BillO to Marc Lamont Hill: You were insensitive and you gave credibility to a killer

BillO took it to Marc Lamont Hill for his comments yesterday on CNN celebrating Chris Dorner as a victim. And even though Hill apologized to the family if his remarks offended them, he clearly still didn’t get it. BillO told him that you can’t give credibility to someone like this by speculating over what happened at LAPD, but Hill insisted that it isn’t speculation, that there is rampant corruption there. But he offered no facts and it all seemed to be borne out of his mistrust or his general belief that because they get complaints there is corruption.

BillO told him he was being insensitive and ended the interview.

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  • Hey Dr Hill, KISS MY ASS! I dont believe your apology for one second. You said EXACTLY what you meant. You liberals always reveal yourself.

    • Jazzee


    • B-Funk

      Couldn’t have said it better myself. These loons need to be outed to the general populace. We should play their comments all over the internet on ads or something high profile like that.

  • Maxsteele

    Mark Lamont Hill, can you show me evidence of you questioning the LAPD in the last few months that was not instigated by you buying into the victim socialist narrative?
    Here is how it goes:
    “Obviously Dorner was a victim that was pushed to killing because of the obvious racism and corruption of the LAPD. He is a super hero kind of like Django unchained and it’s kind of exciting.”
    Then on O’Reilly you say,
    “Oh, you can separate the narrative of Dorner being a crazy murderer and the conversation about LAPD corruption because it is a century long issue.”
    No Mark! You are only speaking of this because this mad man went on a killing spree and he is a man of colour.
    If he was a white man then you would not hear a single boo about LAPD corruption but instead you would be hearing out cries of gun control.
    Any person with half a logical brain cell can cut through you BS. You are a scum bag like the rest of the MSM that uses the blood of innocents to push your liberal, socialist, agenda. Just like you did with the Sandy Hook children.
    Funny how you and none of your drones are talking about his manifesto and how he named a slew of left wing MSM and Obama as his heroes. Yet, if he mentioned Bill O or Rush Limbaugh imagine the calls for censoring the right wing media.

    • leberalcancer

      Mr Hill was simply using this ( like many libs do ) to spout off about his “agenda”
      Bill gave him a chance to “clear the air” and all he did was fan the flames….. and we all know how that turns out with Mr O’Reilly

    • Precisely. This guy has a Pile and high and Deep and he can’t seem to critically think.

  • c4pfan

    I’m getting sick and tired of the Left using their hate to cover up for murderers.

    • Jazzee

      and race……………pleasemove on lefties

  • c4pfan

    Bill should have had one of the victim’s family members confront this jerk off!

    • nibblesyble

      Would have paid to see that.

  • StrangernFiction

    The LAPD is horrible, but those that believe the Federal Government is corrupt and want it to have less power over our lives are crazy. Methinks when the authorities at all levels come for the guns, Hill will be in full-throated support.

    • leberalcancer

      If they are its LA’s own fault!! When your a city that allows and Welcomes THUGS to roam freely, you NEED Thugs to push back! I for one would never live there, But if I did, a few tough no bullshit cops woudl be a welcome “buffer” between me and the nuts! But then of course, I would give no reason for the Police to break down my door! And I would move from an area where it happened by accident. Whatever happened to that old Sayign “guilt by association”

    • Coming Apart

      Like Methinks, very good!

  • proudhispanicconservative

    This is a professor? What a joke……… Not a big fan of O’Reilly but I have to give it to him here, he did an excellent job exposing and belittling this guy.

    • nibblesyble

      100 percent correct!

    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      Yes, Hill has been on the Factor as “an analyst” for a long time, and, sadly, he behaves on Bill’s show almost as irresponsibly as he did on CNN; still, Bill lets his @ss have a voice to the masses … that’s why I said (above) that Bill’s just as bad as Hill for giving him legitimacy all these years.

      • proudhispanicconservative

        Thats why I don’t like O’

    • martha chandler

      He’s a professor? The result of Affirmative Action.

      • The result of a dumbed down education system where everyone gets a gold star. O’Reilly didn’t challenge him near enough.

