BOOM! Jason Mattera confronts Democrat Congressman over failed Obamacare promise to keep your insurance

I’m glad to see Jason Mattera working the streets of DC and New York again. In this instance he confronts Democrat Congressman Eliot Engel over Obamacare’s now broken promise that if you like your health insurance you can keep it. This was one of the Congressman who said that Obama’s claim was true, even echoing it himself.

Now, he’s not so sure (h/t: Hotair):

This is really what’s so dang frustrating is that we knew all along Obamacare was a trojan horse and Democrat claims and promises were just lies to shove it down our throats. LIES! The end goal has always been and is now a single payer government health care system so they can redistribute health care as they see fit. Obamacare was created as the health-care wrecking ball to destroy what we currently have and create a crisis by which the government will force everyone on to government health care.

Everyone of these people need to be thrown in jail. Seriously.

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