BOOM! Jay Leno rips Obama over Benghazi-gate

OK this made my morning. While the MSM is tripping over themselves to run away from this Libya story, Jay Leno made it a part of his routine last night saying “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ is back… It’s President Obama’s new policy for questions about Libya.” Ha!

There’s even a bonus joke that Newsbusters included in the clip that you should enjoy.


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  • Army_Pilot1967

    I think it’s unfortunate that America can’t have serious dialogue about Benghazi, instead of having a comedian poking fun at obama because I believe Benghazi was a preventable tragedy. Now obama and his corrupt administration are not forthcoming about what truly happened….that four Americans were left unprotected to fend off a coordinated terrorist attack on their own, with no reaction force being sent to aid and assist them by direction of the president. Had George Bush been the president, mobs of outraged citizens would be marching across America demanding that Bush be punished, that he be impeached, or that he be imprisoned. Yet with obama there’s not a peep from the LSM or hardly anyone else.

    • BlueGood

      Fully agree Army_Pilot 1967… It is NO laughing giggling matter.

      Those men deserve full enquiry and heads should roll.

      Thank God only 6 more sleeps to WHITE HOUSE EVICTION DAY!

      • Patriot077

        Yes, and we can’t let it be said, as Jay Leno joked, that Obama was successful in this betrayal of trust. It is a betrayal of our military’s time honored tradition of duty and honor owed to their fellow soldiers.

        It is also a travesty against the belief the American citizen has always held that our government would move heaven and earth to protect her citizens from threats of a foreign power.

      • VannaVan

        Eviction NOTICE Day! Scary to think of the things he’ll do between Nov. 7 & Jan. 19.

        • Orangeone

          Executive Orders out all orifices.

      • tvlgds

        Unfortunately, the eviction won’t be till Jan 20.

    • You took the words right out of my head Army_Pitot. Well said. Thank you.

    • Say what you may about ‘W’….
      He would not have listened to those cries for help and done nothing !

      • Army_Pilot1967

        You’re spot-on, Chris. W would have had some type of relief force there as quickly as possible. W was decisive and would have responded to the calls for help, whereas obama has to check with Valerie Jarrett, the resident muslim, to see if it’s okay to respond. I can’t for the life of me understand how this country elected a total stranger to be the president. Seemed like a very bad idea four years ago…now we KNOW what a failure obama the stranger has been.

        • Sober_Thinking

          You’re on fire today my friend! 🙂

      • keyesforpres

        He also would have had proper security in the first place.

    • steprock

      Couldn’t agree with you more. What blows my mind is that MSNBC is competing with Comedy Central’s “news” shows for ratings. (FOX dominates both)

      It seems that a lot of Lefties are relying on comedy to get any scrap of news. If not for people joking about this tragedy, MSNBC would make sure they never even knew it happened. Democrats deserve better, but they don’t even know it!

    • Orangeone

      Well said. And Bush had that mother constantly in his face. Why isn’t she outraged over Benghazi?

      • 3seven77

        Only because she can’t use someone else’s dead son for her own purposes and ambitions.

  • I.M.Konservativ

    Oops, looks like Leno will be added to the huge list of #ThingsThatOffendObama ! 🙂

    • Don

      I’m not sure Leno cares what Obama thinks since The One and Letterman have been swapping spit like teenage lovers for four years. Letterman has sold his soul to the narcissist and should be held accountable for his disdain for the American people that represents.

  • I am very upset (if the rumors are true) that General Ham and one of our admirals have been fired over trying to save our people…

    • That appears to be a false rumor. From General Dempsey via the Washington Times:

      “The speculation that General Carter Ham is departing Africa Command (AFRICOM) due to events in Benghazi, Libya on 11 September 2012 is absolutely false. General Ham’s departure is part of routine succession planning that has been on going since July. He continues to serve in AFRICOM with my complete confidence.”

      • Patriot077

        Yes, and General Boykin said as much yesterday on Beck’s tv show. He said Ham is, at this time, in his office in Stuttgart. He was neither relieved of command nor arrested though Boykin said he is sure there was argument over what needed to be done as General Ham is a “warrior”.

        • Orangeone

          Call me skeptical, but I would like to hear it directly from General Ham, under subpoena, with Trey Gowdy doing the inquiry.

          • keyesforpres

            I’m with you Orange.

          • Patriot077

            Oh yes, that would be an examination worth watching!

