Bolton: Obama’s blindness to what motivates Egyptian President Morsi is a “bad, bad sign”

Bolton weighed in on the crisis in Egypt this morning, noting that he believes the worst outcome would be an agreement between the military and the Muslim Brotherhood that would exclude the pro-democracy faction and give the Muslim Brotherhood political dominance. He says despite the military and the Muslim Brotherhood seeming to be on opposite sides, that it’s possible they will work out an arrangement where they can both live together.

In response to a quote where Obama praised Morsi, saying he was impressed with Morsi who moved with an “engineer’s precision” and little ideology, Bolton said this shows Obama’s blindness to what motivates Morsi and is a “bad, bad sign for the US and Middle East in the weeks and months ahead.”


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  • Conniption Fitz

    Bolton knows Obama knows he knows what Morsi’s up to and yet Bolton and the rest of the establishment Repubs are not gonna do a DT about it.

    • What can Bolton do besides what he is doing now, shedding light on a complex topic on Fox News? He holds no political office. If you know something Bolton can do besides what he is already doing, please elaborate.

      • Patriot077

        Wouldn’t it be lovely if he did hold office now. I yearn for the day that we have responsible, knowledgeable persons heading our government offices.

        • white531

          I agree. John Bolton is an educated and well spoken person. Unlike some of the people who serve in our Congress.

        • That would be nice. There are people on this thread that still think he is an ambassador. He is NOT. He WAS an ambassador. All he has right now are interviews on Fox News. Of course it would be great if he launched a channel like TheBlazeTV that had Pat Condell, Walid Shoebat, Brigitte (sp) Gabrielle, and others to say the truth about the Middle East 24/7, but aside from that, he is doing all he can.

      • sDee

        Conniption is right.

        What Bolton can do is start telling America the TRUTH.

        • Sinsonta

          What kind of truth do you want Bolton to tell us. I don’t think he is a LIAR. The LIAR is in the White House and Bolton is just giving us his opinion and I believe he does it with honesty.

          • StrangernFiction

            Than he’s incredibly ignorant on the subject.

            • white531

              Stranger, you know in your heart, that statement is not true. John Bolton is a decent person, and well informed.

              • StrangernFiction

                Hussein is clearly not blind to what motivates Morsi. If Bolton believes this he is incredibly ignorant as to who Obama is. If he doesn’t he is being deceptive.

          • sDee

            Well no one who is even trying to make sense of the middle east will believe for a minute that Barack Hussein Obama is blind to what Morsi intended to do, is doing, or how he got in a position to do it.

            Perhaps Bolton could start by pointing out that Obama’s foreign policy in the middle east is running well to plan. He could explain to us how Obama and Clinton spent years implementing polices and funding to bring the Muslim Brotherhood and other islamic supremacists to power, knowing that the end result would be Sharia. Then explain what Sharia is and how it links into to Obama’s agenda.

            I would not call him a liar because I believe Bolton is a foe of Obama and I cannot know his intent. It appears at best, on the surface, to be misdirection. Perhaps he is playing an n-dimensional chess game. Perhaps this is intended for a different audience than the American people. I do not know.

            As the Republic circles the drain and our fundamental rights are carved away every day, it is time to level with the American people about the islamic sympathizing marxist usurper in the White House.

            • AmericanDream12

              Bolton is a foe of Obama

              I don’t think Bolton is a foe of obama but he is sadly part of the establishment who will NEVER had the guts to tell it what it is. obama planned all that mess and it is working perfectly as planned. obama is also the one who told morsi how to do it – how to be a dictator. He knows. He is teaching it.

              All is going as planned for the one. Nobody is in his way. Bolton is part of it because he is part of the group who can’t or don’t want to say who obama is. Nobody dares to stop him or to tell it like it is.

              obama must be really thinking we are so stupid.

              And he is right.

              • white531

                I’m confused. What exactly do you expect John Bolton to do? An Ambassadorship is an appointed position, if I am not mistaken. It is not a position of legislative power. If he speaks out against Obama, he can be replaced. Is that what you want him to do?

            • white531

              You are correct, sDee. The person currently occupying the White House, is at the center of this problem. John Bolton is just an Ambassador. Sadly for me at least, Obama is our President. Even sadder, he is a Muslim.

