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Kirsten Powers performed rhetorical gymnastics today on Special Report which drew challenges from her colleagues, namely Bret Baier. When trying to explain how Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan will hurt old people, she said this:

POWERS: It will affect old people, just they’re not old right now. So they will eventually be old.

KRAUTHAMMER: They’re called young people.

BAIER: Currently they’re young people.

POWERS: Yes, but I will eventually be an old person who will need Medicare.

BAIER: You understand how silly that sounds?

POWERS: No it’s not silly, actually.

BAIER: But it’s only for people under 55.

POWERS: But the point is it’s a political point because it’s the old people who are voting right now that they’re concerned about.

BAIER: Of course!

POWERS: Right, but I’m saying like to pretend it’s never going to affect old people, it will affect old people.

She then does a 180 and goes on to defend Ryan’s argument as far as it appeals to people his age and younger and says Obama has no solution for them. But I how is that possible if it hurts old people that aren’t really old yet?

I think Kirsten is competing with DWS today for most incoherent argument on Paul Ryan’s Medicare.


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