Boko Haram kidnaps 100 teenage girls to use as cooks and sex slaves…

Fortunately many got away, but I fear some did not. Oh the horrors these women are about to go through. May God have mercy on them and save them from such evil:

AL ARABIYA – Suspected Islamic extremists abducted about 100 female students from a school in northeast Nigeria before dawn Tuesday, but some of the teens managed to escape from the back of an open truck, officials said.

The girls were abducted after midnight from a school in Chibok, on the edge of the Sambisa Forest that is an insurgent hideout, said Borno state police commissioner Tanko Lawan.

Gunmen killed a soldier and police officer guarding the school, then took off with at least 100 students, a State Security Service official said.

A local government official said he did not know how many of the girls have escaped but that “many” have walked through the bushes and back to Chibok. The girls were piled into the back of an open truck and, as it was traveling, some grabbed at low-hanging branches to swing off while others jumped off the slow-moving vehicle, he said. The two officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to give information to reporters.

Islamic extremists have been abducting girls to use as cooks and sex slaves.

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  • John

    They need to be exterminated. Religion of Satan!

    • stage9

      No, no, no, we need them to LIKE US! If we annihilate them, how can they like us? I say we allow them into the highest levels of our government and give them special privileges not afforded Americans. THAT will fix their hatred of us!

      To a liberal, nothing says “friend” more than bending over.

  • While this crap goes on, the UN, that supposed world governing body, is spending their time on telling Americans to stop eating meat because of cow farts. How much longer are we, as American tax payers, going to contribute this worthless organization?

    • Marky_D

      Want a laugh? Read this:

      I particularly like this paragraph about the author of the report:

      ”Ms Manjoo, who has reported on violence against women in more than 10 countries since 2009, including Somalia, Zambia, Algeria, Jordan and America, said her findings came from meetings with UK government officials, civil society organisation and individual survivors of violence as she travelled throughout the UK.”

      Get that? A woman who has spent time reporting on violence against women in Somalia – a country where they routinely hack away at women’s genitals for the sole purpose of guaranteeing that she never enjoys sex – finds the UK the most sexist country on the planet. Not Somalia and presumably not Nigeria where kidnapping and sex slavery goes unpunished…

      There is a weird and evil cabal at work and they have the entire anglosphere in their sites…

  • Laurel

    And Obama, the Media, and our religious leaders yawn.

    Society is breaking down as well as our priorities.

  • Guest


  • J.J.

    Obama — “This is nothing more than an Islamic work program. There’s nothing to see here. We should be encouraging job creation.”

  • nobs

    All this while students in the US are getting headlines because they were called names. We in America would do better to express gratitude for where we live and how safe it really is.

    • Swamp Fox

      All this while students in the US are getting headlines because they perform flash mob theft in stores or punch unsuspecting citizens in the face in an attempt to knock them out.

      God watch over those abducted young ladies.

  • sjmom

    Prayers for the girls.

  • Steve Angell

    Islam is pure 100% evil.
    Every Muslim should be rounded up and deported. Not a single one should have the ability to live in America. They are all Traitors who wish this country transformed into a Muslim only Country. They hate us and wish to kill us. Islam should be illegal. It is not a religion it is a system of worldwide government opposed to everything American.

    • anotherworriedmom

      Islam is a cult and should be outlawed.

    • SeanInNYC

      Islam is evil, but Muslims are it’s greatest victims. We must remain Christian in our approach to the plague that is Islam.

      Most Muslims are simply born to a situation not of their own making, and are kept ignorant of the evilness of Islam by Islam’s own laws. We will not defeat Islam by force alone: Muslims must see Islam for what it is, and to do that, they must be engaged personally and shown how much more divine are the world’s other faiths.

      Islam is evil: Muslims are simply brainwashed.

      • Steve Angell

        Outlawing it in America will send a strong message to the brainwashed. It will make it real what their Satanic Bible they call the Koran teaches. It will make it clear to them they are an enemy of the USA if they are Muslim. Clear they either leave Islam or suffer the consequences.

        Putting your head in a hole just makes it easier for them to destroy America. They are the enemy. God hates his enemies and will destroy them. Making this law would likely save many Muslims from that fate.

        Force is absolutely the only way to defeat it. This law would go a long ways towards showing its believers what Islam is. Though I disagree and believe most know what it is. After all they celebrated 9/11 in America till their leaders reminded them that was not cool. Even then the leaders never condemned the Hijackers unless forced to.