            • ali3nation

              You DO get it. I am humbled by your post, please look at mine if you get a chance. I couldn’t agree more with everything you just said. Thank you, I don’t feel so alone now.

          • ali3nation

            Bolton and the rest of the free world can start reacting to the fact that our current government is completely infiltrated by our worst enemies. That would be a good place to start.

            • Sinsonta

              Where are you been? Bolton has accussed the administration and Obama in particular from leading from behind. Also, he has mentioned many times that Obama sorrounded himself with radicals, and called many of Obama’s policies anti-american. When Morsi visited the White House, Bolton said that Morsi was a big enemy of Freedom.

        • Gtrjag

          He is, nobody is listening.

          • sDee

            Well, the subtly is lost on me. How about this instead….

            “Obama’s policies and funding in support of the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi has successfully destabilized our major allies, providing major foothold for islamic supremacy and thier goal of of destroying Israel. That is a bad, bad shift of power for which the US, Israel and the Middle East will pay a steep price for decades to come”

            • Gtrjag

              John Bolton has been great at explaining the situation in Egypt and the entire Middle East since this so called Arab spring began. I don’t know what else can be expected from him. Do you want him to say Obama wants the Muslim Brotherhood in power, that he wants an Islamic caliphate in the Middle East? If he did say that he would lose his credibility and I don’t even think it would be accurate. I think he stated the situation very well. The left’s philosophy and moral relativism causes them to perpetually choose evil over good. It blind’s them. It blinded Chamberlin to Hitler, Roosevelt to Stalin, Carter to the mullahs in Iran, and it blinds Obama and the entire left from seeing the evil that is the Muslim brotherhood and Morsi.

            • Gtrjag

              Bolton has been one of the few people consistently telling it like it is about the Middle East. I think some people here are being a bit nit-picky.

        • white531

          sDee, I think that was what he was trying to do, given the limitations of his office.

      • anneinarkansas

        He can continue to elaborate and maybe be more specific.

      • white531

        Jasper is right. John Bolton is an ambassador. As Jasper just pointed out, he holds no political office. In speaking out on this issue, he has gone about as far as he could go.

    • sjmom

      We’re on the same page.

      • sDee

        We are.

        Omission, whitewashing, and misdirection make them complicit.

    • anneinarkansas

      He can keep on speaking out about it and become stronger with what he says.

  • Orangeone

    We need to watch our backs. Barky Boy wants us distracted with Israel, Egypt and Iran while he brokers deals with the UN to strip us of our freedoms, liberties and guns.

    • pdxlady

      Always pay attention to what the other hand is doing!

  • Don

    Saying Obama is “blind” to Morsi’s motivation is ignoring the fact that Obama is a narcissist and his world revolves around himself. The Muslim Brotherhood has been transparent to those who have an understanding of Morsi’s intent from the beginning. Obama is just responding with the same incompetence he always demonstrates when it concerns the best interest of our nation, especially national security. This is going to end very badly and Obama could care less.

  • Always, ALWAYS, remember that one of the leading members of the Muslim Brotherhood was and still is Ayman al-Zawahiri, Osama bin Laden’s No. 2 man and now current leader of al Qaeda. These are hardly moderates. The Muslim Brotherhood always had their eyes on the “long war,” where their idea of success would take years to accomplish. What is their idea of success? Total domination of Egypt, the destruction of Israel, and Islamist domination under Sharia Law for all of North Africa and the Middle East. In short, the return of the caliphate. If you think you can negotiate with this fanatic, you’re crazy. They will not stop until they have what they want, and it looks like Obama is about to hand it to them on a silver plate.

    • BikerHoop

      >>it looks like Obama is about to hand it to them on a silver plate.<<

      That's because he's hoping top become the Caliph. He would then raise the flag of islam over the White House and declare, via EO, that America is now officially a nation of islam.

      • Constance

        Well, then I guess I better start target practicing. I’m not living with religious fanatics who tell me to cover up, shut up, and walk ten paces behind. I’m certainly not having my truck keys taken away or being sexually attacked by mobs of Muslim men in the street who apparently have some “repressed issues”. I’ll die on my little hill, my two dogs by my side. But, I’ll die all American.

        • BikerHoop

          I understand completely. Several imams have already stated their goal is to have their flag flying over our WH. I believe DuhOne is their best shot at it. I’m ready.

