Bret Baier to Kirsten Powers: You understand how silly that sounds?

Kirsten Powers performed rhetorical gymnastics today on Special Report which drew challenges from her colleagues, namely Bret Baier. When trying to explain how Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan will hurt old people, she said this:

POWERS: It will affect old people, just they’re not old right now. So they will eventually be old.

KRAUTHAMMER: They’re called young people.

BAIER: Currently they’re young people.

POWERS: Yes, but I will eventually be an old person who will need Medicare.

BAIER: You understand how silly that sounds?

POWERS: No it’s not silly, actually.

BAIER: But it’s only for people under 55.

POWERS: But the point is it’s a political point because it’s the old people who are voting right now that they’re concerned about.

BAIER: Of course!

POWERS: Right, but I’m saying like to pretend it’s never going to affect old people, it will affect old people.

She then does a 180 and goes on to defend Ryan’s argument as far as it appeals to people his age and younger and says Obama has no solution for them. But I how is that possible if it hurts old people that aren’t really old yet?

I think Kirsten is competing with DWS today for most incoherent argument on Paul Ryan’s Medicare.

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  • Rshill7

    Yay Scoop! Keep bringing it!

    • GreenBeretWay

      Were we all bad or something? Powers & Debbie on the same night is more than I can bear (no offense to bears) in one night. I think I’m going to have a beer or maybe two. I would rather get grounded than have to listen to the Bubblehead brigade of bimbos.

      • Rshill7


        I’ll see your “Bubblehead brigade of bimbos” and raise you one:

        I’ll betcha Bret Bair berates her backstage at break in bass and baritones 🙂

  • Stehekin912

    Everybody sing! Well, you press this little valve down, then the BS goes round and round oho oho oho and it comes out here!

    Tsk Tsk Kirsten. Tsk Tsk

  • DWS with the younger seniors, KP with the future old people. Next time I get to visit my grandkids, I’m going to tell them they’re future old people.

    • Hey! Using that logic, we can now refer to abortion as “murder of future old people”.

    • bobemakk

      Great response….I have 6 grandchildren and at age 65, they say it is the new 45.

  • p m

    Laughing out loud at the look on Baier’s face. Priceless.
    And Cavuto’s back today too I think – great!

  • Someone should ask people like Powers what Medicare will look like if we stick with Obama and do nothing. Oh, that’s right, then the Democrats will do what they do best, and that’s raise taxes even more to pay for the shortage of money THEY stole from the Medicare trust fund to pay for ObamaCare. Either way, YOU will get stuck with the bill. Why anyone would vote for Obama is beyond me.

    • Stehekin912

      Didn’t Michele Bachmann say that in a rare moment of candor, Obama was asked what will happen to Medicare and his response was – that he would do nothing, he would roll it into Obamacare?

      And then, we know what happens to granny after the inevitable healthcare shortages require implementation of death panels.

      Sorry Granny, you are too old and no longer of use to society, so here’s a pain pill and bye bye. The Complete Life System.

      • Rshill7

        It’s like a sci-fi movie we’ve all seen. We’ll all have rolls in the cast of this one.

        Or is that caste?

        Either way, I vote neigh, in opposition to John Kerry if nothing else.

      • Patriot077

        saves on the social security too, doesn’t it? You know what they say about 2 birds with the same stone …

  • Rocco11

    Leftists will always wrap themselves around their own axles with their lies..

    • Joe

      I thought you said — ANKLES

      Either way it’s pretty funny!

      • It’s only “ankles” when they put on their special “hat.”

  • Boris_Badenoff

    Tell me Kristen, what is Obama’s solution?

  • CalCoolidge

    The libs spin the media and Repubicans like they are tops. Who cares what the Ryan Plan says? It’s the Romney Plan that Romney is going to put in front of Congress. What about the Biden Plan to chop Iraq into three separate countries. It didn’t happen for the same reason the Ryan Plan won’t happen.

  • I saw that interview – Powers seems to get getting loony lately. Funny faces and inane gigging off camera, illogical arguments.

  • susiepuma

    I watched that episode & it was rather depressing since I am an “old person”……….. how hard would it be, Kirsten, to be a little more respectful to your elders – some of even have our brain cells still intact and can recognize BS when we hear it………. and boy, is it slinging all over these days.

