Bob Beckel on today’s Gallup poll: If these numbers are correct it is over for Obama

Despite his hacktastic past as a lefty pundit, Bob Beckel had a moment of honesty today when asked about the latest Gallup poll that has Romney up by 7. His initial response was “it’s over”. Even after suggesting that the margin of error is wide enough that perhaps the numbers could be a little closer, he conceded his respect for Gallup and said that if the numbers are correct, it’s over. That’s quite an admission from someone like Beckel.

Watch below:

(h/t: Breibart)

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  • Glad to see Beckel’s got a sense of reality.

    • bobemakk

      I wonder what has awakened him?

      • CitizenVetUSA

        Maybe a slap in the face of the truth.

  • The Las Vegas books need to put an over/under on when the demoralized Bob Beckel pulls off the massive coke/booze/hooker binge and winds up in a mess under the Manhattan Bridge.

    • smmy33

      Just remember to vote and donate and voluntary ….. There are a lot of dirty tricks these guys will do to win this , with a national media more then willing to help… just look a this stupid ” binders full of women” , silliness and the Paul Ryan dishgate… when he was cleaning dirty dishes…..And Gallup is the only pollster with that high a % … Who knows what that can mean……

      Also a what this to be a landslide.. To stick it right in the media, the lefts and Hollywood face… Fu and your left wing propaganda , you don’t own America.

      • bobemakk


    • 2besusie

      As much as I dislike Bob Beckel, I would not wish that on him. I know too many people who have gone through hell to get sober and struggled valiantly to maintain their sobriety. IMHO to wish a relapse on anyone is beneath us.

  • Orangeone

    “I talked to a Senior democrat in the green room and said shoot straight with me, How much panic is there? A lot”. I absolutely love that!

    • Don

      Thats good news orangeone, but keep in mind the most dangerous man in the world is the one who has nothing to lose. When a bullsh*t artist can con 47% of American people into allowing themselves to be subservient to democrats for taxpayer-funded goodies, we have a major cultural problem. It can only get worse if it is not stopped now. The corruption that the desperation by these thugs may lead to could be unnerving. They will not go easily. Expect a desperate October surprise..

      • Mary O’Grady

        In my honest opinion, the moment where I felt Mitt Romney *really* got it about the kind of man Obama is, was during the second debate during the Benghazi fiasco portion. He looked genuinely startled and stunned that Obama was going to lie about what he said in the Rose Garden; he really couldn’t believe it!
        I think from here on in, Mitt is ‘hip’ to the kind of slime Obama is capable of unleashing against him, and I now have a bit of faith that he will know how to handle it, and push back in kind 😉

        • badbadlibs

          I believe the American people saw the same thing. There is absolute truth to the saying, “you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time”.
          bo has lived a life being protected from the truth for the last four years, he actually believed his press. He lied before the nation, he had help from the woman who was acting as if she were hired to be a moderator, but instead acted like his surrogate. The people saw that too.
          Thank God!

          • CitizenVetUSA

            My conclusion is obama really believes his own lies.

      • bobemakk

        It’s the politically uneducated that want the social justice programs and Obama bucks that worry me. But we must still get out and vote and crush the Obama/Biden regime.

  • Big Bird, Binders, It’s over…

  • Optimus_Maximus

    Whoa! One can only hope this doesn’t drive Beckel to falling off the wagon…..he’s been sober for what, almost 4 years? Of course, Obama’s election seems to have sobered up quite a few voters over the duration of his term in office..

    • Jay

      Staying sober turned me into a recovering liberal. There’s hope for Beckel. I tell leftoids, “I was a liberal until I got off drugs. What’s your excuse?”

  • poljunkie

    I’m not taking anything for granted.

    There are almost three weeks left to go, and who knows what the sneaky rats could do on the left.

    • justplainbob

      WE cannot get too cocky here. There is still a lot of work to be done. No time now to sit back on our butts and to not promote our man for the presidency regardless of what Bob or the polls say.

