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  • conservative58

    Sounds like a good idea!

  • Mark Smith

    No, he’s done two interviews saying he will not.

    But he will. He should have saved himself the Weiner act. (I’ll ask for mercy in Jesus’ name and they will love me again. What’s that? I’m still the most despised man in the Republican party after my two marvelous interviews?)

  • i think he WILL drop out even though he’s saying right now that he’s not. he just wants a few last minutes of fame…

  • Seeing is believing.

  • CacheLaPoudre

    Door. Ass. Bang.

  • richarddonna

    He should resign…but Biden has said dozens of stupid and racist(“chains”)statements and no one asks him to resign. Does everyone just accept that BIDEN has a 10 IQ …so no one cares?

  • conservocop

    I hope so for the sake of securing the senate this fall. Sarah had this guy pegged.

  • WordsFailMe

    Stakes are too high for him to stay. Repub’s will cut him dead, now and forever.

    Even if he quits it’s still a toss up and the Dems smell blood in the water

  • Republicans are cowards… I m not defending this moron but GOP candidates run away (have to) when their dem counterparts can say anything and be expected to stay around.

  • Jay

    If he was a Demoncrat he would have gotten away with it because all the Republicans took it out of context and blah, blah, blah…

    • WordsFailMe

      If he’s a Democrat, even an ex-President he can have 4 women accuse him of rape and still be a hero.

      That’s because Democrat women are all … and they know it.

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