    I turned over to FBN because I cannot abide Shepherd Smith at all & I guess I will not be watching Lou Dobbs anymore either…………… He just managed to dis Governor Sarah Palin in the worst way……. trying to compare Ryan spending 7 terms (that’s 14 years BTW, I can still do math too) in DC & being a chair of a budget committee and supporting some 1000 bills or whatever – he only actually had 2 passed – one to name a post office and I forget what the other was nor do I care – but this is considered ENORMOUS EXPERIENCE – but Governor Palin was not only a Governor for almost 3+ years until forced to resign from office because of the continuous stupid, Democratic operatives requesting FOIA & filing ridiculous lawsuits against the Governor. The State was paralyzed – big state, small population, not a BIG government – could not operate plus the Governor was forced by law to pay to defend herself against all of those frivolous lawsuits and was almost $500,000 in debt ….. prior to her Governorship however, she was the Chairman of the Alaska Oil & Gas Commission which was a big deal plus served two terms as the Mayor of Wasilla and also served a member of the City Council plus she actually has had regular paying jobs and has even run a small business…. now you tell me – of the 4 idiots at the top of the tickets right now – who has the most experience – the current fraud in chief? ole plugs? romeny? ryan? Palin? – she wins hands down …… I loathe both wings of the same party running this country and will not be voting for the top of ticket this go around but will be supporting as many ‘real’ TEA party candidates as I can – with help or with money. I am a registered Independent and I loathe the GOPE as much as I loathe the Democrats and especially the fraud in chief…………..

    • cheyennecowboy

      Wake up and smell the roses Susie. Do you REALLY want four more years of the ruination of our country but this phony odumba? He doesn’t know squat; he is trying to be a dictator as head of the dictator’s committee, his czars? He is living his life through the eyes of his father, who hated the United States of American. odumba does also!! We will all be his victims. Better re-consider your edict and cast your vote for someone who will win for all of us…..that’s not odumba!

      • susiepuma

        And you think romeny is going to be any different – you don’t understand – the PROGRESSIVES. which includes both the Dems & the Repubs, have been working to take down this country since the 1800’s (and possibly even earlier – pre Revolution)you really think a no nothing like romeny is going to do anything different than his handlers tell him to do? The Governor did not run for President because she informed the PROGRESSIVES that she was not for sale like the majority of our politicians are, loves our Country the way the Founders envisioned it, and does not want our Constitution to continue being consigned to the trash bin because it is ‘inconvenient”…

        tell me please, just what are the Republicans doing in Congress besides blustering on TV? The House passes bills – big whoop – they do not need the Senate to approve cutting funds from any and all – why don’t they start doing that? huh? why not? can you get an answer from any of them – I don’t hear anything – not even crickets………………..

        Research is your friend – go back and read about what started this crap and see what the ultimate goal is to become – the majority of permanent politicians all over the world want the USA to become no better, no worse than any other failed nation – they want a Global Government run by the elites and if you have to ask who they are – then you ain’t one which makes you a serf kowtowing to them for whatever you can get… R & R are not going to stop this –

        We may need another Revolution in this Country since the 1776 one is being trashed…

        • Lloyd Wingfield

          What started this “crap” was Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Bill Clinton and yes, Jimmy Carter who all promoted owning a home as an inherent right of all citizens. They pushed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to write mortgages to anyone and everyone including 4 million illegal immigrants. Yes, they caused the sub-prime mortgage mess and will not accept responsibility to it even when presented with the evidence. You should do a little homework and study some history. I am almost 70 and lived through the whole mess and personally heard the speeches by Clinton and Carter pressing for every American’s RIGHT to own a home!!!

    • CarolinaBreibartGirl

      If I take you at your word, and I do, I really have to ask you what Palin would think of your decision NOT to vote Obama out? I love Palin. I also agree with 3/4’s of your post.

      There are so many reasons to fear 4 more years w/our current Marxist in Chief. But the #1 reason for me is the idea of who exactly replaces the SUPREME COURT JUSTICES when they age out? I can most definitely assure you that all of your good intentions of supporting our Tea Party candidates will not circumvent more seated
      Justices of the FAR LEFT KIND….and they will most assuredly find younger Marxists to boot.

