Blame the Spendaholic Psycho-neurotic Democrats

“Waaaah! We are going to go over the cliff and it’s the Republican’s fault because they won’t give us more of your money. Waaaah!” whines Harry Reid.

Yet another interesting point that should be on the front page of the nation’s papers: Did you know that there are more women head of households in the group of people Obama and Reid want to target than men head of households? Since the census only has data from $200,000 and over, we can’t be completely sure, but since when has the nation’s propaganda arm of the administration cared about being completely sure? In a nation with the goal of total equality, the headlines should read, Obama Proposes Higher Taxes on $250,000 Income and Higher; American Women and Children Hardest Hit.

Ahh, to dream…

Meanwhile, Bill Kristol shows how out of touch he is by saying, “You know, a lot of the tea party guys don’t care that much if a few millionaires pay a couple percent more in taxes, honestly.”

Then the tea party folks were the only ones who stood firm on principle, and sent Boehner’s plan to raise taxes on millionaires to the dust bin.

Huh. Go figure.

It’s good to hear that John Boehner has been likened to that of a dictator, even if for the wrong reasons.  Considering his, ‘my way or the highway’ approach to leadership, John’s lifetime achievement award will consist of a plaque inscribed with the words, “Because I said so.”  Reid says that if Johnny-boy just would’ve let the House vote, the millionaire tax hike of ’13 would be able to be ignored in the Senate by now.

Leave Johnny alone, Harry.  He cries sometimes too.

Then of course, who can ignore Timmy Geithner, who just now figured out that not only is a crisis a terrible thing to waste, (oh, we do so miss our Rahm,) it’s even better to scare the piss out of everyone and push the debt ceiling issue in with the, ‘not gonna stop spending’ issue.

Dr. Ruth Westheimer tweeted that she figured that the lawmakers who are uncompromising are probably bad in bed.  I can’t believe Obama, Schumer, Boxer, Pelosi et al. are going to stand there and take that.  And why does Westheimer make us visualize these people in sexual terms? Eww.

I, for once, disagree with Sarah Palin.  I believe we should continue the centuries-old tradition of making fun of politicians on our side who disrespect us, and call them names.  Wussies?  Heck yeah.  Add pansies, chickens, cowards, lily-livered, yellow-bellied, weak-kneed, wimpy, and gutless.  We da boss, LaTourette.

But let’s not stop there, call the ones who stood with steel spines and did not back down, courageous, bold, heroic and strong.

Where is the unity?…

So the thug with a suit and tie comes back from Hawaii singing, “Mele Kalikimaka…where’s my money you useless Republicans?”  When, in truth, he gets his money if the House does nothing.

Seriously, I’m certain that this game in Washington DC being played by players of games is extremely offensive to most Americans.  And by Americans, I mean people who love America, not what it has become.

In effect, Obama is threatening, “If you Republicans don’t increase taxes on thousandaires and millionaires and billionaires, I’m going to increase taxes on thousandaires and millionaires and billionaires, we can’t wait.”  And the papers say, “The Republicans wouldn’t raise taxes, so we blame them for raising taxes.”

We are led to believe that the only people who can afford a tax increase make $250,001 and over.  No wait, $400,001 and over.  Well, what about Jack and Diane?

Jack is an engineer in his 40’s.  He met Diane when she was going through nursing school, and she is now working as a neo-natal nurse in one of the nation’s best hospitals. Together, they make about $275,000. They have two kids, one in the first year of college, the other a high school junior. They have a nice home that isn’t near worth what they paid for it, and they have some investments and business interests as well, that are not doing so well in Obama’s economy.

Whatever happens in DC in the next few days, their taxes on both their income and investments are going up. They work 45-60 hours per week each to keep their lifestyle, but in the last few years, the budget has been getting inflated because of the price of gas and food and insurance, and of course college tuition and extras, so they have been drawing a bit heavy on their line of credit at the bank. The line of credit was started when they had the addition put on the house a few years back, and it has swelled from $32,000 to $64,000. Their credit cards have gotten a bit out of control, when the kids were little, it was easy to pay them off every month, but now they have been only paying the minimum.

If the bank increases their line of credit, and they do not stop spending as if the economy is trucking along beautifully, they will hit the increased maximum in no time. Same with the credit cards.

So they talk to one financial advisor  and he tells them they have to either come up with more income, or, risk losing their home and go into bankruptcy.

So, being a fine neo-natal nurse in one of the best hospitals the nation has, Diane picks up a weekly gig teaching nursing students. She now has about $10,000 more income. Jack found a way to increase his income as well, and they make $295,000 per year.

They make more than they ever have, and the economy is the same, and they are spending more, because they have to spend more money when they have less time. Dianne isn’t home two nights a week, and Jack has extra meetings with business interests, so they don’t see much of one another and everybody gets a bite to eat on the fly.

They have been able to put a little more on the credit cards, but there is still a hefty balance, as well as the line of credit sitting there like a lump. But it gains interest.

They go to another financial advisor who shows them how much money flexibility they would have if they didn’t have all the payments. “Make a budget,” he said, “based on your last three months of spending, then cut everything by 5%. Work that budget for three months, and I’ll bet you won’t miss much, then, you can cut another 5%. Then start paying off these cards and loans.”

Pleased with a new goal and a new appreciation for their limits, Jack asked if Diane could quit her extra job. “No,” the financial adviser said, “not yet, you’ll need that income to pay for your new taxes.”

It doesn’t matter if you start at $1 million per year or $87,000, most everybody lives according to their means, until outside forces force them to change their habits. Had Obama cared about Jack and Diane, he wouldn’t force them to reach their debt limit, then take more money from them. Then again, if Obama cared at all for the American people, he wouldn’t have spent their children’s money already.

We are already over the financial cliff. Right now, the Obama administration and Harry Reid are shaking down the American people for more dough. That’s really all they are, thugs in suits and ties. Increasing revenue doesn’t fix the problem, so that is what Obama and Reid are focused on. It doesn’t fix the problem, so that’s why they want it. The only way to fix the problem is to cut spending. But that isn’t even part of the plan.

Increasing taxes on Jack and Diane doesn’t help anyone. They have to pay the tax man instead of the bank or the violinist who could be giving their daughter lessons. The violinist needs the extra income to pay his taxes too, if he could just get out from under his mortgage….

Debt is a killer. It makes life unbearable, because no matter how much you work, you have nothing to show for it. It does not matter how much money you make. Again, it does not matter how much money you make. If you make $30,000 a year, you can go bankrupt just as easily as if you make $2 million a year. You spent the money on God-knows-what, and now you have to pay the bills. And if you don’t stop spending, you will always be a slave to the payments.

The only people in DC that are focusing on the problem are the tea party folks. John Boehner isn’t, neither is Reid or Obama. Some leadership.

Spring will be here in a few months, and Obama will be talking about infrastructure jobs and so on. He’ll be proposing more spending. Jack and Diane won’t dare buy anything new in a very long time, and that is how Obama wants it.

We are a nation enslaved by debt.  The Democrats had both houses of congress and the Presidency from 2009-2011, spent an unprecedented amount of money, and now that the people have put responsible people in the House, the Democrats in DC continue to play games with the lives of people who have problems of their own.

So I don’t really care if it’s immature or improper, or the recently accepted term, “hate-speak,” I’m going to call the Democrats in DC what they are: thugs, bullies, crooks, felons, liars, tax-cheats, perps, pickpockets, racketeers, swindlers, thieves, highwaymen, malefactors, pervs, immoral, unethical, unscrupulous, uncompromising psycho-neurotics.

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  • LiveFreeOrDie2012

    Why are the Republicans not talking about immediately returning to pre-stimulus spending levels?

    The $787B stimulus has been added into the baseline budget each of the Obama years.

    This now amounts to over $800B in adjusted federal spending every year, which is why the Democrats refuse to pass a budget!

    Continuing Resolutions preserve this spending increase.

    Federal government spending is currently 24% of GDP, up from the traditional 18-20% in the U.S.

    Remove the Stimulus spending now! This takes a $1.4T deficit easily down to $600B.

    Where are the Republicans on this issue?

    • Proud American

      We all know where the repubicans are …. crying with the cry baby. We need conseratives in 2014. TEA Party will come back strong. I know I am going door to door getting conseratives ACTIVATED.

    • warpmine

      I still don’t understand why they’re not all hanging from ropes in trees or lamp posts in the beautiful DC suburbs. All have certainly earned the penalty.

      • Sober_Thinking

        They certainly deserve some sort of punishment. I’d be fine with firing and then jail time.

        It’s funny, in the past they certainly would have been run out of town.

        • warpmine

          You’re so much more forgiving than I. I couldn’t allow them to go away with simple slap on wrist as we’ve tried that with the financial crimes and just about everything else under the sun. We got exponentially more crimes of the same caliber for our leniency.

          • Sober_Thinking

            I don’t want to forgive them… but I’ve been forgiven, so…

            I do support strong punishment for higher crimes, without commuted sentences or any chance of parole.

            I remember an old Pastor of mine once suggested bringing back “stocks” (I’m trying to describe those things where the bad guy kneels and puts his head and wrists into a large wooden, locked device) and putting these repeat offenders out in the town square for weeks as part of their punishment. I kind of find that more appealing.

            • warpmine

              First time offenders would benefit from this type of humiliation but so many would bitch and whine about it being humiliating but of course that’s the point to shame someone so they think about the crime they’ve done.

              If we can’t even execute murderers, as a society, how can we expect to punish those that break the law with much less offense.

              • Sober_Thinking


                I’m all for Capital Punishment. If an animal is convicted of murder, rape or other such horrible crimes… I’d like to see them get the max punishment in that state… and let that simply be the standard. And for those being executed… do it the very next day after sentencing… none of this waiting for years nonsense.

                Once it’s implemented and fully enforced, I gurantee the crime rate – especially for those types of terrible crimes – will drop significantly.

    • armyvet10

      LiveFreeOrDie2012, some great questions / points, and the possible answers are sure to be many and encompass a wide range of possibilities. From those that will swear it is Bush’s fault, to aliens from outer space are creating an environment to enslave the human race.

      This further provides validity to the premise of term limits and harsher prerequisite to run and hold public office. Too many politicians on both sides of the isle are relying more on popularity than substance to stay in power and the creature comfort that this power brings.

      All of that being said, one can easily make the connection to the current media bias that liberals enjoy the lion’s share of. Any conservative politician, that refuses to tow the liberal agenda, will immediately be singled out by Harry Ried and other liberals as a kook or insane. (a good example of this is any African American conservative, Allan West or Mia Love comes to mind)

      You are so correct on the Continued Resolution Acts (CRA’s); many politicians use this as a ploy to continue spending money for everything under the stars (I am writing this while it’s still dark out). The politicians go on T.V., speak of how the world is going to end unless a CRA is approved, preaching about how soldiers will not get paid, senior citizens won’t get their paid into Social Security benefits, all kids on free or reduced school lunches will now starve, hospitals will take no more patients, police will not go to work leaving the criminals in charge and of course the politicians will then politicize an event like Sandy Hook Elementary to push more gun control to create more victims while refusing to come back to the cesspool they have created so they can stay home with their families for the holidays in their million dollar homes in gated communities complete with armed guards and while no one can prove it they are probably on their own power grid so when the power outages start they will not be affected.

      In a nut shell most politicians have lost all capability to feel the pain most of us citizens are experiencing every day.

