Bret Baier: Romney told me my questions were “uncalled for”

Bret Baier said tonight that Romney told him after their interview yesterday that he didn’t like the interview, that it was “overly aggressive” and said it was “uncalled for”.

Talk about thin skinned:

As I’ve said before, anybody but Romney, Paul, and Huntsman.

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  • “… anybody but…”

    This Bret Bair video post is about Romney, but the “… anybody but Romney, Paul and Huntsman” list may eventually include Gingrich… if Ron Paul’s anti-Gingrich video is not answered by Gingrich.

    Newt Gingrich: Serial Hypocrisy – 2min. 28sec.
    >> by Ron Paul –

    There are 250 comments at


    • Anonymous

      No way would I vote for Ron Paul, but that is a pretty good ad. Sums up some of the major problems with Newt.

      • Dittos – “No way … Sums up…”


        PS. The only reason I added the Race42010 link is that various contributors promote their candidates in a civil and coherent manner.

        It’s in the comments that things tend to get, uh, interesting.

        And, with a pro-Paul video, there are a whole lotta pro-Paul comments in one place.


    • Gingrich is really a worry for me, and that ad really points out why. — But ever since he started surging, I’ve been longing to see Huntsman get his time…,yeah, I’m desperate to prefer Huntsman to Newt.

      I’m still hanging in for Romney only because I still am convinced he is the only guy who can beat Obama. Newt—-Obama would mop the floor with him. All Barry would need to do is use the Ron Paul ad and edit Paul’s name out and put his own.

      • “… a worry …”

        Newton Gingrich at 34 seconds –
        “I don’t think right wing social engineering is anymore desirable than left wing social engineering.”

        Paul Ryan at 38 seconds –
        – “With allies like that, who needs the left?”

        Rush Limbaugh at 41 seconds –
        – “It cuts Paul Ryan off at the knees.
        – “It supports the Obama administration.
        – “There is no explanation for it.”

        And, the debate continues.


        • KenInMontana

          I was surfing around the political sites a few days back, when I came across an article (still trying to re-find it for a link, I gotta reset my browsing history settings), it was quite interesting, but the gist of it was the observation on polling. The candidates that refrained from direct attacks on their fellow GOP candidates were consistently polling higher than their rivals that went negative on their fellow candidates. One case in point was Bachmann, her numbers tanked right after she attacked Perry over the “vaccine mandate”, it went on to show just where a candidate’s numbers started heading south in the polls, every time it was following an attack on a fellow GOP candidate, those that stayed with going after Obama consistently stayed on top.

          I have found that the attacks by the over zealous supporters of any particular candidate on the threads here, have the same effect. Just thought that was kind of interesting.

          • “… over zealous supporters…”

            I was thinking of something similar, KenInMontana, when I posted the above Paul anti-Gingrich video.

            I was thinking that the Paul supporters would get more positive traction if they did not attack non-Paul supporters and simply stated their case, as I did for them with the video link and a link to a comment page that favors their candidate.

            I’m still not seriously considering Paul, however, as long as he retains his “we-gotta-consider-the-Arab-point-of-view-contra-Israel” position.

            Of course, the words in quotes are not his, they are mine, simply to articulate in a friendly way a rhetorical point of disagreement.


        • Anonymous

          “I don’t think right wing social engineering is anymore desirable than left wing social engineering.”

          Newt clarified that one and other issues quite well tonight in his interview with Hannity.

          • jeremiahblack

            Yeah, that’s what Newt does. Convincingly and smoothly run his mouth. Like Obama. But his actual record? The absolute worst of all the candidates. Maybe Gingrich could “clarify” his being the only speaker in US history slapped with numerous ethical violations and a 300,000 fine. Or clarify his cheating on all his wives and dumping them. Please. Newt is trash. I know everyone here hates Ron Paul, but I’m gonna vote for Ron Paul for one simple reason- he’s the only small government conservative running who’s avoided tax raises, lobbyists, government heath care programs, bailouts, TARP, and expanding government. Everyone else has nothing but a big government record no matter they’re saying now.

            • Oh please don’t compare Newt with President Obama The man is nothing more then a cheap, fat serial adulterer What the hell are you people thinking? My God it’s so time to wake up an smell the stench of these republicans!

              • As related to Lily StCyr? And you think the GOP stinks? OH, I forgot, you must be from Saaan faraaan cisco. Take flowers there, because it really stinks in hippie land.

              • jeremiahblack

                Yeah, I did compare Obama with Newt. Because they’re both completely bought and paid for narcissistic con-men who are good at smooth, polished lying. Both of their records show nothing but dismal failures and corruption, but both have people who hang on their every word because they’d rather follow the pretty speeches instead of the results.

