren’t. None of us here want what’s coming, but we honestly see it, nonetheless. 🙁

    • RosiesSeeingRed

      MrMicawber, I’m in the same boat, though my Thanksgiving table will have more conservatives than liberals. BUT, my friends here in liberal-land are mostly smug progressives. Every year I have a Christmas dinner here. My husband and I are the only non-liberals. I just don’t think I can do it this year. It’s not that I simply disagree with their view, right now I’m smarting from this loss, and I loathe them for their eager participation in the destruction of our country. They are otherwise good people because I’ve seen the very charitable side of them in other aspects of their lives, but they are typical, brainwashed liberals nonetheless, and I simply cannot work my a$$ off to serve a dinner to these people while they are joyfully talking at my dinner table about how great it is that Obama was reelected. I can’t do it, so I won’t.

      My business partner is a hardcore left liberal. We know enough not to talk politics. She didn’t say a word to me after the election. Thankfully, ours is a home based business, and she works in hers and I work in mine, so I have been avoiding speaking with her this week, all business being conducted via email. We have a good friendship, but she senses me slipping away. I can’t help it. To me, she represents the WILLFUL destruction of our constitution because she actually DOES participate in politics, unlike some of the idiots who vote who cannot even identify a photo of our vice president! This makes it even harder, knowing she sees these moves to usurp the Constitution and agrees with it anyway.

      I have a July 4th party every year with these same people, and I realized last night it’s a farce. This July 4th, I will have constitution-loving people ONLY. The liberals will not be invited, and I plan to tell them why. We have to start standing up for FREEDOM every way we can, in every aspect of our lives.

      • MrMicawber

        Thanks rosiesseingred for your most thoughtful response.

        Part of me thinks that this is what we need to do – Beck gave the analogy of emergency procedures in aircraft: the first thing you do is put your own mask on. We cannot help people if we ourselves are lost. We need to focus on our own “gardens” – our own communities, businesses, families. We need to set our own “lands” right.

        And to some extent, if not fully, perhaps that means walking away from relationships with Progressives.

        I’m here in uber liberal Boston – and I’m even thinking that I should start a network of Conservative business owners and support them, instead of so many people/businesses who are rabid BO supporters. Why should I help them to thrive?

        • Sounds like a plan I like. Conservative business owners networking together.

        • RosiesSeeingRed

          I think that’s a great idea to bring Conservative business owners together and support each others businesses. I also think conservative business owners’ advertisements should contain subtle messaging, just as the left’s does. Any layoffs, rise of pricing, etc., should be followed up with PR releases directly linking the Obama administrations policies to these negative effects. Customer service representatives need to name specific Obama policies in response to customers who call complaining about stuff. We need to push back at every level, everywhere we can, and conservative business owners have a lot of power to do so.

          • MrMicawber

            Those are some great ideas!

            • RosiesSeeingRed

              I once had a customer call my business and immediately ask for the spanish-speaking representative. (we don’t have one) I answered her, I’m sorry, this is America. We speak English here, and we don’t have a spanish-speaking representative.

              She sighed, and then asked her question in perfect English.

              • MrMicawber

                lol….that’s really sad.

          • 1water

            advertisements should contain subtle messaging, just as the left’s does. Any layoffs, rise of pricing, etc., should be followed up with PR releases directly linking the Obama administrations policies to these negative effects.

            Well, I don’t have an advertisement/marketing background, but I have already some easier & blunt lines which eventually are a start for social sites: “This economy/Obamarecession is brought to you by the MainStreamMedia, the Hollywood left and George Soros.”

            On the professional side: May I introduce you to Kevin DuJan of . He has to my knowledge a professional marketing background and might be able to help you with ideas.
            (Unfortunately – although he was already fighting the Obama machine during the Democratic presidential primaries – he as well didn’t see it coming that this year’s voter fraud has enough magnitude that it tipped the election in several states without voter ID laws. I at least thought that the momentum was big enough to overcome voter fraud and that the BHO machine was enough beaten & demoralized that they couldn’t pull it off.)