  • Mike walker

    Jay leno the only real “journalist” at NBC (nothin but commies). The lack of reporting and investigating this travesty only shows how deep in the tank the MSM is for Obozo. The tructh will come out, for whatever is done in darkness will be brought into the light. God said it I belive it! It is time to bring honesty and integrity back to America.
    Romney/Ryan 2012

  • SoLongSong

    My hope from this: Hopefully now that it’s made it into a late night comedy show the MSM can no longer credibly ignore it.

  • Jay Leno: where people who read the New York Times turn to for ” late-breaking ” news !

  • What do fox news, a late night comedian and a homeschool mom have in common? They’re the only ones who are speaking out about Benghazi. The most disgraceful act of a heartless dear leader administration, treason, is being told by everyone but the propaganda press. Sickening.

    • NYGino

      Hi ABC, you forgot the Internet. Sorry, on second thought, you are the Internet!

      • LOL. Sorry. I was still half asleep when I posted that. You’re right, Scoop MY sincerest apologies!!!

        PS- hey Gino, I forgot to tell you, our homeschool co op has 2 courses this year, the one I’m teaching and the other,one of the moms is teaching Italian 😀 Avere un giorno benedetto il mio caro amico!

        • NYGino

          Grazie, tante grazie.

          • Siete benvenuti! Sei dolce Gino.

            • NYGino


            • My automatic language translator has produced some funny (to me anyway) translations from your conversation.

              WorldLingo translations:

              Avere un giorno benedetto il mio caro amico! – To have a day Benedict my beloved friend!

              Grazie, tante grazie. – Thanks, many thanks.

              Siete benvenuti! Sei dolce Gino – You are welcomes! Six Gino cake.

              Reminded me of a favorite Monty Python skit about language translations.


              • Scary ain’t it! Lol!

                • Happy Halloween! There’s a full moon tonight! If the sky is clear, this old wolf will have to go out for a howling! 🙂

                • I’ll be listenin’ for you Wolfie! 😀 I heard a coyotee the other night when I was sitting outside lookin’ at the stars. Gave me a wee bit of a shiver. I’d rather have wolfies than coyotees.

                • Coyotees used to have an OK reputation a long time ago. That was before they began helping the illegal aliens over the border and avoid the immigration police of course. Now even the dogs of the street look down on them.

                • LOL Too true. I don’t mind them really, but I do like wolves better. And big kitties. Heard a panther one night and it was amazing. Seen tracks around, but never saw one yet.

                • NYGino

                  Never saw a Florida panther but have seen bobcats through the years, pretty big cats too.

                • We have those here. Seen a couple. Used to have them back home too. Heard one once, but never saw them there. I’d LOVE to see a panther in the wild. Only ever seen them in a sanctuary 🙁 They’re beautiful. I did a painting of one, and if I could, I’d send you a picture Gino.

                • My wife loves big cats too! She often pines that she can’t have a pet tiger or Panther or Lynx or something like that. I’m scared of those animals. I trust my doggies.

                • I don’t think I could do having one as a pet, although when I visited a sanctuary years ago and got to play with some panther kittens, they were SO CUTE(sharp teeth and claws though!) And I petted a couple of big kitties, but they are still wild. I plan on having my time with them some day in heaven 😀
                  I’m replacing some of my music and photo files on my puter now Wolfie, if you want, give me you e mail, and when I get the photos of my paintings back up, I’ll send you a copy for you and Mrs. Wolfie. 🙂

                • Sounds great! [email protected] works fine. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing them.

                • YAY! I’m still working on the music, but I’ll get the photos on shortly. 🙂 Thanks Wolfie

                • Orangeone

                  No T&T at my house tonight. The neighborhood shall suffer because of the theft of my Romney/Ryan sign. If the kids go and find it, treats galore.

                • I put out my sign by day and in by night after the first one was stolen. The kids never T&T around this area (The houses are kind of far apart and it’s dark). They used to come to our house each year when we lived in California.

                • Orangeone

                  I did that with my Democrat for McCain sign.  Just thought I lived in a respectful neighborhood. Time to gate the city 🙂

              • NYGino


                Diverso da quello, buono lavoro.

                • Diverso da quello, buono lavoro. – Various from that one, bond job.

                  Good thing I’m not depending on it for life/death important translations! 🙂

                • NYGino

                  “Other than that, good job”

              • Orangeone

                ROTFLMAO with that one. But thanks ABinC and NYGino for the Italian lesson! I’m trying to learn French but always love exposure to other beautiful languages.

                • Why are you saying beautiful languages while talking about Italian! 🙂

                  (Runs and hides under desk and hopes NYGino doesn’t know where I live.)