      I would like to see a requirement of military service, providing they are physically capable, or service in the American Red Cross if the potential politician has a limitation precluding service in the Military. Of course service in a Police Department or Fire Department would work just as well. This service needs to be at least 4 years not a couple of months. (no more checklist politicians)

      Term limits should be in place to keep weak willed individuals from staying in office too long. In the beginning of this country, politics was a civic duty not a career. The late Sen R. Byrd is a prime example of why the issue of term limits is of great importance. Here is a man who was a self admitted formed triple k member and only remained a senator by making shallow promises to the people of his state (W.V) while earmarking a, excuse the terminology, a butt load of money for personal projects.

      There are so many other issues your points breach; that to discuss them all would create a thread too long to read in a post. One more important piece to all of this is all politicians need to be held accountable to the same standard as the average citizen. No more ethic committees, prison time for those that break the law. Thanks for your post

      • aposematic

        You hit the main reason why the corruption has propagated so far and wide within Gov. The Pols have voted themselves immunity from responsibility for their actions through review by their corrupt piers. As long as any Pol plays the corrupt game, they are protected by the corruption itself. So, here we find ourselves.

        • Orangeone

          The politicians have also exempted themselves from regulations like ObamaCare. Just wait until those start kicking in 1/1/13.

      • Sober_Thinking

        “I would like to see a requirement of military service, providing they are physically capable, or service in the American Red Cross if the potential politician has a limitation precluding service in the Military.”

        I served in the USAF for 20 years. After doing several tours in South Korea, one of the most fascinating things to me was the S. Korean civilization. They spoke Korean as a first language. They drove Korean cars, almost exclusively. They bought and sold Korean products almost exclusively. But most importantly (in response to your thread), they all served a minimum of 2-4 years in military service.

        Granted, S. Korea is almost always in a perpetual state of readiness for war from their hostile northern neighbors… but the side benefit is the nationalism of this country. The S. Koreans love their country deeply. They appreciate it. And they are ready to fight for it.

        I’d like to see that same sentiment back in the United States again and embraced by ALL Americans. I feel that too many people take this country and their freedoms for granted. This might be one way for all Americans to have some “skin in the game”. It might open their eyes and appreciate that freedom isn’t free. And they may begin to value what they have… and honor those who have sacrificed so much for them.

        • armyvet10

          Correct sir, to extend your position I offer another stat that most in the USA might be clueless about (most often by choice) Out of the industrialized so called super powers, the USA is the only one I know that has an all volunteer military. The liberal school system further exasperates this issue by telling every student attending school how they will go to college, even when they are failing. Students who are barely squeaking by are always approached with the ever present argument of “How are you going to go to college unless you pass high school.” My position, having served 22 years in the Army, is how are you even going to qualify to serve this country if you can’t graduate high school? The fact is, with current enlistment criteria only 40 to 45 % of the American Populace qualifies for military service. With the waiver process the percentage increases to about 60%. (I am basing this on the three years of recruiting I was sentenced to) The buy local produced goods is one I have tried so hard to enforce in my household, but alas with so many American companies shipping production overseas it is almost impossible to buy strictly American. I still make every effort to look for “Made in America” on the label, but it is getting even more difficult as time marches forward. (I will still try) Another point you made within the context of your post is one of National Patriotism. Most foreign countries I have visited still have national pride as being of great importance, here in the USA; it is hard to get all kids to stand during the Pledge of Allegiance. No Pride in Country, State or city, is an ever growing problem across this nation. To give you an example I offer my tour in Germany as an example. Every German National, that worked for the US military spoke often about their national pride, you see it in how they became fanatic about their national teams in soccer and other Olympic events. Yet ask them how they feel about the US helping turn the war in WWI & WWII around, well the silence is deafening, even though their benefactor is the USA.

          Thank you for your post, but most importantly, thank you for your service.

          • Conniption Fitz

            The Red Cross has gone the way of the UN…has been corrupted into a political organization…and does not do what it was intended to do.

            Like the FED, the UN and the unions, it needs to audited, reformed and made transparent and accountable.

            • In response to your Red Cross comment, being a victim of Hurricane Sandy I can attest that they were here from Day 1, handing out food, water and cleaning supplies when we had no power and huge messes to clean up. They came day after day with cheerful smiles and a helping hand.

              • Orangeone

                I’m glad to hear that you received assistance.

            • armyvet10

              Is there no humanity left in the world? Are there no kind souls to help the weary? Has mankind abandoned its self to wallow in misery and despair…..wait I am starting to depress myself.
              There are still other ways to help, serving food in a soup kitchen, volunteering for the Salvation Army, or just getting involved at your local church. Most churches have outreach programs, but since many of our young either don’t attend church, or only go to keep mom & dad off their back, I used the name of the Red Cross because of its familiarity to the general public.
              While I have never used the Red Cross for any Financial or substance assistance (food) I have had them help in notifying me when my mother passed while I was still on Active duty. (that was back in the 80’s though) so perhaps this is another reason I listed the Red Cross. Thanks for the feed back and have the best New Year possible.

          • Sober_Thinking

            Good, insightful response.

            I’d like to thank you for your service too my friend. 🙂

            • armyvet10

              Sober_Thinking, I accidently cliked like on my reply post when I was trying to click like on your reply, so here is a second like for you to pay for my errand like. Thanks for the reply and I am honored to have served this great nation. Have a great New Year.

          • Orangeone

            Another fantastic post on this thread! I may well have been remiss in not thanking you recently for your service so please accept my apology and THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE.

            If I might jump in, we are penalized for being patriotic and called racists. I cannot recall the state but a young boy was sent home for having a US flag sticker on his bicycle. Our schools do not have flags in the classrooms any longer because they were offensive to hispanic and black students.

            When I attend a sporting event, I’m shocked at how the young kids goof off during the national anthem. I’ve been known to be a nasty kitty and swat them with my hat and tell them to face the flag, hand over heart and sing along. Then they get the lecture about how the world wishes they had the freedoms they are taking for granted and that their freedom can be ripped away at any moment.

            I’m a firm believer in mandatory military service for males and females. There are those such as myself that were denied because of medical conditions. That needs to be looked at. There are all sorts of jobs I could have done without being on the frontline and it ticked me off that it was not even considered. I wasn’t looking for anything in return, just the opportunity to serve my country as my father, uncle and grandfather had done.

            • armyvet10

              Danir California had a story of a boy having a US flag on his bicycle in honor of his family members who are or did serve in the military. Subsequently the student was asked to remove the flag and was sent home. There are several other stories similar to this one, but I expect this to continue. There are several states that are looking at removing the US flag from classrooms in an effort to be more sensitive to some people’s heritage. Here in Indiana, the US flag is still in all classrooms, and the pledge is said every morning. There are signs of some of the younger teachers being less than respectful towards the flag and pledge and here lies the danger. If students see adults, especially younger adults in leadership positions showing this level of…indifference and disrespect, then students feel more inclined to push the line on their showing the proper respect. Back tracking a little on the sensitivity issue, I find this…well disrespectful to all Americans. The way I see it is that if this country is good enough to live in, and to be protected under her laws and rights, then allegiance to this country isn’t too much to ask. If their heritage and birth place is so prestigious, then why move here in the first place. My theory on this is America is giving away way too much money in entitlement programs that these so called sensitive people would never get in their home country. In a way too many of these immigrants are here for as much free stuff they can get and use our tolerance against us. Still, we should welcome any person that wishes to come here and work hard to build their dreams, while becoming a good law abiding citizen, then God bless them and good luck. For all of the handout crowds, regardless of country of birth or citizenship, that come here for free stuff, I have but one thing to say. Nothing is free, hard working people made sacrifices to build this country and secure their futures and should not have to give it all away to selfish lazy people.
              Here is the web site with the story you referenced. And thank you for your thank you.

        • Orangeone

          Very well said. Have you noticed the Hmong immigrants all drive Toyotas???? I giggle at the Toyota drivers with Barky Boy bumper stickers and ask them why they aren’t driving a General Motors car, blank stare in return.

          • Sober_Thinking

            Too funny… no national pride. Just like mosquitoes… they don’t who they bite so long as they get their blood.

      • USAFCCM

        Sir, I am not a regular reader of this site and have no intention to become one after reading many of the comments justifying activities from politicians solely because they speak the words of conservative or Tea Party. My allegiance is to the United States of America and not to some political ideology. My reading of this particular thread happened solely from a comment on a Navy blog about the chastising of a veteran for stating a truth that many dangers of my generation, I served in Korea and in Vietnam, were nothing compared to the threats to America today from the Marxists and Communists. Sadly, the original article and many of the comments in my opinion confirms that many have more loyalty to this Tea Party clique that they have covered in our flag than to the United States of America.

        I wish that the United States still had a military draft. I believe that every citizen should serve the country as a reminder of the blood spilled to protect liberty and to give opportunities today. Service can be in the military, it can be as a fire fighter or first responder, and it can be as a teacher or any position that gives something back and paves the way for future generations. My position is that service is not about monetary compensation but a display of love of country. There have been politicians in my lifetime who I can say put country over money upon entering office. I feel that number is diminishing, and regardless of whether one puts forth the badge of Democrat, Republican, Tea Party, Libertarian, Progressive, or Independent does not matter. I know this is a conservative site, but those who wrap their own liberties in the stars and stripes and criticize others are not representative of the United States I love. Current apathy is not the fault of one individual or group, but of all currently standing. When we provided air support for ground troops or engaged in a dogfight, it didn’t matter the race, religion, or political ideology of the person by our side. If that person died, we would most likely die as well.

        I am thankful that a few who commented on what I consider a very anti-American article with its ridicule of Americans who are not members of the particular clique, seem to place the United States first as you do. The promotion that one man or one political party is destroying America I find repugnant because that promotion is not talking of the strength of that man or political party, but of the weakness of the United States of America if they truly believe President Obama or anyone can destroy us.

        You may or may not agree, but I respect your comments in the defense of the freedoms and opportunities afforded to us by being born in the United States of America.

        R. Smithson, CCM USAF (retired).

        • armyvet10

          I would have liked to see the original article and comment responsible for your reply. The two main points I have gleaned for your eloquent posting seems to be this.

          1. We must put aside party affiliation, along with race, religion and financial status. (I added the financial status of my own accord)

          2. We as a country must re-look the subject of mandatory military or public service.

          #2 first. My time in the military can be covered form 1980 to 2002. The cold war, Iran Hostages, Grenada and of course Desert Storm. These historical events weren’t the only events but a short list of the major events. During this time; and you probably know this better than I, the United States ended the draft, and turned to an all volunteer force. Career Airmen, Marines, Sailors, and Soldiers is a term that wasn’t new, but became more familiar.
          All Veterans were inducted with one phrase of their swearing in, that resonates still today. “I will defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies both foreign and domestic. I will postulate that most here also believe that military service should still be required, or a service that serves the public in place of military service. The question of this service then becomes why? I can only speak for myself and will tell you that my service started for many different reasons, but after my first enlistment, all of this changed. I turned from the reasons of seeing the world, or educational opportunities to more patriotic reasons. I started to see a world where women of some countries were and still are treated like property. In some countries I was exposed to seeing how children are used as bargaining chips. We now see this trend happening here in the United States, with the same psychology being used and waged here and we call it politics. From women’s rights issues, to the glass ceiling, political wars are being waged to win; IMHO, power. From the Patriot Act to Health Care Reform Act or as many now call it Obama care, more power has been achieved by the Government. Again the question of this grab for power has to be why? Is it to ensure all Americans are taken care of? or will politicians forget their own oath and look to reward those thath helped them get elected? Is this power being used to defend our citizenry, our allies, our way of life, or is it something different, something as many here would say, sinister? The answers to these questions must come from the individual or freedom really doesn’t exist.