      • poljunkie

        Totally agree.

        • Rightstuff1

          Agreed – but if I had been told 2 weeks ago that Romney would be up by 7 in Gallup polling I would have been incredulous not say dismissive….

          For the moment I’m enjoying it. 🙂

    • I totally agree!

      Never underestimate their immorality.

    • StandProudNow

      They are not just going to sit back and allow their victory to slip away.
      No way, no how.

      • badbadlibs

        But there is a Force that even these evil monsters can’t defeat!

    • badbadlibs

      I’m believing that God is behind these numbers and if God be for us, not even…I’ll repeat…not even bo, clintons, or every single Chicago thug politician living and dead can stop what God has deemed to perform in His infinite mercy.

  • underconstantatack

    I just hope and pray him and his goonies don’t use force or bribery on so many people and/or higher ups to cover up or twist a win for Romney into a loss so that he “somehow” comes on top for the win. I don’t trust or believe anyone in Os circle~or targets. Sad this is how dirty I feel our own is but I don’t even trust him with the lives of our own military. 🙁

  • conservative58

    Wasn’t the election suppose to be over in September when the media and polls kept telling us that Obama had already won?

    • badbadlibs

      oops 🙂

  • conservative58

    I sure hope these Gallup polls are right! Early voting started yesterday for our state and I had an opportunity to go vote this afternoon. Typically, there aren’t any lines for early voting but that was not the case today. There was a long line of folks waiting to cast their vote!

    Let’s prove the polls correct and make it happen!

    p.s. I think this is the most excited I have ever been about casting a vote! I have waited four years for this moment, and I enjoyed every second!!!!

    • Mary O’Grady

      I love your enthusiasm! I hope you are out there inspiring others to get out there and vote too 🙂

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      Lots voting here too! I voted on the first day of early voting (Wednesday in TN). And my sibling just reported more voted the second day then the first! We are in a rural community and 775 voted in person the first day in our city (and w/absentee and mail in over 1,000 votes). Thursday, over 800 more people voted and a couple of friends are still waiting to vote because of the lines! I saw on the news yesterday a place in Charlotte, NC for their first day of early voting and the line was very, very long (reminded me of a Disney ride line- maybe on a light day)!

  • sjmom

    Recently I have thought even through all his bluster Bob knows Obama is going to lose. He may be irritating but he does know politics and is someone who can read the handwriting on the wall.

    It’s going to be a very interesting 19 days with news coming at lightning paced speed. Stay tuned.

  • marketcomp

    Well Mr. Beckel we are not done yet! Hold on to your hat!

    • SPELL9

      Put a fork in it.

  • RS, what I want to see is the clip of Ann Romney on the view-I understand that she was AWSOME, and helped to further establish just how intellectually deficient at least four of those hags are.

  • ssenecal5000

    My latino neighbors, a very nice couple in their mid late 20’s , just took down their Obama yarn sign today.

    • badbadlibs

      That’s incredible! I have to admit, even in this deeply red state I’m seeing more Romney/Ryan signs then obama signs. I even saw a bumper sticker today that said: “Obama, KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF MY MEDICARE!”
      But, my favorite was the obama/biden ’08 bumper sticker that the driver had taken a black marker to and placed a black X thru it!

  • Beckel is going to catch hell for that.

    • TLaMana

      Was this the Cronkite moment like when he said the Viet Nam war was unwinnable?

      • Possibly. What I am really referring to though is the left can’t handle the truth.

  • SKL53

    Beckel seemed much more subdued today. A welcomed change from his usual arrogant self who checks his hair out in the camera everyday on the Five!

  • 911Infidel

    “It may be 48”? Or it may be 56… Bob.

  • Beckel is still a tool.

  • I love the smell of napalm on Nov. 6th.

  • keyesforpres

    One and done baby!

