**[UPDATED]** BOOM! Eric Bolling says Obama admin. answers to Koran first and Constitution second


Eric Bolling sent Bob Beckel into a frenzy when he said that in light of the police picking up this Muhammad filmmaker for questioning, that it proves the Obama administration answers first to the Koran and then to the Constitution. Note Greg on the side laughing as Beckel explodes:

Love that Bolling has no fear.

UPDATE: Bolling clarifies at the end of The Five:

I have to clarify something very quickly. Remember when I said President Obama, he answers to the Koran before the Constitution? What I meant was rather than appeasing the Muslims he should worry about free speech first.

That’s it, I’m done with it. I don’t want to hear about it.

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  • orthodoxyordeath

    They bow and worship at the altar of political correctness, which has the Koran and any other cult-weirdo, Athetist, agnostic ideas on it. Meanwhile, they trample on the Bible, the Torah and the Constitution.

    • PVG


    • detectivedick

      What will the LIAR do with SONY and the new film about the OBL raid. I know let’s blame the Japanese.

  • 4Hoppes2

    Greg’s statement “you only incite more violence by proving violence works” was right on.

  • sDee

    I will admit that I never expected this crucial point to be made (without “nuance”) and well argued, in the media. That they not only shut Beckel up but also pointed out how outlets like the Post fuel the attack o their own free speech, was even more surprising.

    Thanks for this one indeed TRS!

  • DebbyX

    Our freedom of expression is about to expire…………………………..and there it goes!

    • It’s not gone until I say so.

      • DebbyX

        O K-bob 🙂

      • keyesforpres

        Shh..don’t say anything!

      • The trick is, everyone gets to use that same exact line, and I know you all will!

    • unclesamnephew

      not until my last breath has been exhausted!! “Christ is Lord”

      • YES HE IS! Yay!!!!!

      • We are invincible! Christ is our King! We are Invincible and WE SHALL WIN! – The Crusader song by Chris DeBurg (Irish song writer/singer probably best known for the song “Lady in Red”) Great song! If you haven’t heard it before, you need to. It’s about the Crusades (Shock! 🙂 ) but told from our Christian perspective. I love this song.

    • Not as long as I am in America! And I plan on being here until I die, or until Jesus comes! 🙂

      • (looks out window, searching sky) Nope, No sign of Him yet, so hang around!

        If anyone found that offensive… erm… Lighten up. 🙂

      • DebbyX

        I’ll be stickin’ around too……………just to make things uncomfortable 😉

  • PVG
  • I bet that poor ambasador was kind to the quer, ran. I bet he was a friend to is-lam!st. A true diplomat to the region. Look what it gets you, dragged through the street, rap3d and MURD3R3D. Read your history folks there is only one way for peace…. they have to FEAR reprisals. The longer nothing is done the more lives will be lost.

    • warpmine

      What would happen I wonder if we decided to once and for all time declare war on Islam? How long would it take for them all to start crying that they didn’t mean anything by it. Total war is an ugly thing especially when you’re at a disadvantage.

      Sadly, the United States is just a politically correct cesspool that wants nothing to do with justice.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Muslims look for the least little excuse so they can go on a rampage and kill Americans…or each other. No one would have said a thing, no buildings would have been destroyed, and no one would have been murdered had a film about Jesus Christ came out no matter the content of the movie. What is it with muslims??????? Why is it okay to denigrate God and Jesus, but not Allah or anything to do with Islam?????

    • stevenbiot

      Christians are compassionate, and respect free speech. Pedophile worshipers, they do not.

    • sDee

      because they know islam falls apart without blasphemy laws. Imagine their joy and delight to find that western politicians and the media also despise Christianity, love facism, and willing to bend over backwards to accommodate them.

      The left is always drawn to fascism like moths to a flame.

    • unclesamnephew

      has anyone else notice that muslims are not burning Obama?

    • keyesforpres

      Ollie’s very sensitive and quite immature.

