Black activist confronts Bill Ayers over public vs charter schools

A young woman confronts Bill Ayers over why he is against charter schools, and he subsequently lies to her by saying that charter schools don’t perform better than public schools. She refutes his lies in the video and confronts him after her refutation:

It’s amazing what libs will say to keep from privatization of schools. They want control so bad that they will sacrifice the education of the student to get it. That is why so many of our schools are putting out so many students who can’t read, write, or do math. Education needs to be returned to the local level and parents need to have options outside of the public sector if we want our students to flourish.


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  • Anonymous

    It’s not education any more, it’s indoctrination.

    • Anonymous

      It’s always been indoctrinations. The US took it’s public schooling system from the Prussians, who were none too shy about it’s indoctrination purposes.

      • Anonymous

        So this should outrage you, right? Oh, wait. Can’t get your foot off the Blame America First peddle? Sorry. You’re a libertarian. I forgot.

        • Anonymous

          I hate all coercive governments the same, foreign or domestic.

          Every comment you ever have posted and ever will post does nothing but prove what I said in the Herman Cain thread right. Thanks.

        • Jaynie59

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  • Dkandrews

    Keep them stupid and we will keep our power………..

  • Anonymous

    I just watched a very interesting presentation from Stanley Kurtz over at Powerline:

    It’s long, but the whole thing is worth watching. Big Picture, people. Don’t get hosed up in the details.

  • JW

    Good for this person for doing her research and finding out the truth, and questioning their motives as to why they are oppressing the minorities in this country.

  • JW

    Good for this person for doing her research and finding out the truth, and questioning their motives as to why they are oppressing the minorities in this country.

  • It’s very simple. Charter schools are governed by capitalists. If your school is not delivering results, kids won’t come. Public schools are increasingly “federal” schools, not local. So, if a kid in California can’t read it, then your kid can’t read it either. My wife is a teacher in public schools and it is absolutely ridiculous how they have to dumb down things even when the whole class understands.

  • Forcefield

    Invest More means give more to the unions/teachers/benefit funds etc.-Keep in mind this is not about students or learning or kids-It’s about being in control of the message-Aryes is still spouting the same 60s BS he has always touted-power to the Chosen People-Only now he covers it with the veneer of respectability gleened from his association with the foolishly elected elite in DC.
    No more hideing under the rock of the ultra liberal for this fool-He goes right to the head of the class now.Commie BS is cool again-And it follows that the money goes to the cool kids-For awhile yet-But not for much longer I hope

  • Forcefield

    Ask any Teacher-The problem isn’t books or supplies or desks-The teachers can’t deliver good results if the kids won’t learn-if they refuse to study and refuse to care then no amount of teaching is going to work.
    Most teachers I know Do Care but many kids today Don’t.If you put all the ones that do in the proper environment so that the teachers can teach and put them together with the kids that want to learn you wil create a sucessful school-good luck doing that today-To many Hacks wanting Jane & Johnny to get equal results for unequal work-Go Figure

    • Cheryl~

      Maybe that is because so many parents are busy doing their own thing and not overseeing their children’s education. The teachers can only do so much. The parents still must see to it that the children do their work, that they understand what is being taught to them etc. etc. Someone, mom or dad preferrably both need to work hard and show their children by example that they too care about their education…not just leaving it all up to the teacher!

      • Anonymous

        Public schools teach BS Cheryl. They suck, out loud and on purpose. The teachers suck often also. You’d be surprised how stupid and uneducated they themselves are, especially the young ones. If the parents want them to learn, they need to teach them themselves and pull them out of the public schools. If the parent is too lazy, or too busy for that, they need to accept the non-results or pony up the bucks for private school. There are many relatively inexpensive Christian Schools too. if the choice is a new car or private school, go for the private school and drive a pinto or gremlin.

        Money makes no difference whatsoever…it just gives them more to blow and waste. There is no correlation that I’ve ever seen between money and results. Public schools are not much more than a high-priced baby-sitter service that sucks ever more from the pertinent treasuries.

  • Mythslayer

    She did an excellent job with her questions and her facts. Excellent rebuttal too. Showing proof made it perfect. Many kudos to her, need more “warriors” like her. (I’m sending out the link to this must see video to my contact list.)

  • Anonymous

    “They want control so bad that they will sacrifice the education of the student to get it. ”

    NEVER FORGET the key tenet of lunatic-left d-crat socialist extremism: If it exists, it MUST be taxed, regulated, controlled and totally and completely subject to the will and whim of BIG GOVERNMENT bureaucrats.

    BTW: Unlike public schools, charter/private schools are NOT 100% unionized. So, for each charter/private school, that replaces a public one the lunatic-left d-crat socialists LOSE MONEY (i.e. the union dues that get get). That’s why they are particularly against non-public schools – IT’S ALWAYS ABOUT THE MONEY.

    • Anonymous

      Always about the money….AND POWER.

  • debby

    My son is a High School English teacher going on his 4th year at a big city high school. There are some very bright and intelligent students being dragged down by the good for nothings whose parents don’t care if they’re in school or not.