      Please, please reconsider. Repectfully, a very, very frightened CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIAN AMERICAN friend.

  • MaroonRepublic

    She went with the democrat’s talking points then she told the truth? Weird.

  • They’re called young people. Man, that’s priceless.

    Powers and Wassername ought to have been in the olympics. They’d have won golds for such moves.

    • NYGino

      “Ladies synchronized stuttering” A lock for the Gold.

      • lol! 😀 I am glad you’re back! We miss more mayhem when you’re gone lol!

  • Who are you and what have you done with Kirsten? I always found her to be reasonable, respectful, and fair (albeit wrong much of the time), but lately she seems to have been promised a cushy job in “Obama Part Deux” or something.

  • Okay KRISTEN….that Hair Coloring is affecting your Cranial Activity….IT DOES NOTHING TO PEOPLE 55 and over….NOTHING…it makes Medicare compete and people over 55 CAN KEEP WHAT THEY HAVE!! The Marxist Messiah knows the Elderly Voter and even though this LIAR LEECH tries to scare Seniors…it is Seniors AFFECTED THE LEAST!! And as the Seniors get to know that…they will credit RYAN FOR WORRYING ABOUT THEIR KIDS AND GRANDKIDS who have time to make changes and choices while keeping them stable..

    In other words, the RYAN plan is a GREAT START and that is what SCARES THE DEMS..

    Hence why you see BLONDIE going through more twists then a steel roller coaster at an AMUSEMENT PARK!! BUCKLE UP KRISTEN YOU ARE FALLING ALL OVER THE PLACE!!

    Lets face people when the DEMS have to talk issues THEY SINK FASTER THAN a RHINO IN QUICKSAND!!

    Hence why the RYAN pick was superb!

  • Powers realizes if she wants ANY credibility after this election, she had better start hedging her bets now.

    • Can you imagine what Brett and Charles are thinking in their heads??? WHAT A MORON in regards to Kristen….EDIT!! EDIT ANYONE!!…LOL!

  • deathandtexas

    Kristen, you have such beautiful blonde hair. Why do you dye your roots black?

  • mesquito

    Does this mean I’m eligible for senior citizen discouts?

    • nibblesyble

      lol…no because you are only a ‘future’ old person!

    • FreeManWalking

      SCD are only given to old people and past young people.

      • I’m way past young people. What do I get?

        • FreeManWalking

          How about a 10% off on the first cup of Java?

        • We get to be crabby! Out loud, and no one will say anything, because we’re old…. and crabby!!! 😀

          • That’s a very good point. I’ve been slowly exercising the perogatives of the, ahhh, “experienced.”

            • lol, me too! Only I’m just practicing for when my time comes. I must be good at it though, Mr. ABiC keeps telling me to stop being so danged crabby all the time!! 😀

  • Fortunately, KP can sorta get away with it because she’s so cute, while DWS looks like someone is right off camera with a straight jacket…..well, that was my sexist comment for the day.

  • FreeManWalking

    Scoop IMO Kristen is a much better looking bobble head. but I have to give it to you on competing incoherent argument.

    I love it… “They’re called young people”.

  • What is it with the Democrats and having stupid women in their midst?

    • Amanda Melson

      The only way anyone can honestly vote democrat is if they’re stupid. That explains Kirsten Powers presence in their midst. If they’re not sincerely stupid, they’re evil and that’s not Powers problem.

    • I forget who the comedian was, but it’s like his joke about vegetarian guys.

      “There aren’t any guys who are really vegetarians. You show me a guy who claims to be a vegetarian, and what you’ll have, really, is a guy who’s trying to **** a vegetarian.”

      There really aren’t any liberal guys.

  • Bless her heart…..

  • theBuckWheat

    Kirsten wants and needs reality to be plastic and malleable to her needs and desires of the moment. I have started calling people like her, plastic reality people. In her world, one plus one sometimes can be convinced to really be three, and when it is, then government can accomplish amazing things. People who insist that one plus one is everywhere and always two, are “extremist radicals”, I guess for not believing that if they explained it well enough it could be three, or maybe even four.