    • Edward La Guardia

      Wow how could you not like O’Reilly…I’m sure it’s because he doesn’t tow the conservative line like a lap dog who is slurping up the kool-aid…people should respect honorable men like him who have their faults and get it wrong at times just like everyone but is an independent thinker who sees that neither party has a monopoly on good ideas. Sure liberals are becoming more and more nuts and Obama is an evil tyrant destroying our nation but there are a lot of issues that conservatives refuse to budge on much more out of stubbornness than out of genuine principle.

  • I’m really bored with Fox’s “Fair & Balanced” BS, which just gives a huge audience to a$$holes.

    Meanwhile, Canada’s SunTV has Robert Spencer on Thursdays for a chat on the week’s Muslim misbehaviors. Fox has nothing like that, and very little critical about Islam — which may have to do with its Saudi investors.

    • Linky1

      @Dana, don’t know if you’re Canadian and actually get to watch SUN News, if you do, you’re as lucky as I am to have a choice – real news vs. Fox fluff. SUN has caused quite a stir in Canada, ruffling many liberal feathers in our lapdog media circles.

      I haven’t watched FOX at all since their disastrous election coverage ( I refuse to even watch clips posted here) and now, with their ongoing love affair with Karl Rove, FOX becomes less relevant and more dumbed down on a daily basis.

    • Even “Question Time” on the BBC is better than Fox’s format of drumming up a leftist to have a three-way speed-talking-point-a-thon.

      • leberalcancer

        then turn the channel

        • Or do like I do, and stop watching TV.

    • leberalcancer

      Relly? your Telling us a news show out of Canada is the place to be? I have a Question for all Canadians….. In so much as Both our countries began at apporx. the same time…… and have vertually the same resources etc….. Why is it the “American Dream” every one talks about and not the Canadian one? I could ask the same question for Brazil as well…. Folks talking about “being better” doesn’t make it true. News Flash from Fox news….. that “clicker thing on the couch beside you, CHANGES THE CHANNEL

      • las1

        How you ever managed to pull out of your hat that mangled and tortured polemic, in response to Dana Garcia’s comments, is a trick worthy of the great Kreskin.

        …your Telling us a news show out of Canada is the place to be?
        Yes. Try it. At least for important issues to do with freedom of speech, Islamic ascendency and fighting back against the cultural Marxist ethic. But SUN is in the Canadian context… it’s not going to wholly satisfy an American audience. No one is making that claim. If only America had an Ezra Levant! But Levant’s overall message is something every patriotic American can understand. And Levant is a remarkable Americaphile to boot. Here he is plying his favorite trade, his love for America, regarding the Keystone XL.

        If you were capable of subtlety and nuance you would understand what the complaint with FOX is. It’s veering left away from its original reason for being and a comparison to Canada’s SUN is drawing that distinction. But SUN news is fighting for its life… it operates on a budgetary thread of only 21M per year. It’s truly a David in the midst of Goliaths. Maybe it’s tiny size is the reason for its greatness.

        Why is it the “American Dream” every one talks about and not the Canadian one?
        Maybe that would have to do with the fact that America is ten times the size of Canada. And Maybe that would be because of your ignorance and limited knowledge, now wouldn’t it? Canada’s founding document, the British North America Act of 1867 was partly a product of John Locke and notions of “responsible government” and individual freedoms, and had as an added bonus America’s experience of constitutional governance to add to Canada’s nation building, as well as fears of America’s Manifest Destiny doctrine. But while the BNA Act and the 1982 Constitution are inferior documents, the little told story is that Canada has managed all the high ideals America espouses.

        America had its Ellis Island while Canada had its Grosse Ille in the St Lawrence River and Pier 21 in Halifax. Pier 21 is a general term for all of Halifax’s immigrant receiving piers. Ellis Island took in 11M immigrants while Pier 21 took in over 1M. That’s the exact same amount respective to our mutual population sizes. And believe me, the Canadian Dream and success of this nation is as vibrant and inspiring as the American Dream, and immigrants came here for the exact reasons they came to America. Those American immigrants who talk so highly of America… the same applies to their Canadian counterparts. I know… I’ve heard them say so. And my Polish Immigrant grandparents were among them.

        If you were to get over your outrage that someone beyond your borders would have an opinion, you just may discover they have something worthy listening to. Most folks here at Scoop understand that… maybe you should get on board as well.

