Bolton: The election results in Greece not that big of a deal

Bolton says that while the New Democracy Party is most likely able to get the Greek economy moving, they have to form a coalition government with the socialists who got Greece into this mess and thus will make it much more difficult to get anything accomplished. He also adds that while Obama may push Chancellor Merkel to continue bailing countries out when he meets with her today, He believes Merkel will politely listen but ignore his suggestions given that the people in German don’t want to keep bailing these countries out.

At the end Bolton weighs in on whether we should keep funding the Egyptian Army in light of their recent power grab. Short answer is yes.

Watch below:

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  • TANGO40

    No matter how you look at it… Greece is screwed, and I disagree with Bolton on funding the Egyptian Army, we should stop wasting our money on those crazy country’s and focus more on funding and protecting Israel…

    • Guest1776rcp

      Why do we have to fund Israel with our tax dollars? I agree with being an ally if they’re attacked we stand with them but I do not believe we should fund Israel, Egypt or any other country because we no longer can afford to. I also don’t believe we should do the dirty work on Iran when Israel is quite capable of taking care of that problem themselves too. I think we should sell them what ever military armaments they need to get it done. Israel is NOT some weak little country unable to defend itself as history proves.

      • Hmmm… For the millionth time, we do not “subsidize” Israel. The money never even leaves USA and pays for a good number of jobs in the process of manufacturing military equipment for Israel. And in place of military bases we have in Europe and Asia, each one costing us BILLIONS, it is Israelis holding fort in the Middle East last time I checked.

        Stop spewing liberal talking points, they are all LIES with no basis in fact. We profit more from Israel than they do from us. All the latest technology, drones, anti-missile systems, etc., are ALL developed and tested in Israel, we hardly pay for them and yet make profit on them when selling to other countries.

        Take your liberal talking points and post elsewhere.

        • Guest1776rcp

          Israel gets around 3 billion a year in aide. I don’t care about loaning them money to buy our weapons systems because loans get paid back. I’m talking about ending all aide to all countries and yes I understand all the aide is only around 2% of the current trillion dollar budget but every bit adds up.

          • Guest1776rcp

            P.S. When we have to borrow money from China to send out that aide it just makes no fiscal sense whatsoever.

            • MLCBLOG

              Maybe if our financial house were in order, we could come to the aid of certain countries without borrowing anywhere.

              Truly, I think the debt load that our corrupt and unwise politicians have laid on us will be our ruin if we don’t get a handle on it.

          • MLCBLOG

            I just don’t think it is practical or wise to stop the flow of our money to other countries. Granted, the criteria for $$ to them needs scrutiny.

            • Guest1776rcp

              According to Forbes even China gets 12 million in aid. Call me crazy but borrowing from China to send them aid (I don’t care what it is for either) is just plain crazy. WE CANNOT AFFORD IT! You cannot run a household like this, you cannot run a business like this and it WILL BE this country’s downfall if we don’t get our budget in order.

              • MLCBLOG

                I stand by what I said elsewhere here. The problem is the insane spending and taxing (which kills economic growth, is a short-term and stingy view at best, and lacks imagination which is the soul of free enterprise). Were that in order, we would have money and there would be no borrowing from China.

                • Guest1776rcp

                  The problem with that sort of thinking is thus: In a perfect world……

                  That sort of thinking denies reality as it exist. The difference between conservatives and liberals is liberals think like that and conservatives recognize reality for what it is. The reality is the we cannot afford it right now and probably not in the near future either.

                • MLCBLOG

                  Yup I like ideals. I think we need ’em. I can look at reality, too, when needed, but without ideals what do we have? nothing, in my book. I am a very strong conservative and do not agree with your rule here that liberals are the only ones who think ideally and that conservatives must be the ones to think realistically. Poppycock. And, beside the point.

                  What are we going to do about getting our country back on track? How’s that for reality?

                • Guest1776rcp

                  What are we going to do about getting our country back on track?

                  Stop the bleeding first and take back Senate, keep focus on electing conservatives to House and Senate find the next Reagan for 2016, He/She is out there. If Ford had beat Carter we probably wouldn’t have got Reagan in 1980. As I’ve said a million times already, I’m more afraid of Romney with McConnell and Boehner ****ing it up and see the gains lost again. Gridlock is highly underrated and would be more conservative by default.


      The Egyptian army is preferable to the Muslim Brotherhood for us. They have kept order in Egypt for hundreds of years and do not want to blow us up.

  • Nukeman60

    Just like our paying class will eventually end up like our entitlement class if we continue to throw good money after bad, Europe is in the same situation. As countries like Germany continue to pay time after time to bail out these slackers, they too will fall to the same disease and will need the next country’s assets to bail them out, if there are any left.

