Black Rush caller who finally abandoned Obama over Keystone

This is a great call into Rush today from a self-identified black man named Dennis who has finally abandoned not only his support for Obama but says he is considering dropping his support for the Democrat party too. And his tipping point was Obama’s pandering to environmentalists in rejecting the Keystone Pipeline.

Here’s the full call:

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  • havent even started watching the video, but i love rush’s facial expression

    • Anonymous

      I guess we could be seeing things differently, but he kinda looks like he’s pinching one off right there.

  • Anonymous

    This is a clear illustration that shows Liberals DO NOT have the middle class in their hearts. They never have and they never will!

    • Anonymous

      If they did, they would denounce the inflationary monetary system we have which transfers wealth from the poor, fixed income and working class to the elite in this country.

  • Anonymous

    Maitch Daniels is doing the response to SOTU???? SNORE!!!!!!!!!
    Let Allen West do that and break it down!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Herman Cain is going to give the Tea Party response…that should be good at least

      • That sounds awesome.

      • Anonymous

        Over/under on “9-9-9” mentions?

        • I would guess once, as a joke.

      • Anonymous

        Herman Cain is a knucklehead is the greatest sense. He’s probably the last person I’d chose to give the Tea Party response. I’d chose Allan West.

        • Anonymous

          Totally agree. Allen West could well be the future of the Conservative Party..

    • Anonymous

      Now come on. Mitch Daniels is a well respected and very intelligent man whose expertise is budgeting and the economy. I’d say he’s a pretty good choice.

      • PFFV

        If he was a true conservative I might agree 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Completely agree. Daniels just another waste RINO. AW will give barry holy hell in response.

  • Anonymous

    It might be the awakening of the minority races in this country’s political process. Democrats depend on the hispanic and African American vote but never do much for them. I’m glad to see this. The more people that engage their brain housing group, the better. Vote with your brain.

  • Anonymous

    As a soon-to-be 29 year old black American who saw the light in 2008, I really enjoy this video!

    • Welcome to the Right side!!! Glad to have you!!!

      • Anonymous

        Haha thank you thank you! Sad part is I’ve always had conservative thoughts and ideals but I was naive in thinking that Democrats had people’s best interest in mind and was always raised with the thought that since I’m black, I must vote Democrat. Seeing Obama come out of nowhere with no resume to his name all of a sudden become the presidential nominee in addition to Bob Parks amazing “The Democratic Race Lie” column on his website, made me thoroughly evaluate my political ideals and realize that I’ve always been conservative. Then I look at the policies and the living conditions of Democratic stronghold states and cities and realized that instead of being the party for the little guy, they’re the party that CREATES the little guy. Phew, off my soapbox now haha!

        • Trust1TG

          Wow, grenadiadrian this bears repeating (SO TRUE!):

          “Then I look at the policies and the living conditions of Democratic stronghold states and cities and realized that instead of being the party for the little guy, they’re the party that CREATES the little guy.”

          That should be on a poster. Maybe you should post this @

          • Anonymous

            I agree with both of you!

            “They’re the party that CREATES the little guy.”


        • Anonymous

          Well said sir! 🙂

          Pegged it, nailed it, then turned around and mailed it.

        • I like your soapbox grenadiadrian! 😀

        • PFFV

          Good for you grenadiadrian, welcome to the side that thinks. Democrats/Liberals don’t look at history, facts, or use simple common sense, and here is how I know this. Republicans fought Democrats to free the slaves! If the black culture in this country knows this why do they predominantly support Democrats, the party of slavery? Many blacks also believe their hero M.L.K. was a Democrat also, he was a Republican. If people are so lazy they don’t even desire to know the truth they will choose Democrat every time. The Democrat party is the party of slavery, for all skin colors. They want every American dependent upon the federal government for their survival. This way they secure power for eternity, making us all their slaves.

    • God Bless you, grenadiadrian. Welcome aboard, and THANK YOU! We need everyone we can get to turn this country around, and I’m proud to call you my brother.

  • Joe

    I live near Charlotte

    I am hearing more of this type of sentiment on the local station from locals

    I pray that America is waking up to this phony Obama

    Maybe real Hope and Change is coming !