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Hee…hee…hee. Some liberal heads will explode if Mitt holds on to that lead and wins the election. That would be fun to watch…I love to see libs crying over such things. Of course within a short period of time they would start attacking Romney for this or that.

    • badbadlibs

      Wonder how the left will manage to blame it on President Bush? 😉

    • LiberalBoycotter

      You are right on the money with your post. I think the enemies of the state had a stake driven into their hearts when Candy, became an assistant to Barry, regarding the Photo Op, in the Rose Garden when he didn’t say it was a terror attack in Benghasi.

  • theslob

    I just have this nagging little feeling that tells me that Obama is going to do something to pull this out. Then we will have to listen to his speeches & how he pulled it out when everyone said he was down….

    I so want to be wrong. I need to wake up on Nov 7 and see a landslide for Romney.

    • SPELL9

      Have Faith, slob.

  • Well, although this is encouraging, I wouldn’t get too excited. The only poll that really matters is held on November 6. Let’s go out there and win this thing for Romney!

  • opinionatedhermit

    When it is all said and done, the only mistake that Mitt Romney will have made with his 47% comment is not understanding that a good amount of these people support him stronger than he will ever know.

    At least, it seems reasonable to me, that it is exactly this group who needs a better economy to get out of it.

    And as many have pointed out, we have had this fight before in our history. It was called the “Enlightenment Period.” And, even better, we all know how that turned out.

    Freedom kicked butt.

    I don’t know. Maybe it is just me. But, there is no one that I know, who will charge a hill valiantly, taking his life in his hands …. for an Obama phone…..

  • scrubjay

    Have I died and gone to Heaven? The shift in poll numbers since the first debate have been astonishing. If this trend is real then I can hardly wait to see the faces of all the Obama supporters on election night come to the realization that they are all going to have start bathing and get a job.

    • badbadlibs

      I will cry with joy, thanksgiving and praise for the Almighty God that would still have mercy on us!

  • hongryhawg

    The numbers have to be correct. Despite the behind the scenes shenanigans; in the end, Gallup wants to remain a viable polling organization. Accuracy is what makes that happen. As a polling company, I would think the whole point is to be proven accurate when the election is over. With less than 3 weeks to go, I can’t see Gallup jumping in the tank. They want to be around when obama’s gone.

  • SPELL9

    Bob, I was very impressed with your matching tie and suspenders.

  • ……of course those numbers are NOT correct, Bobby!
    They probably oversampled DemocRats by at least 5%,
    so it means Romney is up by…………………………………………12%
    Take your toys, clean up our WH, FuBar Ack, and go home.

  • LiberalBoycotter

    These are known as lying dogs, and they will do anything to depress the voter turn-out. Our side could just say hey I don’t need to vote cuz Romney is so far ahead. Don’t trust them and keep trying to get everyone you know to vote for Romney. We can’t be conned by these Democommies.

    There is another debate Monday, and anything goes just like this past Tuesday. There is still the October surprise, and there is a movie on TV coming out to support this dog eater, Barry. Keep on Keeping on!!!!

  • TJinNJ

    What no misogyny from Beckel? Bummer.

  • underconstantatack
  • bobemakk

    I saw this on The 5, and I agree, it’s over for Obama, thank God.

  • TLaMana

    Bob, it was +/- 2% not 4%, the closest the poll gets is Romney 50% vs Obama at 47%.

    It IS over.

  • Beckel is a jerk & simple-minded, but glad he realized that.

  • Why is it over? Let me count the ways:

    1. It is over because Barack Obama has worn on everybody. He might have become a kindly and generous man, but ideology got in the way. Nobody really likes him now. The coldness comes through.

    2. It is over because our “recovery” from an economic slump that was NOT GW Bush’s fault (check the data) has been anemic.

    3. It is over because, though they may be browbeaten into agreeing, most people still do not think that the sexual libertarianism which is the Left’s Blessed Sacrament is really a good thing. Oh, they go along with it, but they are not going to go to war for it.

