Boehner was asked why they are reneging on their pledge to cut 100 Billion in the first fiscal year. He responds by saying that they are halfway through this fiscal year already, which seems to suggest that it’s more difficult now because of the spending by Democrats. But he says that Republican’s are committed to keeping their pledge in the first calendar year and that there are no ifs ands, or buts about it:

Note: I normally don’t do a secondary post like this but I wanted to highlight Boehner’s answer to this.

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  • happypanda

    Boehner does a great job at explaining what he has already said and is even better at sticking to his word. In fifty years who knows… maybe this will be known as the beginning of the American Renaissance

  • $50 billion in the current budget, $50 billion in the next budget both within the calender year.

    But still only $50 billion for a 1 year budget.

    I really want to believe this guy

  • Tyler

    $100 Billion in what seems to be a $3 Trillion budget? I recall all these Rs talking about across the board spending cuts. Percentage-wise, that’s roughly 3.4% if I round it up. Can we honestly not do better than cutting 3.4% of our budget when we know that so much more has been wasted in pork alone?

    C’mon, people. This so-called “pledge” was weak to begin with and we need to force our politicians to have more of a backbone than this.

  • Josie

    We need to remember that the Libs are going to spin things anyway they can to discredit the Repubs and lay the groundwork for a repeat election of 2012. We need to work hard to stop them and defuse any atempt they make ate distorting facts in these interviews.

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