          Now for #1. The end of my answer to number 2 hints to my belief about party affiliation. Simply put, IMHO, party affiliation is a what has gotten us to where we are today. Federalist, Wig, Republican, or Democrat is only a title, a banner to cling to for sense of belonging to something bigger than ourselves. All veterans recognize their unit and their country by the banner they fly; does this mean we all hold the same values? The answer is no. During my time in the military I saw many different nationalities and races come together under the flag of the United States for one sole purpose; to defend this great nation. I also met many who thought very differently than I. From sex to religion the spectrum of different opinions are as vast as our solar system. The real dilemma to me is how all of us can live peacefully together while accepting our differences. The association of one party over the other when it comes to subjects such as welfare, same sex marriages, military strength, rights of women, rights of fetus/un-born children, or any other issue is only a means to rally people to a banner. The Tavon Martin case is a great example of this principle. We in the United States were bombarded with news coverage, opinion and yes even politics over this tragic loss of life. One party took to politicizing the event while another took to defending the 2nd Amendment. (or the opposite side) Lost in all of this were the facts of the case, opinions spewed by civil rights leaders were responded with counter opinions by the other side. Justice is blind, and not always fair. The wealth, race, religion or educational background of a person should hold no power over justice, but we do not live in a perfect world. Getting past one’s chosen political party is just as hard as getting past one’s chosen religion. Most times it is almost impossible. (Pearle Harbor and WWII proved this point) Before entrance into the war, many in the United States longed to be isolationists; we didn’t want to get involved. In Fact we did turn a ship full of Jewish refugees away from American ports before we entered the war. America felt it best to not get involved. The problem is we were already involved with sending supplies to Britain while they were engaged with Germany. I don’t believe any party can be all inclusive, but I think all parties should be all thinking. The current stalemate in the White House, Senate and Congress is a problem that no one party will ever solve.

          Thank you Madam or Sir, for your thought out response and your service to this country.

  • dontdrinkthecoolaid

    This is all such a mess and watching it unfold as it is, is cliche. We would not be in this mess if the politicians did their jobs. Time for more pink slips in 2014.

    • bornfreeamerican

      Let’s SHUT IT DOWN! Let’s fund what we can afford.

  • colliemum

    Nice essay, Jen, and right to the point: if one doesn’t stop spending, one will be slave to debt payments.

    We ordinary people, who have to live within our means,know this.
    Most politicians, especially of the left persuasion, simply don’t get this: you cannot spend your way out of debt. What is worse is that the left is wilfully blind to the woefully few examples where certain politicians actually did turn things around. For the last fifty years, only three come to mind: Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, and of course Sarah Palin.

    Well, we all know how they have been vilified by the left, and still are. It’s as if the socialists and communists cannot bear to have a well-run economy.

  • Rocco11

    The Weekly Standard can’t go belly up soon enough, with friends like Kristol and Barnes, who needs enemies?

    • StrangernFiction


    • On FNS, Kristol said “this is because Republicans are being obstanate” or something to that effect. Can someone tell me when Kristol has been right…about anything…in the last decade ?

      It’s the Bill Kristols and Fred Barnes of the world that have ALLOWED this ridiculous narrative about Bush, Repuclicans, the Tea PArty, and everything else.

      The very pundits “on our side” who are supposed to expose the BS not only allow the false premises to take hold, but they perpetuate them.

  • Conniption Fitz

    Just because the Democrats are so destructive and dishonest, that doesn’t whitewash the Republican party.

    BOTH the demogogue Democrat Marxists and the reprehensible Republican Fabian socialists are to blame.

    They are BOTH partners in crime – both greedy and dishonest.

    BOTH have agendas that have worked against the prosperity, health and good of this country and its citizens.

    Every administration since Reagan is guilty of putting their own agenda ahead of the Constitution and blood of American troops and citizens.

    Big oil (foreign oil), Big arms, Big banking and stock markets, Big commodities, etc. have influenced foreign and domestic policies since FDR. Foreign ideologies, organizations (UN), investments and trade are doing so now.

    Foreign interests, Democrat and Republican donors, special interest agenda groups could not raid this economy, establish beachheads in our public schools or forge laws that protect crooks like Romney and Corzine, or allow imposters like Obama and the Clintons, and SOROS to operate in our country if BOTH political parties were not complicit.

    That is the tragic truth, and the implications are difficult to wrap your mind around.

    • sDee

      Not really difficult to wrap my mind around. It connects dots, Explains seditious behavior, It actually makes sense of many many things that otherwise are fodder for endless media distraction and political Kabuki.

    • StrangernFiction

      That is the tragic truth, and the implications are difficult to wrap your mind around.

      There’s a lot of talk about converting moderates and even liberals. Hell, most conservatives can’t wrap their mind around reality. You can’t defeat the enemy until you know who they are, and most conservatives even won’t face the fact that DC is the enemy.

    • Orangeone

      I must add that Reagan’s hands were not as clean as fresh snow either. He approved of illegal amnesty which has lead us to having 12 million more today. For whatever reason or by whatever trap, he was still President and signed the order.

      I would like a bit more info on the “laws that protect crooks like Romney”. Corzine a crook yes but Romney? If you are referring to the tax rate on investments, that isn’t being a crook, that is complying with tax law. Investors run great risk in investing in companies and deserve that lower tax rate. Without them, we would have the medical devices, among other things, that we have today.

  • bornfreeamerican

    Tell me please…how is someone making $250,000 a year a millionaire? How does that work? …and $200,000 for singles…when is that a millionaire? Can someone please point that out??

    • The Federal Government has picked the number as the cut-off of the middle class. Everything below is the middle class, except for the poor, who need our help even though the government keeps them in better digs than some working sops in the middle class. As far as I can see…

      • $250,000 here in Central VA is very good money. You could live comfortably, but your not rich.

        $250,000 in Northern VA, in the D.C. area, is enough to pay the bills and live every other paycheck to every other paycheck.

        $250,000 in Manhattan is barely enough to survive paycheck to paycheck.

        Does anyone think Obama gets that ? No.

        • Orangeone

          Either way, the current tax structure punishes the successful and rewards the lazy with the middle class caught in between. If you look at the effective tax rate for people with children (dependents) and those without you will see the middle class childless are paying substantially higher taxes than those with kids.

      • Orangeone

        When I could earn $68,000/yr and be equal to someone on public assistance, there is a BIG problem.

    • aposematic

      If that income is from a Gov. job, they have multi-Million $ retirement packages…if they don’t kill the goose that is. Note: The are wringing the goose’s neck as we write.

    • mjs_28s

      Millionaire is so meaningless anyhow.

      If you have $3,000,000 invested in dividend paying stocks & corporate bonds and averaged an overall investment dividend income rate of 5% you have $150,000 per month. Many places of the country you would starve (DC area, NYC, etc as mentioned below).

      While at the same time you could have an income of $250,000 not have a pot to pee in and yet you are grouped in with millionaires? Also, why do people seem to think that millionaires and billionaires should be in one group? One billion is 1,000 times larger than 1 million so they are not even in the same ball park.

      That gripe aside, I am more of a fairtax / flat tax plan with a prebate for the first dollar amount up to the poverty level WHILE reducing government spending to what government is supposed to do, primarily defense. Most every other program can be handled better at the state level or just completely done away with.

      If anyone finds a country that is actually free market based, call me so I can move there.

      • Orangeone

        Some of us are looking!

  • notebene

    This crew needs to start with spending cuts, not tax hikes. Why that bit of logic escapes them is ridiculous. It’s where all families start, when the finances get tight! We have a federal government that is way too big and doing double duty that state governments already accomplish at a more efficient rate! We do not need a Department of Education at the federal level…every state has their own. We do not need an EPA…every state can handle their own environmental issues, far more efficiently at the state level! There is so much endless double dipping of departments at the federal level that we could shut it all down and the only ones who would feel it would be Washington DC! It would be ugly for social security recipients, but that’s going to get ugly anyway because we have too many folks, whom did not contribute to the system, sucking off of the system. Yet another area that has be audited repeatedly, but never fixed! Now they all want to run back to do the job they refused to do the last 5 years and act like they are doing us a favor. Please! Save the theatrics for the theater! We, the people of the USA, are sick to death of the stupidity…cut off their pay and their perks until they start remembering who they work for…us!


  • aposematic

    “I’m going to call the Democrats in DC what they are: thugs, bullies, crooks, felons, liars, tax-cheats, perps, pickpockets, racketeers, swindlers, thieves, highwaymen, malefactors, pervs, immoral, unethical, unscrupulous, uncompromising psycho-neurotics.”

    Agree but, you left out the R’s. Politicians are all of the above with few exceptions that after finding out their Political predecessors and colleagues have voted themselves the legal right to steal their subjects wealth with impunity become quickly not exceptions at all.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Just call it like it is… 🙂

    Great commentary – excellent points! Thanks Scoop!

  • “But let’s not stop there, call the ones who stood with steel spines and did not back down, courageous, bold, heroic and strong.”

    Definitely. We need more Allen Wests in the world and fewer wimps willing to appease the liberal monsters that are spending us into oblivion. Perhaps ALL the Republicans in Congress should watch the movie “The Iron Lady” which is about one of the greatest conservatives that ever lived, Margaret Thatcher. Not only did she stand on conservative principles, but she was willing to fight for them, regardless of the cost. The only person I see who is willing to do that is Allen West, which is why we so desperately need more people like him in government. We can only hope that West is elected to something soon. We so badly need him back in public life.

    • Thatcher for US Presidency! Why not? Other foreigners could… 😉

      • Orangeone

        Bibi Netanyahu for President, today would be great!

    • Orangeone

      But some of those “courageous, bold, heroic and strong” are simply 2016 pResidential candidates posturing for their future campaigning.

      • TwainPoe

        Great statement, but unfortunately too many people care only about the words someone says and do not look at the individual’s actions. That’s true regardless of political side.

  • objective123

    Look I know this is part of the Communist/Socialist/Fascist/Marxist plan led by Obama, other dems, complicit Republicans like Rhinos McCain & Romney and others who sold the USA out like a two dollar whore to the elitists and New World Order. But, the ignorant folks who believe the propaganda (MSM) like how FDR continued to stay in power during the Great Depression don’t care if folks are wards of the state. As long as they stay rich as the 1%, they will continue to degrade USA into Mexico.

  • Amberson

    AMEN, Jen!!

  • sweet

  • StrangernFiction

    Americans will separate from DC or be slaves.

  • Rshill7

    This is how I responded to our local, “It’s all the republican’s fault” balloonheads this morning:

    It is? How many bills that this House has passed were even voted on by the Senate? Are they bad because Reid won’t allow an up or down vote on anything? He allowed a vote on Obama’s one budget in 4 years. It failed 97 to Zip. That means even the democrats voted against it.

    How much compromise did the Healthcare Dictatorship yield to the republicans? None whatsoever. The House has received zero movement from this president or from senate democrats. Not even a vote on what they were sent. The House has already passed two solutions to the cliff. They even, after those were vetoed by Reid, still came way more than halfway towards Obama’s perceived wishes of zero spending cuts and big tax increases on the folks that already pay the lion’s share of all taxes. He hasn’t moved an inch.