  • stevenbiot

    Eric Bolling is my new hero. Mark’s been rubbing off on him. Thank God!!! Although, he’ll probably apologize tomorrow.

    • sDee

      Let’s hope not. He spoke the truth – right between the eyes.

      I supposed there are a few people in the press, when face to face with censorship through police intimidation and harassment, might realize that they are looking at the very real possibility of spending the rest of their careers working for a government propaganda outlet.

  • Watchman74

    It’s not hard to send Bob the Blob into a frenzy, all you have to do is tell the truth.

    • 4Hoppes2

      O/T I bought the book you suggested, God’s Battalions, the sample sold me.

      • Watchman74

        Awesome 4Hoppes2, glad you liked it. 🙂

        • Missed the recommendation, what’s it about?

          • Watchman74

            God’s Battalions by Rodney Stark, it’s about the Crusades.

    • keyesforpres

      That’s pretty much true with all of the folks on the left.

  • “No, the Muslims set fire to the Muslim world!” — right on Greg. He’s the first person I’ve seen on any network say this. Neither the Obama regime or the media understand this.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Bob explodes over the color “red”. He’s a buffoon.

    • I hope for the day when Bob is off the five. They seem to like him and maybe he is a good person, but he’s a liberal idiot. I get a headache listening to him and end up ultimately changing the channel.

      • old_crank

        Martha, I have strained my patience with Beckel so many times I am just about numb. I often think the rest of the Five must be under orders from the signers-of-their-paychecks to keep up the pretense of civilized discourse with the idiot. I must say though, that one day last week I thought Beckel showed signs of being aware of his surroundings – i.e., among grown-ups he could not begin to talk intelligently with. He is, he says, a recovering Whatever, and has been saved by the Lord Jesus Christ, and I am willing to give such people the benefit of every doubt, if I believe them. I don’t know if the man can live long enough to actually grow up into a serious man. But I guess I can put up with him as long as his colleagues can.

      • NYGino

        Martha, with all due respect, “..liberal idiot..” is a redundant term.

        • Sober_Thinking


      • p m

        And yet…and yet, he and Mark Levin are friends. Firm friends – Mark says so with some frequency, usually after Beckel has a fit. There must be some reason for that, no idea what.

      • Sober_Thinking


        I inevitably mute the audio when he speaks… I’m sick of listening to leftist buffoons.

  • Bolling is one of the best. When Beck’s channel surpasses Fox, expect to see him over there, sort of like the way O’Reilly rose to prominence by moving to Fox from CNN.

    • keyesforpres

      I’m hoping Beck gets so rich he buys one of the alphabet soup networks and changes it to family tv and REAL news on the evening news.

  • it’s shameful that blood is on Obama’s hands and they’re using this pathetic video as a cop-out… even the president of Libya thinks the Obama and his administration is full of crap.

    “the idea that this criminal and cowardly act was a spontaneous protest that just spun out of control is is completely unfounded and preposterous” – Libyan president Mohamed Yousef El-Magariaf.

    Don’t mind me I’m just protesting with my RPG oh look it’s the ambassador, get him!

  • That was awesome! 🙂

  • bjohnson55

    Bloviating Buffoon-Bob bitches boisterously at Bolling for calling out the blasphemous O-bama busy bodies for belittling our Constitution. BOOB!!

  • Sandra123456

    Well gee, I guess we better batten down the hatches when that big Hollywood movie comes out about killing Bin Laden. Embassies will be blowing up left and right.

  • It would be great if Bob Beckel could be honest, what about Christ in urine, will he now say that has to stop, I doubt it. Just make sure the muslims are not insulted, we have a mess in West Bloomfield where the muslims are trying to intimidate West Bloomfield board and they did intimidate Farmington Hills school board.