      • >>Newt—-Obama would mop the floor with him. All Barry would need to do is use the Ron Paul ad and edit Paul’s name out and put his own.<<

        Elections don't occur in a vacuum. I'm pretty sure there's plenty of material out there to use for ads against Obama too. It's not like our candidate is going to sit around and do nothing. They actually get to participate in the process too.

        • Well at least this guy is on the right track We are smacking our lips to get at Newt!
          Yes Obama would mop the floor with him an face it Pretty much all the rest of them!

      • hahahahahahahaha! Not a chance!

    • Gingrich answered the issues in the video before the Ron Paul negative video came out. The opposition to Ron Paul is just as strong, if not stronger, than the No Mitt campaign. I don’t especially want either one. Perry, Bachmann, and Santorum don’t really seem up to the task. Huntsman? Don’t make me laugh…

      Gingrich is about all that is left, unless Palin gets in the race.

      • “… unless Palin …”

        Perry seems to be fadin’, maybe not, we’ll see, so, I’m wonderin’ if Palin will endorse Bachmann or Gingrich or Santorum.

        Yes, Bachmann, and even Sen. Rick Santorum.

        Both Bachmann and Santorum would be kindred spirits of Palin’s in faith, family, freedom core values.

        It seems, however, that Palin’s endorsement of Santorum would be a “servant’s heart” affirmation of a kindred soul with faith, family, freedom core convictions AND political wisdom acquired from Representative and Senate experience.

        Who knows whom Mrs. Palin will endorse… until she does… and if she does not get in the race.


        • jeremiahblack

          Santorum? Let’s see.. he supported the bailouts, TARP, medicare plan D, backed liberal arlen spector over a tea party candidate. He supported Bush’s doubling the size of government, but now pretends to be upset that Obama’s tripled it? Another big government, tax spending warrior who tries to convince everybody he’s a conservative by bringing up his faith every 5 seconds as a smokescreen. Don’t fall for it.

      • Ron Paul need to take his old disgusting ass somewhere an retire now like he planned after he loses another election!
        Oh an take his disgusting racist inexperienced son with him!

        • He needs to go to Go to San Franciso and see Lily StCyr. Reda, is it still an open city, all drugs, all Democrats, and all dirty? Meanwhile, back here, in reality, even the mayor of SF will beat Ob in a fair election. Do you remember those? Where they count all the votes? Nah! Peace.

    • Anonymous

      OUCH !!! That is one of the best ads I have ever seen. It hits home….big time. Over time people tend to forget, but this brings it all back with a sledge hammer.

  • Anonymous

    Why doesn’t billo realize the fact that he is a Rino. He thinks he isn’t but yes he is. He is one of the sickest on conservative values that I have seen. People,beware of the enemy within.

    • Anonymous

      Yep, that about says it. 🙂

    • Wither Bill Kristol?

      Oh, and remember when Bill O’ proclaimed Romney as the inevitable nominee on The Factor? Those were the days… 😛

  • Steven

    Romney thinks he’s entitled to the nomination. After all, it’s his turn, he’s the next in line!

    We need to blow that up. I don’t know of a bigger slap in the face to the Tea Party Movement and to conservatives than the GOP forcing Mitt Romney down our throats to represent us against Obama. The architect of Obamacare being our nominee? Not with my vote! Anybody but Romney (with the exceptions Scoop mentioned) first, then Anybody but Obama!

    • Anonymous

      The architect of Obamacare was technically Newt Gingrich. Newt Gingrich and the heritage foundation are the ones that created this concept in the early 90’s. Gingrich is on record in 2010 in an interview still supporting some type of National Healthcare mandate. As a matter of fact this is where Romney got the idea when the 87% controlled MA legislature insisted on universal Healthcare for the state.If Romney is a RINO then Newt is a flaming liberal.

      • It is one thing to have an idea and write it up, but quite another to go about implementing it. Gingrich thought up the notion as a response to Hillary Care in another time and place, and the proposal was offered as part of a debate. It was offered as something so repugnant that no one would ever implement it. This is very different from how Romney and then Obama proceeded. The latter two proceeded as if it were a Republican recommendation. That would be like launching rockets full of Yogurt to the Moon ten years from now because Congressman Ryan used it in a debate in 2010 as a response to budget reconciliation. You need to consider the historical context in which the idea was offered, and the motivation for offering it.

        Just as Congressman Ryan would never dream of actually sending yogurt to the moon, neither did, at that time, Gingrich think to actually pass a health insurance mandate. To actually implement it was simply absurd. Yet that is what Romney and Obama did.