      • E. Lee Zimmerman

        Awwww. Mom & Dad away for the day and left the PC on, did they?

      • Linky1

        “Relly? your Telling us a news show out of Canada is the place to be? ”

        It you would turn the sarcasm off (and the spellcheck on) for a moment, you would see that an upstart Canadian news channel is light years ahead of the established pro who has been under the thumb of it’s Saudi owners for quite some time.

        ” In so much as Both our countries began at apporx. the same time…… and have vertually the same resources etc…..”

        Ummmmm…..bone up on your history. Canada, as a country, was formed on July 1st, 1867, while the USA gained its independence on July 4th, 1776, a 91 year difference.

        ” Why is it the “American Dream” every one talks about and not the Canadian one? ”

        Along with spell check and grammar check you really need a history and geography lesson before getting off your high horse-there is a world outside your limited bubble and Canada is part of that world.

        While Canadians and Americans may share a common language and similar values, we are a separate country, founded close to 100 years AFTER the US. Canada is a country that is proud of its contributions to the world. We too, are a country of immigrants, as my mother (a Scottish Immigrant) will attest.

        “Folks talking about “being better” doesn’t make it true…”

        It’s statements like what you say above, that gave birth to the phrase “Ignorant American”, which thankfully, is a limited minority in your great country. Our similarities are what bind us together, our differences make us unique.

        ” News Flash from Fox news….. that “clicker thing on the couch beside you, CHANGES THE CHANNEL…”

        I did that a long time ago. FOX News has become a mere shadow if itself, having watched the channel since its inception, I have seen it go downhill since Glenn Beck was fired. Can’t stand Bloviating Bill O’Really and his revolving opinions, nor the rest of the chuckleheads that call themselves news people.

        Any news station that counts Karl Rove amongst it’s contributors needs a lesson in objectivity. They could learn a lot from Canada’s SUN News which, as a Canadian, I have a choice to watch.

      • 1endtimes2020

        I don’t think it’s necessary to go there. Canada is a great friend and trading partner with the U.S., and are ‘cousins’ at least.
        Brazil is one of the most prosperous countries in South America.
        So. people’s ‘dreams’ can be more publicized, or kept private.
        I don’t see how watching Sun TV has anything to do with anyone’s dream.
        I’d like to know how Americans can even FIND that channel.

        • las1

          They used to live stream it, but if you go here you can get a lot of their videos: . I can’t apologize for the Canadian content… it’s what we do… but there is plenty about America as well.

          Ezra’s great videos are here : updated every evening. I love Ezra… we all love Ezra… and his segments are short, usually ten minutes. No commercials.

          Maybe one of our good friends here at Scoop know where to find SUN… probably somewhere at the top of the dial at channel one-thousand-gazillion.

          • Linky1

            “Maybe one of our good friends here at Scoop know where to find SUN… probably somewhere at the top of the dial at channel one-thousand-gazillion.”

            For our Canadian friends:
            Rogers: 142/567 (HD)
            Shaw Digital: 177
            Shaw Direct: 149/517
            Bell TV: 506
            Bell FIBE: 518/1518(HD)
            COgeco: 195/705 (HD)
            ACCESS: 253
            Eastlink: 663 (HD)
            Videotron: 79/679 (HD)
            Sasktel: 69

            • las1

              Thanks Linky1… but I’m not sure if any are American. I see a great future for SUN – American Edition, since no other US broadcaster will touch what needs to be “touched”.

              • Linky1

                SUN News is only available on TV in Canada. All of those cable/satellite providers are Canadian. The info is right from their website.

                Sun prides itself of 96% Canadian content and they will keep it that way for their viewers and to satisfy the Big Brother rules of the CRTC.

                • las1

                  I can dream for our American cousins, can’t I?

                  Speaking of CRTC… I’m going to be one of the intervenors at the hearings in April. Or let me put it this way… they (CRTC) contacted me to dot my “i’s” and cross my “t’s”. I wake up nights brushing up my talking points. So excited.

                • Linky1

                  I would so love to be there, las1… Go get ’em!

                • las1

                  I originally just wanted to watch the proceedings… next thing I know I’m an intervenor. Yikes!

          • 1endtimes2020

            Thank you for the time you took to pass on your information. It worked, and the website is very colorful. I’ll check it out, Thanks again.