  • PChandler

    “… incitable group of people”—

    So Bob Beckel is suggesting that muslims are intrinsically, inherently violent? what a greasy, bigoted islamophobe!. ¿How dare he suggests that peaceful members of the peaceful religion of peace aren’t peaceful?.

    • keyesforpres

      He’s big fat bigot.

      • rich wojcik

        ever cut a fat chicken open?
        There is so much fat inside, not visible from outside…
        look at that short, grossly overweight, mastodon-size lying idiot – he passed “fat” level
        80 pounds ago. Now that fat is pressing on his grey cells. On both of them 😉

  • T Pixidust

    Obama ought to brush up on Dante’s Inferno. Eventually he may have to become very familiar with all the is-n-outs of THAT particular environment, dontcha know.

  • 4Hoppes2

    Mark Levin just reminded me that this guy’s whole family is in hiding, not to mention his entire neighborhood is now possibly in jeopardy because of the public exposure this case has generated.

  • sue-marie

    I thought Greg had a super moment there. Beckel is another Joe Biden and Eric nailed it. Question….if Christians were to set fire to government buildings for allowing porn would the Administration come to their defense? Not in this lifetime and they shouldn’t. Free speech out trumps all of this…it is a no brainer.

  • AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What we saw with this man in California was horrifying…BROWN SHIRTS FROM GERMANY!! This was so against the US Constitution it was APPAULING and INSULTING! Bolling is correct Obama worries more about his precious image in the Middle East than upholding the US Constitution of which HE PLEDGED TO UPHOLD!! This man MUST BE DEFEATED!!

    Bolling has nothing to apologize for….he used his Free Speech just like that fat slob Beckel does when he Fs this and Fs that. Bolling spoke what more and more Americans are feeling. Those images of the man in California did not help Obama at all. It was just striking

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    lol way to go bolling, you were correct.

  • MaxineCA

    CNN fools really outed this guy this a.m. Showed an actual photo of him, etc. Too bad they didn’t do as much investigative reporting into Obama. CNN may have sealed this guy’s fate.


    Then I saw this at Daily Caller this a.m. regarding the awful death threats he’s been getting. (Horrific)


    I thought parole violations were investigated by the designated PO. This guy was NOT supposed to be online or on any social media sites. Perhaps during their checking they not only determined his was on line but noticed all of the death threats (some even from the ME as indicated in the DC link), and the PO contacted the FBI. Who knows what really transpired.

    As a side note: When they picked him up, they were aware of the death threats that is why there were so many deputies surrounding him. They were there for his protection.

    Since this guy’s life is in grave danger, he’s been in hiding, so I doubt we will know the nature of the questioning that night. The only thing we know is that he was questioned by the FBI but we DON’T know if it was because the threats may have been linked to a terrorist group or an attempt to stomp on free speech.

    I’m not going to make an assumption that could be completely wrong, simply based on circumstances without the facts.

    • keyesforpres

      He’s arrested within days of the embassy attacks….it’s shariah. I’m not afraid to say it.

      • MaxineCA

        Keyes, he was NEVER arrested or detained. If anyone is responsible for his fate it is this administration blaming the stupid video and the stupid media, that have led up to the threats on his life as well as his family and neighbors.

        Please give my points some thought.

        • sDee

          The ‘appearance” of an arrest all that matters. The photos of him in surrounded by brown shirts , his face hooded – is exactly the effect the propaganda media was looking for.

          • keyesforpres


        • keyesforpres

          So what if he wasn’t technically arrested? He was brought in for ‘questioning’. BAD enough. This is Obama and his tyrants enforcing the shariah and don’t you believe anything else….the muslim world knows it’s the enforcement of the shariah.

          It is shariah.

  • lilium479

    This proves Bolling Right and Beckel wrong. The four should have slammed him.
    Obama backed an Unconstitutional Act. Blasphemy laws
    are against the 1st Amendment, Freedom of Speech.
    You cannot with good conscience if you are a Christian
    or Jew vote for this “man”.