  • You have got to be kidding me. There is no way Bret’s questions were uncalled for or unfair. Mitt is done – or at least should be. If Mitt can’t handle Bret – how the hell does he think he’s going to handle a hostel MSM and billion dollar DNC attack machine? Go away Mitt.

    • Anonymous

      Ding! Ding! Ding! Thread Winner!!

      Do we really think Mitt “please don’t mess my hair” Romney will fight for us?

      • Anonymous

        I think Mitt will go Charlie Crist on conservative Tea Partiers who refused to support him.

  • puma_for_life

    Love Brett Baier’s tie.

    • Anonymous

      Everybody’s crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man….

      Brett Baier is a cutie. But even better – he seems to be smart.

  • Let’s face it.. If Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich fans saw their guy getting the same treatment, they would have the same complaint against the person giving the interview. –That’s a fact.

    • Anonymous

      Nope. Newt would fight back. And win.

    • Anonymous

      Not quite, Herman Cain is a lyin tamer and Newt defends himself well unlike Mittens.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t think of anyone as repugnant as Bill O’Reilly. He can’t interview people from his own network — people who are far more literate, intelligent and accomplished – without trying to run over them and tell them how they should run their shows.

    • Joe

      He is a legend in his own mind

      BUT has great ratings

    • Anonymous

      He’s on my disgusted by list every since he made those comments about that young boy that had been kidnapped and raped. I will never watch him again.

  • Romney is not helping himself. Gingrich is closing in on him fast. He now leads in Florida as well. In spite of all of his baggage Newt could go all the way.


    Romeny 50%
    Gingrich 35% (up almost 7 points since YESTERDAY)
    Cain 1.1%

    The Palin edorsment of Newt could be the game changer.

    • Lol Cain 1.1%

      I agree, if Palin does endorse a candidate that’s gonna be huge for them

      • I see Palin having a special relation to Newt as he was her mentor when she first went to Fox. Newt helped launch her new career.

        • Joe

          That should not be the reason for an endorsement

          If it is – then it is worth nothing

          I know she’ll do the right thing – with an explanation

          I wonder what she is thinking now?

          • I agree, but she endorsed McCain in his reelection because she felt she owed him. McCain is no conservative.

        • Anonymous

          If Palin endorses Newt then that tells me she is no tea party person and no conservative. Palin should be endorsing Bachman.

          • Palin has had a mixed record on endorsements. It wouldn’t surprise me to see her edorse Newt.

            What would really shock me is an endorsement of Romney.

            • Anonymous

              All of you morons wanted Gov. Palin not to run (you know who you are? the 78 percenters GOP). Now she should endorse your candidate? She should endorse Bachmann? She is not fit to shine her shoes. She should endorse Gingrich? She should endorse Romney? Not in 100 lifetimes.

              You have all laid your bed, time to f***ing lie in it. You could have had the most serious minded reform candidate of our times, a person of convictions, record of change and bi-partisan accomplishments, cleaning waste and corruption. But you all bought into the lamestream media memes. Now you want her endorsement? No a chance in HELL!

        • Anonymous

          God Alive! Please pray tell how did Newt help launch her career? I remember you even from the HA comment sections, always having a pop at Gov. Palin, not good enough to run, cannot win, unelectable. But now she’ll be a game-changer?

    • S.E. Cupp – Palin endorsement…

      S.E. Cupp writes on the New York Daily News that Palin should endorse Romney.

      “Mitt, call Sarah: Palin endorsement is just what tepid Romney campaign needs”

      “He may be a front-runner, but he needs help with the Tea Party crowd”
      >> S.E. Cupp –

      I’m startin’ to wonder from which field Sarah Elizabeth Cupp is coming?

      She’s showing a lot of left thigh in this picture.-
      >> FreeRepublic –


      • Romeny desperately needs the Palin endorsment. I just can’t see her doing it. If she does then we might as well cancel the rest of the primaries because Romney will be the nominee.

        • “If…”


          … that would be “The End”… light focused on center stage…. fade to black.


        • Anonymous

          I seriously doubt that but it would be the end of Sarah Palin being taken seriously by Tea Partiers.

      • I wonder what the Intrade odds would be for Palin endorsing Romney in the Primary, maybe less than Cain getting the nomination lol

        • “… maybe …”

          Would they even be identifiable on radar?

          Since we’re wonderin’…

          … Perry seems to be fadin’, maybe not, we’ll see, so, I’m wonderin’ if Palin will endorse Bachmann or Gingrich or Santorum.

