BillO on the unsustainable spending that will lead to an economic collapse

This is actually a good monologue by BillO on the unsustainable spending by this government. In fact he highlights a graph that does a great job spelling out the problem:

The graph says it all. 87 million being subsidized and only 109 million workers. Ugh.

Listen to the full monologue below:

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  • brendawatkins

    It sounds like BillO actually thinks Obama gives a dang. When we ALL understand Obama is actually bringing America down intentionally, then maybe we can get serious about FIGHTING him!

    • Yeah that’s his problem. He refuses to call Obama what he is – a socialist who wants to collapse the economy

      • Ding! Ding! Ding! Couldn’t have said it better myself! 🙂

      • Conniption Fitz

        Obviously, the areer politician Republicans do not care all that much either.

        The Republicans also knew the dangers, but they passed new taxes anyway, allowed the corruption/manipulations in the FED, Wall Street, World banking to endanger our economy, build housing bubble, etc.

        • Conniption Fitz

          Newt and Ron Paul are just humans with faults, but their advice and wisdom about the economy is right on.

          The US needs to pass laws that prevent Corzine, Madoff and Romney type vulture capitalists from operating their scams and for scamming the taxpayer.

          The US needs to protect its markets and currency from such as Soros and the World powers.

          The US needs to protect its people from foreign investors, illegal alien invaders, influences such as Sharia, Islam, etc..

          • Conniption Fitz

            Someone needs to stand up against the corrupt ‘Climate’ talks going on right now in Qatar, and the Carbon tax scam/deception that is a ruse for establishing a UN-led One World Government.

            This will destroy US sovereignty and put the US under tyranny of corrupt power-mongers and ungodly Islamic/communist/fascist powers.

          • The US needs to protect itself from blithering idiots. <———- and that's a period

            BTW, your 'vulture capitalist' line is marxism. Learn to identify it, and don't give it a place in your mouth or your mind.

          • RonPaulSupporter2

            I think you’re mistaken about Romney.

            He is not a vulture capitalist. The dealings that Bain Capital had that made the news happened years after Romney left Bain Capital.

            As far as passing new laws…all the laws necessary to catch people like Madoff and Corzine are already on the books. It’s the inept abilities and corruption in Federal Agencies like the SEC that let these two get away with what they did

            As far as protecting it market…the US tried that by passing laws in the 30’s and it didn’t work. It was one of the factors that contributed to the length of The Great Depression.

            As far as protecting it’s currency…look no further than The Federal Reserve Bank that has allowed our dollar to loose over 95% of it’s value since its inception in 1913. A person like Soros would have little if any effect on our currency if it was backed or replaced by gold.

            As far as protecting its people…the oaths taken by our elected officials and military personnel state that they are to defend the Constitution of the United States and the people against all enemies foreign and domestic. Now if we could only get elected leaders to follow that oath we’d probably all be a lot better off.

            Forgive me for being forward but you sound more like a statist than a supporter of someone like Ron Paul. Your looking to the US government to pass laws to solve the very problems it had a large hand in creating in the first place. Almost all of the economic problems we face today as a nation can be solved through a free market economy. The US has not had a true free market economy in over 100 years, that’s why it’s failing. It’s a combination of government intervention, public-private-partnerships, and other “investments” made by the government that skew the market from it’s real direction which may cause short term growth but almost always leads to long term problems.

    • If you have been watching O’Reilly for any length of time, you have see that Bill started kissing Obama’s @ss during the first campaign and after his election.

      It is a KNOWN FACT that the Obama people had a sit-down with Roger Ailes and was told to “call off the dogs”, meaning O’Reilly, and Fox News complied. Ever since then, Bill has been giving Obama a pass and when he does criticize him he qualifies it with something like, “much like President Bush before him….”. Or, “in Obama’s defense, Bush didn’t do any better”. Bill and Fox News are a bunch of chicken 5hits. They are far from “Conservative”. I get better news from Pravda than I do from Fox.

      • Damn right, General. NEWS CORP was punked by a Saudi around the time the French muzzie ‘utes’ were burning Paris.