  • keyesforpres

    Bolling had it right the first time………………

    ………………….Odinga, I mean Obama DOES answer to the koran FIRST…second, and last.

  • Bob “The Simpleton” Beckel the babbling buffoon has no place on Fox News! Even as comic relief he fails! His presence is not just an insult to my intelligence, it’s an insult to every sentient lifeform on Earth… Which of course leaves out all Liberals. But Come ON Fox News? You can’t do better than Bob the Boob?


    I’m glad someone is finally saying it. The truth will set you free.

  • crakpot

    The attack came before a single rioter showed up.
    Heavy weapons, from three sides, in two waves.
    Obama is lying badly.

    An Ambassador is assassinated, but no autopsy? What is it Obama is trying to bury? Is it just the Biden-worthy stupidity of the smoke inhalation claim, or is it that maybe the Lebanese reports of the Ambassador being sodomized, his body desecrated, would turn out to be true?

  • bonaventure

    “The Obama administration … answers to the Koran first, and the Constitution second.”
    — Eric Boilling

    This is a MEMORABLE quote. Thanks, Eric.

    Any future (real) U.S. president should learn it by heart, and run as far away from any temptation to repeat the same mistake.

  • I enjoyed that immensely. Thanks Scoop! 🙂

  • Beckel loves obie like he’s his boyfriend.Good for Eric Boiling.I enjoy watching beckel get owned.Fat slob.

  • cherylmcr

    The slippery slope…before long, we will not be able to say ANYTHING negative about Islam…The 1ST Amendment may go before the 2ND. Is this the United Soviet Republic of America or what.

  • poljunkie

    Rock on Eric.

    I liked it…Kind of like Bully Beatdown.

  • tshtsh

    I heard that they were burning “Obama” too. Not that it will stop his Sally Field moments (“you love me, you really love me”). January 20, 2013, b.o. will walk down the stairs like Gloria Swanson (totally gone) in the Sunset Blvd movie.

  • Landscaper

    Funny clip. Don’t watch the program, but Beckel got “punked” on this one.

  • StandProudNow

    I am saddened and frightened after watching this clip.

    The left somehow keeps believing that as long as you think and believe as their “leaders” do, you are OK.

    Oh, never mind…. I have SO much to say but these 2nd, third, fourth generation americans have FORGOTTEN!!!

    Have Forgotten where they came from and WHY they are here!!!

    CRY ME A RIVER!!!!

  • StrangernFiction

    More please!

  • Nukeman60

    Careful what you say, Eric. You might have to perform CPR real soon. I could see Beckel’s carotid artery throbbing even before I started the video. Watch for his heart (or whatever he uses in place of one) to burst in 3…2…1…….

    • Eric will have a “temporary memory lapse” when that happens and “forget” how to administer CPR… And the world will thank him!

      • Nukeman60

        Heh. I don’t wish death to anybody I don’t have my iron sights on (although Beckel comes pretty close), but I do wish for him to leave ‘The Five’. It would be so much better with someone like Kirsten Powers there.

  • so the muslums get pissed over this 15 minute youtube video…..what happens when the 2 hour spike the football i killed bin laden film comes out?

    • NCHokie02

      Awesome. I wish a reporter would ask O that same question.

  • Always fun to see Beckel get mad. SO easy to do.

    • You enjoy torturing trolls as much as I do, don’t you? 🙂

  • FreeManWalking

    SCOOP, the Headline and lead end left me disappointed after watching.

    I must admit it was my own lack of comprehension, but when I read BOOM, Beckel into a frenzy, and saw his face on the lead in shot, I thought I was going to literally see his head EXPLODE.

    I actually think Eric was correct on both points about 0b0 and his administration. From DAY ONE he demonstrated that he answers first to the Koran first and then to the Constitution and over and over again he has been more concerned about appeasing the Muslims.

    This administration and the MSM PACs have been all about restricting free speech when it doesn’t agree with them.