    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      No kidding.

    • 1endtimes2020

      How are you able to obtain Sun TV ?

      • Linky1

        You have to live in Canada to get the TV station, anywhere else – go here:

        • 1endtimes2020

          Thanks, I already followed your instructions and I’ll follow uo tonight.

    • Can you tell me how I can access sun News?

      I am actually considering dumping my satellite altogether. I’m so fed up. Streaming is the way to go.

      • Linky1

        SUN News does not stream live, Laurel.

        • So how do I access them?

          • Linky1
            • Thank You!

              I like Canada Free Press too.

              • 1endtimes2020

                Canada Free Press? Is it a free press for the people, or only for the press? If you like it, it must be for the people. I’ll try or .ca and see if I get it.
                Thanks for your information.

                • That is the correct link.

                • 1endtimes2020

                  Laurel. I clicked on to and the website came on. It is a very rich source of information, isn’t it. I’m glad you posted it onScoop. I was particulary impressed with Guest Clumnist Paul Kokoski’s Febriary 7th letter to the editor about Britain approving same sex marriage.
                  Paul’s profound explanation of the error of same sex marriage and how it affects family and children, should be read by all school teachers who will be forced to teach acceptance of homosexual lifestyle as only ‘a choice’.
                  Paul explains how same sex marriage individualizes each person, destroying the family. He also explains how children are made to feel ‘autonomous’, and therefore apart from family. This is the ultimate goal of the devil, who never wanted God to create humans in the first place. He knows he goingdown, but wants to take as many sould down with him as possible.
                  It is a ripe harvest for him these days, as every form of secular communications is against God’s teachings. Science is king, but God has all the knowledge scientists seek. I have never seen the world so immoral. Producers of Hollywood (Follywood) are becoming bolder and bolder in what they present, and their self-styled censor board is to announce “Viewer discretion is required”

  • tinlizzieowner

    Let’s get down to reality here. If this guy had been White, you wouldn’t be able to find Dr. Hill anywhere. 😉

    • OneThinDime

      The perp’s former training officer in his “termination” is female, can’t find anything that provides her race. Wonder if she is white.

    • Jazzee

      and murder and problems in the LAPD aren’t even connected
      he has shown his true colors
      did you know he helped the cop killer Mumia write his book???? says it all

      • tinlizzieowner

        No, I didn’t but why doesn’t that surprise me. That was another Black, counter culture, cop killer, ‘hero’, whose murderous actions are still being ‘justified’ to this day.

    • leberalcancer

      Problem is, everytime Mr Hill opens his mouth, he exposes his willingness to excuse bad behavior due to race, previous injustice and or hear-say information. As a professor i woudl think his thought process woudl keep that from happening. Having said that, and knowing the previous is true, it begs the question, is this a professor or just a Race baiting individual that happens to have a degree and a good job?
      The worst part it, whatever the answer, HE IS TEACHING Calss fulls of people to act and react as he does, which scares the hell out of me!
      If this doesn’t get him fired, It tells us all we need to know ( an already do) about Columbia University. And I can tell you now, a call came from “above” telling Fox Anchors, Mr Hill is no longer welcome on their “sets”… I could be wrong but I think that call already came thorugh some time back and O’Reilly is the only one that uses him ……. But even Bill will have second thoughts after tongiht’s interview…… and Honestly, I think that is part of the reason “O Reilly uses him, TO show in a glaring way just what he stands for as a person …. meaning Mr Hill.

  • See we Conservatives think rationally except when we expect Statists to think rationally.

    We Conservatives understand that one’s character is more thoroughly and accurately revealed by one’s actions than by one’s words. We also value human life above Statist ideology. As a result, we accurately perceive Dorner’s ‘manifesto’ as the words of a madman. Statist’s, however, are so enamored of Dorner’s writing that they are willing to forgive his killing spree. Worse still, many Statists support Dorner’s murderous rampage.

    Conservatives have the capacity for rational thought necessary to realize that a murderous rampage is intellectually consistent with the Statist ideology of Dorner’s ‘manifesto’.

    As Scott Ott said, “it is what Occupy Wall Street aspired to but didn’t have the guts to do.”

    • las1

      Really well said there OTM… excellent. Can I put this in my THINGS THAT DEFINE CONSERVATIVES folder.