  • Joe

    I thought Boehner was giving the rebuttal?

  • Anonymous

    This caller represents the kind of “hope” and “change” that we need, that is, we need Americans of all races to understand that obama doesn’t have the best interest of America in anything that he does….

    Quoting “Lost in Space” ( have you seen the reruns?)
    Danger Will Robinson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      When the robot screamed something like ” My sensors indicate that WE have a problem” after the inuaguration, I knew we were in deep doodoo.

  • Joe

    This was a great call!

    Great ending

  • Say “Amen!” somebody.

    Fuel costs and taxes ripple throughout the economy driving the prices of everything up or down.

    If we reduce the cost of fuel or taxes or both our economy will become more competitive with the world.

    An IPad is a great office tool for a trucker to receive. This should save him lots of money and time.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t forget to mention our government is dependent upon those revenues that come from royalties from that drilling and producing which now has a deficit because O’schmuckass has quaranteed the gulf from exploration.

      Same thing with all sintaxes, they raise them, dependent upon the revenue and do everything in their percieved power to get us to quit using them thus shooting themselve in the foot with a .50 cal always leads them to what happened to the revenue stream?

  • Praise God,
    Good for him , I hope he tells all his friends and family who are Obama supporters NOT to vote for him.

    hope he joins

  • Trust1TG

    A wise man.

    I guess being on the road and listening, really thinking deeply and caring about his family caused him to correct his course.

    He’s thinking like an American husband, father, citizen now, not as an African-American partisan.

    Note also, he has outgrown and set aside his grudge against whites.

    Welcome to the 100%, Dennis!

  • Trust1TG

    Here is an article by a former liberal who knew Obama back in the day:

    Young Marxist Islamist Obama –

    Note that Obama was being squired around by a rich radical US-hating Pakistani.

  • I’m not impressed. Nevermind the fact that the democratic party is one founded on racism, murder, terrorism, treason, abduction, oppression and slavery; he “abandons” Obama over the Keystone Pipeline. While its an important issue, to be sure, but that looks more like a personal issue, to me, and just because he’s abandoned Obama and claims he might not support his party, anymore, he’s still a liberal, chances are. Joe Lieberman is no longer in the liberal socialist democratic party, either, and supports the Global War on Terror. However, make no mistake, he’s still just as big a leftist as he’s always been, and still just as bad for America, as ever. Now, instead of “D” behind his name, there’s an “I”. See any difference?

    • Is_Sense_Common

      Patience, VirusX, patience. He’s had the same mindset for 48 years and just began to digest new thoughts, new vision for 3 weeks. Quite honestly, the Establishment Republican party hasn’t exactly been on the right track for awhile either, so he’s been a man without a country, so to speak. Once his wheels start turning and he starts to take it apart & put it back together, he’ll start looking at other things differently too. I’m pleased to hear that he’s on the right track and is beginning to question all the things he’s been taught and conditioned to over the past 48 years. Faith, hope, & love is what we need brother!

      • Trust1TG

        Don’t forget it was Newt’s bold truth-telling comment that finally shook him loose from Obama’s side.

    • Anonymous

      Hey, does it really matter why we former stupid liberals see the light and come around?

      You know what did it for me? What that first spark was that lit the fire? Spot.

      Do you remember George W. Bush’s dog Spot? Well, I had been posting on a liberal message board for years and had been rationalizing all the hateful stuff I read from liberals about America and how awful a country it was and how we deserved 9/11 and how wonderful Islam was compared to the Evil of Christianity and hateful stuff liberals wrote about the Iraq war and on and on and on. But the last straw for me was when Spot died.

      When I read the horrible, hateful, spiteful crap people wrote about Bush and how they could not spare even one ounce of feigned compassion for the loss of his beloved dog I just lost it and never looked back. All over a dog.

      • Amen, Jaynie. I don’t CARE what brought you over to the side of light, truth and decency. I’m just GLAD YOU’RE HERE, and honored to have you on my side. Screw the negative ninnies.

    • Take the negativity somewhere else, jackass. Attitudes like yours help keep minority folks away from conservative ideas and policy proposals. Welcome him aboard and rejoice that we have a new brother at our side.