  • MaxineCA

    Think back over the last week or so. Who FIRST put out the story that the chaos was because of the film? The media and the admin supported it and stuck by that line of BS. In deflecting blame to an easy target, they have put a person, his family and neighbors in harms way.

    Secondly, I don’t recall when the first report came out that he was questioned by the FBI. What? He was questioned by his Federal Probation Officer and released to an undisclosed location, for his safety.

    Federal Probation Officers Interview Man At Center Of Anti-Islamic Movie:

    “The LA County Sheriff’s Department tonight about midnight assisted federal probation officers in a voluntary interview. Nobody is arrested. Nobody is detained. Nobody is in custody,” Whitmore said. Carter Evans, reporting for CBS2 and KCAL9, said Nakoula was taken to the Sheriff’s Department shortly after midnight Saturday for questioning about a possible violation of the terms of his probation after he served time for bank fraud in a federal prison.”

    BTW – Stop with the “Brown Shirt” comments already. Since you don’t see local news reports (just the national media), you wouldn’t have any idea how this guys life was made hell since 9/12. The media surrounded the house, he had received death threats. NO, they were not “Brown Shirts”, they are peace officers, protecting this guy’s life. (If they were Brown Shirts, they would have shown up in SWAT gear!)

    I sure as hell hope if I ever get unjustly accused of creating an international terrorist event, I sure hope those peace officers will be by my side to protect me!

    Does anyone know where the FBI story started? He wasn’t brought in to meet with the FBI. If, and I say if, the FBI got involved, perhaps it was because of the death threats.

    We are all fearful about our 1st amendment rights, and should be. I find it interesting timing with the UN meeting this week and the UN 1618 resolution. We should be focused on THAT, and not some imagined “boogie man” peace officer doing his job protecting a citizen.

    • pdxlady

      Thanks Maxine for your on the scene reporting. I appreciate your view.

    • fb274

      Amazing how MSM could easily track the filmmaker—–makes one wonder why they never got any info on the past life of their ‘messiah’.

  • Eric better watch it with Bob Beckel. Beckel will be having a heart attack one of these days trying to defend this White House occupier Marxist Muslim. Go access on Google the following:


    The above article is found at patdollarddotcom

  • styxman65


    ” The World map was redrawn after WWII, Then again in Europe with the fall of the U.S.S.R. “.

    ” If WE THE PEOPLE refuse to return to the very principles that made this country great in the first place. Then the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA could very well be included in the next great world realignment “.

  • Alborn

    I cannot watch anything that has BB in it. He makes me nauseated and ruins the rest of my day. That is why I no longer watch Hannity and I have never watched The Five. He is just another wasted male sperm. Too bad his mother did not choose abortion.

  • don’t backtrack i believe your right on cue !!!!!!!!!read obama books he said he would stand with the muslims

  • CalCoolidge

    What’s the surprise? His name IS Hussein.

  • Sad day in history. Good thing we still have Christians to talk smack about and disenfranchise and ridicule. Think about this, what other group in the world takes a licking and still keeps ticking.

    You say that homosexuality is wrong you are a homophobe. If you call out evolutionists, you are dumber than the piece of rock that we supposedly came from. If you call out Muslims, you will be shot. If you desire to hand out Bibles on the sidewalk by a government school building, you will have the principle and teachers yelling, “Stranger, Danger” (Yes, this did happen to a few Gideons who were passing out Scriptures). Yet, what did these men do, they passed out the Bibles anyway.

    Politically, social conservatives are ostracized by all. Yet, it is these very people who will be the first to defend the rights of the others. Makes one scratch their head, doesn’t it!

    • NCHokie02

      Don’t have the scripture right in front of me but it’s amazing how often I’m reminded of the passage where Jesus told the disciples, “Remember that when they hate you, it is because they hated me first.” (something like that at least)

  • To all who take the position that any responsibility for the actions of the violent people across the middle east belongs to some two bit filmmaker – congratulations! You’ve just become the person who walks in on an instance of horrific domestic abuse and taken the side of the abuser. Maybe you’re scared or in denial, but that’s what you’ve done.