      • SBook2515

        O’Reilly isn’t trying to be conservative. He has guests and regular commentators on BOTH sides of the aisle. He openly criticizes both parties and points out the flaws and good points. He is being fair when he points out something Obama has done that he disagrees with and then points out similarities in Bush’s policies, but he DID come down very hard on the Obama administration when it declared war on Fox news. Watch Hannity if you want an emphasis on conservative.

      • general lee: could you direct me in the direction to find “KNOWN FACT” you refer to. thanks

    • Susanna958

      Thank you. I came here to say that.

    • Jim Botts

      Bill O’Reilly is one of the idiots that helped get Obama elected in 2008. Every time a piece of evidence about his past was presented that reflected his destructive ideology, Bill O went out of his way to give him the benefit of the doubt.

      Bill O dismissed concerns from the right as unsubstantiated remarks by “right wing zealots”

      Bill O is just as responsible for electoral fraud as NBC.

      • brendawatkins

        How can you fight an enemy you don’t think you have? That’s BillO’s problem…he doesn’t see Obama as the enemy he IS!

    • spin43

      I totally agree that Obama has a communist agenda and wants the middle class destroyed, both morally and fiscally. He is out to destroy this country and with such an ignorant population, he will achieve his mission.

  • sDee

    “Mr. Obama is not a socialist, he’s not a communist — he’s a social-justice anti-capitalist.”
    Bill O’Reilly July 2012

    • Lime Lite

      Social justice is code speak by communists for redistributing wealth. So, O’Reilly was saying he was one indirectly.

      • sDee

        Misdirection and nuance is the name of their game. If O’Reilly was truly “watchin’ out for the folk” he would have warned America of this dangerous marxist long long ago.

        Hussein Obama is a Fabian Fascist aligned in the destruction of America with the globalists and islamic supremacists. That, is a far cry from “social justice”.

        Then again if Fox wanted to tell America the truth, they’d have put Beck on a 8pm instead of canning him

    • libertyandtyranny

      So what the hell is he FOR, if he’s an ANTI- capitalist? He is a CRONY CAPITALIST!

      • ZM71

        Thomas Sowell actually wrote a very good column on this a little while ago where he argues that based on how he has governed the best description of Obama’s politics is as a Mussolini style Fascist. He says that he is in bed with the ultra rich and is more of a crony capitalist than a socialist as he has not attempted to nationalize large industries but instead get in bed with them. I don’t have the time right now to find the link but his columns are archived on his website and town hall.

  • nibblesyble

    It was actually good, but he needs to listen to his friend Glen Beck a bit more and realize Obmama wants to collapse the ‘evil’ capitalist system. He sure is on his way to doing that!

    • mike3e4r7

      Yep. I’ll give O’Reilly credit for this one. I think it was a good segment, but he is still stubbornly naive about who Obama really is and what his motives are.

      • sDee

        I find it impossible to believe O’Reilly is truly that naive or ignorant of Hussein Obama.

        This is all prime time Kabuki theater.

        • mike3e4r7

          Could be. I don’t really know why he sticks to the narrative that Obama is just misguided, but means well.

        • Nukeman60

          He’s too naive or too ignorant (or too arrogant) to understand that he really isn’t fighting for ‘the folks’ anymore. Much like Obama, it’s all about him now.

  • freenca

    I just watched this and think that even if the nominal tax rates were a total of 90% the Dems would still not be satisfied!!! Add up all the taxes you pay already, people!!!! Gasoline and electric and natural gas and sales and state and income and and and and and, fill in all the blanks! How much do you already pay?, and they want more and more and more, ad infinitum, it’s totaliarianism!!! 100% will not be enough and your childrens labors also will not be enough!! Beware the slithytoves and don’t be late to the tea party, even if it is run by a mad hatter and a rabbit!

  • But when you have the majority of Americans voting FOR socialism, it’s hard to see how you avoid the coming economic collapse. Not only are the Democrats running out of other people’s money, they’re just running out of money, period. What is that phrase Obama likes to us, “The math just doesn’t work out?” Obama should start listening to himself, because his version of “math” and spending just doesn’t work out at all. And with all the low information voters our there getting the bulk of their news from The Daily Show, it’s no wonder a guy like Obama can get re-elected.

