Boehner: And now we’re going to have a fight over women’s health? GIVE ME A BREAK!

This is actually a great clip of Boehner taking it to the Democrats today on the House floor, setting the facts straight over this student loan interest rate and the so-called ‘war on women’. I know most of us consider him a weak speaker, but this is an example of the backbone we’d like to see both in speech and action. It’s pretty awesome:

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  • 12grace

    Love it. Boehner did an exceptional job!

  • About damn time he spoke like that .

    • Is_Sense_Common

      I think he knows his butt’s on the line too. If doesn’t start talking like this daily, he’ll be out of a leadership role. Truth is, he should be out of a leadership role regardless – it’s a little too little, a little too late. Move over & let Allen West be Speaker.

  • Islam_Sucks

    THAT’S THE PROBLEM mr. one half of one third of one man with one testacle!!!!!

    “There’s no fight here whatsoever.”
    “Do we have to fight about everything?”


    ….except against the conservatives in your own party

    • WordsFailMe

      If he would have started with

      “President Obama is lying again! This time he’s lying in the very faces of college students, that next group to join the unemployed in June 2012, ”

      then maybe, and only maybe, would I have considered thinking about renewing that last molecule of faith I had in him and the Republicans which they pissed away months ago.

    • StrangernFiction

      Spot on!

  • If I was his speech writer, I’d have him say, “Why are we fighting over non existant democrat instigated non issues when we have dear leader circumventing THIS house, and giving millions of dollars in aid to our enemies? Why are we worrying about free birth control when dear leader is stabbing our only middle eastern ally in the back? Why are we fighting over who hates women more when dear leader has the White House crawling with muslim brotherhood? This fight is just silly! Let’s make a motion to impeach dear leader and send it over to the senate NOW!”

    • kong1967

      A little advice, I’d remove “dear” before leader because you will be outing yourself as the writer. You might get a lawn full of OWS druggies threatening to burn your house down, lol.

      Israel is not our only Middle Eastern ally. There’s Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Kuwait, Pakistan, Morocco, Qatar, and Bahrain. I don’t know if we can count Pakistan or Egypt any more, but we’ll see. However, Israel is our strongest and best ally.

      Did you see where we sent six of our best jets to the (I believe they said) United Arab Emirates as a show of force to Iran? Obama did this? I’m kinda shocked.

      • Those OWs clowns wouldn’t get within a hundred yards of my lawn. If by chance one or 10 of them snuck in, well, I’ve been meaning to do more target practice.

        As for “dear” leader, I think I’m outed already, and I think it describes him better than just leader. My highschool English teacher always did give me high marks for my descriptive writing.

        • librtifirst

          That’s the nice thing about living out in county territory, rather than in the city. A little firearm discharge isn’t illegal, and they don’t always know where the bullets are flying. They have to assume that they are coming their direction.

          The sound of bullets whizzing by is a unique experience. I have only experienced it once, in an open field. “Hit the dirt” took on a new meaning. Then “fly like the wind” did as well. After arming myself for defense, I saw a friend coming up the hill laughing his butt off. Only once.

          • Only once. Is he still your friend?

            • librtifirst

              For the last 28 years. This happened about 18 years ago. The other friend who was with me, and myself, have never let him live it down. It is a point of shame that he now avoids like wildfire. He is actually a very safety conscious person with firearms. He was growing up, and still is. If I was going to have anyone pull this little trick on me, I would rather it be him, because his aim is true. Since then, his defense has been that he didn’t shoot close to us. My response is “how far away can you hear a bullet whiz by, that sounds like a bee flying around your head”? It was a dumb stunt, and he knows it.

              He is the only friend I have that is prepping for a financial collapse. We actually have a strategy to support each other when it all goes down. We have a food plan and a personal protection plan. We work together on resources. It is hard to find people willing to do that, and whom you can trust.

              • I’m glad he learned from that, as some folks never do. But it is good to have someone close to you that you can trust and I’m glad you guys have each other’s backs!

    • Cindy09

      Exactly my feeling!!! Why didn’t he take to the floor Obama’s pledge of $192 millions to the Palestinian Authority?? That’s something that I would expect from the Speaker of the House!!!

  • lots of talk, no action. They all talk but we get nothing done.

    • c4pfan

      I think it’s sad that people are celebrating more spending! That’s all this is! The GOP can’t cut jack!

  • I love it. Finally some outrage from the repubs ! DONT stop R’s, put up your dukes and FIGHT , fight like hell for the TRUTH

  • Joe

    He must have the VIAGRA I sent him

    ’bout time he grew a pair

    Maybe – just maybe he’s reading this website

    Go Johnny Go – I will send another bottle soon!