    He, Reid, and senate democrats own this. But neither you nor the media expect either of them to lead on anything. They get one mulligan after another don’t they? If we had a media that wasn’t posing as Pravda to Obama’s Lenin this would not be happening. He’d be impeached or in prison by now, and Reid would be his cellmate. This is called the breakdown of the rule of law, and we’ve already seen several specific examples of that breakdown stacking up like a new Tower of Babel made of corrugated cards.

    When your favorite football team get beaten, do you blame the team members who never made it off the bench? Maybe it’s Tebow’s fault the Jets did so poorly? It’s also the House’s fault that they don’t have a remote control connected to Reid’s wavelength so they can control him? Some certainly have vivid imaginations, or maybe there is this thick buffer-zone between them and the truth. Does that buffer-zone have a big red MSM printed on it? Sure it does.

    Neither you nor the democrats know what compromise is. You don’t even know what’s going on. That’s part of the plan. There is zero responsibility placed at the door of Obama and company. Zero. Where’s Obama’s plan? Where’s the Senate plan? What do either of them look like? I don’t know what they look like do you? They have not offered anything nor compromised on what the House has offered. Haven’t even responded. They simply table everything the House sends over, just like they have been doing since the House changed hands. Please tell us what Obama’s plan is if you can.

    I believe his true plan is to collapse the dollar, declare a state of emergency, suspend the Bill of Rights, and force us into that type of system the Communist Party USA, and the Socialist Party USA endorsed them for. You are nothing but chattel to them. A big fat stupid pig in a stinking, shrinking, trough.

    Yes, Obama and Reid are to blame. Pay attention comrade. Go suck on a sickle as your way of life vanishes into history’s dumpster. Your kids will never get to enjoy that way of life. You and your comrades have stolen that from them. You have also stolen revenue from your great, great, great, grandkids. Their lives will look like North Korean lives. But don’t worry, they can play any number of hunger games.

    Do you wonder why Agenda 21 was recently scrubbed from the UN website. It was there two weeks ago in pdf format. I think maybe too many people were reading it, and were very, very concerned about it’s stated goals, which four American Presidents have signed off on. As part of the new proletariat comrade, welcome to Hell. Stand in line for a train ride, then stand in line for a bag of rice and beans. Then spend the night in your new hi-rise government apartment because single family homes will be verboten. Family farms too. Perhaps your smart thermostat will be set at higher than 40F if you’re lucky. Just keep agreeing with everything the central planners tell you. You’ll have no need for a first amendment, a second amendment or any other human right. You can also suspend disbelief and get used to doing just as you are told. Can you do that? Sure you can.

    “The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!” (Patrick Henry)

    • colliemum

      Outstanding diatribe, rshill77, simply outstanding!

    • wonderful, rshill!

    • Retired, USMC for life

      What’s disheartening is that people promote the belief that two men, Obama and Reid, are destroying the United States. Given that those two men are average at best, what does it say about your capability of passing along the American Dream to future generations? It’s a lack of respect for our history and people like George Washington, James Madison, Alvin York, Norman Schwarzkopf, and so many others who fought and overcame greater evils than any we have today. It’s really a slap in the face to veterans that people claim Obama and Reid are so evil and powerful that nobody can stop them. I have a couple of stars, one bronze and one silver, and a couple of hearts colored purple hidden in the back of drawer along with letters written during 3 tours for my grandchildren after I pass away so that they will appreciate the opportunities they have the privilege of receiving for doing nothing other than being born in this great country. Those medals are hidden because they only serve as another reminder of the heroic Americans who sacrificed their lives and the real atrocities you experience in combat in foreign lands. What people seem to forget is that if you don’t love the United States with both its good and bad aspects, nobody is forcing anyone to remain. In a dictatorship under the direction of a powerful individual, that opportunity is not available. Again, if you believe Obama and Reid are that powerful, how sorry do you believe the United States and Americans are in today’s world? Perhaps you did not intend to insult this great country, but your assertions insulted at least one veteran who would still serve today if needed.

      • Rshill7

        Ok, you go in and tame Obama and Reid. Whip’em right into line. They are every bit as powerful as their votes and privileges make them. Reid has in essence, a pocket veto and has used it well over 30 times to table bills sent over by the House. Your medals can’t fix that, neither can your rambling on about pride, love it or leave it, and whatever else that rambling block of text was.

        If you were insulted, it might be that you have no idea how our government works, how our current government is, or you simply desire insulting. My post stated facts and future goals of the left. It insulted those who needed insulting. If you needed insulting, that’s your problem. Be insulted all you want.

        Wrap yourself in your glory days for all the good it will do you. I’m talking about today. Not talking about what this country was in WWII, Korea, or Vietnam OK? Wake up, look around, and try to figure out what your country has become. It does not resemble the country that fought WWII, Korea, or Vietnam.

        If there is no pragmatic dream left to pass on, how and what does one pass on? Does one pass on 100 trillion in future debt and liabilities? Does one pass on tens of thousands of business stifling regulations? Just what in the progressive hell is supposed to be passed on when so many aspects of this country that made it great have been chipped away? We don’t even have rule of law or adherence to our Constitution any more.

        This country has been frittered away, and predominantly by democrats. If you can’t see that, tough tookies. Lay your personal problems at someone else’s door. We have active Socialists, Communists, and Islamicists in our government. Enemies within, actually wielding power, and you are talking like a Junior High Schooler from the 40’s. How about hop in a time machine and land back here in the present. Then take off your blinders and naive adherence to something America was never meant to be.

        I want my country restored. I don’t know what you want. You seem to think it just peachy keen like it is, have no issues with where it’s going, yet many issues with people who point it out.

        • TwainPoe

          If you want your country restored, go out and do it. Don’t just complain about it and blame Reid, Obama, Democrats, or someone else. Just think about where we would be if those people of the past you insult had the same attitude. You’re disrespecting this individual’s generation and earlier ones, but guess what they had problems as well. The reason we are here today is because they overcame those problems.

          You are correct that the country today does not resemble the country that fought WWII, Korea, or Vietnam. Whose fault is that? Tough pill to swallow, but the fault lies at the feet of you and me and our generation for it being “frittered away” to use your description.

          I don’t think those people in the past have blinders on and our naive. Instead of whining they actually did things to make the country better.

          If you don’t find today as your “Glory Days” be adult enough to not blame someone from the past for not giving it to you on a golden platter. You say you want your country restored. If you really mean “restored” you are talking about the way it was, so in other words the country this individual once lived in. What he’s telling you is that the problem is not the country. The problem is the people who’d rather “point” out problems instead of sacrificing like previous generations and fixing the problems.

          It really makes a lot of since to criticize someone because they lived in the type of society that you would like to live in. Maybe if you would be willing to listen and work, you might learn from their success and not have the failures WE have brought upon ourselves.

          • Rshill7

            I wasn’t talking about “those people” in the past, I was talking about this particular guy. He has blinders on.

            I also was not talking about my glory days, I was talking about his.

            Maybe if I would “listen and work”? I do work. Quite active in politics, more than most, more than you too probably. I listen then disagree with fools who are blind to what’s going on today. You don’t appear to listen at all, as you’ve misinterpreted and slandered what I said.

            You are a newbie. Click on my picture. See the difference? I know what I’m doing and what I’m talking about.

            I made a post to the original writer here, not to the retired usmc guy. She is a family friend. This guy I responded to responded to me first saying he was insulted by me. He was the criticizer with nothing to criticize. I didn’t say jack crack to or about him.

            He also responded to the writer up top inappropriately in my opinion.

            • Harry1960A

              I agree that it really doesn’t matter how strong or weak Reid or Obama happens to be. The point is the individual’s asking of why do you feel so inferior and weak that they are able to control you. Like it or not, your arguments and those in the original piece are no different from any arguments put forth by Democrats today, the Communists in the 1960s, 70s, and 80s, and Fascists in the 1930s and 40s.

              I will give you credit. You are the first person to claim Tea Party but opposed to our military veterans and military service.

              What do you find so inappropriate. He did not resort to name calling and such. At least he didn’t brag about how much time he wastes posting. Maybe if you spent less time being so thin skinned, you wouldn’t get so upset and think of yourself as too inferior or weak when it comes to Reid or Obama.

              • Rshill7

                Your first paragraph is but sheer ignorance and interpretive slander. I do not feel inferior or weak towards any man. I have simply turned a light towards them to illuminate their deeds as they strive to implement their decidedly anti-american ideology. See the difference? It is they who desire communism, fascism etc. not I. But my arguments are no different? I see. Hence the interpretive slander on your part. A dishonest dissection. Your deficit not mine.

                If you ever read another of my bits of writing, try doing so with at least one eye towards comprehension of the actual words and how they are arranged, rather than your own prejudicial bend, which is 180 degrees out of phase with the truth of what I’ve written.

                You say that I am opposed to our military veterans and military service? That is just a lie, making you what is commonly known as, a liar. Can a white man disagree with a black man without being a racist or vice versa? Sure he can. Why then can not I disagree with a military man without being against his chosen profession, mandated service or whatever it is? My disagreement with him is simply disagreement. I don’t care what color he or she is, or what they’ve done for a living. Those things make no difference whatever. I disagreed with his disagreeable opinion and self-imposed insult.

                Finally, and with repetition. I am neither the inferior nor the weaker of any man. If you feel a need to project any more of your own weaknesses, prejudices or inborn inferiorities of your own, pull down a white screen and project it there. Functional illiterates both bore and irritate me. I have much less patience with liars. You are both.

                • Harry1960A

                  You quote Patrick Henry. Please enlighten everyone on Henry’s opinion of the Constitutional Convention, James Madison, George Washington, and the governments of Virginia and of the United States. That’s not a trick question but a curiosity on how you account for the later contradictions between Henry’s words and actions.

                  I did cast judgment on you about the military to see if I received a reaction. The purpose was to see how you would respond when you were on the receiving side of the labels you cast out concerning others. You see what matters is that our government at the federal level must work together to accomplish anything. State and local governments must work together. When all you care about are differences, nothing happens. Our Constitution only happened with compromises and compromise does not mean winners and losers all the time. It means finding a common element and working from there. In many cases, that element can simply be we are Americans.

                  You might be correct. I’ll actually agree with you on many issues. The methods of attack, however, have never worked to create a continuous cycle in the history of the United States. You may not like Democrats, but in 20th century US make a list of Representatives and Senators who you feel reflect your ideas. Many will be southern Democrats, and those types of people still exist. When you label, you’re basically arguing allegiance to an ideological faction and not to the United States. Your approach is nothing new. It has been used previously by Marxists, Fascists, and other extreme groups. It didn’t work then and while you may get kudos amongst those of similar beliefs, you will never enact a lasting change whether for the good or bad because as you label and dismiss others, they label and dismiss you.

                  Just think about this, were you referred to as a functional illiterate or liar for your opinions? Try reading this:

                  “If you were insulted, it might be that you have no idea how our government works, how our current government is, or you simply desire insulting. My post stated facts and future goals of the left. It insulted those who needed insulting. If you needed insulting, that’s your problem. Be insulted all you want.

                  Wrap yourself in your glory days for all the good it will do you. I’m talking about today. Not talking about what this country was in WWII, Korea, or Vietnam OK? Wake up, look around, and try to figure out what your country has become. It does not resemble the country that fought WWII, Korea, or Vietnam.

                  If there is no pragmatic dream left to pass on, how and what does one pass on? Does one pass on 100 trillion in future debt and liabilities? Does one pass on tens of thousands of business stifling regulations? Just what in the progressive hell is supposed to be passed on when so many aspects of this country that made it great have been chipped away? We don’t even have rule of law or adherence to our Constitution any more.