          Yes, even Sen. Rick Santorum, which would be simply a “servant’s heart” affirmation of a kindred soul with faith, family, freedom core convictions…

          … if Mitt “the establishment choice” Romney seems to be a sure thing to win the Republican primary wreath.


      • The Tea Party crowd does not like Mitt Romney at all. He is part of the permanent political class. Romney was raised in a Governor’s mansion and then went on to become a governor. His father ran against Reagan, and now he runs against Reagan’s architect. His justification for running is to redeem his father’s honor. Really? That is not a servant’s heart, that is the answer you would expect from the Lord and Master of Manor in the days of serfdom from a permanent political class.

        I would be very disappointed if Palin endorsed Romney. She would loose the remains of her base.

        • Anonymous

          Gov. Palin IS NOT endorsing anybody! Get it through your thick heads!

    • Anonymous

      All true. Romney is a spoiled punk, who grew up rich on his dad’s money, he dodged the draft for a goofy religious retreat, and he’s extremely arrogant.

      No Mittens, we don’t like you and won’t vote for you. I mean when people say en mass they’d rather stay home than vote for you and you’ve had this long to sell yourself- you suck.

      ANYBODY but Romney. Any ideas on Newt’s VP? I’m a Perry guy, but I will gladly support Newt, so perhaps he’d pick Perry. That would certainly be a hell of a lot of experience between the two of them.

      • I still have hope that Perry will get his act together. Sherrif Joe Arpaio endorsed Perry the other day. How bad can his immigraton policy be if Sherrif Joe gives him his endorsment? Here’s another twist. I think there’s an outside chance Palin could endorse Perry since she has campaigned for him in the past and they share the “governor’s” point of view on things.

        If Newt were smart he’d grab somebody like Rubio. It would bring in some of the Hispanic vote and add much needed youth to the ticket.

        I’m afraid this will be another “hold your nose and vote” election. Whoever our guy is, he will be better than the Marxist regime we have now.

      • Anonymous

        So you call yourself a Republican and you don’t like rich successful people. Romney’s dad started with nothing and worked his way up. Romney went to an Ivy League College and graduated near the top of his class with a Law degree and an MBA. Romney used his brains in the private sector for 25 yeears restructuring companies and earned 100s of millions of dollars, unlike Gingrich who earned his millions as a career politician and parasite and Washington insider selling access to the highest bidder. Romney was paid $1/yr as governor and was not paid for his work as the Olympic CEO, who was brought in to turn around the event.

        Gingrich lacks discipline and has no moral compass and was the only speaker in 208 years to get slapped with ethics violations and the highest fine,$300,000. Gingrich craves money,power and status. All one needs to do, is to see how he treated all of his ex-wives and mistresses to see that he can not be trusted-period.

    • Anonymous

      I wonder when the media will report on all of Newts baggage? The media is assuming everyone knows about all of Newtys dirty deeds and they don’t.

      • Don’t worry. The garbage is being dumped big time. I have read some scathing rants from conservative pundits who see Newt as an ego maniac, flimflam man whose only loyalty is to Newt Gingrich. I agree. The advantage for Newt is that it’s all old news and people have moved passed it. Newt is also a fighter with a 10th degree black belt in debating so he can fend off any attacks that come his way. As long as he gives great debate performances he will beat Romney.

        Plus Newt and Rush Limbaugh are old friends so you can expect Limbaugh to support him any way he can.

        • Anonymous

          Worst thing to ever happen to GOP fiscal responsibility was chasing Gingrich out and putting a corrupt Illinois porkulus pol named Denny Haskert in his place which then lead to Nancy Pelosi taking over in Jan 2007 and a doubling of our debt in the decade Newt was absent from his Speakership.

  • Romney complaining makes him look weak… Romney just wait till “IF” you are the nominee and you gotta do interviews against Obama on NBC, ABC, CBS… you’re gonna get creamed! Foxnews doesn’t owe you a damn thing…

    • Anonymous

      In the right light, Romney looks a little like Eric Holder when he scowls. Looks like neither of them expect to be questioned.

    • Anonymous

      Romney is a lightwieght and not only that interview proved that but his crying when Santorum and Perry ganged up on him.

      Anderson please make them stop.

      I believe gridlock would be more conservative by default than a ROmney lead GOP in Wall St’s pocket.

  • Romney is a RINO… This is why no one likes him much

    • The way the Republican party is now, we could actually accuse anyone of being a RINO. Reagan, if he were alive and politically active today, would be called a RINO.

      • *cough* BULLCRAP *cough*

        • Yeah, I know. The truth hurts.

          • TRS just told you the truth, bullcrapper. Buy a clue.