  • dhebler

    Boko Haram is an Islamic sect that believes politics in Nigeria has been seized by a group of “false Muslims.” It wants to wage a war against these false Muslims—the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Boko Haram wants a “pure” Islamic state ruled by “sharia law.” Brotherhood or Hamas is in charge?

    God warned us about these times we live in. Those with open eyes can read about the “locust army” of the future; and the future is today in the book of Joel! The book of Joel sounds a warning, its a woe to those in the know to listen-up, or else you will suffer (Rev 8:13). its the first woe for this generation of Christians to understand for these times we live in today. Its a mystery coming to life, if you believe in the word!

    The Brits have been moving, ever so slowly over to the darkside; by allowing Sharia law to be practiced in A Christian county. Evil knows no boundaries, its sister is control over the masses, and its cousin is Islam.
    Political correctness is killing the British these days……

    • B-Funk

      Unfortunately, that’s not just Islam’s effect. Their culture has been that way since time untold. It’s a very tribalist mentality a lot of Africa has. “Whoever the other tribe is, they’re less human than us.” That, of course, doesn’t downplay Islam at all. I’m just saying they’ve been that way forever.

      • dhebler

        Reasonable men do reasonable deeds; but Islam is not reasonable; its a religion made from a man, followed by unreasonable men, that creep around doing evil things.

        You have to know something about the gestation of the locust to begin to understand the book of Joel.
        My statement is the Spiritual side of things that’s going on in this world today with Islam. God has warned us about these times we live in today, if you read His book—Bible!

        • John Huffman

          Walid Shoebat lays all of this out. He exposes Islam for what it is. EVIL

          • dhebler

            Walid Shoebat misses the evil truth to the meaning of 666 in the book of Revelation.
            Be careful who you listen to for the truth….
            in Revelation there are 7 trumps, seal & vials that lead up to Satan’s return:
            Angels opens trumps: Rev 8:6>7 trumps
            Christ opens seals: Rev 6:1>7 seals
            God opens vials: Rev 16>7 vials

            Satan comes in at the sixth trump–6
            Satan exposed to Christ’s own at sixth seal–6
            God’s wrath at the sixth vial–6
            Hence the number 666—

            Rev 13:18–Here is wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man.[a] That number is 666….

            Walid Shoebat has it all wrong. Study God’s word, and find yourself approved by God— its He who open eyes and ears to His truths, if you study! The locust army comes in at the 5th trump……

        • B-Funk

          That makes sense.

          • dhebler

            I’m glad your eyes are opening to this
            Spiritual truth.

            • B-Funk

              Opening? Dude, I already know how bad Islam is. My brother-in-law is from Kenya, and he tells my family all about it. I also know that this kind of thing was already going on in Africa. Islam just makes it worse.

              • dhebler

                the spiritual truth—its Satan’s army for the end of this age—-the locust army that’s written in Joel…..

    • Crassus

      Hell, all the Brits care about is who is going to win the Premier League.

      • dhebler

        The Brits are stuck in traditions; and you are probably correct!


    And this is the religion of GOD , but what god . The gods that are they leaders of LIES AND DEATH , and they in our country just waiting to KILL US .

  • oldeagle145

    Yes, yes, yes.. Islam the religion pieces….. heads, arms, legs, torsos,….

  • stage9

    Hey islamofascists! When women in your pathetic excuse of a third world backwater said that they wanted to go to work, this isn’t what they had in mind you sick and twisted camel humpers!

  • 57thunderbird

    Islam is a cult of death!Nothing less and nothing more.

  • RWrad

    Wait till CAIR hears about this, I’m sure they will be outraged. NOT!

  • Tollthis

    The ones that escaped will be killed by their families for being with men outside the family. Religion of peace my ass.

  • imatellau

    Breaking news– Muslims take to the streets protesting girls being kidnapped, raped and enslaved!!
    The city is being flooded with outraged Islamist calling for Justice!
    Silence is permission!

  • Yazz55

    Pay attention extremist liberal progressives….
    The demokkkrats are learning from their mentors how to pursue the “war on women”. Of course, they will blame the rino’s and especially the Tea Party for their deeds.

  • SPELL9

    Maybe Moochele can take her Easter Vacation to Nigeria. She should bring along her “Senior Advisors”, and personally investigate the situation. Then she can make sure they are all eating healthy and stuff like that.

  • jonez63

    ah yes, the religion of peace, or piece of $%&*