                  This country has been frittered away, and predominantly by democrats. If you can’t see that, tough tookies. Lay your personal problems at someone else’s door. We have active Socialists, Communists, and Islamicists in our government. Enemies within, actually wielding power, and you are talking like a Junior High Schooler from the 40’s. How about hop in a time machine and land back here in the present. Then take off your blinders and naive adherence to something America was never meant to be.

                  I want my country restored. I don’t know what you want. You seem to think it just peachy keen like it is, have no issues with where it’s going, yet many issues with people who point it out.”

                  Each generation has its own challenges. Why attack someone who apparently lived and fought for a country? It’s not his fault there is “no pragmatic dream left.” They passed it on, and our generation, no matter what label someone has, will be the ones who fail to pass along the same opportunities given to us.

                • Rshill7

                  Dang those quotes are fantastic !

                • TwainPoe

                  Well you just summed up why the country has been frittered away, and why so many people label anything associated with values or conservatism as being radical or extreme. Just stay here with like minds in a crowd because that type of infantile indifference only turns people away from things they might otherwise accept. If you have a problem with the United States, don’t look out the window. Look in the mirror because whether it’s you, me, or anyone else, the issues start with that reflection we see. You can condemn, chastise, berate, but who is responsible for themselves? Harry and USMC accept their cause of the blame and try to teach from experience. Fortunately, people like them do not believe that you know it all as you do. Fortunate, because if they did, the blame for all the failures and “frittering away” would be the result of your hands. Sure blame them and blame me, but I’ll take the United States from years ago, its people and its values, any day over the United States as it is becoming because people only care about what the country can do for them, not about passing along opportunities bestowed upon them. It’s selfish but you wouldn’t understand because you know it all.

              • Rshill7

                I like to write Harry, I do it for others as well as myself. I’ve written scores of original songs too, both the music and the lyrics. If writing is a “waste of time” to you, then by all means, cease and desist. To me it is not a waste of time. Neither is reading.

                Since my time is my own, I will spend it doing what makes myself and others happy, without consulting you.

                It doth appear however, that you might consider reading much more, and writing a little less. Two less posts from you would be about right. You needn’t consult me about your choice on the matter either.

  • If Obama was your spouse and spent like this, you wouldn’t hand him an unlimited credit card. You would cut up the credit cards and lock him out of the bank account.

  • 911Infidel

    Careful Nannykins, a kiss from Satan is enough to melt that plastic face of yours.

  • sjmom

    Go Jen!

  • My only quibble with the column is tax hikes aren’t going to increase the revenue either. It will in the short term but the long term not a chance. History has bore this out over and over again. As it was put so succinctly ‘outside forces’ change spending habits. Well the outside force being the government is going to change the habits of those getting the tax hikes in the form of wealth protection.

    This isn’t about revenue but it is about class warfare and ideology. As I have said before anytime you hear the likes of the rich saying they are going to increase taxes in themselves because by golly they can afford it, just add the wink wink, nod nod. They are going to get their loopholes and foundations set up lickity split.

    • Orangeone

      And they deserve to keep what they have earned. This is class warfare with those in the lower tiers wanting to grab what others have earned, risked and worked for. It’s time for a flat tax.

      • TwainPoe

        I agree in substance, but flat taxes are in many ways too simple to work. We tried something similar locally for fire protection (my occupation). However, the reality is that it is significantly cheaper for us to fight a fire in one section of town as opposed to one a only a couple of blocks away. Both are similar areas in an economic sense with the types of properties. The difference is that one area has a number of water sources we can tap into while we have to rely on our onboard tanks in another. Hence there is a greater chance of property loss in that area if the fire is large. There was no major opposition to the tax, but with the flat tax we had funds left to repair equipment only if calls were made to certain areas. Eventually the tax on the books now is based on the area rating for fire insurance. Those areas that require more resources pay a slightly higher percentage than those who do not.

        You might think my example does not apply, but what about those who have not earned anything but simply inherited it? I’m not talking about a family farm or business, but those tabloid type kids spoiled to the core because great great granddad worked his butt off. Once you are several generations removed from having earned it, if you are not working in that business I think that person gifted should be taxed more than the person who earns it. Can that be done? Probably not, but I everyone should earn what they have.

        • Orangeone

          If you have a flat tax based on consumption it doesn’t matter if someone inherits.  But it has to replace the income tax which rewards those who do not work and punishes those that do.  Currently the death tax is double taxation.  The earnings are taxed and then the estate is taxed.  I believe in fee for service in most areas, but not public services such as law enforcement, snowplowing and fire protection, etc.  The community should utilize solid methods to project potential costs for the upcoming year and have a separate local flat tax to cover those essential services.  If expenses are less than those tax revenues, the difference is put into a reserve account ONLY to be used in the event a future year has expenses over revenue.  There also needs to be a cap on the reserve account.

          • TwainPoe

            Just to clarify our public service situation. The tax was not for services rendered but for the maintenance of equipment, and upkeep for tanks is non stop because you can’t chance a failure. Unfortunately budgeting is based upon the previous years expenditures and anything left at the end of the FY goes into a fund at the discretion of the Mayor. Maintenance costs are kept in a separate budget from other operating expenses hence a community call for a dedicated tax for that purpose. Why? Nobody knows, but it is fairly common. When we run short, it depends on the mood of the council of supervisors as to how much hassle is necessary to maintain protection.

            Here’s a question about a flat tax on consumption. Many people will spend on the basic necessities but must save up for an occasional want or luxury such as a car. Those with higher net worths will spend for the same necessities but not necessarily any more for luxuries or wants. That’s there right, but it also results in a differing burden. The death tax is double taxation, but currently there are so many loopholes that essentially transfers money earned several generations ago to a generation today. It might not be as often, but people who work can be punished. For example, one of the Hiltons and another media celeb decided to visit a local attraction. Because of the amount of media and I guess fans following them, some roads needed to be closed and extra law enforcement dispatched to deal with the crowds. Maybe the other “celeb” works, but all I’ve ever read about is his time in jail for DUI and the company his grandfather founded years ago. Has he earned any of that money? Perhaps if he had then throwing a brick through a windshield here just for laughs might not be a sarcastic handing over of a wad of cash to pay for the damage.

            My position is simply that we need a system that doesn’t reward people who do not work regardless of if they are at the top or bottom of the economic ladder. Those in the middle pay the punishment regardless of if the abuse is bottom up or top down.

            • Following both of your and orangeone’s posts on taxes. Analogies are incorrect at best. Water analogy is not even close to applicable and I’m not sure where you are going with it. I don’t know where you get your information on the analogy about the wealthy not spending any more for luxuries or wants. Do you have something I can read on that? Nothing in history has bore that out. Nothing I have ever studied both in school or out has bore that out. People will always enjoy the fruits of their labors when allowed to do so. Most people do not live like Ebenezer Scrooge. The celebrity analogy has it’s own problems. Is it the fault of the celebrity if the masses want to worship them and follow them everywhere? Must they live like a prisoner because they are famous and wealthy? You are proposing to implement a system that tries to override human nature and that is impossible. If people want to worship a celebrity in a community and jam up traffic, close roads, and extra police, well then it is their community and is their local taxes paying for it. It’s up to them. And btw…even those extra expenses have a overall positive effect on the local economy most of the time. sometimes it is a negative though however if people don’t learn from that negative is their really anything that can be done?

              Flat tax puts us back to being a nation of ‘equality’ and not ‘fairness’. We were never based on fairness because to be fair to one we must be unfair to others. Fairness is subjective and fluid always. Equality is not.

              Flat tax levels the playing field and makes all things equal. Society would adjust to that like it always does and quite frankly if we are to get back to the Constitution and Bill of Rights I think we need to get back to thinking about that ‘equality’ and ‘fairness’ not being synonymous. Over time the language and perception of equality and fairness has morphed into them being synonymous and they simply aren’t and never will be. It’s impossible hence the strife in this country.

              Consumption taxes penalize productivity.

              Both AEI and Heritage Foundation have some terrific studies on flat taxes. Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams have also written extensively on it and of course their is the books by Forbes who originally put forth the proposal.

              P.S. Who cares if someone inherits their wealth? Isn’t that why we work harder so our children can do better? I think people get a little too overly concerned with the behavior of their neighbor and not the behavior that is in front of them. If some rich kid doesn’t want to do anything with their life and just live off of inheritance there is consequences to that behavior so let them have at it. That behavior is not new to history either.

              • Retired, USMC for life

                I cannot comment on the specifics for any of the three because I’m not involved. The water analogy makes sense when I think of it one of our municipal situations involving the extension of water service. What it appears is that a “consumption” formula was ultimately used with their funding. Areas where the fire department did not incur the additional costs for maintenance ultimately paid less than those areas that necessitated the additional costs. He wrote that equipment maintenance came from a separate budget and the tax related specifically to it.

                As to the flat tax, I’ve never read any studies, but in your earlier post I think you hit on the same issue brought up on the consumption formula. If one group previously, “wink, wink” wrongfully benefited from the system at the expense of others, is setting the same tax rate today equal? For me the last paragraph sums it up: “My position is simply that we need a system that doesn’t reward people who do not work regardless of if they are at the top or bottom of the economic ladder. Those in the middle pay the punishment regardless of if the abuse is bottom up or top down.” The first sentence is utopian, and the last is reality.

                I wish that all people worked harder so that their children would have a better life. If that were the case, there would not be as many abuse issues on the lower end of the economic ladder. No popular people should not be kept in cages or isolated. My personal thought though is that tax funds used to supply additional services for them such as police enforcement are no different than funds to supply additional services such as an increased police presence in lower income areas. History has examples from both the lower and upper strata’s. People will suffer the consequences. In the grand scheme of things, however, does it matter if the abuse happens at one end of the spectrum or the other? I have seen studies relating educational success to economic classes. This is my utopian thought: What if that person rich from inheritance actually needed to earn for themselves? They already have a foot in the door so their path to independence and being a producer and consumer is much shorter. If they are only a consumer and that consumption results in additional problems for others, are they any better or worse than someone who had to kick and scratch just to reach the door.

                Personally, I think all 3 of you are on the same page. The major difference I see is only wording and in a face-to-face discussion would be ironed out in minutes. That’s just my thought, and on here at least, my thoughts and life actions aren’t worth squat to most.

                • Sorry but we are going to part ways on this post. The water analogy is not applicable because water storage is a tangible and not easily moved object. It is like doing a gold analogy using dirt…although water may one day have a higher value than gold! 😉

                  On the one hand you wish all people would work harder so that their children would have a better life but then go on in a Utopian idealist moment wish for the rich kids to have to earn their wealth and not inherit it. Which is it? I don’t know where the class warfare and envy come from since it isn’t biblical and our Founding Fathers lived in a world and fully supported that world where the children, especially the eldest son, inherit and move the legacy forward. This is an assumption on your part : “They already have a foot in the door so their path to independence and being a producer and consumer is much shorter. If they are only a consumer and that consumption results in additional problems for others, are they any better or worse than someone who had to kick and scratch just to reach the door.” Having wealth has it’s own set of problems as well. Right off of the top what comes to mind is the fact that much more is expected when one inherits wealth. The bar is set much higher. I guarantee you most people will expect the children of Bill Gates to be smarter than Bill Gates.

                  What makes people popular? The followers that follow. If those people want to follow and waste their hard earnings on that, well so be it. That is freedom. Yes we do indeed have the freedom to be stupid and no one can be a celebrity unless people make them that way. Even advanced societies practice idol worship and a tribalism. That is what celebrity truly is.