            • And I corrected his bullcrap. I stand by what I say: It’s easy to call any Republican a “RINO.”

    • Anonymous

      If ROmney is a RINO then Newt is a flaming liberal.

      • Anonymous

        Not true! Is it just coincidence the debt has doubled in the absence of Gingrich as speaker? I think not.

  • Anonymous

    Those whiny complaints only work with Obama. You’d think he’d realized that by now.

  • Anonymous

    Ha, ha, ha!!!! Bill O trying to tell Bret Baier how to interview – and using his interview with Obama as an example. Oh dear.
    Bill did say one true thing : he IS older than Baier. Possibly one can be too old to know you are embarrassing yourself???

  • I thought Brett Baier did a great interview with Romney. BTW, 2 weeks ago in an exchange with a Romney supporter, I said he didn’t have a sense of humor. It was interesting to hear Bill O’Reilly make the same comment.

    I wonder if the reason Romney’s handlers keep under such tight raps is that he has a temper. He came off in the interview with Brett Baier as petulant, the like kind of guy who would throw a fit if his shirt wasn’t ironed properly. I wonder why we never see his wife? You’d think after 43 years, and the children grown, she would enjoy traveling with him and standing behind him on stage. Hum….

    • He has no sense of humor. Kind of hard for plastic ken dolls to have humor. If people were left to mittens for their only choice, they could always write in the bad lip reading mittens 😉

    • Anonymous

      Romeny came off as a petulant spoiled rotten child used to getting his way and not unlike Obama in that respect.

    • Anonymous

      “I wonder if the reason Romney’s handlers keep under such tight raps is that he has a temper.

      Go back the the actual interview that Bret Baier did and watch Romney’s eyes.

      At times you can see in his eyes that Romney is seething, he is absolutely furious. His smile is frozen, but his eyes give him away.

      Yes, I think the guy has a temper. He is used to getting his way and he doesn’t understand why he can’t just walk into the nomination. This isn’t going according to plan and it’s throwing Romney off his game. That’s why he isn’t doing interviews. He’s already lost and he knows it.

  • joe

    Ok its really spooking me out with these Alan Grayson ads to the right of me . is this just google ??????

    • KenInMontana

      yes it’s just the ad server. (it is still kinda creepy though)

    • Anonymous

      Those ads have been following me around the internet for 2 weeks…I click them every time, hoping it costs him money

    • Anonymous

      firefox/chrome with adblock plus. never see them.

  • What a spineless campfire girl. That interview would’ve been a complete softball, had it not been for HIS OWN SUPPORT FOR BAD LEGISLATION. His support for socialism in health care, even if just on a state level shows he has no fundamental understanding of the Free Market, or even FREEDOM, for that matter. The state’s own treasurer says that stupid health care plan is a nuclear disaster,

    and yet Romney WILL NOT admit it was a terrible, stupid thing to do.

    Little Lord Fauntleroy’s bad on Free Market solutions, bad on immigration, bad on law enforcement, bad on foreign policy, etc. Even if this had been a “gotcha” interview, that’s tough sh*t. That’s how some interviews will go, and if he’s not smart enough to know how to handle this, this should be telling him that he’s not smart or tough enough to handle being president. Furthermore, the guy should’ve asked him about the passage that was EDITED OUT of his book, around campaign time.

    He’s not just a flip-flopper, he’s a liar. A weak, lilly-livered, limp-wristed, spineless, chinless, boneless, nutless, gutless, useless liar, at that.

    • Anonymous

      Not to be nit picky or anything, but I think you forgot self-righteous.

    • Anonymous

      I love your comment. I just couldn’t quite put my finger on what was bothering me about Romney (other than his bad legislation and flip flopping positions) until you nailed it with ‘spineless campfire girl’. I certainly don’t want a spineless campfre girl as our nominee!! You are SO RIGHT.

    • Professor Why

      Aw, c’mon now… don’t hold back… How do you really feel about Mittens? 😉

      *ducks while laughing*

    • Anonymous

      Please don’t insult the Campfire Girls.

  • Anonymous

    Romney unlike Newt is not a career politician. Romney earned his 100s of millions in the private sector. I am beginning to think that the people slamming Romney for his wealth and success on this site are nothing but Democrats. I can’t imagine a Republican criticizing someone because they were successful and wealthy.

    • Anonymous

      What exactly does that have to with Mittens whining about his interview?

      • Hi Toon! 🙂

        • Anonymous

          Hi Duck 🙂 You’ve been on roll with some great comments.