  • cabensg

    Blindness. I’ve heard careless, deceptive, untruthful, lazy, aggressive, uninterested, deceitful, oblivious well you get the idea. I’ve never heard blindness when describing Obama, his policies or actions. I really feel sorry for the people trying to come up with new adjectives to describe him. Even I’m having trouble coming up with new ones. My favorite is still sociopathic liar, so far it’s fit every occasion.

    • sjmom

      How about narcissitic meglaomaniac?

    • How about evil puppet?

    • BikerHoop

      Conceited, egoistical, egomaniacal, individualistic, megalomaniac , narcissistic, pompous, self-absorbed, self-centered, self-concerned, self-indulgent, self-interested, self-loving, self-serving, selfish, stuck-up, vainglorious,

      • StrangernFiction

        You forgot villainous.

        • BikerHoop

          Oooooooooops! Sorry.

    • Constance

      Let’s see here. Dining on leftover stuffing, I have thought of a few to add: intentionally destructive, soulless, malevolent, reprobate, malicious, catastrophic, sinister, treasonous, subversive, and a holy terror.

      • BikerHoop

        Isn’t it amazing how many negative adjectives can be used to describe a single word – Obama!

  • poljunkie

    Hmmm, Does Obama feel the Muslim Brotherhood is an improvement as far as stablity is concerned…for the region, over Mubarak?

    Edit: spelling

  • sjmom

    This is how Obama gets away with his nonsense; nobody is willing to call him what he is; a Muslim who agrees with Morsi and the Islamists. Obama is as evil as the rest of them. Since I saw 2016, the movie, I have come to understand who Obama is because of his father who hated the West. The Republicans are complicit because they refuse to call it like it is. God help us.

    • “None Dare Call it Treason”

      • sjmom

        I agree it is treason, but this point I’d be happy to have someone have the courage to call him out on this.

        • BikerHoop

          I agree, but we don’t have a sitting congress-critter that will do it because they don’t want to be labeled as the one responsible for bringing down the first so-called black preezy and the riots that would undoubtedly ensue.

          • sjmom

            That’s why I said someone with courage, but where are they?

            • Constance

              Only on talk radio, I believe.

              • sjmom

                Then, we’re going to have to find a way.

      • I do. Too bad I’m not the Speaker.

        • Orangeone

          I’d vote for you, if only we could nominate our own Speaker!

      • sDee

        Jack Wheeler nailed it in 1997. A good read, and nary a thing in there does not apply to the Hussein regime.

        “None Dare Call it Fascism”

        Fabian Fascism

      • ok, all of you are amazing..we are of one voice..crying out in the darkness..if you have a few free minutes, watch this video…glenn beck is going out on a limb and doing what we want our elected representatives to do… if you agree with his commentary, send it everywhere!!!! and say a prayer he does not end up like breitbart or the navy seals, or the ambassador…because you know that if something is not done to expose the One, we are all doomed..the internet is next target so we cannot talk to one another..then they will try to take our guns away, etc..and you should also watch the movie, dreams from my REAL father, if you want to make yourself even more depressed..STAY STRONG! WE NEED TO STICK TOGETHER! JOIN YOUR LOCAL TEA PARTY! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!


  • 911Infidel

    Its not blindness dude. Obama know exactly what he’s doing. Obama is a leftist third-world-thinking ideologue. Any philosophy or any country at loggerheads with Capitalism. Republican government, or the US Constitution will be supported by him. He embraces our enemies and will continue to diss our friends.

  • DCGere

    Elections have consequences. Sadly, the sheeple care more about their free stuff, DWTS, their iphones, and whatever else satisfies their own personal life. They could care less about what’s going on in the world, our soldiers fighting in the sandbox, and the threat many countries face while fighting dictators.

  • Susitna

    Is Amb. Bolton joking? Obama is not blind, he knows exactly what he is doing and who he is supporting. Morsi is part of the worldwide islamization plan and Hillary has actively helped to bring Morsi to power. Obama and Morsi have so far two things in common: both are sunni muslims and both want complete power.
    And what about us? We have re-elected Hussein. We are the ones who are blind!

    • sDee

      I have to believe Bolton knows that better than anyone.

      It is like the donkeys and elephants are spinning competing narratives. What compels them from the truth?

  • stage9


    It’s NOT “blindness”, it’s called AIDING AND ABETTING!

  • freeperjim

    Blindness? I think not!