  • Sober_Thinking

    I heard this live and fell out of my chair… her logic is baffling.

  • BikerHoop

    The look on Baier’s face tells the whole story. Best look I’ve seen in a very long time.

  • rrpjr

    Kirsten Powers is the perfect poster girl for vapid Progressive education. I’ve seen her stumble into incoherence many times, always led by a flimsy feel-good premise. She’s in way over her head but she’s so cute no one on our side has the nerve to break it to her.

    • toongoon

      Megyn Kelly dragged her over the coals over Holder dropping the NBP intimidation charges.

  • Wow so the argument is: “well it is gonna affect some people down the road when they eventually become old.” Seriously? So because there are people that will down the road be affected by this law we should do nothing. Um Kirsten, if we do nothing EVERYONE, even those folks on it now would lose their coverage. Kirsten, I say this with a lot of respect, shhhhhhhh you’re so pretty don’t talk.

  • Spartan4Palin

    Guys are you watching Stars earn Stripes?

    Todd Palin is up next!

  • badbadlibs

    WOW, what can you say about these people who are in the position, of their own choosing, of having to defend the stupidst arguments possible?
    Someone on the left has to have a few brain cells functioning enough to start getting embrassed? No?

    • NYGino


  • toongoon

    Kirsten was recovering from liberalism steadily for a while, I was so proud. She must have been recalled for obama media reprogramming but I don’t think it’s working, she’s starting to overload.

  • jamson64

    Heh. Good times.

  • Stephen walker
    • That was priceless! Because it’s SO true!! Thanks for the link!

    • suzy_que

      how do I tweet it?

    • proudhispanicconservative

      Man that was funny, it should be an ad for the RNC.

  • edward cropper

    Good night Porky Pig where ever you are !

  • skhpcola

    She may as well be lumping dead people into her flaccid argument, because we’ll all get there sooner or later…but not all of us will become old people. It’s good for progtards that they control most of the media, because if they were trying to foist their bankrupt ideology onto thinking people that seek out more reliable sources of information, they’d be pointed to and laughed at in even polite company.

  • I am not old, just well aged.
    Who are these old people?

    • Like a fine wine Donald, you only get better with age! 🙂

  • ToursLepantoVienna

    You people are so mean. You know her talking points don’t cover people over 55.

  • texanpride

    Seriously, what is wrong with people like Powers who know the truth, yet will defend the lies to the end? What is that?

  • Boris_Badenoff

    The dems have no solutions .. They can’t even summon up the courage to come up with a budget for over 3 years… and obviously they don’t even care. Nothing gets past Harry Reids desk. He is Obama’s man through and through.

    Anyone , tell us how the democrats plan to create jobs, reform entitlements and reform the tax code. How will the dems revive the economy? Do they even want to?

    Obama spent 3.5 years running the country into the ground, attacking Private American citizens, Turning America into a joke on the world stage, filing Federal law suites against American States who were simply trying to protect their own citizens from foreign intruders, and illegal voters because the federal government will not do their job. Now he is attempting to campaign like he is our savior? We are not that freaking stupid…
    The enemy of the United States is here and it is you Mr. President, but you will not hold that title for much longer… You are done.

    • NYGino

      “The dems have no solutions…” They don’t even recognize the problem.

      • Freempg

        They need but look in the mirror.

        • NYGino


      • Boris_Badenoff

        You know you are 100% correct… what was I thinking…lol

  • lol that goofy screen shot of her when you click on this link is hilarious!

  • Gerald Hanner

    I’m 72. I know how Social Security works. I taught Social Security for a decade at University of Nebraska. I know that Congressional Democrats and Obama are intent on gutting Social Security (especially the Medicare part).

    What Obama and his allies don’t understand (or maybe they do) is that most of the medical care in the USA goes to old people for a very good reason: the health of old people is declining as part of the natural course of aging. Mandating expensive health care insurance for young people is just a maneuver to try to pay for the health care costs of the elderly.