    The “parents” need involvement, but wait, they don’t care either.

    You can lead a horse to water……………………….

  • objective analysis

    Linky1- agree with you wholeheartedly. Look at the Usurper. No intellect what so ever. Just a front of dumbness and making us WARDS OF THE STATE to be on welfare, unemployment, etc…

  • DCG

    Ayers is only sympathetic to his liberal cause, nothing more.

  • Constance

    You would think that after decades of public school failures, it would eventually become obvious that the current system fails. If we as a society can’t break the grip of the NEA and all the state-level teachers’ unions, we can’t get out of this mess. Too much money is spent on non-essential items, like administration.

    • Anonymous

      They are very invested emotionally in keeping everyone in govt schools where they can give them their message and shut down thinking. Get ’em while they are young!!

  • Constance

    You would think that after decades of public school failures, it would eventually become obvious that the current system fails. If we as a society can’t break the grip of the NEA and all the state-level teachers’ unions, we can’t get out of this mess. Too much money is spent on non-essential items, like administration.

  • Black kids suffer the most from people like Bill Ayers. When vouchers were on the ballot in CA, the overwhelming majority Black parents voted for them.

    • Anonymous

      Yep. Between public schools and abortions, black kids have it rough.
      Who pushes for abortion on demand? Democrats and other lefties. Who supports public schools as if their lives depend on it? Democrats and other lefties. Who do most black people vote for? Democrats. Why is that?

      Disclaimer: If you don’t like the term “back”, please insert whichever one you prefer. I can’t keep up with the preferences. There is one preference that they have, inexplicably though…Democrats. How’s that working for you?

      • Good points. By the way, most of my “black” friends are not too concerned about the term.

  • Little history need here,..

    The Republican Party was created in 1854 to combat
    the threat of s l a v e r y ‘s extension to the territories,
    and to promote more vigorous modernization of the economy.

    Abraham Lincoln was the FIRST Republican to run for president,
    and won in 1860.

    Before that it was the Whigs and the Democrat Party.

    And by the way, the Democrat Party was the party
    of the S L A V E OWNERS.

    And It hasn’t changed ANY since then.

    The TEACHERS Union And the DemocRAT Party want to keep it that way.

    Lack of education IS the KEY.

  • Gboys

    Mr. Ayers is a lying hippie.

    • Anonymous

      …and a violent murderer who got off scott-free. Not to mention a liar and left-wing propagandist/communist.

  • Anonymous

    Good for her!! she exposed the scuzball singlehanded. Redhanded?

  • Carolyn

    They hate any form which demands accountability and something like privatization because like private corporations, they operate on how well the product works- or in the case of education, how well the educational opportunity and/end results in student grades and performance.
    If the commies, socialists and libs hate school choice and vouchers- you can only imagine how much they hate homeschooling!
    They are starting coming against home schooling families as well as they are coming hard at them in Europe. People know that homeschoolers score higher on average than public schooled kids, they win more science and spelling bees on average, and get better grades in higher education on average. These kind of results scare the daylights out of progressives because it shows how many kids are learning to think for themselves and not like the mindless tripe enforced in government “education”.

    For those who may wonder about homeschooling: In the homeschool groups I’ve been associated with, there are kids from 2 parent homes, kids being raised by their grandparents, and single parents. Many of us are one income families- in fact everyone in both groups I belong to are limited income, and in some cases like mine right now, we have NO income. Homeschooling CAN be done if you care enough about your child’s education. It does Not cost a lot to give your child a good education at home. If you have a computer- there are thousands of websites which offer free downloads for every subject, printables for every grade level, many have a fee which is per year and very reasonable and less than 50 dollars. There are even virtual online courses for those hard to teach subjects for higher grades.
    I have spent no more than 300 dollars per year per student.
    Kids can learn at their own pace, focus on their stronger subjects and also have plenty of time to work on subjects which are harder for them.
    Kids are able to interact with people of ALL ages- NOT just in a room full of kids their own age group all the way from preK to 12. The socialization myth is that- a myth, mostly by progressives who again, are afraid that if kids get along with people of all ages and backgrounds (yet with the same kinds of values) it shows these kids will be more able to think for themselves!
    There are so many benefits to homeschooling, I can’t possibly fit it all here. Is it hard? Holy smokes, yes! Is it worth it? Oh YES! To be able to see your child when he reads his first word, when she understands that hard math equation after working so hard on it- there is nothing like it!
    Why am I posting all of this here now? Because people are paying WAY too much in taxes for a broken system, in which the people running it do not care about the kids! If they won’t allow the will of the people to have school choice through vouchers or more charters, people need to sacrifice a little and stay home and educate their kids at home! It may mean no extra vacation, or not having as much income or time for other things- but what’s more important!!

  • MikeBri527

    I hope everybody knows that a free public education for all children is one of the ten planks of the communist manifesto.

    • Mats

      Yeah, we do 😛 But I hope your information gets thru come people up in here who may still think that public school are here to “help” people.

  • KeninMontana

    The reason Ayers and his leftist cronies hate charter schools is simple. They are not required to hire union teachers.