            Kevin preaches things like:
            * Remind people that every time they say or write the word “liberals” they are giving $5.00 in free marketing to the Obama campaign because independents think the word “liberal” is an open-minded, fluffy, good thing. Please help enforce the line that Democrats are lefties or Leftists. The more you call Democrats lefties and Leftists, the more independents and undecideds go running away from Democrats in droves. For all these years, every time you’ve said “liberal” you were calling cockroaches by the name “hug-a-bugs” and making them sound cute and palatable to far too many people. Knock that off, and get others to stop too…including prominent people like Rush or Ann Coulter who may have no idea how much they help Democrats every day by using the word “liberal” when what Democrats really and truly are at this point are LEFTISTS.

            • RosiesSeeingRed

              Excellent! Thanks 1water!

              Spread it around, people!

            • MrMicawber

              Thanks for that!!

            • mike3e4r7

              Man I like that about calling them Leftists! I’m onboard

            • Orangeone

              I wish he hold told Romney that. I was screaming every time Romney and Ryan were singing the praises.

        • Orangeone

          It’s a great idea. Being a conservative biz owner, I fired my Dem vendors and found conservative ones. I let them know why too because their votes harm my biz and I’m not going to provide them with financial incentive to do so. They were pissed and I was smiling.

      • Ah, so you would reject your friends because they disagree politically with you?
        Personally I find hearing some different opinions kinda stimulating. Also gives me a chance to change a mind or two. My mind is open, so are my friends.

        Obama has been good for business, or at least that is what Merrill Lynch tells me about my 401K. And the socialism thing? I work for a German company, so I see it in action. Works pretty good for them.

        Somewhere I heard something that goes: ” love your neighbor, even real little ones. Love them the way you love yourself.”

        • RosiesSeeingRed

          I didn’t say I’d reject them because I disagree with them politically. We’ve ALWAYS disagreed on politics, and we probably always will.

          What I SAID was I’m not inviting socialists to my July 4th party because it’s a farce.

          I sure wish the people who want to live in a socialist country would just move to one instead of trying to change THIS one. You’re all very selfish.

          • Samwise Gamgee the 3rd


            Change has to stop when it reaches exactly where you like.

            It isn’t like the change to what you liked bothered other people (oh wait; it did; but their feelings don’t matter).

            • RosiesSeeingRed

              Oh God, another brainwashed lefty.

              • mike3e4r7

                Yep. I had my own encounter with Samwise Gamgee I think about a week ago. He wants to be noticed.

                • You’d think they’d learn to troll a little less obvious wouldn’t you. LOL!

                • mike3e4r7

                  Yeah, but liberals never seem to learn anything.

          • mike3e4r7

            Who’s this Frank character? I was almost tempted to respond to him and expose his sanctimonious comments for the sophistries that they are, but then decided to take your advice to Wolfie about dealing with trolls.

            • RosiesSeeingRed

              LOL, I should’ve taken my own advice! I’m going to be more disciplined. It’s really effective in shutting them down. And lest Frank think I don’t want to hear their point of view, let me just say, that’s all we hear — on the NEWS, in the movies, sitcoms, and talk shows. It’s ALL their point of view. I know what it is, I don’t agree with it, and I come to the RIGHT Scoop to talk to people on the RIGHT — Not to brainwashed lefties.

              • mike3e4r7

                Exactly! I have certain family members that tell me I’m somehow close minded for only listening to conservative media and that I need to listen to other points of view (of course they refuse to watch FOX. MSNBC is a particular favorite of theirs). I tell them I don’t need to. I already know what liberals think all too well. I’ve spent most of my life listening to their vile attempts to manipulate. No more. Life’s too short.

              • MrMicawber

                Well said RosiesSeeingRed! As if you could ever escape hearing Leftist/statist drivel in our culture….lol!

            • I’m having trouble following my own advice with this one too mike3e4r7.

        • Orangeone

          You need to look at Germany’s history for your answers. I might suggest 1928 as a good starting point.