  • Kristen is caught between a rock and a hard place because she’s an honest liberal, which is virtually impossible. What it amounts to is she’s been taught liberalism, but she’s really too smart for it. I’m convinced she’ll come around sooner or later. And, honestly, she’s fine so I say keep hope alive.
    She actually speaks positively about Ryan’s message.

    • suzy_que

      I like Kirsten too and think she is so much better than shamu. However when she said she used to date weiner, I lost all respect for her. Can you imagine – weiner? Ugh!

      • Shouldn’t there be like a Wall of separation between journalist (and I use that word loosely!) and state? I mean really! Something’s not right when we have news folks messing around with politicians, for the whole integrity thing…
        Oh but wait! That wouldn’t be Constitutional.

    • WordsFailMe

      She reminds me of a popular and intelligent high school girl who is being sexually and psychologically abused at home but goes to school each day, puts on a game face and tries to keep up appearances.

      She appears to be one living within a lie who cannot reveal it it even to herself.

  • Coherent, persuasive arguments are difficult to make when you purposely ignore the obvious.

  • Pyrran

    You ever wonder how these people live with themselves? If I lied on a daily basis like this dope or debbie WS, or that press secretary, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.
    It’s sad really. If you knew any of these people personally, would you trust them?

  • magicdixieranch

    lol….they ain’t got nothin’…just verbal gymnastics. but I LUV seeing them writhe & twist, y’know? like earthworms in the sun too long… hehe

  • effinayright

    I’m no Kirsten Powers fan, but if you listened to the previous segment she distinguished the political argument and the substantive argument. She said she found Ryan’s plan to be one with substance, if debatable, while Obama has offered nothing.

    She does sound a bit silly trying to make the argument she did, but my take is, she was saying that even under -55’s might not accept the idea that anything needed to be done with Medicare, even though (as she agreed) they might wake up when they are old to find themselves getting nothing.

    Kirsten, in my view, is gradually waking up to smell the concrete, as a few of you (but not me!!) have done after a really bad drinking bout. It’s dawning on her that liberalism is failing and she’s still struggling with that. AT LEAST she’s struggling, so there’s hope for her.

  • white531

    I could be wrong about this, but I don’t think so. Because of the internet and Conservative talk radio and Facebook and Twitter and well, you get the idea, the alternate news sources that are available to the American people. I think this new phenomenom is changing the dynamics of not only how we get our news, but how we react to it, via these new, almost instant, venues we have to communicate with each other. Not only in the U.S., but worldwide, actually.

    Bimbo journalists are now beginning to appear as what they are, Bimbo Journalists. Because, it’s not a one shot deal anymore, where they can say something stupid on television and it’s forgotten the next day. We now have streaming video of how they made a fool of themselves and we can run it from now until Christmas. It’s not just the six o’clock news in Kansas. It’s streaming video on every computer in the world, for eternity. Why else do you think Obama wants to control the Internet? Because you can’t hide from the Internet. The Internet is the big, ugly Monster sitting on your shoulder, every time you open your mouth and say something stupid, something Obama is familiar with.

    More and more of these idiot journalists are going to find this truth in the coming days. Sadly for them, but happily for us, they don’t have any other way of making a living. Welcome to the ranks of the unemployed, Bimbo. Now you know what it feels like.

  • we could call mrs powers a long term thinker. she lost me in the first 17 seconds.
    break time, donuts and coffee.

  • pat

    LOL. She is actually a sweet person in real life. She just does not know how to give an honest opinion yet.

  • thebeeishorrid

    What’s up with the orange-hue Bret? That looks so fake, it’s not even funny!

    • Boris_Badenoff

      I thought he looked a bit strange in that vid… Bad make up job…

  • Nukeman60

    Gee, Kirsten, you really don’t have to worry at all.

    Under Obama’s plan, Medicare won’t affect the young ‘old people’ because it will go bust in 12 years and the young ‘old people’ won’t be ‘old people’ when it disappears from their lives, but will really still just be young people before they got old.

    So you see, Kirsten, it’s okay. Or am I just an ‘old person’ talking to a young person who’s talk is ‘getting old’?

    • kong1967

      You talked in circles but amazingly I understood you, lol.