  • StrangernFiction

    I guess by GOP critter standards this is “taking it to the Democrats.”

    I don’t see righteous anger there at all. I see a guy that looks like he’s about to start laughing at any moment during that. If this guy is the best leader the GOP House has……… *sigh*

    • freenca

      Allen West for speaker in November !

    • librtifirst

      He is getting comfortable with his acting skills, and is lacking real passion for the act.

  • toongoon

    Stand up like that every day for the next 5 and a half months and I might stat to take him seriously, maybe the demoncraps will too.

    • kong1967

      I think Boehner is a good man but he’s not tough enough to lead. He bends too much and too easily in negotiations.

      • NYGino

        He lost me with those gold outings with Zeroman. Looked like two fraternity brothers .

        • kong1967

          Lol, you didn’t like him golfing with his buddy? I never bought into them trying to give the impression they were getting along and working together. Boehner may have been working with Obama, but Obama was just playing him.

        • freenca

          That didn’t bother me one whit Gino, here’s why, know thy enemy.

  • wodiej

    Yep, that was good and yep, we need lots more of it from all Republicans. Get a backbone, get some courage and do the job you were elected to do-be a public servant and serve the public.

  • This is what I want to see ALL the time.

  • Susanna958

    The democrats have no dignity.

    • kong1967

      No dignity, no shame, no morals, no ethics, no honesty, no consideration of what their polices do to this country, and no brains.

      • Joe

        Pelosi admits it!

        Especially for YOU >>>

        • kong1967

          Man, she’s HOT!! Ok, my lying session is over now. Get the soap so I can wash my mouth out.

        • librtifirst

          That is just wrong. Now I have to figure out a way to wash my mind of that image.

    • librtifirst

      What is dignity? Truth is relative with these people, and changes with the wind. It doesn’t matter what party they are affiliated with. I suppose they can sell out the country in a dignified way. At least they have that to strive for.

  • Stehekin912

    Send him letters to let him know how much you agree with and support him on this, and look forward to courage on all Conservative points. Keep encouraging our representatives. I think they hear alot of complaining and need to hear more when we are happy with something they do.

    • Joe

      Excellent idea!

      I’ll do it!


      Welcome to the Scoop !

    • freenca

      To me Pursuit of happiness equates to Pursuit of excellence in all things. Repubs need to keep getting that message out to our representatives over and over til they GET IT ! I agree with you as to the public educating our representatives as to what WE want.

  • BSScoop

    John Boehner is weak and spineless like most of the GOP. And, ignorant of economics. Student loans being artificially suppressed is beyond harmful, it’s traitorous. Listen John, the MARKET determines interest rates not you! The arrogance of our politicians, even so called “conservatives” is nauseating.

    The federal government has ZERO role to play in financing education. You are right to speak against threats to our religious liberties and political stunts but it’s way too little way too late. Wrapped up in your outrage and soaring rhetoric is a philosophy that grows government influence in education. Disgusting and misleading, such is the state of the republican party.

    Don’t Tread On Me

    • librtifirst

      Free markets are now just an illusion that politicians use to lull us suckers into wall street banker investments. They work for the bankers, and do their jobs well. How many people actually believe that their 401k value is real? The money isn’t even real. It is made up for the purpose of getting us to give up our labor and real estate for printed paper that they knew all along would get destroyed. That’s why the Fed was created. Boehner knows this. He wouldn’t have been put in as speaker if they couldn’t trust him to tow the lie, and act out the treason.

      • BSScoop

        Yup, atta way librtifirst. We haven’t had a free economy since 1913. I’m not sure which is worse, democrats who are really communists or republicans who constantly fight for “freedom” like lower income taxes (property theft) and central banking (more powerful than standing armies – TJ) without delegitimizing their existence. Who speaks out with the rhetoric of liberty? Certainly not John Boehner.


        • librtifirst

          I don’t see good in either party anymore.We have been indoctrinated into thinking that taxes are patriotic, and the health of the State is more important than individual liberty. Government used that funny money to lock everyone into the system. When the money goes down, they will have it all. (the bankers and global controllers) Our national sovereignty will melt away. Terrorists won’t take us down, the banks will. The irony is that the banks have funded all sides of all wars for the last 100 years. It’s unexpectedly amazing how they have pulled it off.

          RP won’t be president, but he is waking people up. Like him or hate him, he is a patriot.

  • kong1967

    Everything Obama and his crack teams do is political. Nothing is done for the benefit of the country or the people in it. Think about it. Name one thing that Obama has done that was not done for political reasons or postponed for political reasons? Can you do it? I can’t.