  • OneThinDime

    Interesting that I’ve yet to hear the MSM mention that the perp’s training partner that was cleared of “kicking the suspect” is female!

  • Sober_Thinking

    Lol… if Bill O is getting him for being insensitive… (the pot calling the pot black), then it must have been bad.

    A couple of years ago, I used to give Marc Lamont Hill some credit for having brains… that was years ago. Apparently, every time he runs his mouth (and he does indeed run his mouth), brain cells escaped and Mark reveals just how much of a racist, liberal, bigot he is. Seriously… he’s a total whack job. AND of course, he teaches college. Fools.

    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      Really? I’ve never liked Hill on Bill’s show. He’s always represented a position so far from reality that I’ve questioned why Bill would even give him a voice.

      • Sober_Thinking

        I agree… I never liked him… but earlier on, at times, he came across as rather smart. But that was then and this is now.

        • E. Lee Zimmerman

          Yes, I can understand, that’s why I tend to spend more time dissecting what these talking heads say and not so much time invested with how they say it. I certainly understand how someone could listen to Hill and believe the man was intelligent b/c he represents his positions in such a manner. However, when you listen to what he actually says, it’s clear how ignorant the man is of reality.

          • Sober_Thinking

            Spot on. I listened… and then shut him down. He’s a moron.

  • Joengima

    The thing that disturbed me more on CNN was his last three words “this is exciting.” That to me implies personal enjoyment in the events going on.

    Marc Lamont Hill would probably say, “Hitler did awful things and I have deepest condolences for the Jews, but his idea of Government shouldn’t be tarnished.” And defend the Nazism.

    If you truly respected and are sympathetic to the victims, you wouldn’t show enjoyment and then go “if I offended you I’m sorry but my point is valid.”

    I hate these types of liberals.

    • tinlizzieowner

      “The thing that disturbed me more on CNN was his last three words “this is exciting.” That to me implies personal enjoyment in the events going on.”

      Keep in mind that you’re dealing with a mentality that sits around watching Oprah give away free cars. 😉 😉

      • E. Lee Zimmerman

        Oh, no kidding. Hill acted on CNN like he wanted to ride along with Dorner so he could experience it firsthand. Sick, if you ask me.

        • las1

          That’s a really good point. Are those gun control extremists going to really come after Jamie Fox for his beDjango’d “shoot whitey” comments which Hill seems to indicate motivates his own excitement. Brownshirts in waiting… all of them.

      • las1

        Mind you lizzie… I don’t think Oprah’s giving much away for free lately… certainly no cars. But I probably am not the one to ask.. I can’t watch her. She helped propel OZero to the front… so in my humble opinion… she’s toast and has no cred. And since her little tiff with Mouchelle, I’m sure she may think what she did to foist Obama on America was a big mistake. She may… but I doubt it. To their own destruction, liberals seldom abandon their ideology.

        • cabensg

          Since you brought up Oprah I’ll add my two cents. Many years ago Oprah was about spirituality and lifting others up. It didn’t play well with Hollywood and she was either the butt of jokes or ignored. Then she sold her soul, abandoned Christianity, politicized her show with the victim mentality the left loves, befriended Maria Shriver and was accepted by the Hollywood elite. It’s been a downhill slide ever since.

  • mike3e4r7

    I haven’t even bothered to listen to the lefts defense of this guy. It is appalling and disgusting, but I can pretty much guess what their sick talking points are and I just don’t need the aggrevation. If I watched this video I’m sure I would be fuming mad and wanting to punch this POS out for the next 20 minutes at least. Life’s to short to go through that if I don’t have to.

    The only good that may come from the left spewing their hate and defending Dorner is that it might cause some low information libs to wake up to the real nature of liberalism. But I’m probably giving them too much credit to hope for such a thing.

  • brendawatkins

    “It’s like watching Django in real life… it’s kind of exciting.” VERY, VERY, VERY INSENSITIVE!! This is what makes me sick about SOME black people.. they lose all sense of morals when it comes to the brotha!

  • Okay if there is corruption in the LAPD, and if the LAPD did you dirty, and you start killing innocent people you null and void your entire case and point. And his claims are not even legit, where is the proof/evidence? I’m so glad Dorner was burnt to a crisp.. Justice was served IMO!