  • BillO is a tool, but he’s right on this one. Will America wake up in time?

  • Sober_Thinking

    If O’Reilly had used the words “moocher” or “parasite”, he might have been more accurate and convincing.

    And thinking that Obama is actually trying to do anything good for America is arrogantly naive. Obama has proven time and time again that he hates America and doesn’t care about American suffering. Fast and Furious. Benghazi. Solyndra. Obamacare. Regulations. Out of control spending. No budget. No debt ceiling. TARP. Gutting our military. Bloated government. Bailouts. Fairness. I could go on and on and on…

    If Bill really “cared about the folks”, he’d use his vaunted ratings and honestly, completely tell the truth in a stark and consistent manner. But he remains watered down and too moderate… so even though he’s a charitable man, he’s letting the folks get screwed.

    • wodiej

      Perhaps he doesn’t believe name calling accomplishes anything-it doesn’t.

    • Dick Parker

      “all this for a damn flag”…………..

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    Bill O gets what he deserves. He is the enabler who opened the barn door and put the oats outside when he declared Romney the most electable after New Hampshire, and continually pandered to Obama by refusing to define him. Your horse lost Billy and we are going to suffer way more than you.

  • BMinPA

    I like to see Fox’s ratings after the election. I had a fixed routine. 8-9 BO, 9-10 Hannity and 10-11 Greta. I haven’t gone back to them since. I am watching Pierce Morgan at 9 now and that’s it. Yes, he is a liberal but he asks good questions, is polite, and does not speak for and over his guests. I enjoyed a fun conversation he had with Alec Baldwin. Interestingly, when pressure is off some liberals show some conservative traits. Baldwin came out against legalization of marijuana and expressed concern over the debt. I really don’t like to be “informed” by any of Fox personalities anymore. Firing of Rove and Morris was long overdue. There are more who have to go. You can’t bring back people who lost this big and expect people to watch them.

  • white531

    Scoop has it right. O’Reilly suffers from the same thing a lot of Americans suffer from. The ignorance, or denial, which is even worse, of what Obama’s intentions really are. Obama wants to change the organizational structure of the United States to a Socialist model. He has himself stated this on several occasions. He avoids the word, “Socialist,” but his intentions are clear, which are to, “fundamentally transform,” the United States of America.

    To accomplish that, his primary task is to first destroy the economy. That’s what all the borrowing and spending and wasting of money has been about. He’s a big fan of Cloward and Piven. He doesn’t give a rat’s patootie what the Republicans do about the so-called, “fiscal cliff.” As Sarah stated several days ago, we’ve already gone over the fiscal cliff.

    No matter what the lame republicans do, Obama will win either way, and when he does, he will go right on spending money we don’t have, until there is finally no way to avoid total economic failure and collapse of the system. When that happens, there will be riots in the streets, and food will become more important than gold, because the local supermarkets you depend on, will be closed, their shelves empty.

    This is when phase two of his plan will go into effect. Marshal law will be declared, and further elections will be suspended. He has been acting like a dictator every since he was elected, using and abusing the powers of his office, to achieve his own ends. Once he declares marshal law, in the name of national emergency, he will gain the actual title, and we will cease to be a free Republic.

    The National Security Agency will come into a new realm of importance, as Obama uses it to eavesdrop on American citizens, and track down and root out dissidents. The drones that are now up and flying in American airspace, will be a part of this. There will be a need for a civilian security force, separate and distinct from the military, answerable to Chairman Obama.

    I am not a conspiracy theorist. I am a normal American citizen with a family, and children and grandchildren, just like you. Everything I just outlined, is a very real possibility in the very near future. Sounds crazy, I know. But if someone had told you four years ago, of all that was going to happen in the next four years, you would have said the same thing. And yet, it did happen.

    A good source reference for the NSA is here:

    What happened to the agent, is real.

    • sDee

      Hardly seems crazy. A scenario like that actually makes more sense than the silly downplay like this from O’Reilly, which appears to just keep the right pacified, clinging to foolish hope.

      I am with you. Just worked my whole life, sent in my taxes, raised kids, paid the mortgage, and contributed to America as best I could.