    • wodiej

      I have a family that is allowed to say, do or act any way they please no matter how rude, offensive and disrespectful it is. I attempted to draw boundaries and was the recipient of hateful comments so I finally said “enough.” My mother was angry but I wouldn’t back down. I refuse to spend holidays with people who don’t even have the decency to be considerate and courteous to other guests.

      • MrMicawber

        That’s really unfortunate wodiej 🙁 Hang in there and I hope you have other people to turn to. I know exactly how you feel.

      • Orangeone

        Hang here on holidays, you will always find a welcoming family.

    • gajaw999

      My sympathy for your situation. If you are a believer you are indeed Christ’s ambassador. Don’t worry– he takes better care of his own than BO does his! Go to Thanksgiving and shine, beam and radiate the light that is inside you! God bless you.

      • MrMicawber

        Thanks gajaw999 – I was just having dinner with a friend and I came to that exact conclusion: go and trust in God. God bless you too!

  • colliemum

    Taking a little break is good advice, as is going forward an ‘mowing the grass’ again and again.
    However, I take issue with one aspect of ‘not looking back’. Yes, recriminations are futile now, but we must see that it is necessary to find out why this went wrong.

    I refuse to believe that thousands upon thousands were wrong in what they saw, big crowds for Romney, nothing for Obama, for example.
    I refuse to believe that the talking heads were not scared out of their minds when the first results came in: we saw that.
    I refuse to believe that the skewed polls were right – just because some miraculous results ‘verified’ them.
    So I think it is necessary to find out who skewed the results (99% voting for Obama in one locale in Philadelphia? Really?), who recounted to turn over previous results, as in the case of Allen West, to find out how many votes for Romney ended up, electronically, for Obama.

    As for going forward, there’s got to be one major thrust, and that is against the corrupt media. They must not be allowed to dominate the narrative, such as ‘Obama had the marvellous ground game’. Did he? Why then did he lose so many votes compared to 2008?
    They must not be allowed to ‘elect’ the GOP candidate for 2016 already, giving the socialists ample time to prepare for him.
    They must be held responsible for their utter failure of reporting anything which should have damaged Obama.

    And for us – we must leave no stone unturned, and should stop being cowed by the socialists everywhere just because they will start calling us nutjobs and other charming things.

    The corrupt MSM won’t even try to get at the truth, the New Media are scared of being vilified (as if they weren’t anyway), so it’s up to us.

    We’re the Resistance now.

    • MrMicawber

      Yes, we do need to learn from what happened. This may be part of the issue:

      • colliemum

        I saw that earlier, and it is jaw-dropping, isn’t it.
        But again – this is used to ‘blame’ the republican voters, who did crawl over broken glass, who did queue in cold and rain.
        Instead we should turn this round and ask how it is possible that a GOP campaign can be so inept, so technologically stupid.

        We must not let the pundits and talking heads keep on perpetuating the myths about this and that group not voting, or that the party must become more like the dems, or that it’s all the fault of the TEA party – for being too radical right as well as for not voting. Schizophrenic.

        Odd, isn’t it, that none of those figures ask if it might, just might, perhaps have been a major mistake to shut out Sarah Palin, to not let her speak at the RNC, to not let her campaign at all, perpetuating the lie that it was Sarah Palin who ‘lost’ it for McCain.

        Time for the grassroots to rise up and sweep the old RINOcraty away.

        • MrMicawber

          I was part of the Boston team and I can tell you that it was worse than even the articles are describing. And there were many people out in the field – willing to crawl over broken glass – who were either angry or crying because they could not be effective.

          Early on many of us warned that this idea – which was brilliant by the way – was not fully vetted or stress-tested. We did not go through scenarios fully. Etc. Depressing but true.

      • Orca? the killer whale? How ironic! This says that the Romney campaign was so incompetent that they suppressed their own vote! Yes, businessman Romney would have brought such superior managment to the US that without doing anything, business would surge forward and create jobs and prosperity.