    I strongly suggest you wake up, get a spine and hold those who actually decided to committ these horrible acts accountable for their actions. At this point in time I would say by making a glass parking lot out of some structure near and dear to them.

    Oh, and any muslims who want to assure me that islam does not condone such behavior? I say prove it!
    By unabrogated quran verses, by hadiths, by the very words of islamic clerics the world over-this is EXACTLY the kind of behavior islam condones. In fact it demands it. If you really abhor such behavior, then repudiate islam and all that it stands for. Convert. If you will not, then I will regard all such statements as being made under taqiyya and as such an act of war against the USA.

    Anyone who thinks that Mr. barack hussein – the prettiest sound on earth is the call to prayer – obama was unaware of the impact of his policies on the islamic world, or that the apologies would be regarded by the islamic world as the surrender of the great satan to dar al islam is in denial. the man has committed high trreason against the USA by so doing and the Congress needs to impeach him immediately.

    Welcome to WW3 and the re-emergence, with the full support of Mr. obama of the islamic caliphate with the musliim brotherhood at the head. Wake up America, this will be a war of subtleties as well as overt violence. We can no longer afford our comfortable state of denial. Wake up or lose the worlds’ last best hope for freedom.

  • kong1967

    “This is the loon that set fire to the muslim world. NO!!! The muslims set fire to the muslim world.” — Greg Gutfeld

    I love that guy.

    As with Bob, libs want everyone to button up and zip their lips in order to not incite a group of inciteful people. The problem, Bob, is you let them win and that’s what they want. Intimidation and fear is how they push Islam on societies. Well, the other obvious problem is the violation of our freedom of speech. Bob, when you appease these people they do more of it because it works….idiot.

  • jdbaird

    “No, the Muslims set fire to the Muslim world!” I love reality.

  • 911Infidel

    “No the Muslims set fire to the Muslim world”. That’s right. They did. If they didn’t have the film to use as a pretext, they’d find something else. If the Muslims didn’t have something else, they just use the words and deeds of their pedophile. genocidal, lunatic Mo (Pieces of burning dung be upon him) to justify their insanity.

  • The movie is a red herring.

  • wodiej

    If every country rioted every time they were offended, the entire world would be on fire 24/7.

    Build a bridge and get over it already. Appeasing this kind of behavior only encourages it.

  • SKL53

    Finally someone in the media speaks the truth!

  • MiketheMarine

    Actions speak louder than words, Pinhead Beckel.

  • I watch The Five every day and Bolling is correct. Just by the way Obama talks about his “Muslim Brotherhood” and all the sickening videos on line that show how he bows to them and discredits US. We are now #7 on the list of the top 10 countries and we can thank Obama for this big downgrade.

  • Eric Bolling is only part right. Obama may answer to the Koran but he has no use for the U. S. Constitution. He has violated it so many times it is beyond counting. Of course, that applies to most or maybe all of his administration. It is not just Holder and his miscreants like Perez, or Sebelius and her complete disregard for U.S. law but Jackson of EPA and the heads of the FCC, and TSA among others. It just goes on and on. November can’t come soon enough.

  • PurpleBoomer

    Why can’t Erik make “outrageous” statements? I mean Bob does it all of the time…..under his breath.

  • drphibes

    More Beckel. He is a bad habit, Scoop. What’s the fascination, anyway?

  • littledon

    Eric Bolling, I am so proud of you saying the truth and I wished more news shows would follow your lead! You should have your own talk show if you wanted it!
    God Bless America!!!!!!!!

  • Eric is on to something. Please view my thoughts on this – and share it. Here’s the blog entry in which I relate Obama’s religious lie. You may find it on my moralmattersdotorg blog or Google the following:


    Obama’s huge religious lie