    • Anonymous

      Mr. Virus,

      How will the end of this “Global War on Terror” you speak of be determined? A war should have a clear final objective…what is the objective of this particular war?


      • The WOT will go on as long as the jihadis bring it on. Our objective: to defeat those who would destroy us. That’s not going to be easy, but it is very simple and necessary.

    • Maxsteele

      Remember that Reagan was a life time Democrat that saw the light to become one of the strongest conservatives since the earlly 1900’s. I myself was a brainwashed liberal when I was in my teens and twenties, going through the cult of a university education.
      Sometimes it takes a lot of reality to turn someone from fantasy land. Thank goodness for Newt preaching the truth.

    • Anonymous

      This was just a bitchslap across his head(Dennis) and now he as awakened to some terrible facts. He’ll be more receptive towards ideas that are and always has been part of who he is.

    • Anonymous

      If you listen to the clip, I heard it as it happened and haven’t listened to the clip,
      but I felt the caller was trying to express he had been listening for a long time and this movement of his to the right has been a long ongoing process. The pipeline is just a current prime example of why he has moved this way.
      Rush (imo) actually tried to tie the move directly to the pipeline and downplayed the longevity thing.. jmo.

    • VirusX, please consider that whether a person is a conservative or not, it’s really the DIRECTION of a person’s opinion and views more than his or her past affinities that really counts. Both Romney and Newt can be defended for their direction, if they can’t be praised so highly for their respective pasts. I encourage you to think of this man as one who may have experienced a “Saul of Taursis” moment. “Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?” While I agree with your historical observations of the Democrat Party, we all must claim spiritual progress rather than spiritual perfection.

  • This man’s change shows that people really can come to change through thinking of things in a common sense way. He took a while, but if enough people hear common sense for a long enough time, they can “come to the light”. Welcome Dennis.

  • Trust1TG

    This is a case of Obama over-doing it with his loyalty to OPEC.

    They say the devil always over-plays his hand and people finally wake up.

  • Is_Sense_Common

    I had to laugh when I heard Rush’s reaction to Mitch Daniels giving the rebuttal for tomorrow night. He’s my governor & I like him – a lot. But… he’s a policy-guy through & through. There is no pizzazz with My Man Mitch. He’s on the right side of issues, but style – he ain’t got it. Anyway – welcome to the light Dennis! We’re glad to have you!

  • Anonymous

    Rush’s show ends at 1:00PM. 1:02PM………..”Governor Daniels, Rush Limbaugh is on line 1″.

  • The best, and most revealing part of the phone call is near the very end…and although it is worthy of discussion, it does not make for good radio, but does expose how the Democrat party works.

    Caller: -I was angry at white people

    I’m paraphrasing- but it opens up the can of worms on the Democrat Party. They work on fostering racism and creating victims to empower themselves politically….truly evil.

  • Anonymous

    Heard this on the radio today. Pretty darn awesome, though you know his family and friends have most likely dismissed him already as an “Uncle Tom”.

    “You mean to tell us you have a legitimate reason as to why you’re not blindly supporting The President?! YOU SELLOUT!!!!”

  • Rob Bryant

    Damn, wish I would’ve tuned in today. Sounds like it was a really good show from the couple of clips you posted.

  • I sort of think Dennis should do the SOTU rebuttal. Anyone with me?

  • Anonymous

    I was blind,
    but now I SEE!

    Great to hear a change of heart.

  • Anonymous

    Great call and Dennis, thank god you have seen the light.

    Mega Dittos Rushie:-)

  • I hope this is a turning point. He was forced to choose between enviro-kooks and other member groups of the Democrat coalition. He choose the enviro-kooks because they have more sway in terms of campaign contributions (Hollywood types). Let’s all hope this bites him in the ass.

  • Anonymous

    WOW! I hope the caller will read this some day…THANK YOU!

  • WOW Dennis, just WOW.. You have stood your ground and have spoken the TRUTH! in all honesty you could influence a lot of people with what you have said. Just Imagine how many minds you have and could change just by these statements. I am proud to say that I am a 48 year old white woman who holds no judgement against any Blacks and I never have, and you have proven to me that all HOPE may not be LOST when it comes to Our Country. God Bless you for standing up for your Family and coming to Realize that Obama being Black has nothing to do with Him being President rather it having to do with him DESTROYING us as a NATION.