  • UnCL3

    This guy is a professor, isn’t he?
    The left doesn’t teach, it indoctrinates.

  • nibblesyble

    BillO doesn’t want Hill to suffer? Heh, I want him to suffer and suffer greatly.

  • marketcomp

    Dr. Lamont Hill, you are such a vial and contemptous progessive! If your life is ever in danger the first people you will call will be the police because you are too much of a punk to protect yourself and bare arms. I just hope that wherever you live police officers never here your admiration and support for a cop killer because they may choose to ignore your call, my friend.

  • poljunkie

    Imagine being in a class with “Dr” LaMont Hill. Where’s the spit balls when you need them.

  • tinlizzieowner

    Off topic but I can’t help it. :-/
    ‘Jeezus Christ!’, Fox News, did anything else happen this evening besides a a bunch of people with a little disposable income had a few bad days on a cruse ship? The cow is dry, you can quit milking it any time. Now they have to take a tour bus ride, probably the same buses that brought the lawyers there.
    Guess it’s time to eat my oat meal, drink my milk, retire to the bedroom and watch ‘Pawn Stars’ reruns.
    Nite, yall. 😉 😉

    • Conniption Fitz

      Please don’t mis-use The LORD’s name like that. (You can edit and change it.)

      • tinlizzieowner

        I know how to spell the word “Jesus”. If I was using the Lord’s name in vain, instead of a colloquialism commonly used to indicate frustration, that has been around for forever, I would have spelled it that way. I will however, alter it to make my intentions more apparent.
        (see my post above).

  • bjohnson55

    Man oh man, Liberalism is a mental disease and this guy is proof of it.

  • I HATE how OReilly treats his guests…I HATE IT. He NEVER lets them speak. It’s almost like the show should be called “OReilly Time”, where he talks non-stop about how he feels about things, and occasionally feels gracious enough to let his guests say ONE word. AND, if he’s feeling REALLY frisky, he might even let them complete a thought…but otherwise, the guests are there for no other purpose than to CLAIM to be the no-spin zone, even though the only view that gets broadcast on his show is his or people he agrees with…

    • leberalcancer

      Here is some advice, TURN the channel! Its THE most watched news show for the last 12 years! Of course only for those who really wish to be informed.

      • I don’t watch TV (nor do I watch him) anymore. I was simply stating a major defect with OReilly…so here’s my advice to you: If you don’t like my post, DON’T REPLY.

    • freeperjim

      Spoken like a true MSNBC socialist-kook who defends racists like the vile & nasty Hill.

      Life must be hard for you realizing your religion of leftism (under its various brand names) ALWAYS fails economically & morally.

      • Conniption Fitz

        I’m as conservative as they come and I hate O’Reilly’s modus operandi too.

        He never lets conservatives talk either.

        O’Reilly is like Chris Frothy Mouth Tingles Matthews in that regard.

        I hate all those loud shouting over each other talk shows.

      • cabensg

        O’Reilly has his fans and he does bring out some good points in interviews but I can’t stand to watch him at all. I find nothing in Brian Jones description of O’Reilly to disagree with. O’Reilly’s interview with Obama before his first election was a disgrace.
        I don’t see a connection between not liking O’Reilly and being a liberal. I’m a conservative and I think O’Reilly is a fence sitting opportunist who occasionally does conservatives a favor by exposing scum like Hill.

      • You MUST be an idiot…let me propose something. Look through my Disqus “Account Activity” before calling me a liberal…otherwise, you look like a retard.

        • freeperjim

          LOL!!!! Typical leftwing kook reply – name calling like a childish brat and avoiding the substance of the discussion.

    • tinlizzieowner

      “It’s almost like the show should be called “OReilly Time”.

      It is. 😉 At least he brings on people to chastise, watch the alphabet channels for a while, they look like a cheer leading squad.

  • leberalcancer

    This is what Mr Hill is FOR:

    Wilson v. State, 652 S.E. 2d 501, 282 Ga. 520 (2007) was a Georgia court case brought about to appeal the aggravated child molestation conviction of Genarlow Wilson (born April 8, 1986 to Juanessa Bennett and Marlow Wilson).