        Look, the 47% comment suppressed the vote just as much, that included disabled vets, the retired elderly, the middle class with big mortgages and more that a few children, those working part time and taking care of an sick member of the family, widowed moms. Lots of those folks might have voted for him, but he didn’t seem to want them.

        • MrMicawber

          Still living in mom’s basement, eh?

          • Orangeone

            He must be and is loving being a dependent child to age 26. Won’t he be in for a surprise when mommy says she won’t pay to keep him on her health insurance because the cost is too high. I’m particularly looking forward to moms that say that to their daughters because the premiums are highest during those child-bearing years 🙂

    • Nukeman60

      Well said, colliemum. You hit the nail on the head.

      One has to wonder how the pollsters got it just right (they are now saying the polls were matching what was really out there). Think about that. How did they know? They took their polling responses, and formed the polling numbers based on a certain demographic (that was skewed more Democratic than ’08). Where did the initial skew come from? And how did it ‘miraculously’ end up just like the final results, when everybody was saying, “no, that’s not right”?

      We all saw the enthusiasm. We aren’t isolated here on TRS, where we only see what we want to see and ignore reality. One thing I cherish about this site is that you all have a firm grip on reality. All around us the Dem enthusiasm was way down and the Repub enthusiasm was way up. It would be as if 2010 was so energized with the Tea Party and then when we voted, the Tea Party didn’t show up. We would have been puzzled, for sure.

      I’m crunching the numbers right now. It will take me some time. I need all the data from all the swing states. I need to compare Romney with McCain and see if it matches. I need to explore who did the national counting and who controlled the manufacture of the electronic machines in the swing states (I already have a half dozen or so links I’m exploring).

      Here’s a preliminary tidbit that will perk some interest. In Florida, the auto recount is cued at 0.5 %. Both Romney and West so far have lost by the exact same amount of 0.66%. That was just high enough to pass the allowed recount number, but low enough to not be questioned. What bothers me is that they are both exactly the same. Something that an electronic algorithm would produce. Hmmm…

      I need time to finish all my research, but Scoop will be the first I come to with this ‘scoop’, even before I write the book and then disappear from sight (lol).

      More, later. You are right. We are the resistance now (the New Guardians). We need to hold that banner high in the weeks and months to come.

      • colliemum

        And well said to you, nukeman60!

        You’re right in that many of us visit other sites as well, and the reports from all over the country were identical as to the enthusiasm.
        The ‘Citizen reports’ at Breitbart on 11/6 all speak for themselves.

        We know there are quite adept hackers out there – wouldn’t surprise me if some got promised amnesty for a little bit of help.

        I wish it were possible to interest some of the brilliant Israeli computer specialists to take a closer look …

        • Orangeone

          It’s very easy to place them as election judges, simplest fraud there is.

          • mike3e4r7

            Orangeone, as someone who is familiar firsthand with the voting process and its vulnerabilities to voter fraud, would you agree that a good priority for tea party/conservative activists in the next 2 years would be to finally focus on cleaning up the voter laws, particularly in the swing states? Florida, Virginia, and Ohio all have Republican governors, but for how long?

            It might be good if we could come up with a checklist of essential reforms that would have to be necessary to ensure a fraud-free (or as close as possible) electoral system. Perhaps all precints should be required to have life video surveilance. Obviousely, proof of citizenship to register, free access to voting locations for observers from both parties?

            Really push these types of reforms, and if they get challenged by Federal judges, then maybe that needs to be the line in the sand where the states defy them and so no more.

      • mike3e4r7

        Man, I’m impressed.

        There have been a few voices in the wilderness here saying something’s not right here.

        I think most are so demoralized they just don’t want to think about or don’t know how to address this issue, but it needs to be addressed.

        Even conservative media personalities that I’m sure we all have respect for (e.g. Levin, Whittle, etc.) Are not raising this issue, so it falls on us to at least challenge the narrative that poor voter turnout cost the election.

        Please keep us posted.

