Bobby Jindal gives most blistering comprehensive report on federal response to Gulf Oil Spill

Sean Hannity got Bobby Jindal on the radio today to talk about the Gulf oil crisis and just let him go. One thing is clear: Bobby Jindal does not need a teleprompter to give you the entire run down on the Federal response to this crisis. In fact he spit out so much information I had to listen to this a couple of times because he really does lay it out in detail. The bottom line is what we all know already, that the Feds have botched this oil response royally from day one. But it’s the specifics that Jindal divulges that makes the account of the federal response so harrowing.

Everyone should listen to this audio, including the MSM. The truth of this botched Federal response needs to be exposed so that substantive action will take place and we can get this cleaned up. It’s a little over 10 minutes, but well worth your listen. Thanks to Hannity for getting this interview and just letting him go. Truly a great interview.

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  • KeninMontana

    Ouch! That's going to leave a mark on the One's backside.

  • you couldn't have listened to it that fast. Did you hear it live?

  • cubachi

    This is unbelievable! Obama and his administration are freakin' jerks!!



  • RobCon

    Bobby is the thinking man's Obama. Jindal/Christie 2012

  • KeninMontana

    Yes,we get Rush and Sean live here but with Beck its either wait til 4pm for the taped version or connect through a radio station on the internet.

  • You go Bobby Jindal. Wish you would run for President.

  • texasgirl46

    I think Jindal is doing a great job trying to get this fixed…..just wish this government would work with him better. It's a shame and disgusting how this administration is handling this….

  • texasgirl46

    That would be an awesome pair. They could get some crap done….

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  • All part of the bigger plan. Destroy from with. However, this admin is sadly mistaken if they think “We the People” are going to sit idly by and take it!

  • timetoturnitaround

    The response of the Obama administration seems like a direct sabotage attempt to prevent timely clean-up of the Gulf. “The One” and his administration clearly have an agenda in this. They surely couldn't be that stupid, really? But they assume, we, the US citizens are. It's time to show this administration that we have had enough and turn the gulf disaster around. Bobby, we are behind you 100%!

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  • 4Linda

    Two hundred years ago the bureaucrats on Capitol Hill would be swinging above a scaffold. This intentional malfeasance is not only diabolical, it is treason to our country and our way of life. No one gains from a moratorium except other countries. The “redistribution of wealth” has got to go, and fast.

  • Aye, and AMEN.

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  • TedPax

    I wonder why Jindal hasn't called out his state's National Guard? Isn't every resource needed? I'm just sayin' …

    Following a CBS News Investigates report that Gulf coast governors haven't been fully utilizing the 17,500 National Guard troops authorized by the federal government to help them with the oil spill, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal's office offered a tart response.

    In a statement sent to ProPublica, Jindal spokesman Kyle Plotkin said that Louisiana would “call up more National Guard troops as the Adjutant General tells us he needs them.”

    He followed up with a harsh criticism of the federal government's response efforts.

    “We spend more time fighting red tape and bureaucracy than we ever should have to if the federal government understood this oil spill as the war that it is.”

    Jindal's statement doesn't address the specific question of why Louisiana is using only 1,053 of the 6,000 National Guard troops available to the state. The governor said that he would “deploy every resource” available to win the war against the BP oil spill, and complained that Coast Guard and BP authorization were required for individual tasks, which apparently slowed down the deployment of National Guard troops. However, the governor's office told CBS News that he has not specifically asked for more National Guard troops.

    Adm. Thad Allen, the federal government official in charge of the response to the BP oil spill, said, “There is nothing standing in the governor's way from utilizing more National Guard troops.” The Coast Guard has typically approved requests to deploy National Guard troop in a day.

  • KeninMontana

    Perhaps its due to a lack of equipment,held up in the pipeline by footdragging by the Feds in getting resources needed where they are needed. Not much use in having those troops just standing around if they don't have the resources to equip them. Just a thought.

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  • Lewm

    YaYea Bobby could use Obama's as to wipe the oil up by sticking a broom handle up his ass and using him as a squeege!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • PJJW

    Lets run Bobby Jindal and Jan Brewer of office. I believe the majority of us are in the 'have not and fed up' catagory and will vote for those that HAVE SHOWN they can roll up their sleeves and get'er done when those that were previously elected have shown they can only give us lip service.

  • PJJW

    Lets run Bobby Jindal and Jan Brewer of office. I believe the majority of us are in the 'have not and fed up' catagory and will vote for those that HAVE SHOWN they can roll up their sleeves and get'er done when those that were previously elected have shown they can only give us lip service.

  • gerryz

    Can there be some kind of suit–class action or the state of LA to sue either the federal government or this administration–would prefer they sue Barack Obama personally!– for criminal negligence….????

  • Best interview I've ever heard on Hannity. Too bad for him it came because he shut up and let his guest talk.

    Jindal's a winner!!

  • enoughignorance

    I am shocked that people don't see through Bobby Jindal. His agenda is his own and he is banking on people responding with emotion and not with intelligence. Shame on Jindal! This is about politics and not about the people of Louisiana.

  • tom721

    It's very clear to me what's really going on here. This governor is smart, the people love him, and he's dealing with the problem. Obama is afraid of this guy. That's where all the resistance is coming from. I don't believe it's simply bureaucratic incompetence or inertia. It's bigger than that. I think the bureaucrats have gotten the message: drag your feet.

  • Did Jindal remember to tell Fox viewers that it's HIS leadership that's lacking – Obama authorized 6,000 troops for him in May (BP is paying)…so far, he's used 1,000 & left 5,000 sitting idle waiting for his call. Just imagine what 5,000 troops could have accomplished in Louisiana during two months

  • What about the health issues and acid rain that will kill our wild life and humans in the USA?

  • ontheright

    You, Annemarie, are an ignorant fool. The president doesn't have the authority to approve/disapprove Nat'l Guard troops – that authority is the State's Governor, only.

    You are living proof that the state owned media still has a couple viewers/followers left…

  • ontheright

    You mean like the looming man-made Global Warming catastrophe?