    Obama is a Marxist/Muslim who aids his fellow islamic terrorists to destroy America/Israel and move closer to a global sharia caliphate.

    “When the winds of change blow, I will stand with the muslims.” – B.Hussein.Osama (“Dreams”)

    • StrangernFiction

      Sadly, the one who is blind on this matter is Bolton.

    • Constance

      I agree with you. Obama is not blind to anything. He is full steam ahead taking our country down the toilet and endangering the lives of Americans and Israelis overseas. I still say that if we shaved Obama’s head, we would find three perfect little 6’s hidden under there. 🙂

    • no he’s not a communist nor a marxist. it is the racist RWNJs who keep harping on this, because they don’t have any valid reason for objecting to Obama as president other than their emotional antipathy toward him.

      You cannot be sane and think Obama wants to destroy America or kill
      Americans. But then again, those are the same people that call him a
      Muslim and complain about how radical his Christian pastor (Jeremiah
      Wright) is. Logic and reality have no place in these people’s minds,
      they just spew blind hatred and rage.

      Well, at least you’re honest about your racism. Most of you disgusting
      Rethuglicans try to hide it. This is what makes my party better than

  • deeme

    It’s always a bad bad sign when our president isn’t siding with pro democracy and also shows U.S. what he really stands for..

    • sDee

      Islamists luv democracy. They just need to strong arm, intimidate or bribe 51% into voting for Sharia.

      Problem solved.

      • deeme

        Yes they have alot in common with union thugs…

    • stage9

      Oh, it’s far worse than you think:

      Obama’s Budget Priorities: 2000 Marines vs 1 Billion for Muslim Terrorists

      450 Mil for the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, 45 Mil for the Syrian MuslimBrotherhood and 300 Mil for Palestinian Terrorists. Those are Obama’s budget priorities.

      Obama is trying to “save” 10 billion dollars by firing 20,000 US Marines. Meanwhile he’s got almost half a billion for the Egyptian and Syrian Muslim Brotherhoods and another 300 million for the Fatah and Hamas terrorist groups in the West Bank and Gaza.

      • deeme

        This is why I supported Rick Perry , he said he would give zero aid to anyone who was a possible threat ..I don’t understand where this came from we are broke and need our country to be first.. gutting the military makes no sense but neither does anything that’s happening right now….but I believe we are being taken over from the inside and no one , no one is doing anything about it..You are so right , it makes me sick to think about it..

  • aussieguy64

    Mohamed Morsi
    * Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering 1975 (Cairo University)
    * Master’s Degree in Engineering 1978 (Cairo University)
    * Ph.D. in Materials Science 1982 (University of Southern California)
    * Assistant Professor at 1982 to 1985 (California State University, Northridge)
    * Head of the Engineering Department 1985 to 2010 (Zagazig University, Cairo)

    “He (Obama) sensed engineer’s precision with surprisingly little ideology…”
    => Did you figure that all by yourself, Mr President? *rolls eyes*

    I’ve experienced Engineering (Aeronautical) myself…Dropped out in final year.

    Unlike Law degrees, we don’t waste time debating and sprouting nonsense to one another. We are taught to analyze and solve problems. For me, it was aerodynamics, structures, mathematics, control systems, fluid dynamics, etc in my 3 yrs while I was there…Simply because you cannot weasel your way out of problems with words, like you can with Law. The grade Obama gave himself as self assessment (Incomplete?)…Its considered a solid FAIL by engineering standards.

    Blind devotion to ideology is for idiots like Obama. They never achieve anything worthy. They never solve problems. They never will have the demonstrated competence needed to lead a country to success. They are only good at spending money like it doesn’t matter. Simply because they don’t care of the consequences of their actions or policies.

    On a side note, if you look at China…Its also filled with Engineers and Scientists in their political leadership!

    Obama is so outclassed on a global level, it isn’t funny.

    • sDee

      Removing Cause from Effect is a foundational tenet of both Muhammed and Marx.

      Our politicians and media have perfected it with precision and sophistication. It appeals to the lazy mind.

  • tinlizzieowner

    Bolton: Obama’s blindness to what motivates Egyptian President Morsi is a “bad, bad sign”.

    What makes anybody think Obama is blind to what is going on?