  • Anonymous

    About time!

  • I honestly think it’s going to be up to Hispanics like Rubio and blacks like West and this caller who are going to be the ones to turn this country around. Too many whites have this weird soft bigotry coupled with their downright evil ideology that only looks good on the surface but has literally destroyed black communities and kept many people of color in a perpetual cycle of poverty. Like the great Thomas Sowell said “When you want to help people, you tell them the truth. When you want to help yourself, you tell them what they want to hear.” That last part is what the Democrat party has always been. And there’s a pantload of money and lifetime job security in it.

    • AnnR, in the past, many whites were undeniably racist, especially here in the south. My ancestors were southerners, deep south southerners, but I can tell you unequivocably, that in the 1960s the vast, vast majority of middle class whites were simply bewildered by the violence against blacks, both official and unofficial. It’s also true that middle class whites of that era and place didn’t really understand how difficult life was for black people, and that is something we thank the civil rights leaders for even to this day. But the past IS still the past. Our direction is what’s really important. Remember too, if you’re religious that St. Paul was once Saul of Taursis, the feared Christian hating persecutor of Christ. The Lord temporarily blinded Saul, that he might see the truth, and so that Paul could preach that truth to millions of theretofore lost and blind souls.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    One down and about 57 million to go.

  • Anonymous

    God bless you Dennis!

  • PFFV

    It’s great to hear people wake up finally, especially enslaved black American’s. I love hearing epiphanies like this. Hello and thank you for joining the thinking class Dennis.

  • blackbird

    Hang in there Dennis, if not before, by January 2013 with a new Republican President the Keystone Pipeline will be back on line.

  • Dang. I’m a black republican (from Chicago of all places) who didn’t support BHO even when he ran for the Senate. I should have called in to Rush, too; I would have loved to have gotten a free iPad… but I’m holding off for the iPad 3 anyway. 😉

  • Anonymous

    FINALLY…..the word is getting out…..the right people are starting to listen. Let’s just hope that more folks approach odumba with an open mind and seek the truth from Rush and his colleagues. God Bless you, Dennis, for becoming a thinking man!

  • Anonymous

    Rush could do better and he should add another cool 1000 bucks.
    I think every conservative talk show host should give every caller “something.”
    A caller’s time is valuable as well. Surely a capitalist would agree? Caller’s contribute and help the talk show. How many callers does rush take a day anyway, 3? maybe 4? sometimes 5? not many. Pocket change to caller’s that would quickly turn into more millions. It’s a no brainer.

    Nobody in the talk show world seems to understand Oprah’s popularity. SHE WAS GENEROUS TO HER AUDIENCE and the more she gave, the more her audience gave to her in ratings and everything else she was involved in.

    Oprah was such a SMART business woman, but just should have stayed way out of the way of politics.

  • B-Funk

    Wow! A great call! Why don’t more Dem voters get it?

  • aMarinesmom

    Oh I am so glad I heard this. It does my heart so good to hear an American when they finally “Wake up” and really get what this country is all about. We all have the same chances in life to have a good life. Hang in there Dennis like the rest of us…….We will rid ourselves of this leech and his fellow leeches. Keep up the good work and God bless you and your family.

  • It’s good to see Rush reconnecting to working people. I’m still doubtful of Gingrich, but the cause of ABO is far more important than any one candidate. ABO America, ABO!

  • Remember people: it’s not where you’ve been; it’s where you’re headed. ABO, America, ABO!

  • 11Steve11

    I listened to this caller, it was great. All I could think of, was Rush saying “winning over one voter at a time.” The caller was obviously a thinker. I believe that a person should make quick decisions, and be very slow to change. This callers change, seemed well thought out and very genuine, to me. It was great that
    Rush gave him a Ipad. Not that the caller deserved a reward for his decision, just that Rush was just so blown away and overjoyed, that he just had to express it.

  • That was an awesome call, Thanks Dennis.