      • mike3e4r7

        I remember before Andrew Brietbart died he talked about having a huge march in NY in front of the main stream media, a sort of Tea Party rally that they wouldn’t be able to ignore. It never came off. Someone in this thread I think also mentioned it.

        If your research leads to proof of widespread voter fraud that cost Romney the election, this would absolutely be the time for a massive showing of people at the physical doorsteps of NBC, CBS, ABC, and CNN, absolutely DEMANDING they cover it (I.E. We aint leaving till you report this!)

    • SoLongSong

      Excellent post! In an odd way, not being able to believe your own lying eyes has become the norm, and one has to shake oneself and remind oneself not to just accept what you’re being told.

      The enthusiasm/crowds for Romney were WAY above Obama. Same with signs!

      I think a lot of the reason republicans don’t speak up more is the blaring bullhorn manned by the MSM – which, as you said, calls us all sorts of lovely names, and the name-calling “takes” for the low information public.

      The tea party should take on the MEDIA next. Obama, etc., wouldn’t get away with EVERYTHING, would not have even been elected in the FIRST place, were it not for them.

    • poljunkie

      I’m with you. The last couple weeks of huge rallys in the swing states- who were those people?

      Why did my town flip Republican? After years of being liberal? So did another posters (DebX)

      I dont get what just happened. I read that Gov Romney is shell shocked. He was ready, prepared- fireworks, web site, transition team.

      All I can figure is Obama never really left the swing states and high electoral states. Since 2008 he kept not only his ground game, but his under current. He had people there milling around, “coddling” his base, throwing them bones, keeping them happy.

      I am so sad.

      • Orangeone

        And then he leaked his transition website so Barky Boy could copy it. And Barky did and has gone running with Romney’s ideas, again.

        • poljunkie

          I just cannnot get past the fact that we didnt win this. I am still stunned.

          • Orangeone

            It’s okay.  I’m over it and planning for 2014 and 2016.  I truly see this as an opportunity for us to have a truly Conservative candidate.

            • poljunkie

              Did I tell you that my son- who teaches Humanities had put together an educational travel club- and the first trip is…guess where???

              To the Inauguration. Yep…5 days, all over, with the “highlight” being the swearing in ceremony.
              He called me to say the min Romney conceded he sent a text to the other teacher going with him, that he was feeling sick, and couldnt go.
              The other guy, said—uh, no way- you’re stuck, just as I would have been if Romney won.


              • Orangeone

                OMG yuck!  So these young kids are going to see massive waste and ego stroking all the while 23 million + 1 or 2 million more will be out of work. What kind of lesson is that?

    • DebbyX

      We have to start fighting fire with fire, to your point. We have to lose this posture of the party with virtue. We can still have it, but with some enemies, you just have to get down and dirty to defeat them!

      It’s high time we learned that lesson.

    • mike3e4r7

      Excellent post! I’m totally with you.

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    I made it about 20 minutes before I really couldn’t listen any longer, and here’s why: if the smartest and brightest are now trying to tell us that THIS is what the issue is — that we’ve culturally lost a sense of virtue — then I have to ask, “Did you seriously just see this now?” Everything Whittle sights in the 20 minutes I listened (and I’m gonna listen some more to see if he starts singing a different tune) we knew going into this election cycle, and everything he’s said thus far was precisely why Conservatives were standing against Showbama as well as having trouble giving a full endorsement to Mitt Romney. If we’re just going to stand around and continue to hash out (a) why we lost and (b) what we could’ve done to not lose, then we’re really just wasting time.

    I’ll listen some more, though … as long as I can take it …

  • SoLongSong

    I listened nearly an hour into the hour and a half longie. Yes, I was playing “MooShu Tiles” while I was listening, so perhaps I didn’t grasp EVERYTHING. I liked some of what he said, and adore Whittle generally, but it seemed like kind of a pyramid scheme – and an unrealistic one at that.

    Would love to hear from someone who listened to the whole thing and grasped every nuance.