    Wilson was convicted of aggravated child molestation in 2005, after, at the age of seventeen, he had engaged in oral sex with a 15-year-old at a New Year’s Eve party, an offense carrying a mandatory penalty of 10 years’ imprisonment.[1][2][3][4]

    At the time of his conviction, provisions for similarity in age that allowed underage consent to be taken into account were only applicable to vaginal sex. Because the case involved oral sex, the consent of the girl was not at that time legally relevant.[5][6]

    On October 26, 2007, the Georgia State Supreme Court, while not overturning the conviction itself, ruled that Wilson’s sentence was disproportionate. He was released later that day, after serving over 2 years of his 10-year prison sentence in the Al Burruss Correctional Training Center in Forsyth, Georgia.

    Read more on Wikipedia

    AND….Again the item below can be and should be read on Wikipedia

    Shaquanda was tried in the town’s juvenile court, convicted by a jury of “assault on a public servant” for shoving Cleda Brownfield (a teacher’s assistant at Paris high school in the Paris Independent School District), and sentenced by Lamar County Judge M.C. “Chuck” Superville, Jr. to the Texas Youth Commission for up to seven years, not to exceed her 21st birthday.[2] She was sentenced when she was 14 and served over a year at Ron Jackson unit in Brownwood, Texas.

  • Rocco11

    The fact that the democrat party has obliterated the black family/community with their catastrophic social engineering isn’t the issue here, no no, it’s that cops are racist, and corrupt. Got it.

  • With liberals like Marc Lamont Hill there is always a “but” when talking about white people. How would he react if somebody said, “You could understand how white people in Alabama reacted in 1961 to blacks by lynching them and burning crosses on their lawns. After all, they felt threatened by the civil unrest perpetrated by the blacks and felt they had to protect themselves from protesting mobs, sort of like the movie ‘Death Wish.’ Of course I don’t condone what the whites did, but I can understand it.” Try having that conversation with Mr. Hill. Racism is racism whether you’re black or white, and it’s about time pundits on TV called Mr. Hill out on that.

    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      Actually — while I might agree with you — Hill and others are using the proper legal definition of racism, which states that only minorities CAN be discriminated against. Since whites are not legally considered a minority, they legally cannot be discriminated against. Again, keep in mind I said I might agree with what you said … it’s just that when you use a word like discrimination there are scads and scads of legal precedents used to define the issue, and, unfortunately, only a majority (i.e. whites) can be found guilty of it. It’s all “protected class” B.S.

  • wodiej

    Lamont equals far left liberal. I love to see O’Reilly take someone apart who deserves it, the far left always finds a loophole to justify an action. It always comes back to injustice and unfairness so they had a right to do it. God is the only avenue of judgment.

  • Philo Beddoe

    Anyone that sees excitement in the killing of a killer has a warped perverse attitude of life.

    The mere fact that Hill actually came out and admitted it’s exciting diminishes whatever credibility he has as a supposed educator. Hill’s feeble attempt to shift the blame to society instead of the murderer is another example of the lib’s failed agenda.

    Having him on the BOR show further insults the viewer who is looking to become more informed on recent events and not listen to someone who personally delights themself into a frothy ecstatic emotional high over Donner. BOR did expose Hill as a moronic idiot, I’ll give him that.

    Is this because Hill understands that in no way he emotionally or physically could ever face evil like these officers have, or is it the act of killing someone like Donner that gets him worked up?

    I bet Hill plays alot of video games.

  • TickedWhiteDude

    It’s people like him that make me wish boats weren’t invented.

  • “If my words in any way cause them pain…”

    This is the problem with the left. He starts with “IF”. Liberals (I have family members like this) tend to not own up to their mistakes. They are uncomfortable being wrong. They are scared to admit being wrong.


    Dr. Hill should have said, “I completely understand THAT my words caused them pain…”. Jesus taught us to forgive, but we can only truly forgive those who repent. Starting an apology with “IF” or ending an apology with “BUT” is NOT repentance.

  • I love it when people apologize by saying “IF” I offended anyone. It’s an utter cop out!

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    No, Bill: Marc Lamont Hill DESERVES to suffer for his obvious insensitivity. For a long time, he’s had no place on the Factor nor ANY Fox News: by giving him air-time, you legitimize a flawed social and cultural attitude, so — here’s the awful truth, Bill — you’re just as guilty as Hill.