      The element in the scenario I wonder about is where the military will stand. Will they fire on us? I check over at Oath Keepers now and then but just do not have a sense as to how large a group it is or if it reflects the current enlisted.

      • white531

        Good question. My best guess is that Obama will not test their allegiance. He will instead rely on his Civilian army that some say he is already putting together. If the military is not called upon to make a choice, they will probably stay out of the fray, unless it gets really ugly.

        I could be wrong, but I don’t believe Obama and the people who are with him on this, see this as becoming a war. They see it as using careful steps to break the will of the American people and get them used to the idea of a totalitarian government, using only a minimal amount of force. You have to admit, he has already laid the groundwork for a lot of that. If he is able to orchestrate a controlled national emergency, beginning with a financial meltdown, people will look to him for leadership, which he will be only too happy to provide.

        One thing is for sure, he won’t have much trouble with the brain-dead Americans and Illegal aliens who elected him. It’s the rest of us, that he has to worry about. That’s where the NSA and his private army come in.

        What is the timeline for this happening? Anybody’s guess. They probably don’t have a timeline for it themselves. Kind of a, “work in progress,” type of thing. If I had to put a milepost marker out there to look for, I would say when they achieve some sort of breach of the Second Amendment. Gun control.

        The Founders knew what they were doing, when they wrote that one.

    • sDee
      • white531

        Thanks, sDee. Yes, I read that. The information is out there on several different sites. Thank God for people like Mr. Binney.

        Remember, he blew the whistle on the NSA because he could not stomach the constitutional violations he was witnessing on a daily basis. The government wants you to think he was a rat and a turn-coat. In actuality, men and women like him are modern day heroes, and are critical to the survival of this nation as a Constitutional Republic.

  • sDee

    Over at ulsterman report there is a bit of drama in a transcript conversation between the “Republican Insider” and the “White House Insider” . It may not mean much to those who were not following the WhItehouse Insider during the election, but worth a read.

    Most of what RI brings up is old news here at TRS … seems hard to believe that WHI does not see it that way…

    Part 1

    Part 2

    • ApplePie101

      Thanks for links to a very interesting exchange. From the end of the primary onward, it didn’t appear that the Romney camp was fighting to win. RI’s speculation about corruption of the internals may be true, though I’m more inclined to think they skewed numbers so they could deliver results the RNC wanted to hear.

  • PVG

    Bravo Bill……excellent.

  • Dierardo

    O’Reilly ought to catch up on his Marxist- Alinsky lore. Then he will realize that President Fakir and his coreligionist partners in collectivist revolution, Billy and handler, Hillary Clinton of recent Benghazi fame are similarly intent on transforming this country to socialism.

    distinctions between accuracy and inaccuracy of budgets are all beside the point. They are intent on achieving a period sustained economic disaster where citizens will become dependent upon, and submissive to the state for their moldy crusts of survival…. ergo the market economy’s destruction is the gateway to the collective Nirvana.

  • The aim of the class warfare has never been for helping the poor. It is to “overthrow all enemy classes, to trample under foot and to never let them turn over”. The truth of the class warfare is to achieve a “proletariat dictatorship” It is not just the 1% they are going after; it is the whole so-called non-proletariat they want to annihilate, here non-proletariat means all the taxpayers. It is not the annual income they are going after, it is the whole wealth of the rich, generations’ wealth. This is what we were taught since elementary school and this is what happened/happening in country that undertook the socialist path. Is there a way out for WETHEPEOPLE?

  • wodiej

    That is a good segment. I just read a book called the Laws of Love. I have believed this for a long time that people need to be taught to feed themselves not be fed. They need to learn to utilize what they have instead of giving them what they don’t have. People become dependent, bitter, angry and blame everyone else for it because they are not being accountable for themselves. People are not happy when they give up their free will for free stuff.

    There are those we truly need to show compassion for. Who are struggling to do all they can but just need some encouragement and someone to give them some moral support. But people like JK either are mental or just severely depressed and the only thing that will help them is to give their life to Jesus. The only charity I will give to is to help animals or consider is Christian based and includes it in their outreach to those that ask for help. Every year I see families adopted for Christmas that have a single parent and a bunch of little kids. The kids should not suffer but the parent should have to agree to some counseling, job training, volunteer work-something that will help her step up so year after year she is not in this continual cycle.