    Sooner or later someone has to say, “stop”.

    As to Egypt, I’d have to disagree with Bolton on that. Who’s to say the Muslim Brotherhood hasn’t already formed an insidious alliance with the military. I’m thinking there isn’t much more radical than the MB and we’re just doing what we do in every one of those countries – pay them to shoot at our boys, eventually.

    • Watchman74

      “As to Egypt, I’d have to disagree with Bolton on that. Who’s to say the Muslim Brotherhood hasn’t already formed an insidious alliance with the military.”

      Well if we look at the rhetoric coming from the MB against the military I would say this is not the case right now. There is a power grab going on and the two are at odds with one another. Recently the military dissolved the parliament which the MB was opposed against. So I don’t believe they are working together at this time.


      I think we do know there is no alliance formed at this point.

      • Nukeman60

        You may be right. However, the military was in control from the very beginning.

        I find it interesting that people thought the dictator Mubarak was overthrown by a peaceful revolution of students in Tahrir square (carrying signs in English, pointed at the cameras). The military stood by and watched because they were in control. They are in control today and even though the MB claimed victory, the military ensured they had the power and control.

        Perhaps the MB is against them and hostilities will ensue. Maybe not. Time will tell, just like it took time to show the likes of Bill Crystal that the peaceful revolution by the ‘mainly secular’ MB was really a farce.

        Any disagreement with the military will end in bloodshed. If the MB is against them, the two will fight. I suspect, however, that there will be a backroom deal, as the MB has never been what they say they are.

        • MLCBLOG

          I think your observation is correct. The military standing by watching all this. It has been very interesting to me to learn on simple scrutiny of the internet that Ayers and Jodi Evans and Code Pinkos were variously over in Gaza to bring their brand of trouble right about that time.

          Seems to me the score is Egyptian generals 1, Ayers 0.

  • The Euro is done and it is only a matter of time before it splits. Too many fundamentally different thinkers to ever make that work. Yes they are all socialists but different shades of it and that is enough to cause a collapse.

    Bolton is incorrect about Egypt but he isn’t alone. He is like previous generations that think we have always done this so let’s just keep doing it. We need to pull military, monetary, and trade support out of Egypt…yes we get a lot of imports from there. It’s time to bulk up Israel and get prepared for the coming onslaught of the Sharia constructionists of the ME. I hope Bolton isn’t listening to idiot McCain.

  • Watchman74

    I actually agree we should continue to fund the Egyptian military… for now at least. The reason we fund so many nations, some of whom hate us, is because money does buy stability. As long as we are funding the military we have some leverage, stopping cold turkey would create instability. Not to mention the Egyptian military is the only thing standing in the Muslim Brotherhoods way of complete control, and I would rather have the Army in control than those guys any day.


      Well said, Our money can buy stability (peace).

  • Sober_Thinking

    As long as nations continue to act irresponsibly, then they deserve the consequences.

    Germany has been more than generous. Obama ought to shut his pie hole… his spending example has been horrible. Merkel knows he’s a fool too.

  • No, I don’t agree that we should keep funding them. Sigh, can we ever get good representation in government? I like Bolton, but I don’t care for his answer.


      Life ain’t easy sometimes. Hard answers are the only ones at certain points.

  • Bolton is right. Not much is going to change in Europe in the short run, but in the next few months it may all come apart. The Germans are getting tired always getting stuck with the check while countries like Greece and Spain spend themselves into bankruptcy. Greece will mush along for a few more months before it runs out of cash, but the real ballgame is Spain. If Spain goes under, there isn’t enough money in Europe to bail it out. And let’s not even talk about Italy, which is on the ropes, too. No, this may all come apart by the early fall, just in time for the election. It’s going to be Obama’s worst nightmare, a financial crash in Europe just before November. I guess this will be one thing Obama can’t blame on Bush (finally).


      Stuck with the check. I like that.

  • We should only find the Egyptian military so that it has enough hardware to prevent an overthrow of its power but not so that it can pretend to be a regional superpower or a serious threat to Israel. Plus we could always SELL weapons to them vs. giving them weapons and only take payment in hard currency (gold)

  • ApplePie101

    Step one to Greek recovery is to ditch the euro and the EU. It won’t happen, because Greece is hooked on bailout money like an addict hooked on drugs.

    • Agreed, but once Spain and Italy collapse, there will be no Euros left for a bailout. Greece’s problems won’t affect things too much since they are so small but Spain and Italy- watch out.