    4. It is over because Barack Obama can point to no accomplishments. What he has achieved, people don’t like.

    5. It is over because people still have a fond regard for that old musty Constitution, and don’t really like folks who show it no respect. They persist in thinking that Madison and his fellows were learned men with an extraordinary fund of human experience.

    6. It is over because Mitt Romney is a decent human being. He doesn’t provide anybody any reason to hate him. He has been quiet about his years of charitable work — hands-on work.

    7. It is over because Mitt is a businessman who has made things work, and Obama isn’t and hasn’t.

    8. It is over because women are pausing for a brief moment in their headlong career to subject all things to the oversight of Big Nanny.

    9. It is over because people have been Taxed Enough Already.

    10. It is over because our time is not yet. Soon, but not yet.

  • white531

    The results of this most recent poll are very encouraging. Wonderful, even.
    But I am with some of you here, who are cautiously optimistic. We’re dealing with Chicago, dirty street fighting Politics here. Obama and his camp will play every dirty trick they can think of, to win this election.

    Don’t you think its curious, that we haven’t seen any articles lately, on stuffing the ballot box, or dead people voting, or the Black Panthers threatening anyone? Voter fraud is a very real tool in the Liberal camp. The ends justify the means. They will do anything they think has even the slightest chance of success. But the voter fraud issue has incredibly quiet, in the recent days leading up to the election. They don’t want you to think about it.

    The other thing is their base. Most of these people are really brain dead. If Obama decided not to run for a second term, they would still vote for him. I’m serious.

    On an earlier blog, I posted something alluding to the intelligence of Obama supporters. I think I posted it too late in the blog, and it got only minimal response. Wolfie and Orangeone commented on it, but they were the only ones.

    Myself, I thought it was hilarious. It came from a YouTube video of a talk show host in Los Angeles, Jimmy Kimmel. Great guy, perfectly normal.

    During the afternoon prior to the last debate, he went out on the streets of Hollywood and did a street interview. Letterman has done these before, and they are funny beyond belief. Anyway, his question to the passersby was, “What did you think of last night’s debate?” It was two o’clock in the afternoon, on the eve of the debate. There was no last night’s debate.

    The ensuing conversations, were unbelievable. Here’s the link:

    The video you are looking for is, “Who won last night’s debate?”

    The next day, they did a follow-up street interview, asking the question, who won, “The First Lady Debate?”

    It’s on the same link.

    My apologies, to those of you, who have already seen it.

  • toongoon

    The most intelligent thing I’ve heard a liberal say: “It’s over”

  • loriannringold

    Wow. Bob Beckel looked defeated. He looked sad. Honestly, I am not one who likes to gloat and stick it to the other team. But this is our country we are talking about. It is not a baseball game or basketball game. I want a President who is for ALL the PEOPLE, ALL the time. A presidnent who has policies that are going to move our nation forward into a prosperous future. I am not interested in a divider.

    Romney is a UNITER and he is what we need at this time in history because the next 12 months are going to be bad for all of us. Rich or poor it does not matter. What matters now is the SURVIVAL of our great nation. Support our troops Please. If you are in an airport and you see a soldier come off a plane in uniform, please shake their hand and tell them you appreciate their service. Applaude them. They need it. They deserve it. They crave the respect they so willingly give to this great nation.

    I thank everyone here on RS because i have not once seen a post that disrespects our military. We can disagree on certain things but when it comes to our MILITARY and our COUNTRY we all here on RS stand united.

    I thank you all and I appreciate your loyalty to our troops and this great nation.

    Very respecdtfully,
    Lori Ann Ringold
    Proud Army Wife

  • rickr442

    Beckel comes back to reality.
    Hope its real.
    But I can’t HEAR anything when that lady’s legs are onscreen.

  • FutureOnePercent

    You’re damn right it is Beckel.

