Bolton: Most likely scenario is Iran will get nukes

Because the Obama administration is unwilling to do anything that will stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons, along with the fact that China and Russia will continue to help Iran thwart the consequences of any serious sanctions, Bolton says that the most likely outcome at this point is that Iran will end up with nuclear weapons:


If you remember, Walid Shoebat said earlier this year that Iran will end up nuking Saudi Arabia, which means they have to have nukes to do it. He doesn’t mention the Biblical basis for it in this piece, but there is no doubt that is his foundation. But here is what he wrote:

Whether it is the Iranian Shia or Sunni Revolutions, the way to victory will not be only by stepping over Israel but also over Arabia – the cradle of Wahabism that started the trouble in the first place. As a consequence, the world will kiss its addiction to Arab oil good-bye after Iran destroys Arabia with nuclear weapons. You can say that I am mad, but the documents released by Wikileaks revealed that King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz repeatedly urged the United States to attack Iran in order to halt its suspected nuclear weapons program. If in doubt, ask yourself, didn’t Saddam Hussein send scuds crashing over Saudi Arabia during the First Gulf War? If he’d had nuclear warheads wouldn’t he have used them there?

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