  • Philo Beddoe

    Just 8 months ago, we were all being told by Bill O’Reilly that we should give obama the benefit of the doubt.

    We all saw this coming EXCEPT the media.

    Both parties want the Fiscal Cliff.

    For years, the major complaint from both parties was–the tax code and deductions. We constantly heard about this FOR DECADES. Reduce this, increase that, the tax system is to confusing, blah, blah, blah

    We now have a America hating socialist in the Whitehouse who is unafraid of doing the “heavy lifting” of trashing the American economy by systematically increasing govt dependency and removing as many of the tax loopholes as possible. Once this is accomplished, a more updated and oppressive tax code will be installed.

  • Rocco11

    Bill-O might be finally (4 years late) coming around to the fact that there’s a communist in the White House, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

  • Arrrggghhh

    I couldn’t listen to this because Bill O is an arrogant elitist. However, I absolutely agree that this spending is unsustainable. It’s too bad that Bill O and the rest of the elitists have dismissed the Tea Party, which has been standing up for less government and less spending for four years now.

  • FreeManWalking

    I don’t want to sound like a crass and uncaring person. I could give more to charity and should. But like Bill is pointing out, here is a guy on the street that looks desolate but he is on the street by his on choosing.
    I am truly at a loss of words when I hear a (government sponsored) radio or tv ad requesting money because there are kids going hungry tonight in America, or this group or that group is down and out and can’t I just dig a little deeper and help them out.
    The have Government housing, welfare, food stamps, school breakfast and lunch that I am paying for every day of the year, and I am sure other programs I don’t know about. I am tired of them yanking my chain trying to get more and more of my hard earned money to give to someone that is probably living at or above the level I live.

  • Joengima

    The only question I have is…why wasn’t this monologue done prior to November 6th?

    See, when Romney picked Paul Ryan, I had assumed we’d get this kind of stuff from him at every rally, and even during the Vice Presidential Debate.

    The fact of the matter is, people are alright with “taxing the rich” because the media is failing to inform Americans.

    And by media, I don’t mean MSNBC or CNN but I mean in general.

    Last night, my family was watching a Christmas movie. I was doing some work on my laptop and then I watched the scene where a little girl is sitting on Santa’s lap asking for Universal Healthcare.

    The truth of the matter is, we lost the culture.

    I’m 24 years old. All my friends I went to college with; they think Jon Stewart and Steve Colbert are legitimate News Shows. The sad truth is, we on the right always joke about people thinking that, but guess where Obama always went to…

    The thing is We need to start going on these shows and express our view points.

    The Tea Party, in my honest opinion need to wake up.

    It’s too late to do anything within the government. Taxes are going to go up. We all need to accept that the GOP cannot prevent this and there isn’t enough time for a Third Party. (I’m telling you right now, contact those GOP Tea-Party congressmen and Women and get them to sign on to be the Trojan Horse meaning after the 2014 Midterm Elections and we send them reinforcement they’d switch Party ID’s from GOP to TP)

    We also need to start playing the Left’s game. We need to get into the culture. We need to be more active in our local schools. We need to begin the hard work, a counter culture movement. We must begin the restoration of our society.

    We may also have to mock Left tactics of “rebranding.”

    Instead of Conservatism, embrace Federalism. It’s virtually the same thing.

    The ill-inform voters thinks Fed is good. Well they’d be more inclined to vote for the Federalist instead of the Conservative.

    Honestly we need the Federalist Party to return.

  • 1tootall

    $$$ from the Makers——-> to the takers = bankruptcy

    somehow, the libs can’t understand how that math works. But it’s like the law of gravity: defy it at your own risk. We are all at risk, though with Boehner, Reid, and O’bama.

  • tinlizzieowner

    “BillO on the unsustainable spending that will lead to an economic collapse”.

    You shouldn’t have to be Bill O to be able to figure that out. Try spending more than you have in your bank account and watch what happens.

  • demographicallychallenged

    Isn’t it like giving you children an allowance, and when you arn’t looking the take your credit card and go shopping at the mall?

  • People are too busy with their feeding frenzy to realize the food is about to run out.