    The only choice I have left for Election Night is which kind of champagne I’m gonna be poppin’

  • white531

    I believe Romney will win. I believe there are still enough Americans left, who see the difference between what the two Candidates offer. It isn’t like the last time. Four years, is a long enough time to prove that you could do, what you said you could do. You can’t blame George Bush forever.

    Romney is a Businessman. He will stop the bleeding. He will heal this Economy. He will put Americans back to work again. He will put money in their checking accounts. He will bring down the cost of energy. He will take gasoline back to $1.84 a gallon, which is what it was when this maniac took office.

    He will kick Obama’s a$$ out of the White House, and all the way down Pennsylvania Avenue, to where he parked his U-Haul truck. He will help repeal Obamacare, and help to wipe out every memory we ever had, of the first person who attempted to turn this land of Freedom, into a Communist nation.

  • Medaton

    Double down and work twice as hard for Mitt and Paul!
    We can, also, win the race for Senate in MO… Akin needs money and I will send some more. Everyone that wants to take back the Senate needs to help even if it is just a little!!!
    Todd is a true conservative! The RINO group in Washington would rather lose the Senate than admit they were wrong to pull their support.

  • BS61

    Now if only we could vote Beckel off of Fox!

  • librtifirst

    A lot of people here say that they don’t trust the polls. They say that they are rigged. I am not a poll expert, so I don’t know, but I do not doubt it either. The reason being that many things are becoming predictable when I apply information given by people like pastor Lindsey Williams and others. The alternative media (outside of the “norm”) is gaining to much credibility, with their predictions of political and financial outcomes, to be ignored. Information that I received from them led me to predict that the fix was in for Romney months ago. Some of you may remember my comments.

    Since then I have found myself being influenced by the good nature of people here, and have allowed myself to consider that maybe Romney really isn’t as bad as I was thinking during the primaries. “Maybe it was just the GOP establishment”.

    Then tonight I came across an interview that blew me away. I have yet to do the research on it, but if this guy is a shill for anyone, he is the best one I have ever seen. If I am able to verify what he is saying about Romney, and he has plenty to say about Obama as well, then I am done. Done, done, done. There will be no turning back. The sad thing is that I will miss you guys, because I don’t think that you will want to hear anything that I have to say anymore. I’m ticked.

  • Jay

    Liberals will throw 0 under the bus and blame him before they admit that liberalism itself is a failure.

  • colliemum

    Let’s be very careful here – the numbers are good, but it’s not over until the votes are counted on11/6.

    These numbers do not mean everybody can relax now, to the contrary. There will be fraud on a massive scale, so everybody must do their utmost to get the real voters out, and to get the votes so Congress will be red.

    One more warning about early triumphalism:
    twenty years ago, in a General election here in the UK, Labour was in the lead. They made a huge show of triumph at their final pre-election convention, a week or so before the polling date.
    Because of that show – they lost. They got beaten. People hated what they saw in that show.
    So beware!

  • kong1967

    Usually he tries to bulls*** his way around the truth, but I respected that honest answer.

  • bongobear

    I hope the polls are right…it’s time for this crazy episode in American history to be over.

  • Landscaper

    Anyone have a good recipe for CROW? Bob will need one. Don’t worry Bob, now you can say hateful things about President Romney.

  • don’t let’s get so confident that we let up- must continue to fight like we are behind- fighting for EVERY vote

  • Susitna

    Obama can only win by committing electoral fraud and this is why every single country loving person has to go out and vote for Romney. The results have to be loud and clear!
    We have to outsmart and outnumber the traitors.

  • This is my sixth time watching this, haha! 🙂

  • AlabamaPatriot2

    Bob Smeckel in a fit of honesty? Hard to believe.

  • MominNV

    The ONLY WAY the marxist mooslum wins in November is by Hook & Crook.

  • CitizenVetUSA

    Bob Beckel misstated the MoE as 4% but my understanding it is 2%.