                  My idea of a Utopian world is one where people mind their own business and not worry about what their neighbor earns and how much so long as it isn’t illegal or immoral or both. I do not care if someone inherits wealth. Quite frankly it’s none of my business when put into a general context. And yes some people have to work harder to get where they want to be? So? If they live in this country they should be glad they have that opportunity because not too many other places in the world afford the opportunity to move from poor to wealthy.

                  I do agree it is always the middle class that pays for the mistakes but that is because the bulk of the morality and wealth reside in the middle class. I also agree that orangeone, twainpoe and myself are not very far apart and could hammer it out in person. That is why I take online conversations with a grain of salt. You can say or even convey online what you can in person. I bet you and I are not all that far apart either.

                • Retired, USMC for life

                  I do not think we are that far apart either. Admittedly, my talking to someone face-to-face has always been much easier than corresponding through ink and pen letters back in my day and especially this electronic communication since my typing skills lack.

                  As to parents and children, my opinion is not based on government but from this aspect which aren’t as economically connected as they might appear. I believe that my generation, born in the late 30s, in general had an advantage over more recent generations. I and my classmates never had to look for our parents or search for an adult role model. They were actively involved in our lives for proud moments like ball games or to meet with our teachers, especially if we misbehaved or were disrespectful. Regardless of how much food could be put on the table, everyone was at his or her place at the dinner table and events from the day and plans for the next were discussed. My neighbors across the fields are a fine young couple in their 40s with 2 kids of their own and another adopted. The husband recently told me about feeling guilty for not being able to attend the Little League games because of work. My response was I think his son understood and the quality not quantity mattered. I told him that those evening where I watched them playing catch or hitting fungos were just as important if not more. To compare with his adopted son, according to the agency report the child’s parents were quite wealthy and in their mid 20s. This child, however, has a condition which I believe is called cystic fibrosis. They chose to give him up for adoption because they did not want to be burdened by a sick child. That’s an extreme case, but my wife and I volunteer at a youth center. This year 3 parents were arrested for beating their own children. I’m not talking about spanking, but actually hitting and in one case breaking the arm of the child. So many others have no adult role models. My point is that I was rich in parental love as a child and took it for granted. Even with all my time overseas in the military, I was still naïve about some children in America until getting my hands dirty seeing children other than my own and their peers. That may not be comparable to money, but my take is that to really appreciate what you have you need to understand what it would be like not having and seeing it with the same background makes it easier to recognize the difference.

                  I’m not envious of others or of money. As I child of my parents, once you learned to walk you learned to milk the cows. My grandkids and now great grandkids laugh because Maw and me say “electrifical lights” because we once only had lanterns. You can probably imagine the questions they have when we are happy about our “indoor water closets” which is indoor plumbing and bathrooms. Being able to rear 4 healthy and happy children who have since been blessed with their own spouses, children and now grandchildren, having each graduate from college and seeing them active in community and church and experiencing each grandchild saying thank you and Ma’am or Sir to every adult they meet, that’s my reward.

                  Would my parents have anticipated me serving 3 combat tours? No. Would they have anticipated me marrying the most caring woman I have ever known? No. Would anyone suspect that these wonderful grandkids call this old mule Papa? I doubt it. My philosophy is simply to do the best that you can with what you have. My 2nd grandaughter showed me this article for a school project she has on hate. I decided to comment on one statement from the basketball official, and that resulted in the comments from someone else and then about a dozen emails from various others with language filthier than any stall I ever cleaned and the recommendations that if I won’t accept that the United States is in more danger today than it was back in my day serving in Korea and Nam and with things like the Cuban Missle Crisis…sorry its just that the last time I felt that type of hate in this country on a personal level was in the early 1970s with the reactions coming back from Vietnam.

                  It restilled my faith a bit when I read many of Twains responses to comments posted in reply to me. Nothing from you ever referred to me, but I respected the way you presented yourself. I might not be able to explain the water analogy in type or person, and even if I could we still might disagree. That disagreement, however, is why I love this country and with political parties I tend to adhere to the George Washington letter where he warned against permanent foreign alliances and political factions.

                  Good day to you, and now I will be avoiding computers for a couple of weeks as all the kids, grandkids, and great grandkids will be here, and I will be tutoring Algebra and taking these youngsters to build a barn for one of our neighbors while Maw spends time tutoring English and grammar and introducing the kids to the art of quilting and hopefully making another patch quilt family style (meaning everyone creates a piece and then it all get put together like chapters in a book).

                • I know what you mean. I have an education and I’m still never as articulate on paper/web as I want to be. Don’t sweat it USMC because I am of the Ronald Reagan school that we agree enough.

                  You are of the same age as my father and share many of the experiences he did. He is also a veteran. I think what you are conveying is the root trouble of the culture going in the sewer and I must agree. It is why I am careful how I spend my money but I fear it may be too late on that score. I wonder if the culture is even fixable any longer. One thing I do know is if we are to fix the culture it begins at home. It is why I was very strict with my child and it paid off for me. THANK GOD! You referenced the early 70’s…I think the late 60’s and early 70’s is where the country really went off of the cliff culturally in my opinion.

                  I think every generation has a share in the responsibility of the problems and also has to share in the solutions and that is also my opinion.

                  Thank you for your response sir and congratulations on the wonderful success of your family. I would love to see that quilt.

                  God Bless you and yours and may you have a prosperous New Year.

                  P.S. Come back here again. A lot of smart people here but some of your old school wisdom wouldn’t be a miss.

      • It is communism under the guise of class warfare. This is straight up Lenin tactics. The rich will not pay more in the long term. They will shelter their wealth. It’s the middle class, where the bulk of the wealth resides in this country, that will pay more.

        Remember teary eyed Clinton going to the microphones saying how he tried to lower our taxes?! That is when America became a society that lives on credit.

    • TwainPoe

      True. I’ve seen a number of figures and while increasing revenue sounds like a short term solution my feeling is that until the amount of waste (spending is an issue, but I think more is wasted through inefficiency which if fixed would make it easier to solve the spending issues) is reduced, few things will be accomplished. We really need to reform the tax code.

      • I totally agree. I think you are reading my mind because I posted that very thing on another blog. As my sister and I were talking yesterday you get the vibe, and have for a long time, that politicians of both parties have absolutely no respect for the hard work people do every single day, day in and out, to produce the wealth that the government so greedily grabs. People get up tired or not and do the right thing, even when it is hard, and those fat heads in DC have no appreciation or respect for that.

        • Retired, USMC for life

          Laurel and TwainPoe, I’m only guessing that I’m older than each of you since many of my generation has passed. I simply wanted to say thank you to both because your words are a reminder that not everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon and blame one group or the other. No matter the Party or faction, I have only heard this particular Congress talk, but I haven’t seen any willing to walk in the shoes of their constituents. Rshill may believe I have blinders on, but I remember the days when particular businesses went from private ownership to being nationalized. I remember the days when if you criticized a government action you might be jailed or beaten to a bloody pulp. I remember when opposition newspapers were there and then mysteriously disappeared. If he or this author thinks I’m an attack or regulations are pain, they are fortunate to be in this country today as opposed to a time not that long ago when if you openly disagreed with regulations you were silenced. Don’t take my words; compare the outcomes of both the accusers and accused by Representative West recently and Senator McCarthy years ago.

          I’ll agree with them that the deficit is too high today, but I also lived during a time when the deficit was more than 100% of the GDP. The country not only survived but thrived in the future because people put actions above rhetoric. If people insist on Party labels, well Truman was President when government spent money on weapons research and rebuilding Europe. IKE was President when government continued to rebuild Europe and also poured enormous amounts of funds into building the Interstate Highway System. In Congress, try naming those before the 2000s who would be endeared by either the pure “Conservatives” or pure “Liberals” of today. You’ll be in for a surprise if party affiliation is important to you. Reagan’s record as governor and as President would be the target of modern “conservative” outrage if the records were shown without his name.

          Name calling and casting blame onto others doesn’t solve problems; it only creates emotional ramblings which results in nothing being done. I did not vote for Obama, but I have not seen the standing military occupying places of business, state governments authorizing the state police to close down streets, buildings, and enter private property to confiscate weapons, or as what happened in a few protests involving Nam, Civil Rights, and labor having federal troops open fire on Americans in American streets. I did see that in my “glory days” to which he thinks I should return.

          My thoughts and blessing to each of you and hopefully more people will imitate you and focus on the actual problems versus what they have been told and care more about solving those problems than blaming someone else or getting credit for themselves.

  • Perhaps this piece should be entitled “Looking for a scapegoat, because I refuse to take responsibility just like Congress.” Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a fan of the President, but where is it in the Constitution that the President spends money? Congress has that power regardless of the little animal club to which they belong. Our deficit is not the result of 2 years; those 2 years are only a portion of many others which built and increased the deficit. No budget? Not exactly, if a Congress does not pass a budget, the previous one remains in effect. How much legislation has the 112th actually voted on, let alone passed? Not too much outside of dedicating post offices. That’s true of both House and Senate.

    Much of our government spending is outrageous, but those lambasting the spending should at least be holding themselves to the same standards. For example, Michelle Bachmann in her financial disclosures has received approximately $300,000 in government aid for the Bachmann Farm Family LP in Wisconsin. Not a bad haul of taxpayer money for an entity that is claimed as a financial asset worth between $500,001 and $1,000,000.

    As for Jack and Dianne, it really sounds bad on paper and looks like they are getting a raw deal so blame the President or blame Congress. Well, the President and Congress might be idiots, but Jack and Dianne have also made decisions which have influenced their life. It sounds like they not only bought more home than they could afford but overpaid as well. They work, but seem more concerned with maintaining their lifestyle even if it means borrowing money to do it. Isn’t that what Congress is doing? I’m an MD and my husband is a mechanic. We assisted 1 child through his bachelor’s degree; we have another in college and 2 in high school. All have worked both at my clinic and my husband’s garage. Admittedly, we never hurt for money, but we never splurged either. We built an additional bed and bath to the house after my student loans had been paid, not before. An unanticipated expenditure necessary for the kids or the family meant either a cut or increased work for either my husband or me, not borrowing money. Obama did not force Jack and Dianne to their debt limit, and he has not spent their children’s money. The tax money they pay can also be thought of as the money going to Representative Bachmann’s farm.

    I agree that raising revenue or increasing taxes is not the solution to the problem. The problem is too much reckless spending. The issue, however, is where to cut that spending. It sickens me that some people live off others. In the medical profession you see that every day. Still, focusing cuts at the low end amount to pennies, while the waste up top resulting from greed amounts to dollars. Because this debt today is not just ours, but an accumulation of debts from many Congresses and interest owed on that, cutting itself will not solve the issue. Revenue will need to be increased.

    Now anyone can use selective data to spin the actual events to fit their own agenda, but even Ronald Reagan raised taxes. Yes, in some cases taxes were lowered such as with the reforming of the tax code. Still you had a gas tax, cigarette tax, increases in capital gains and corporate taxes. The gas tax was temporary; cigarette a tax by individual choice, but it’s hard to deny the corporate and capital gains increases.

    What bothers me the most at this point in history, is those who say they champion individual responsibility are the same ones most vocal about blaming Obama. If he were a dictator, then there would be no opposition as it would be crushed. If you read the Constitution, the office does not have the power to stop or even start what many wish to blame him for. Those who argue for less federal power fail to recognize that the Constitution actually became our government because this country was at the point of disintegrating under the former government, the Articles of Confederation.