          • LOL- I let my bill keep flappin long enough to give anyone else a go, but thanks 🙂

            • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      I criticize him because hes never held a position he hasn’t swapped on. some things, climate for example, I can accept as the science is coming out.
      other stuff hes swapped on I can’t take as it shows hes had to change his entire philosophy many times, usually dependent on election seasons.
      and hes proud of romneycare. that alone is enough as every taxpayer has been underwriting that, not just MASS people.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve been a frequent visitor to this fine site for some time now, and I cannot recall a single instance of anyone slamming him for his wealth and/or success.

      In fact, I can’t recall anyone in the entire Republican side of things saying anything negative about Romney’s wealth or success.

      That could possibly account for your confusion.

    • Anonymous

      Just curious, when Romney cuts government jobs and sends them to China will he take pictures with his cronies and him throwing money around? LOL!

    • KenInMontana

      A failed run at Ted Kennedy’s seat in 94
      A stint as Governor
      A failed run at the GOP nomination
      Now a second run…
      If he’s not a career politician, he sure is trying hard to be.

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  • Anonymous

    So what is Newt Gringrich. The man who created the concept of the national healthcare mandate through the 90s and through 2010. Gingrich voted for amnesty in 86 and voted against e-verify in the late 90’s. Gingrich ripped Paul Ryan’s budget Plan and Gingrich voted for the creation of the Department of Education under Carter. Gingrich was for green solutions and cap and trade and now supposedly Gingrich is against it. Gingrich is the King of the Flip Floppers and Brett baeir certainly doesn’t hold his feet to the fire or play gotcha questions. Talk about double standard.

    • Anonymous

      I feel like it’s all Karl Rove and establishment RINOs now.

    • KenInMontana

      Romney has had his share of flip flops, during his 94 senate campaign he supported abortion rights,gay rights and approved of stem cell research while running as a Republican. He rather conveniently shifted positions on these issues just prior to announcing his intention to run for President, in 2006 he was an absentee Governor because he was out of state for a total of 200 days while he traveled about pandering for support from the GOP power brokers. Frankly, I am more than just a little disappointed by the entire field of candidates but I would sooner vote for Santorum than Romney ( and that’s saying a lot because I don’t particularly like Santorum).

  • Choooo! Chooooo! (hint)

    • Linky1

      The Cain train?

  • Did Cain get peeved at having to answer yet the same questions? This is stupid and mittens is a wuss. He’s got a big government style granny state healthcare system, he’s flip flopped as much as ketchup boy kerry, and his immigration answer STUNK.
    Grow up mittens, or just take your ball and go home.

    • Linky1

      Dear Mittens should talk to Herman Cain or Sarah Palin about what real heat is like before he gets his back up like he did here.

      • No kidding! Btw, wrong thread, but read your reply about the donuts earlier and it cracked me up! 😉

        • Anonymous

          Wrong thread?

          • We were talking about Canadian donuts on an earlier story Scoop had on. 😀 Us Canadians LOVE donuts eh!

            • Anonymous

              I know, that was the funniest thread I’ve ever read here.

              • LOL! yes, Canadians are wacky. Must be the heritage- all monty python and benny hill? 😉 Oh, and if you want to watch a hilarious Canadian show- check this out. If you like it, go look for some of his other shows. My husband who is a southern boy from way back LOVES this guy! 😀

                • Linky1

                  Red Green just breaks me up. Classic Canadian humor, eh??

                • Anonymous

                  Actually, I think I like it better knowing that it’s Canadian, rather than southern. It always bothered me that they didn’t have southern accents :-O

                • Linky1

                  How to speak Canadian, eh?

                  This should be the Canadian pledge of allegiance, eh?

                  No doot aboot it….. that’s Canadian for “No Doubt about it” 🙂

                • Anonymous

                  No sheet. A little Mexican lingo. 🙂
                  Canadians with attitude. This is great.

                • Linky1

                  I’m nowhere near as thin-skinned as Mittens is. While I love my country, I can still laugh at our quirks and foibles……And yeah, I have an attitude-some call it being politically incorrect; I call it feisty.

                • Anonymous

                  Funny video, I’ve watched the show. Although I didn’t know it was Canadian. Who’da thunk? I’ve been a big fan of Monty Python since the 70’s. If you watched those you have seen Dave Allen at large, he had the greatest dry humor.

                • Yes, I remember Dave! I love dry humor, got it from my dad 😀

                • Anonymous

                  You made me think of Dave so I called it up on youtube. My dry humor is from my mom.

                • ROFL, I just watched some of them and I better stop before my laughing wakes everyone! Adam and Eve, she walks up to Adam “Guess whooo?’ Adam stops eating the apple, “Don’t be so bloody stupid!” LOL! I’m dyin’ over here!! 😉

                • Anonymous

                  I’ve been wondering. What does ROFL mean? Im out of the loop I think.