    • TxGold

      I think that by having people like Hill on his program, we get to know more about what is going on. And, we need to know. Isn’t it better to be prepared and know what your kids might be hearing in college and not send them there?

      • E. Lee Zimmerman

        No. You never legitimize ignorance by putting it up on display for national consumption. You can be prepared for what and where you’re sending kids IF you do your homework.

  • I actually don’t have a problem with Hill saying what he said(the remarks themselves I find offensive though). But he needs to be prepared to suffer the consequences of uttering something so stupid and insensitive. That’s how our society should work. The same goes for any other moron out there who attempted to justify what Dorner did.

  • TxGold

    I wouldn’t allow my kids to go to any college where he was teaching! But, I’ve thought that for quite a while.

    • tinlizzieowner

      You better send them to a trade school then. You’re looking at the college mentality.

  • O’Reilly can drive you crazy at times but this is when he is at his best. He exposed this guy as an idiot. I believe he teaches Hip Hop culture, a very intellectual subject! He also supported a woman cop killer in the past who has been, I believe, on the run

  • PVG

    My take away, from Hill: “every year the police (internal affairs) investigate the police, you don’t get justice”.
    Hmm, just like the justice dept. investigating the justice dept. and BO. No justice there either!

    • tinlizzieowner

      Holder’s ‘Just-Us’ Dept. investigates ‘Fast & Furious’ and Black Panthers = Good.
      LAPD internal affairs investigates LAPD and Dorner’s accusations = Bad.
      Welcome to Dr. Hill’s world of situational hypocrisy. 😉

  • Why is Or’Reilly given this guy a platform who has a history of supporting cop killers? All he has done was give Hill cover.

    • Rocco11

      Agreed. it’s bad enough this affirmative action Ph.D has a forum on the Leftist propaganda channels, but Ailes has him on the payroll as well.

      • O’Reilly also didn’t challenge him enough. LaMont Hill has a history of supporting cop killers and no one asked that tool why he presumes automatically that LAPD is wrong and Dorner is right.

    • DebbyX

      Hill didn’t exactly redeem himself with that response though. We all know what he’s about, no amount of double talk will help him here.

      • Debby I agree but why didn’t O’Reilly, who thinks he is the smartest man in the room, challenge him on his assumptions that Dorner’s complaints were justified as well as true and correct?

        In order to support Dorner on any level you have to believe he has a bona fide complaint and that the LAPD is guilty. What does Hillary say? “Willing suspension of belief.” I sincerely doubt Dorner is correct because that union laden bureaucracy known as LAPD has to run by the numbers exactly due to civil service code and unionism…AND LAWSUITS!

        And yet LaMont Hill who is supposed to be a critical thinker cast all known evidence aside to side with Dorner….AND O’REILLY GAVE HIM A FREE PASS.

  • nancym14

    Mr. Hill just another liberal racist hater…I hope he earned his position @ the univiersity and did not obtain it by affirmative action? By the ignorant way he always speaks seems like an affirmative action hire to me. Well, no different from the racist in the white house.

  • stevenbiot

    Django didn’t get his a$$ burned, did he?

  • I have no idea why the Great Bill O’Rielly would waste air time on this piece of shit coward…. should have known better… piece of shit holds a Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania and is a faculty member of Columbia University as Associate Professor of Education.

  • I have no idea why the Great Bill O’Rielly would waste air time on this piece of shit coward…. should have known better… piece of shit holds a Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania and is a faculty member of Columbia University as Associate Professor of Education.

  • RonPaulSupporter2

    This man is pathetic. He is so far over the edge that he has LOST ALL COMMON SENSE.



    Dr. Hill is partially the reason why this country is so screwed up. Anybody who even tries to defend the actions of a killer has lost all sense of reality.

    Totally pathetic!!!

  • This week’s example of corrupt media double standards:

    If I were to make a “manifesto” railing against members of the mainstream media. Citing how corrupt and dishonest they were. How they were contributing to the decay of society, and then make a public target list of leftist lapdogs, starting with Chris Matthews.

    Do you think I would be portrayed the way that animal in LA was ? Or would I be compared to Timothy McVay ?

    We all know the answer to that one.