                  Just kidding Gino. 🙂

                • Orangeone

                  Wolfie, I’ll protect you. Remember, I’m a carrying girl!

                • Somehow I don’t think NYGino is going to track me down for that one! 🙂

                  So, you carry eh? Good for you!

                • Orangeone

                  You bet.

                • NYGino

                  Remember Wolfie, revenge is a dish best served cold. Bwahahahahaha!

                • 😀 YIKES!!!

                • Says the Italian to the man with Irish heritage! LOL! :_)

                • NYGino

                  Any Nationality that produced Guinness Stout can’t be bad. You’re forgiven.

                • Parle vous francais? J’ai eu l’habitude de devoir prendre le français dans l’école et l’ai détesté.

                  Once I moved to the states I lived in Texas first and thought I’d better start learning Spanish. Problem was that french and spanish have a lot of the same kinds of spelling but pronunciation is obviously very different, but learning first from a book, I naturally spoke Spanish while pronouncing in French lol.

          • Siete benvenuti! Gino, sei dolce.

            • NYGino

              I hope you’re using your hands, fingers and arms to express proper meanings.

              • But of course! That’s the only real Italiano I know! 😀

                • NYGino

                  Pinching my cheek now between my thumb and forefinger whit a smile on my face and a kissing sound from my mouth.

                • LOl!! That made me smile so big Gino! Here… catch “mwaah”!

                • NYGino

                  Thanks ABC. I detected a slight Jewish accent in that “mwaah”. Very nice.

                • Thatta boy! 😀

  • MFG

    Great video but the MRC’s logo at the end of these videos is effing terrible.

  • SaraPFan

    Great lines. I like Leno.

  • J S

    Does anyone watch Leno or Letterman anymore? I think Conan is a blithering idiot, but it might just be me that thinks he is not funny at all.

    All you have to do is see the interviews of Obama supporters and they have NO CLUE what Benghazigate even is. And they say FOX viewers are the least informed.

    • NYGino

      There is more humor on the Right Scoop every day than all those shows combined.

  • Rshill7

    I’m wondering if after Obama loses in an historic landslide if the MSM will finally cut their losses, as they nauseatingly theorize and hand-wring why Obama lost this election with such huge numbers against him.

    Will the Benghazi situation will finally enter the picture as one of those reasons? Will they finally start prosecuting the lies and exposing the truth regarding what happened, along with the ensuing lie campaign and cover-up.

    Remember, Nixon was crucified for Watergate after he won his second term election. Watergate is like someone cutting in line at the capitol cafeteria compared to Benghazi. Will Obama be crucified after he loses? I certainly hope so, and deservedly so. We are starving for justice on so many fronts.

    • Amjean

      Don’t kid yourself. The media will double down on Romney.

      • Rshill7

        Just asking questions and pining for justice.

    • Psyphurr Lock

      The second most desired thing I want to see post-landslide is MSNBC handing Crissy M. his walking papers. Either they (MSNBC) get their asses back on the side of the super majority of Americans or they ARE done for good. Simple mathematics. No/few viewers = no/few dollars in revenue. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of punks.

    • NYGino

      It’s going to be very interesting to see just how they handle it. Exposing the lies and cover-ups throughout Obama’s administration requires implicating themselves as aiders and abettors also. My guess is the MSM, in an attempt to regain relevancy, will start eliminating the anchors and liberal talking heads as self preservation becomes paramount.

      Even now the MSM is losing viewers and readers at an accelerated pace. Ideology is one thing but the bottom line is another. After all, as much as they don’t like it, they are in the business to make a profit. When the National Enquirer becomes more truthful than the New York Times, that tells you something.

      • Rshill7

        Yep. I heard recently that Gore’s Current TV is up for sale too. Leftwing media rarely succeeds.

        I’m very thankful to Rush for making conservatism fashionable again. He started the ball rolling years ago. That ball is now a huge, unstoppable, boulder.

        Young people are once again rebelling, it’s what they do. What do they have to rebel against? The status quo, politically correct, junk they’ve been force-fed their entire lives.

        I’m thankful for freedom of the airwaves. Freedom of the internet. People saying what they believe…loudly, daily, and with passion.

        People like us. Proudly proclaiming what is and what isn’t. What’s wise and what’s foolish. Separating the wheat from the chaff. Truth farmers 🙂

  • sjmom

    Presenting the truth as humor sometimes works. Thanks Jay for once again bringing up Libya. Looks like the issue is not going away and getting bigger, as well it should.

  • IwjwI

    Ha Jay nailed Obama. And the 8 years to get the job done? Priceless.