    • RosiesSeeingRed

      SoLongSong, I listened to the whole thing. The parallel space program, schools, etc., he spoke of — I just don’t see it being feasible. He’s never going to get 10 million people to pay $9.95 a month to attend virtual schools online. I have 3 kids and can’t envision them having attended school via computer their whole lives.

      BTW, it IS possible to send your kids through the public school system and liberal colleges and still have them emerge as non-liberals. I have 3 kids to prove it, though I wouldn’t call any of them “conservative” in every way, which is why I don’t like that “conservatism” is the term applied to anyone who is not a liberal. There are non-liberals everywhere, but not all are conservative on every issue. The common factor is that we are FREEDOM loving, constitution-loving patriotic Americans, and that is how I would describe my 3 non-liberal kids who all voted for Romney. But I wouldn’t call them conservative, and maybe we need to learn something from that.

      • SoLongSong

        THANK you RSR! Much as I love Whittle, I was thinking the same thing – that it wasn’t feasible. I did’t know if I’d listened to the whole thing if there would be more to his plan, so thank you for letting me know.

        Conservatism. Hmm. Perhaps we can call it “Americanism” or “Foundingism” or “Freedomnistas”. Whatever it’s called, I think it’s what needs to be taught at home, as you obviously have done and as I try to do with my own son.

        Thank you for taking the time to let me know.

  • SouthernForester

    I was physically sick after this election. I could not believe that a majority of Americans reelected this marxist. All I could think of was Abraham Lincoln’s quote about preferring to move Russia or some other country where he could “take his despotism whole without the base alloy of hypocrisy”.

    That being said, I have resolved to make a difference. And I think it should start with local elections. Do everything you can to improve the local community first, then the state where you live. This is truly how grassroots movements start. Nullification of overstepping federal mandates is possible if you have the right state government. I had no real worry that my state would go for Obama, and it did not, but the county map was enlightening and showed a narrower margin than I thought was possible.

    If we secure the local and state elections, then national elections will have better results. That is my theory anyway, I hope I am headed in the right direction.

    • PVG

      Bravo SF! You are headed in a most excellent direction. Not the easiest, like giving up, but the direction of the fighting American spirit……..LETS ROLL!

  • Nitnyline

    I still haven’t eaten since the disaster hit on Tuesday night. I hate to keep being the guy with the dose of reality but Bill Whittle is dead wrong on this one. IT IS OVER, DONE, FINISHED. We don’t come back from this one. Obamacare cannot be overturned now. It will go into effect and for the rest of our lives the Democrats will tell people that if a Republican gets elected they will take your healthcare away. The Takers in our society have us outnumbered by a wide margin. Obamacare will be just like Social Security, a sacred cow that can never be touched no matter how bad things get. Stay asleep America, waking up just makes it worse.

    • DebbyX

      We have to keep fighting the good fight. It IS a disaster, but so were so many other catastrophes that befell our Country. If everybody gives up, then THAT’S when we’re done!

      It’s bad, it’s really bad, but please eat something!

    • mike3e4r7

      This was extremely tough. We’re all trying to figure out how to deal with it in our own way. I’m saddened by all the stories of despair that I’ve heard here. The day after the election I felt totally devestated. I can understand your feeling to give up.

      The thing that convinces me not to (in my more optimistic moments) is when I look at these libtards all around us and realize we are giving them way too much credit. Sure they are winning, but they are flawed human beings just like the rest of us. They are different from us in that they lack any virtue, integrity or honor which has given them an advantage in this fight. But they are not perfect. They’re not even particularly smart. They benefit from the power of groupthink which has allowed them to get the upper hand for the time being, but they are only human.

      The closest thing we have to a liberal super villian is probably George Soros (a liberal Lex Luthor, if you will). But he is only human. How can he or any group of statists truly control the actions of free people? They rely on other human beings to carry out their grand schemes to accumulate more power, and their hubris is to think that they can control us.

      I remember how when I was growing up, the Iron Curtain seemed to me to be a permanent feature of the world that would never go away, but it did. Thank you Reagan, for seeing the weakness and unsustainability behind the facade. If the Iron Curtain came down, these intellectual lightweights that now have the upper hand will certainly fall.