    Yes, blame Obama and the Spendaholic Democrats. By doing so, you are proving that you do not have the personal accountability to take care of yourself. If you strip rights from one, then everyone is at risk. The problem is that too many people believe that their rights are the only rights and even though they claim to support the Constitution, their actions speak the opposite as they label and dismiss the power of compromise in the United States. If they had lived in the Federalist Period or anywhere in the antebellum period, many of these self proclaimed “purists” would have advocated an authoritarian government if they could be in charge or total anarchy whenever they were not and justified it not by their own volition but through the labeling of scapegoats.

    • aposematic

      Two things: 1] Bachmann is not the only person with a farm, and 2] the Senate (D controlled) is responsible for making a Budget, they have not for three years running quickly to four years. So, why is Boehner being blamed for not negotiating/compromising with Obuma on his proposed Budget the Senate voted NO to 97-0, i.e., no Budget exists so in reality there is nothing to negotiate/compromise on. I will agree that all of the massive debt spending is not only Obuma’s fault as the Senate has refused to restrain spending with a Budget and the House keeps allowing the explosion in debt to finance everything Obuma proposes to spend.

      • Retired, USMC for life

        My post never did appear so at least one more attempt: It may only be interpretation, but I read the Bachmann mention solely as an example of some who call for cutting spending not being willing to cut the money they receive from the government. Farm subsidies are a topic for another thread, but when you list that farm as an asset and report profits, I find it sad that over a quarter of a million dollars of tax money has been sent to increase her personal profits. My personal belief comes from the military in that those in charge must set the example through actions for the enlisted to follow. Bachmann isn’t the only person in Congress to receive handouts, but being that she ran for President it is easy to find copies of her financial disclosures. Their clinic has received more taxpayer money from both state and federal government than my highest salary in the Marines. Again, just me personal, but I find little issue having part of my earning go to helping others through building infrastructure or those who need a little help to get back on their feet. Some slobs do leech, but find it more disturbing when people with reported assets such as these Representatives receive more government aid individually than the combined total of people on welfare in small towns.

        The budget is a responsibility of Congress in that it is concurrent legislation. Both chambers have the responsibility to propose measures that can pass. Budgets, however, do not expire. When a Congress does not pass a new budget, the existing budget remains in force. The President can only make suggestions, but he does not have the power to either propose or to veto a budget passed by Congress. Obama is not spending 1 penny of taxpayer money. It is Congress, both the Republican majority House and Democrat majority Senate, who is spending. Like or dislike the individual in the White House, but they are only adhering to the Constitution. The original essay is nothing more than an individual blaming everyone else for all the problems and crying if anyone actually does anything to fix the problems. If the problems do get solved, who will listen to them whine?

        • Rshill7

          “Like or dislike the individual in the White House, but they are only adhering to the Constitution.” (retired…)

          Really? Which Constitution would that be? They are certainly not adhering to ours.

          “The original essay is nothing more than an individual blaming everyone else for all the problems and crying if anyone actually does anything to fix the problems. If the problems do get solved, who will listen to them whine?” (retired…)

          Maybe the same people who are listening to you whine? The “original essay” was full of facts, not whining. Whining is what you are doing.

          In addition, could it be that the Bachmann clinic has received government money because they have provided services to people who are “covered” by the government? Why yes, it could be, and is. How is that a “handout”? Should they provide all of that service for free? Did you provide your services to the government for free? No? Then shut your hypocritical hominy hole and stop denigrating decent people. Your naive diatribes on this page are crap. Stupid crap.

          • Retired, USMC for life

            Try article II which lists the powers vested in the President of the United States. The portion of the Constitution written by a group of men in Philadelphia who had originally been charged with amending the Articles of Confederation, our government which signed the Treaty of Paris of 1783 establishing the United States of America. Instead the chose to write a completely new document, circumvented the existing power, the state legislatures, calling upon special conventions to ratify and except it as the legal government. When the largest states of Virginia and New York finally agreed, that government went into effect in 1789. Two years later, the states ratified 10 of the 12 Amendments passed by the House of Representatives and the US Senate which we call the Bill of Rights.

            So your argument is that it is acceptable for someone to receive government money if they provide services to “people who are ‘covered’ by the government.” Yet, you argue against taxation in another post. How should that service be funded? If one service is compensated, why should another service not be compensated?

            “Facts and obvious conclusions” So opinion is now fact, and anyone who offers a differing opinion or brings in facts which differ from your own is “denigrating decent people.” Like I wrote in response to pain, I never found words to be an attack. It’s like that sticks and stones saying as a child. Diatribes, perhaps, but it might be that I’m confident enough in my opinions where I don’t feel the need to resort to cursing and blaming others for my problems.

            What’s fascinating is that we probably cast our ballots for the same individuals, but not for the same reasons. Simply the fact that I do not cast labels and name call has made me “hypocritical” and somehow shelled corn with my opinions being stupid crap. No matter, I’ve heard those words before. They came from those who endorsed North Korea in the 1950s, and those who took the time to meet us at the airports coming back from Vietnam and spitting on us. The only difference from your words here from those yelled at the US troops just over 40 years ago is that you did not call me a killer of children.

            Look around and do not blindly follow because that will lead to another Hitler or Khrushchev, and if you think Reid and Obama are so powerful or maybe Bachmann so magnificent, you will be in for a rough time if what you argue is pain today becomes the pain that was inflicted on previous generations. Each generation has had it easier in the US. Unfortunately that will probably end with the next because creating scapegoats do not solve problems. Problems can only be solved by each person starting with their own. That’s my final whine. Good day to you sir or madame.

            • Rshill7

              Not sure what the purposes of your first paragraph is. I don’t need a history lesson. The fact is Obama and Reid have disobeyed our Constitution, as has the AG.

              How powerful I think Obama and Reid are is irrelevant. The point is how powerful they are and what they have done with that power…how they wield the power they have. It has nothing to do with my or your opinion of that power.

              Previous generations never had domestic enemies in power like we have today. We also have massive voter fraud.

              The people who actually cause problems are not “scapegoats”. They are domestic enemies. They are not figments of the imagination. Scapegoats? Please. Guilty goats is more like it.

              I have never “blindly followed” anything or anyone. The admin we have now are leading us down the road to Marxism…the road to serfdom, and it doesn’t appear that you blame them or even notice it. I notice it and blame them.

              When we no longer have freedom, we will no longer be able to solve any problems. Wake up and smell the change, the central planners, and the socialism, which is a stop on the way to communism.

              There was nothing in my original post that should have caused you to respond to it like you did. It was right on target. That you were “insulted” is a problem on your part not mine. It tells me you haven’t a clue about what’s going on. That you have no idea about the prevalent progressive ideology that owns the democrat party and this president in particular. You don’t have any solutions because you don’t even recognize the problem.

          • TwainPoe

            An example of the tactics I just described. I would comment on your double standards, but the other response is far more respectful than I would be.

            • Rshill7

              I don’t give a darn what your response or opinion is twain. Not even half a darn.

              • TwainPoe

                You asked about the Constitution, and received a reply. You accuse Obama and Reid of disobeying the Constitution but do not clarify where or how. It seems to me that the person you are discrediting is simply saying that if you believe that Obama or Reid has disobeyed the Constitution to stop crying and do something. I can give you some examples, and it is quite apparent that the individual you are criticizing can as well. You, however, seem either incapable or unwilling.

                The United States did not have as many domestic enemies in the past? I find selling atomic secrets to the Soviets quite dangerous. The NAZI Party even had a rally in Madison Square Garden with a large image of George Washington. We’ve had real socialists, fascists, and communists running for President on those tickets.

                • Rshill7

                  I am doing something about it. Are you privy to my political activities? Is he? No, and no.

                  Disobeying the Constitution: Failure to pass a budget for 4 years for starters. That’s 4 Constitutional infractions right there. Since the “healthcare” law is a tax, it must have started in the House. It did not.

                  Also, the Attorney General is in contempt of Congress and he picks and chooses which laws to prosecute and which to ignore, and as they relate to certain person-types, ignores them. One example there would be the failure to prosecute the New Black Panthers for voter intimidation.

                  I didn’t ask about the Constitution, I asked him which one he was referring to because it certainly wasn’t ours. He said Obama and co. are adhering to the Constitution. They are not. He was wrong and so are you…it happens. Deal with it.

                  We now have communists, socialists and fascists in power…one is the President and others are in elected seats of the house and the senate as well as appointed positions of authority. That is a big difference. They are out of the closet and basking in the light of day. The Communist Party USA endorsed Obama both times he ran. He is a Marxist ideologue through and through.

                • Harry1960A

                  Please cite the section of the Constitution where the President has the power or responsibility to pass a budget. The proposals have been made.

                  You are correct partially regarding the House and taxes. “The Constitution reads “All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills.” Three issues: 1) does this “tax” raise revenue? 2) a further interpretive stretch, but the Senate bill contained aspects of previous Republican proposals. In fact, what is most harked upon, individual mandate and penalty provision, was first proposed by Senator Don Nickels back in 1994, and was removed because it repeated Republican proposals dating back to 1989. 3) The President merely signed a bill passed by Congress.

                • Rshill7

                  Thanks for sharing Hairy.

    • Retired, USMC for life

      Excellent response. While this article tries to be representative of the right, it is the same rhetoric found in articles representing the left. It’s always the other person’s fault, and we are the only people who love the USA. The problem, however, is that both sides refuse to take the good with the bad and only want what supports them. Louisiana is a great example with their governor. Nationally, he is running for president already and touting all these reforms, but those reforms are cutting services while at the same time increasing the salaries of individuals who are in charge of those services. Michigan had the big uproar when the women at the state house voiced their opposition and were censored. Those who agreed with that silencing complained when they were silenced by the crowds during this whole right to work uproar. As you said, if you have certain rights so does that person who disagrees with you. Instead, we have these people proclaiming for freedom and individual responsibility, but advocate that their rights have been suppressed. Obama is a weak president, but what it really means is that all these people who blame Obama for their problems are admitting that they themselves are even weaker, do not accept individual responsibility, and want someone to tell them what they want to hear.

      • TwainPoe

        And when someone on either side feels threatened, they resort to making it into an emotional issue instead of wanting to fix the actual problems.

        • Rshill7

          Wanting to fix the problem is an emotional issue. Recognizing the problem to begin with is also an emotional issue.

  • badbadlibs

    “Then again, if Obama cared at all for the American people”….he’d take a long walk off a short pier…or, at least slither back under a rock and take his female snake with him…

    This is priceless! 🙂
    ,” I’m going to call the Democrats in DC what they are: thugs, bullies, crooks, felons, liars, tax-cheats, perps, pickpockets, racketeers, swindlers, thieves, highwaymen, malefactors, pervs, immoral, unethical, unscrupulous, uncompromising psycho-neurotics.

  • MiketheMarine

    And @$$munches !!!!!!!!

  • Retired, USMC for life

    Congress is responsible for passing a budget…it is concurrent legislation so whether one is passed by an individual Congress or not is the blame of both chambers. When a budget is not passed, the previous one remains in force. They do not expire. I might be mistaken, but I read the Bachmann farm as an example. Some farmers have a true need for subsidies (whether I or anyone agrees with subsidies are another subject), but what I took from the example is that if people arguing for cuts are themselves taking, how will anything get done.

  • Retired, USMC for life

    Congress is responsible for passing a budget…it is concurrent legislation so whether one is passed by an individual Congress or not is the blame of both chambers. When a budget is not passed, the previous one remains in force. They do not expire. I might be mistaken, but I read the Bachmann farm as an example. Some farmers have a true need for subsidies (whether I or anyone agrees with subsidies are another subject), but what I took from the example is that if people arguing for cuts are themselves taking when they have no need, how will anything get done.