  • librtifirst

    I am curious as to what people under 55 will expect to get for what they paid in. Personally, I would just like to opt out, because I know that 24 years from now, when I am eligible, the system will have already failed.

    Since I will never use the current medial system for chronic disease care, any benefits will be useless anyway, because government and insurance companies won’t pay for real health care. (alternative)

    The republican answer to long term care needs to be a free market health care system that would severely reduce the cost of care. In other words “get government and insurance companies out of it completely”.

    It seems to me that republicans have compromised to the point of actually joining the left in continuing socialized care, just on a lower level than the left. “Repeal and replace” is not a good answer. “Repeal and repeal” would be much better. There is much regulation to repeal, not to mention government regulatory agencies to shut down.

    These are real solutions, so lets get the pubs to follow suit.

    • kong1967

      I agree but “repeal and replace” just means that we will replace it with free market solutions. It is not meant to be taken as more government interference.

      • librtifirst

        That is a nice catch phrase, so they need to give some specifics. It isn’t hard to do. The only thing that I recall being mentioned is tort reform, and the most recent thing that we got from the pubs concerning health care was prescription drug coverage, while they keep competitive drugs from coming into the country, and hammer down on the alternative health care and natural supplements. Obama isn’t the first one to do it.

        I do realize that neither party will never take a stand for what is true an right. So This is all just “what if” talk. I suppose that it doesn’t really matter what the subject is, they are always going to fall short of what my expectations and wishes might be.

        • kong1967

          Normally I think you would be correct that neither party will ever do what is “right”, but I think times are changing. Politicians are always afraid to take on issues because it’s the quickest way out of office if they try to do the right thing, and the right thing would be undone anyway once they were booted out and replaced by an ass kisser that just wants to get votes.

          Now politicians are getting booted out (on our side only) for not doing the right thing. In he past I don’t think Paul Ryan would have had a chance to become VP because he tells the public things they don’t want to hear because no one getting entitlements wants to get cut. The public is getting it, so politicians will follow when they know that’s the only way they will stay in office.

          Keep working on getting the politicians to get it and keep our fingers crossed, lol.

  • fuzzlenutter

    Yup, she’s a real blonde all right…

  • kong1967

    She’s basically right but I took issue with a couple of small things. She said it will hurt the future elderly but defended the plan after that and she acknowledges that Obama has nothing to offer. She should have said it will “effect” the future elderly. The second issue I have is that she claimed we say it won’t effect the elderly. Wrong, that’s not what we claim. It won’t effect the current elderly, Kirsten. We never pretended that it won’t ever effect the elderly, and this gives people years to prepare and still have their retirement set.

  • rgolich

    For a libtard, she’s one of their least grating but here she does sound 100% stoopid. What left & right have to understand is, Medicare (and Social Security) HAVE TO, repeat, HAVE To change or the country may not EXIST anymore. Duh.

    • kong1967

      Actually, she said that. She said we need to explain to the younger generations that if we don’t do something there won’t be anything there for them when they retire. She gave credit to Ryan for having a plan because Obama has nothing to offer. I understood what she was saying, but she was a little clumsy at how she said it.

      • rgolich

        You’re playing word games like her………stop wasting time parsing verbiage. She’s not an engineer, nor a mechanic, nor a doctor, nor a carpenter. Words are her craft; she speaks for a living. She got tongue-tied because she had trouble speaking the truth and tried to unsucessfully mask her real views.

        She’s on tv mainly because she’s attractive. Her views are sometimes reasonable (for a libtard) but sometimes her views sound like those of a junior high school kid. I don’t have time to waste of her insights, she’s vapid.

        • kong1967

          Word games? I just said I understood what she was saying. In any case, she’s a tolerable liberal. I hate most of the others.

  • WordsFailMe

    She’s like a snake trying to find her way out of an old fashion, aluminum ice tray.

    I think she probably knew had an inkling of what it was she wanted to say but it slipped out of her mouth before she could get her teeth into it. Daniel Hannan mentioned Duck Talking the other day from Orwell’s book. Duck Talking occurs when the larynx engages automatically without interference from the brain. Quack quack.

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    LOL Nuke! You are now deemed qualified for senior elected office, except for being obviously to smart for that!