  • Conservative_Hippie

    This may sound a little harsh, but if Bill Whittle had a radio show and it was on at the same time Rush, Hannity, and Levin were on – I would listen to Whittle’s show. Don’t get me wrong, I love Rush, Hannity, and Levin, but for real wisdom and insight in matters that count, Bill Whittle is head and shoulders above the rest.

    • DebbyX


    • PVG

      No contest……Levin has rewind!

  • Kordane

    As far as I am concerned the Republican party is dead to me now.

    • PVG

      So much for courage………..

      • Kordane

        Look at what they allowed to happen! Enough is enough. I don’t think it’s courageous to continue supporting the Republican party; I think it’s stupid and insane. Supporting the Republican party DOES NOT WORK. Insanity is doing the same thing but expecting a different result. This is insanity. No more, I say. No more!

        I’m not going to listen to anyone who says “Continue the fight! Fling yourselves out of the trenches and into the machine gun fire!” It’s stupid to do that.

        Courage? Try having the courage to start with a clean slate. Try having the courage to embrace a change in party (to a principled and non-moderate one), rather than just stick with the same old rotten (corrupted by liberalism) party.

  • DebbyX

    I’m having a pizza party, everyone’s invited!


  • When he says about people that live in NY skyscrapers and over the hill in Hollywood: ” I know these people – their entire lives are about orgies and hot tubs and doing all the cocaine they can do ” I lost it. This guy is a member of the Lollipop Guild!
    Sorry, but he’s as delusional as Donald Trump.
    Wait, ok, maybe the hot tubs. mmmmmmm hot tub.

  • wodiej

    He’s right about virtue. Adversity builds character. Nicely done Mr. Whittle.

  • mrcombi

    Gutless, you’re all gutless…

  • gajaw999

    Second video VERY thought provoking: Build parallel structures that eventually supplant those now controlled by the liberal behemoth. I wonder how Christian faith fits in with all this as I believe one of the ways, if not the only way, to change corrupt hearts to virtuous is by spiritual rebirth. A third Great Awakening could turn hearts in the same way the first one did. It was unforeseen by populace at large, but swept through New England like a fire, brought on by the prayers and efforts of a pious few.

    Much to think about.

  • shukov

    Gee Bill, I am a big fan of yours, but I have a real problem with homosexuality, don’t you know that the promotion of homosexuality is part of the leftist plot to turn us into a nation of godless heathen?

  • theresaaa

    Scoop said “…I’m sure it’s awesome.”

    That is awesome awesomeness !

    Everyone looking for a real way forward should watch this , I know it’s long and he tends to ramble here and there . I found my self saying ” get on with it ” BUT it’s all worth it !
    Great Ideas ! Things that can really be done .

    “I am not gonna let these bastards steal this country ! They can steal the government but they’re not stealing this country , they’re not stealing this idea !”

  • S Doughty

    What Bill has proposed here is very attractive, but after careful consideration, I do not think it can work. It is based on the assumption that the ruling class will allow us to continue to go our own way, operate our parallel society and prosper, so long as we pay the taxes that they demand and do not break their laws. That last point is the rub.

    They will not allow us to have our own educational system. They will insist that our children be educated in the state system of indoctrination. This is already seen in Germany and Scandinavian countries where home schooling is severely frowned upon or completely outlawed. We will not be able to have our independent, truth-based educational system functioning when our children are in government schools for 8 hours a day. To take our children out of the government school system will put us in conflict with the law.

    Similarly, if they see us setting us a space program, they will simply pass legislation making all space project the exclusive domain of the government. Bingo! We are in conflict with the government if we continue.

    The point is, they will not allow classical, free, virtuous Americans to continue to live freely in this country any longer. They will observe whatever we attempt to do, and promptly outlaw it in one way or another, so that they can control us. Control is what the communist society is all about in the first place, and they are not about to let us slip away so easily.

    It was a great idea, but I think it overlooks the essential communist desire to control and dominate all of the people.