  • Leno’s jokes sometimes make me wonder if he isn’t taking a quick peak out of his Conservative closet.

    • Rshill7

      It would be a refreshing alternative to Letterman who has an Obama Colon Condo he spends a lot of time in.

    • p m

      Dennis Miller must be getting through to him. They’re best buds. And Dennis has close up experience of Mitt Romney, opening for him, and is mightily impressed. Go, Dennis!

  • Well, if Libya is finally making it to the late-night comics, can NBC and ABC be far behind? CBS has actually done some reporting on this, to their credit, though not nearly as much as FOX News. It will be interesting if this picks up steam.

  • Psyphurr Lock

    That was the most I’ve seen of a late night comedian rag on Obama… maybe they see the light at the end of the tunnel or more likely are just trying to stage themselves for the new political reality that is about to hit on Nov 7.

  • Amjean

    This is one way to start getting the story out there……millions watch his show.

    …..the best part was the last….and everyone knows he meant 8 years to get
    the economy back on track…and people still vote with their wallets.

  • Haywoodjbl

    I agree with all who said there is nothing funny about this……HOWEVER at least he is “floating” it out there which is more coverage than the MSM has given this very important issue.

    Soon the MSM will understand they are becoming irrelevant as the alternative media grows exponentially. Once the sponsors start running they will be forced into a decision just like the many newspapers that have gone out of business.

    • wodiej

      If it gets people to wake up….whatever it takes.

  • Recently, i had a debate with a fellow coworker. I brought up Benghazi and the shit storm that has happened under Obama’s watch. She had no clue what i was talking about. It is absolutely disgusting that someone who is allowed to vote doesnt even know about what is going on with foreign affairs, a major part of the presidents role. Rather, she wanted to talk about birth control and equal rights, of which neither of those topics the president can control. Liberals on college campuses are a joke.

    • wodiej

      the clueless in this country are by the millions.

  • NYGino

    I could just see millions of folks turning to one another during this monologue asking “What the heck is he referring to?”

  • anneinarkansas

    Makes my day too!

  • colliemum

    Leno was funny – but isn’t it sad that it has come this: that a comedian mentions something which the ‘proper’ journalists/hacks are too frightened to talk about, because it might offend their propaganda masters in the WH.

  • Hey Jay, That “nice guy” let our people die.

    • PapaLouie

      But he saved the lives of Valerie Jarrett’s relatives. How can you say American lives are more important than the lives of jihadists? Obama doesn’t see any distinction except that jihadists deserve affirmitive action to level the playing field. /sarc

  • Conservator1

    Unfortunately, a few jokes at Obama’s expense is mere pennies when compared to NBC/MSNBC’s multi-million positive news coverage coverage of the Obama campaign – heck, they are part of Team Obama like most MSM news outlets.

  • NYGino

    Detail at four A.M.

  • NObama is out and about now – with camera crews in toe – trying to pretend to be all Presidental regarding Hurricane Sandy. But still does nothing a damp rag wouldn’t do. But still the MSM worshipers are all about him. NObama left those good men to die. Nothing can or ever will change that. When it does not benefit his political agenda, he doesn’t give a damn about any Americans or anyone else for that matter. We’ve even seen him throwing people under the bus the moment he thought they could not longer advance his political agenda!

  • bobemakk

    I always thought Leno was an Obama fan. By this video sounds like he is not. Who knows?

    • Orangeone

      He is. Barky was just on his show and Jay lobbed winning lines for Barky to get audience applause.

  • wodiej

    lol, that was funny.

  • Orangeone

    Yet Leno had Barky Boy on the other day and asked no serious questions about #Libya or #Beghanzi.

    • mjs_28s

      He’s a comedian not a news reporter.

      If he grilled someone face to face on a sensitive issue it would be harder to book the guests that you want because they would fear the same treatment. However, when it comes to slams when you are not there, that is what those show do in their opening act.

      Besides, would you want to watch another Jon Stewart show? Let Jon try to be funny and serious at the same time.

  • vinny

    haha…good job Jay….

  • Shame on Jay Leno!

  • 3EYE

    Obama stands tall with storms. This weak ass, yellow back coward wouldn’t help or denied assistance to our people in Libya. Well, Mr. President from this point on, you have been the biggest threat to America. You don’t even deserve to be running another term. What needs to be done is put your ass and others involved, and send you to Gitmo for life sentence. With your acts, you gave up your right to be president How dare you call yourself commander and chief. You have disgraced this country, and our men and women who serve our country everyday, overseas. to make America safe. You have no honor, except for yourself.