  • anneinarkansas

    Blindness? I think Obama is following the same blueprint

  • Dodoforever Canspell

    What if I was to say that Morsi got his blessing from Hillary Clinton for taking the step he did? Would you call me paranoid? Go ahead then … say it. I have this nagging feeling that he passed this by not only the USA but by some other countries in the EU. It’s a give and take. He gets this in exchange for what he has already done on behalf of Israel/Gaza or in exchange for something to come soon.
    Politics is a dirty game …. a chess game of sorts.

    • Constance

      I won’t call you paranoid, because I’ve thought the same thing. It’s that timing stuff. Just a little too perfect to be a coincidence.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Obama’s re-election on Nov. 6th was a BAD BAD sign.

    • StrangernFiction

      Obama’s election on 11/4/08 was a BAD BAD sign. Obama’s reelection was just confirmation that America is over.

  • reason1984

    Obama is anything but blind. He knows exactly what he is doing with the MB.

  • Torqued

    He’s not blind. He’s one of them! His every action screams it.

  • poptoy1949

    OH But Obama is not blind. This is exactly what he and Morsi had planned…… give Israel nothing but hell for the next 4 years and then some. Muslims stick together………never trust Obama because he lies to damned much. And if you think he has the best on mind for the United States…well you know that Ocean front Property of mine in Kansas………………………

  • Torqued

    Obama: ‘Future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.’

    Then proceeds with the LIE about a fracking you tube video.

    He’s an insane, racist, commie koranimal.

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    Seems to me that most here see Obama as an obvious Brotherhood supporter with Hilary right by his side. Did Romney really not see this? He never mentioned it, did he? Is the GOPe owned as well as FOX news by the New World Order, that is so apparent to the wise people posting here? Taking down our western civilization from the inside? Who do they hate? Who do they strive to marginalize? Who do they fear? Bolton only hints at it. Who has the guts to slam it in our faces? The good people of this Country cry out for leadership but are reluctant to demand it. Why? Is it because we don’t have the stomach anymore to face the evil? People here seem to see it. Why did Romney and the GOPe refuse to make it an issue? Do they all play the same fatalistic game in a hopeless attempt to feather their own beds? The need for upheaval is upon us. In my opinion, it won’t start until we admit that both political parties are selling us out. The power that rested with the people, will be no longer, if we let this continue. The Tea Party is not evil, unless you are one of the elite political class.

  • kong1967

    The world is going to be a complete mess in 4 more years. Obama will have everything turned upside down and radical muslims will have dominance. And libs wonder why wars are inevitable. THEY cause them!

  • Rocco11

    Bolton thinks it’s “blindness?” Seriously? Does anyone other than Mark Levin appreciate what we’re up against?

  • Yazz55

    I don’t think Obama is blind to the new Egyptian Pharaoh at all. Given his muslim upbringing, I think he understands it quite well. His actions would indicate that Obama has been effectively cultivating the muslim arab spring uprisings and its resulting takeovers in places like Egypt and Libya.

    Just intentionally mislabel it “democracy” and the liberal extremist loonies can’t get enough of it.

  • Haywoodjbl

    Does Obama’s “ignorance” or willful conduct and words surprise anyone on this site??? Nope, he is who we thought he was.

    Da Bears

  • aposematic

    I think everyone is missing the mark. Obuma dosn’t care a twit about anything except the destruction of peaceful moral civilations. How that is achieved is completely irrelevant; its just another means to an end. That end being total subjugation of all the World’s moral civilation’s peoples into poverty, despare, and slavery under One Man World Rule. To Obuma and his ilk, Islam is just another useful idiot being used to reap havoc on moral civilizations.

  • ali3nation

    Very true conniption fitz, Obama must really know very well all about Morsi, because the MB mole sitting on Hillary’s lap ( Hummaaa), is intimately entwined via her own mother and brother to Morsi. If Obama doesn’t have a direct line to Morsi’s brain, no one does. And by the way don’t you find it a bit disturbing that we have a MB mole in the state dept anyway?

  • mikeinidaho

    Sorry John, I must disagree. Obama knows exactly what Morsi is doing and approves of it whole-heartedly! The Muslim Brotherhood are Obama’s kindred spirits and he looks forward to the coming Caliphate and the destruction of Israel as wll as the eventual collapse of the US and the coming of Sharia Law in the US. Obama is a muslim traitor and the true “manchurian candidate”.