    …it sounds like Billy O has finally read GLENN BECKS BOOK ,’ BROKE ‘. Way to go Bill you have finally’ WOKEN UP ‘. and Thats the memo for tonight sorry this morning at 10:50 am.”

  • Nukeman60

    O’Reilly starts his monologue off with the statement “We need to wise up”. Maybe he needs to wise up, but so many of us on this site are already wise to the storyline already. It’s the pundits, like Billo, and the leftist morons who don’t understand that our path is unsustainable.

    Obama knows exactly what he is doing. He would not take in this homeless man to understand his situation (unless, of course, he could garner some PR out of it). Obama wants this man in the position Obama himself has put him in. Is Obama feeling the pain of this last six years? I think he has made himself rich living off the Taxpayer and playing his ‘fundamental transformation’ act.

    He has watched Putin and Chavez very closely and has learned exactly what he must do – not only with the way he manipulates elections, the media, the unknowing public, but also in the way he has made the Congress, the Constitution, and all forms of checks and balances irrelevant.

    The change is almost complete. No secrecy is needed now, as he has no reelection to worry about. As long as idiots like O’Reilly continue to spew the garbage that Obama is a “nice guy, but only a little over his head” philosophy, Obama will continue on his unsustainable, but unfettered path.

  • johnos2112

    The only way to fix is this is to make sure the cronies on the bottom and top who pay nothing! GE,, Micro soft, etc.? You hear me! You corporations hire former IRS agents to make it a point to not pay a dime in taxes. These corporations are stuffing the pockets of Republicans and Democrats while not paying their fair share. ZERO taxes from the above mentioned the last three years. Who in the hell has the courage to stand up and say ENOUGH! This country will collapse unless these bastards are dealt with. We also have a spending problem and that needs to be addressed. We are here and people like Boehner, Cantor, Graham, Obama, Reid, Pelosi are behind this. I am sure of it. At some point these people need to get out of the way and we the people need to take over. I am 100% in favor of a flat FEDERAL tax. That is businesses making over 500K pay 18% of NET INCOME. Under that you pay 12% of NET INCOME. This needs to happen! The question is who will stand up? Higher tax rates NEVER work because the same corporations will not pay a dime. If anything the cost of doing business will get passed right to the consumer. If someone had the courage to bring forth a federal FLAT TAX the goons on the left no longer have the class welfare of taxes. That argument will be gone! Tell me what American is not in favor of corporations paying their fair share? They may bitch and moan about those under 50K paying something but to bad. This country will not survive until EVERYONE makes a contribution!

  • Rocco11

    Don’t kid yourself, if Obama’s people called Bill-O and requested air time, Bill-O would be back in 13 year old girl at a Justin Bieber concert mode in a flash.

  • Mike Wilson

    Does “government employed persons” include the military?

  • Mike Wilson

    Does “government employed persons” include the military?

    • kong1967

      Even if it does, that only accounts for a small portion of government employees. I read somewhere that only 1 / 100 (or so) people join the military. 1 / 5 are government employees.

  • kong1967

    There’s one government employee for every five private employees. This is ridiculous….when you figure the private employees cover every job in the world. From salesperson, laborer, engineer, accountant, lawyer, doctor, and the list goes on forever. Government jobs just run government. That’s it. Government is taking on too many responsibilities it should not be taking on, which means government has more control over us every day.

    There are thousands of government agencies (or at least hundreds)….and yes that’s a guess…..and we need to start cutting them down by the hundreds at a time. Completely cut them off and end them. I don’t know how many agencies there are, but I saw the list of agencies that start with the letter “A” and there were so many I couldn’t count them. No need to go to the other letters to know that government is way too freaking big!

  • ApplePie101

    I’ve noticed that liberals are just now recognizing the enormous national debt, after pointedly ignoring it two years ago. Is it a coincidence that O’Reilly is also taking that line now, after similarly having ignored it?

    • DebbyX

      I watched O’Reilly quite a bit during the election, and he did talk about the spending. The only thing I see him doing differently now (post election) is actually criticizing this corrupt Administration. I wish he brought those things to light earlier so that perhaps the “low information” voters might have, in his words, wised up.