    The Democrats are throwing out everything they possibly can to stir up division and controversy so they can rile up their voters and to keep the attention away from Obama’s record and the failures. Hurry up November!

    • WordsFailMe

      In a nutshell kong, you have nailed it! Wow!

    • NYGino

      Can’t think of a single thing he has done to benefit the country, you are so right.

      Edit: Maybe getting out of Dodge on all those vacations. Somehow it felt good when he was away.

      • kong1967

        Yeah, I thought of one, too. Bin Laden, but that was a no-brainer decision (that he had to sleep on) and he had nothing to do with finding him. They will be rolling that out in their campaign, too. Obama got Bin Laden. They bash Romney because Romney, like Bush, was more focused on the overall war because killing Bin Laden didn’t change anything. Libs act like it’s over now that Bin Laden’s gone. We will probably have that debate going on again.

    • freenca

      Felt that way throughout his whole term in office, that he has NEVER NEVER done ANYTHING that was not POLITICALLY MOTIVATED. Dittos- hurry up November!

  • About time!

  • StrangernFiction

    I challenge any conservative to watch that tape and tell me that John Boehner knows who the ‘rats are and is invested in trying to stop them.

  • lol that was good! it got the right side of the room giving a standing ovation!

  • NYGino

    Almost sounded like a British Parliament meeting. I liked the passion. The feedback.

  • His speeches mean jack squat. Remember that nice speech he gave right before the vote for the health care bill? Sure didn’t mean anything when it came down to his action during the next 2 years as House leader. Screw him and the horse he rode in on……

  • DCGere

    Where has this version of Boehner been hiding ?

    • librtifirst

      They have to act like they oppose the democrats once in a while. Otherwise, republican supporters will give up on the two party smokescreen.

  • Joe

    I think the ANTI-ZERO momentum is building

    This is too funny – Marie Osmond would rather get Food Poisoning than endorse Obama (full disclosure – she is a Mormon and had too much botox)

    Sorry if it is a little off topic – but I could not help myself

  • Karl Rogue

    Kind of brings a tear to the eye, you know?

    • librtifirst

      Tears might have sold it better.

  • c4pfan

    Why would anyone think this is impressive? It’s already known that this program was already going to be ‘cut’ or whatever and that the House just was going to use that money from this program to give it to the student loan BS. So, to me it’s the same crap as usual.

  • Carterthewriter

    The Democrats are getting silly while the rest if us are worried sick about the fate of this country.

  • Useless pontification from a useless SoH. Sorry… I simply noted his talking points as nothing more than bleating. I am not convinced JB’s heart is in his words. Looked like an act to me…(As he pauses for applause from his own party members while at the same time striking the podium for effect…) BAAAAHH! LOL

  • This is what happens when you try to cooperate with democrats.

    • PVG

      You betcha!

  • capelady

    Boehner will speak like this and call Obama out… and then 24 hours later it is forgotten and they have moved on. If the man had any guts he would charge Obama with violating his oath of office – or the GOP would demand that Obama remove the seal off his personal records before the election.

    The GOP leadership is gutless.

    • librtifirst

      It takes guts to put on a national act on this level. Lying to tens of millions of people on a daily basis, and staying in office, takes some big old ca-hones.

      • E. Lee Zimmerman

        Not really. Democrats do it all the time. Some Republicans, too.

      • capelady

        If you are speaking of Obama, that is not guts… that is NPD… Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and sheer arrogance.

        • librtifirst

          I think that over 80% of our national politicians lie purposefully to us. Probably more like 90%. I have a fairly strict definition of lying. If you say something in a campaign, then don’t do it after elected, you are a liar. Based on that, it is probably 99% who lie to us.

          • capelady

            Did you see that Hillary Clinton openly told a Muslim who was questioning her about Obama catering to American Jews that you can’t pay attention to what is said during a campaign because it doesn’t really mean anything?

            • librtifirst

              I did hear something about it, but haven’t seen a video or recording. The Clinton’s are old school globalists. Old school globalists are racists. They don’t like Obama being there, but the banks and global government wanted him in, so they deal with it. Obama may think that he will be protected by the globalists after the collapse, but I think that they will abandon him. He is just a useful idiot-tool at this point.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Replace him with Allen West. This is only a show…

  • hongryhawg

    What everyone needs to understand here is that right or wrong (I believe right), it’s irrelevant. It’s campaign mode and the rhetoric is red hot. Both sides have their sideshows.
    Put that aside. Look at the BIG picture. We have got to change the direction of this nation.

    • c4pfan

      I think it’s too late. With Mitt as the nominee? The GOP will be too afraid to go against anything Mitt says.