  • And to think, I recently nominated her to replace Bob on The Five.

    But at least I got a laugh out of Charles’ comment “They’re called young people.”

  • Rocco11

    I fail to see what Leftists on set add to the discussion, don’t we have a pretty good idea where they stand at this point? Hannity has the great Dinesh D’Souza on last night, and feels like he has to “balance it out” with Doug Schoen? Memo to Sean: the Truth doesn’t need balance.

  • dabbobean

    I watched that yesterday….and surprisingly if you watch the whole clip she really comes around and makes sense at the end.

    Powers has said some dumb things in the past but she is not as comfortable with the outright lies as are most Democrat Pundits.

    ….and she is also a little bit hot.

  • Joengima

    I always viewed Kristen Powers as a liberal but not always blinded by her own liberalism.

    “It will affect old people, just they’re not old right now. So they will eventually be old.”

    She just destroyed her side’s argument by this comment. When DWS and others use the term “Old People” they don’t mean 55 years old and older, they mean young people. And perhaps that’s how we should fight back.

    “When you say “Old People” are you talking about the current baby boomers or the next generation?”

    She then ended up defending Ryan and citing how Obama doesn’t have a plan of his own. It’s very relieving.

    • Obama has a plan it’s just people presume that it’s supposed to save Medicare. His plan is to destroy it and make it all one giant socialist system.

  • stevenbiot

    Let’s just say she’s a pretty face, not a brilliant mind. Of course Ryan, and any self respecting adult, wants to dismantle every statist program, putting market oriented services in their place. These entitlement programs are eating up 10% of GDP. If workers are allowed choice, these entitlements will naturally go by the wayside. They aren’t competitive; they are coercive government spending accounts.

  • anneinarkansas

    I listened to her last night….she really did sound like Debbie Downer she was so confused.

  • MiketheMarine

    I am confused. Was she for it before she was against it? or is it the other way around? I’m so confused !

    • NYGino

      Mike, you think you’re confused, I don’t even know if I’m young or old anymore after listening to these lefties. Oh, the complexity of it all.

      • LOL! The two of ye! 🙂

      • MiketheMarine

        I am 42 and three weeks old. I am old? Oh, God, she called me old or will be old or something. Now I’m confused again.

        • Take the blue pill and lie down for a while… All will be good… All is right… 🙂

          • MiketheMarine

            I am laughing so hard at work that people are starting to look at me funny. Hahaha

  • She is no Shannon Bream.

  • The politics of time travel!

    Weapons grade stupid.

  • bobemakk

    Tell Kirsten that 65 is the new 45. I saw the interview and was taken aback. Good for you Brett and Charles for putting her in her place in a professional way.

  • She needs to go to Debbie Wasserman Schultz for lessons on how to demagog and propagandize.

  • Now, Kirsten is representing the Democratic vision while Bret is moderating. Notice the difference in moderation at CNN. Their moderator always takes the Democratic position whenever they interview a Republican. That always leads to a stymied debate controlled by Liberal idealogy.

  • jerseyflash

    I remember on a Hannity & colme’s show last year…Kirsten was asked…why do you like Obama….her answer…”I like his JUDGEMENT”…then questioned by Hannity again…”What do you mean Kirsten…new answer to Hannity’s question….”I like his JUDGEMENT”…WTF are these people allowed to be on a talk show ??????….they should all go to the Schultz SOS (STUCK ON STUPID) Academy…

    Wake-up America…Vote Nov 2012…because ONLY YOU can prevent the ZOMBIE from taking over

  • Poor Kirsten, my angel, I just want to pat her on her head and say,”oh, what a good little talking head, it’ll be ok Kirsten, 8 years of Romney and Ryan won’t hurt too much, unless you really like death panels, and communism. Good girl.

  • Lloyd Wingfield

    Kirsten Powers is another run at the mouth liberal. If she wants to know why the US Stock Market is at such lofty levels it is not due to Obama’s brilliant economic plan. It is because the Federal Reserve has pumped TRILLIONS of dollars into Wall Street and the big banks. The Fed has funded the inflated rise in the stock market. Powers is as superficial as every other lame-brained liberal.