                • Anonymous

                  Rolling on the floor laughing.

                • Anonymous

                  lanahi, I remember you from conservatives4palin. Don’t see you much around here. Welcome.

                • Anonymous

                  My favorite is the Polish firing squad where the shooters encircle the doomed man,when they holler “FIRE” the man squats and the shooters shoot each other and he runs away. 🙂

                • Linky1

                  FYI: Dave Allen is Irish, Benny Hill (never cared for him) is British as in the cast members of Monty Python.

                • Anonymous

                  He used to sign off his show with “may your god go with you” because of the fighting between religions in Ireland.
                  I always preferred Dave to Benny, I don’t know why any more, maybe less sophomoric.:-)

                • sophmoric! I think that’s why I liked him 😉 But I liked monty python better. The Argument clinic is classic.

                • Anonymous


          • Linky1

            Check out the one about the crybaby protesters from Toronto losing their library. I saw that and just about lost it laughing.

            • Anonymous

              The comments are more hilarious than the video. I never laughed so hard.

  • Anonymous

    This isn’t the first time he’s done this. The following link includes a video of Romney blowing up at an Iowa radio host after an interview. He later asserted that he was on hidden camera.

    • Anonymous

      Gee, that might have been important in 2008. Obama might not have won the election, whew, good thing he’s got the media as cheerleaders.

  • Anonymous

    I still don’t get you RIGHTSCOOP. What is wrong with Ron Paul?! As if no other candidate has issues you disagree with! If we going nominate a corrupt crony or flipping MIT than why the hell not Ron Paul?! You agree with 90% of the issues and he is someone we don’t have to worry about trying to be a good liberal. AGAIN WHY NOT RON PAUL?!

  • Anonymous

    Don’t ya just looove the way Billy O’R gives unasked for and unnecessary “advice” to an anchor who is a FAR BETTER interviewer than he is?

    I think Billy should take a lesson from Bret Baier and *shut up* after he asks a question and let the guest answer. But then Billy is in love with the sound of his own voice, so that will never happen. So I will tell him…


  • Anonymous

    Bill is such a smug ****

  • Mike Lee

    Uncalled for? Yeah, because it’s so unusual for any member of the media to actually do their freakin’ jobs. one giant club, eh boys? Well done, Bret Baier. For once, GOP voters, please nominate someone who is a bonafide right-wing, conservative. Romney? Gingrich? I can’t believe what I am seeing! The establishment Republicans are as dangerous and bad as the Democrats. Isn’t it interesting that the media, the Dems, and Rove et al want Romney? They hate Palin. They hate true conservatives. They laugh at Paul (even though he has many good domestic ideas). Nominate Cain, Perry, Santorum, Bachmann, or Paul. Anyone but these two elitist insiders. Please!

    • Anonymous

      Prima donna?

  • mike morrison

    I just can’t support Romney. He feels and acts priviledged and gets his feathers ruffled if he’s challenged on anything. He’s flip flopped on several key conservative issues and I just don’t believe he really has conservative principles behind his stated opinions–just political expediancy.

  • Anonymous

    IT was uncharacteristic of Baier, as I said yesterday, BUT Romney needs this to toughen up. Newt will gut him if he doesn’t. I hope it is a long battle (that Newt ulimately wins), but the battle must be prolonged at least until Super Tuesday to test our candidates and prep them for the general election. P.S. This weakness by Romney is concerning because this is nothing in comparison to what he is going to get from the MSM.

  • Linky1

    Mittens needs less hair gel and more substance.

  • Why can’t people talk about the damn video and topic? Always the Ronulans have to invade space to saturate any topic with Ron Paul adoration and worship. Bunch of damn nutjobs.

  • Hey Mitt, if you can’t handle the heat, stay out of the kitchen!!!

  • Anonymous

    B.O.2 cannot go five minutes without making it all about him and (giving me an instant headache–all about me). The Establishment and Dems (via open primary states) are going to vote for Romney. Dems do not mind Romney but why vote for him if you can have the real but brain dead thing, Obama. Establishments never support conservative candidates why should we support their “cannot win” candidates. We must vote for conservatives only! I think we should especially concentrate for the next three voting cycle to get as many conservatives in the House and Senate so Sarah has members in which to work in 2016.

  • Anonymous

    Romney should expect questions about flip-flops and why he passed some very liberal bills in his state. What does he want? Softballs? That’s how Obama got in office.