      • librtifirst

        Agreed. Prepping in full swing. Its time to just get ready for a fall.

      • StrangernFiction

        McConnell, Boehner, and Romney will save us.


  • Better Speaker of house than that old bat from Frisco! Great speech Mr Boehner!

    • StrangernFiction

      Some kind of achievement that is.

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    Nah, sorry. That’s a metrosexual’s perspective, not a leader’s. If Boehner wants to grow a spine, then I’m happy to see it … but this was a whine. About the 2:05 – 2:10 was genuinely excellent, but that’s all I heard that was awesome. My guess is that NOW that polling shows a collective consciousness leaning the Republicans’ way, Boehner feels safe enough to scold everyone when the only scolding needs to be the Democrats.

  • agas84363

    john…….executive,legislative,judicial … you remember?……stop this foolishness and stop this traitor president and his cronies!!!!!!separation of powers you can do it!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dan

    should have been done a long time ago…now we need articles of impeachment drawn up on the traitor in the white house..starting with abuse of power..conspiring with the enemy to overthrow this government and make it into a democracy…crimes against the American People…thief..bribery..kickb­acks..and just out and out corruption…the Usurper in Chief should be in jail ..not the white house…can i get an AMEN!!!!!!!!

    • librtifirst

      If we do that, we would have to indict a whole lot of people, including the last couple of administrations. Since they control the DOJ, it will never happen peacefully. Get ready for the collapse, because it is coming. Having secure food and shelter is a must.


    He’s finallly waking up!! but obama is a snake charmer and will look at boehner and smile and boehner will fall for his lies again
    I just cant believe that all democrats are amazed by Obama? he has done nothing but raise prices and regulate just about everything.
    We teach our kids that there is a right and wrong way
    and obama is wrong for this country. I dont believe there are that many people who dont think for themselves.

    im not an economist but adding stability to an unsteady economy is the answer to future progress.

    independent for romney

  • marketcomp

    WOW! Finally!

  • Why the HELL cant he be like this on EVERYTHING that has happened? WE the PEOPLE are looking and needing more of this forcefulness and backbone. Mr Boehner, please, stay fired up like this on all issues from Obama administration. WE need more speeches to show the fools for what they are. And so the American people out here watching, can see you are speaking out, but then also following through and backing it up. You need to be constantly reminding us Americans exactly what’s what publicly. No more letting this administration spew their filthy lies with out speaking up.PLEASE.

  • Did I hear him say “cut 4 billion out of the ‘slush’ fund”? The sad part is, they are honestly bickering over less than 1/10 of 1% of the entire deficit spending since MaoBama took office(not during this particular clip, but it was mentioned). When will we argue over cutting a “tad” more than that?

    • librtifirst

      There are a handful of reps trying to argue for much more than than the establishment GOP is, but they don’t make the lamestream media all that often and they don’t get leadership positions. RP says 1T the first year, but it includes too much overseas military cutting while trying to slowly wean Americans off of the welfare state.

      Spending has to go up, due to inflation alone. Currency devaluation accounts for much of the budget increases, and will become more prevalent in the future. Hyper inflation will crash the system entirely, and then all of the programs will be cut. All of our resources will be under government control after this happens. We will all be dependent on government for food, energy, etc.

      Many countries are now getting out of the dollar as the world reserve trade currency. The Fed Note only has value because of its reserve status. If it had to compete fairly, it would be done for.

      There is no real solution outside of creating a sound currency based on commodities, or having competing currencies. A currency based on corn production alone would have more value than the Fed Note.

      Central planning has to be abandoned. Central financial planning is, at its core, a tool for control and consolidation of wealth. If you aren’t one of the planners, you are not getting the wealth.

      Our problems are systematic, not budgetary.

  • ApplePie101

    Big talk, no action.

  • Finally, FINALLY, Boehner shows that he has some stones after all. It’s about time. I wish he did more of this during the negotiations with Obama last year over the debt ceiling debate. If we show more backbone like this and more energy from the Republicans that you heard on the House floor, we may actually keep Obama and his minions on the run until November. Keep it up!

    • librtifirst

      Speakers of the house are like presidents. They are built up before they take the position, then screw us over hard until we hate them, and then they swap them out with fresh meat to pacify us. Sorry, but its true.

  • NJK

    Eric Cantor’s PAC Urges Dems and Independents to Vote For Lugar

    Boehner has a bad habit of saying things, and then doing things behind the backs of Americans. This is why I can’t ever give him credit for his little speeches or press releases. He is somewhat like Zero this way, kind of a slight of hand artist.