  • Mark Seplowin

    Here are my thoughts, this Obama and his crew always wanted to go over the cliff ever since they put the poison pill/Trojan horse into the deal over the summer.

    Why isn’t anyone pushing the story that Obama wants to go over the cliff, and if my memory is correct he stated it to the Iowa paper in his off the record interview, which his campaign later published. He stated his answer to the Debt problem was to allow the Bush tax cuts to expire for everyone and to let the automatic cuts happen. He stated the sequester was not his idea after one of the debates, which Woodward disputed when he went thru his notes and stated that Plouffe or whatever his name from Obama’s inner circle was the person who had Reid put it into the bill.

    So all this is theatrics,

    Obama crew pushed the poison pill that everyone stated no one wanted but evidently Howard Dean and Obama’s crew are more than happy for it to happen. Obama stated to the newspaper this was his plans and then runs around acting like he does not want the sequester and for only the rates to go up on the rich while he probably wants the rates to go up on everyone.

    I’m just surprised that the people who should be saying this every time they speak to the press (Our Republican Representatives) and blogs are not getting the word out to put his crew on the defensive or at least let the public know where most of the blame should be on this cliff issue.

  • Sorry but it’s absurd to try to make me feel sorry for the financial hardships of a family of four making 300k a year when most families that size have to scrape by on less then 1/4 of that. Trying getting some perspective on how normal Americans have to life and then maybe you’ll win a demographic group other than white males in elections.

    • Orangeone

      You have ZERO right to what someone else earns and they are not obligated to pay higher taxes to make up for what others don’t pay. This category is largely made up of small business owners. They are taxed on profit even when the money is left in the company to use for future growth. It’s absurd. Many business owners are worried about making January payrolls because of the taxes on prior year earnings so they lay off staff.

      If someone cannot afford to have a house, they shouldn’t buy it. If they cannot afford to raise children, they shouldn’t have them.

      You have the same opportunity as others to obtain an education, work hard and be successful. Those in the nonwhite race are given preferential treatment and alot of additional financial assistance. If you are not in the $300,000/year category perhaps you should examine the choices you’ve made in the past and choose a different pathway going forward.

      • Retired, USMC for life

        I did not read the response as saying they have a right to what the described individuals earned. I read it as I’m not going to feel sorry for you because you are making $300,000 and cannot live the lifestyle that you want to live. $75,000 is ¼ of that amount, and I do not ask people to feel sorry for me when I have the same responsibilities.

        I read the $300,000 couple to be a part of those you describe with this: “If someone cannot afford to have a house, they shouldn’t buy it. If they cannot afford to raise children, they shouldn’t have them.” That applies to someone making $1 million or $5,000 in my opinion.

        Taxes don’t hurt small business as much as tax breaks given to a large corporation who comes into a town, outsources their labor to cheaper markets, sells at a loss but breaks even with the tax break under the guise of job creation, and eventually forces that local Mom and Pop store that existed for 50 years, employed generations of locals, and participated in the community to close shop because they cannot outsource the way the large corporation does. My question is if those tax breaks authorized by this fiscal conservative state government are acceptable for the largest, why not for the small business as well?

        • Orangeone

          I don’t know the specifics but it sounds like Tax Increment Financing to me.  I have argued at many a public hearing against TIF districts.  They are tax benefits to NEW businesses that employ a certain # of people, supposedly for future tax revenues. The businesses are either closed or the TIF is extended by the time taxes would be paid.  Here, the TIF also exempts local and school district taxes.
          ObamaCare will be the end to small businesses. Cap gains taxes are going way up so investments in new business will go way down.  Profits will be taxed as wages so the gov’t gets more and the business has less to reinvest. The more the gov’t does this, the more businesses will outsource.

          • TwainPoe

            I agree with your thought on the taxation. We had the same situation here that essentially destroyed a group of long term free standing businesses. Employees from those local businesses did get jobs at the 2 national chains, but at less pay and less benefits. Unfortunately with all the push for big business and people claiming these businesses are the same as small businesses, the days of going into a local shop and getting real advice from an employee about everything involved in a DIY job are passing us by for the almighty dollar.

        • Rshill7

          What the heck do you know about what hurts small businesses? Have you ever owned or run a small business? Ever personally experienced any of the accompanying pain from government taxation and regulations? If not, we might have another example where you could consider closing your silly mouth.

          • Retired, USMC for life

            Parents owned a meat market. In-laws ran a family farm. Son owns an automotive repair shop that has expanded with 2 additional locations. Daughter is partner in an accounting firm. Government taxation and regulations are not pain. They can be an aggravation, but they are better than the alternatives of too much government or too little government. When I think of pain, I think of the boys who went to Korea with me but never returned to the US. I think of those who left with me on both tours in Nam. I think about those before me who overcame Hitler and the Japanese. I think about those men and women sacrificing in the military today for this great country. I think of the school teachers who are blamed by parents who believe their child is always right. I think of firefighters and maintenance workers who are taken for granted. That is pain. This pittance of taxation and regulation which honestly pales in comparison to what income tax rates used to be before the 1980s; the tax rates paid by corporations and on capital gains from the Reagan tax hikes are not pain. If you think it is, then you are fortunate to have not lived in this country earlier or to be living in a country not called the United States.

            • TwainPoe

              Thanks for the reminder. We often take for granted what we have and forget about all the past generations sacrificed to earn what we have been given. Bless you and all our combat veterans, and much appreciation from this firefighter for including my profession along side other American Patriots.

            • Rshill7

              “Government taxation and regulations are not pain. They can be an aggravation, but they are better than the alternatives of too much government or too little government.” (retired…)

              I’m sorry but you speak like a bricklayer who wants to teach a course on neurosurgery. Complete ignorance on the subject. The tax code and the regulations are too much government.

              So your answer is no, you have never owned or run a business. Thanks. I knew it. No business owner who runs his own business would say something so untrue.

              You couldn’t even read all the government regulations in a year. You have no idea what you are talking about.

              P.S. It appears you also know nothing about our education system as it exists today.

              • Harry1960A

                What we have today is nothing compared to all the red tape and regulations there used to be. The problem is that too many people today play the system which has been dumbed down because they lack the educational background of those earlier. Most of these regs you speak of today were attempted in the past, but the people were smart enough not to allow it to happen. Look at the Congressional Record of the 1950s through the early 1970s for examples.

                • Rshill7

                  Obama’s administration alone is responsible for tens of thousands of pages of new regulations alone costing businesses over 14 billion dollars to comply with.

                  I also have a personal acquaintance who’s business was shut down by the EPA. They entered his place of business with FBI agents, ransacked his business, took all of his computer hard-drives, and shut him down, ostensibly because he did not say what they said he should say about his environmentally-friendly products. This happened just a few months ago.


                  What type of business do you own and run? Did you know that if you are breathing, the stuff exiting your nose and/or mouth is pollution? Well, it is now. The stuff exiting your keyboard is fairly poisonous as well. Mostly though, it’s just stupid.

                  If you have time to go through the congressional record maybe you have time to read Agenda 21. I don’t think agency regulations are part of the congressional record.

                  If you have a desire to be an Obama apologist, try any number of left wing sites. There are a lot of them. Have a dumb day Harry…just as you had yesterday and no doubt, many such days before.

                • Harry1960A

                  Agenda 21, the current UN version dating back to 1992 is essentially the similar proposals since 1945 although only 1 previous specifically referenced the 21st century. Or are you referring to the Agenda 21 from which Beck is profiting from the paranoia by those who have predicted doomsday since the beginning of time?

                  As per regulation, the article you cite has an interesting concluding sentence. “Perhaps Congress and the president should try putting recovery before regulation.” I agree with that sentence but apply it to all aspects like those in prior administrations of putting recovery first. The debt is an issue, but as USMC pointed out elsewhere, the amount of debt has been greater in previous administrations and both ideologies put recovery first.

  • hbnolikeee

    Gee, I’m at a loss for what is more disgusting kissing pill-lousy or getting kissed by Duh Bumbler. It may be a toss up (of your cookies).

  • Orangeone

    ‘Meanwhile, Bill Kristol shows how out of touch he is by saying, “You know, a lot of the tea party guys don’t care that much if a few millionaires pay a couple percent more in taxes, honestly.”’ Well let me start by asking Mr. Kristol when $200,000/year single and $250,000/year married became millionaires. Second, let me state that there are Tea Party women too Mr. Kristol.

    Scoop: You closed with: “So I don’t really care if it’s immature or improper, or the recently accepted term, “hate-speak,” I’m going to call the Democrats in DC what they are: thugs, bullies, crooks, felons, liars, tax-cheats, perps, pickpockets, racketeers, swindlers, thieves, highwaymen, malefactors, pervs, immoral, unethical, unscrupulous, uncompromising psycho-neurotics.”

    I would like to add the RINOs to the group of DC Democrats. They sold the country out alongside the Democrats by failing to defund ObamaCare and continue to do so by failing and refusing to impeach Barky Boy over Fast and Furious, Benghazi, accepting illegal campaign funds in 2008 and 2012 and a much longer list of offenses.

    We have yet to see the debt this country is going to rack up with ObamCare. We already have unfunded liabilities for Social Security and Medicare, no one can even tell us what the true costs of ObamaCare will be.

    • Retired, USMC for life

      You can call Democrats whatever, RINOs whatever, and do not exclude Tea Party folks as well. The Dems and Reps have been attacked already, so here is an issue with the Tea Party.

      What bothers me about this Tea Party is that they talk of individual responsibility; we earned it so it is ours, type of talk. I have no problems with that philosophy. When something is being given out, however, they are running to the front for the handout regardless of what they have. I thought the Obama stimulus was foolish, but Paul Ryan requested how much of those funds for his district? Please don’t tell me that we didn’t even look at the applications and handled them the same way we handle other matters in this office like assistance to veterans. As a vet of 3 combat tours, I found that type of excuse for requesting tax money to give someone being of the same significance as that of a veteran waiting for a medical test because some paper pusher transposed 2 digits in his SS number. Asking the government to give tax money to someone you know is of the same importance of handling veterans’ requests according to the statement released. Sorry it did not involve money and was tossed aside because it was requesting information for a doctor to proceed with a test necessary only because previously surgeons only removed shrapnel and failed to realize that those floating bone fragments were not from the shattered bone, but actually from the Sergeant who perished in the explosion.

      The unfunded liabilities and long term sustainability are not the result of any individual group, but a combination of everyone who has baked a cookie, put them into a jar, pulled one out, asked for one, or consumed one. Just like the original Boston Tea Party actually involved a protest over the lowering of taxes, this modern Tea Party is no different from any of the other political factions as they push for monetary incentives for themselves just as the others do.

      • Rshill7


      • ApplePie101

        Paul Ryan is GOPe, not a member of the Tea Party Caucus, so it’s no surprise that he would join in the stimulus feeding frenzy.

    • ApplePie101

      I agree! We no longer buy the narrative of republican vs. democrat when so many republicans vote along with democrats for the same tax and spending increases. ‘By their fruits ye shall know them,’ except in this case it’s ‘by their votes.’

  • HWGood

    And let’s never forget that with the raised taxes the tax income for the government will go down.
    Everybody up there knows it, it just gets brushed away without mention as insignificant.

  • No matter what happens, the republicans will be blamed anyway. A big black eye for our conservatives.