  • Anonymous

    Finally!!!! Tha media going after this pretty boy!!!! I like to see his approval ratings stand up after having 6 women accuse him sexual misconduct or the media dig through 20,000 emails. Pretty boy is loses it with 1 interview! Hmmmm I wonder if maybe he was upset because of the millions he spent on the media and was expecting another rainbow and butterfly interview?!

    The really sad part is that Newt is the conservative alternative and he is more corrupt the this Pretty boy!!!!!

    Again if we are told we have to pick the most electable democratic scumbag than WHY NOT A TRUE LOYAL CONSERVATIVE?!!!!! If every candidate has issues we disagree with and we going to give up the nomination to these two clowns that have many issues we disagree with. THAN WHY NOT GIVE A LOOK TO RON PAUL

  • Anonymous

    If Romney can’t take hard questions from Brett I don’t know how he expects to stand up against the Liberal media Machine once he is the nominee. I have no doubt they will decimate him and his family with sexual allegations and would probably go as far as call his wife a whore. Make no mistake about it, any Republican nominee is going to be slandered, liabled and threatened openly without remorse! Get tougher or get out of the game! Meanwhile, they will be doing puff-pieces on Michelle and Barrack working in their White House garden, which they seem intent on banning for the American citizens. Our current President attended the most extreme of churches for 20 years and yet this media will crucify Romney for his religion. Mitt, just get out, Liberals haven’t even unlaced their gloves yet on you! How are you going to take the bare knuckles?

  • Anonymous

    I only watch O’Reilly when Dennis Miller is on. He loves the sound of his own voice, he should let Bret do interviews w/o his advice on humor! This is not the time for humor, we need a serious candidate and Mitt would not go on with the center seat panel. If Mitt can’t go on the center seat panel, he won’t be able to stand up to the MSM.

  • Philo Beddoe

    Let’s face facts.

    Gingrich is Fox News candidate. obamDUH is MSNBC’s candidate.

  • I do not like Bill O, it has gotten to the point that I do not want to watch him at all or hear from him at all. Poor Bret. . .

  • Anonymous

    lol. Obama is SO going to beat any of theses whistledicks on the Right. I can’t wait.

    • Leo

      No, anyone, down to the dog catcher in Brokeneye, Arkansas could beat Obama. He is DONE. Name one incumbent who got elected with an 8% unemployment rate. Can’t. He’s toast, and even he knows it.

    • Anonymous

      Newt challenged him to debates. That will be a real hoot!

  • Anonymous

    The questions asked were the same ones always ask Romney which he has given the answer many many times. Our country is a mess with lots of valid things to ask about for information about the candidate. They don’t need to be softball but asking the same questions coming from Axlerod’s desk isn’t necessary. We learned nothing new about Romney because no one ask. Brett should be better than that, I certainly understand why he avoided Fox. I watched Hannity interview if you could call it that, it was more Newt holding court. They don’t like Romney because he would be a hard man to influence, where Newt can be bought for a price as he has shown many times over. Newt missed the deadline in MO, it was only $1000 and very little paperwork. He is either broke or very disorganized dispite all his pompously.

  • Anonymous

    What kind of issues/questions will Romney get if he is nominated for Prez? This is going to be the roughest and nastiest campaign for the presidency EVER.
    Newt can take it. I like Newt Because he will treat his nomination for Prez like a war. Pick a fight and Newt will respond in kind, and then some. MSMedia included. No softballs either.
    Newt will run over the Oman teleprompter man in the debates.

  • Anonymous

    Uh, Mr. Romney? There is no such thing as an interview that is uncalled for. If you can’t handle questions from Bret Baier, or anybody else for that matter, with dignity, intelligence and strength, then you can’t handle the White House.

    • Anonymous

      I guess that’s it for Obama then. I don’t think te media will be his lapdog this year.

      • Anonymous

        When it comes down to it, I’m afraid they will be his lapdogs…hopefully with less passion and lying, though.

        Thanks, toon!

  • Anybody but Romney, Perry, Cain, Bachman, Santorum, Gingrich, Huntsman….that leave Ron Paul. The only true conservative voice of reason in the field. Someone who adheres the constitution and the founders intent.

  • Further proof that Romney is but a photo negative of Obama. Big government management over moral and Constitutionally patriotic leadership.

  • Anonymous

    Bret performed the best and most revealing interview of Mitt Romney, ever! Now, if the rest of the media would get on board, they might just clear the way for a REAL conservative and authentic candidate.

    Oh, and you all need to read this book: “CAN MITT ROMNEY SERVE TWO MASTERS?”. Once you know the truth in this book, you will say “anyone but Mitt!”