Bush mountain bikes with Wounded Warriors

George W. Bush is going on a 12 mile mountain bike in Texas with soldiers who were wounded in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan to help raise awareness for Wounded Warriors.

What a class act:

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  • Betty

    Bush has class, Obama doesn’t and the Obamas know it. There is a reason they are not attending the royal wedding….The Bushes would have been invited. Not a big fan of the Bush policies, but he is a good, decent, loyal Christian man.

    • Anonymous

      Nancy Reagan went to Princess Di’s wedding.

  • Slowtraincoming

    I have mixed feelings about seeing GWB. He’s a patriot, for sure. But not a thorough-going conservative. Certainly no Reagan. Oxymoronically, he is a “big government conservative,” the term coined by Fred Barnes. Sure, he’s a miser compared to Obama, but he’s a big spender, nonetheless, who helped get us on the road to the Socialist Utopia, of which, we are increasingly enjoying the “benefits”. He also failed to protect our borders. In fact, he was a cohort to forces who would merge us with Mexico and Canada. He was an advocate for Amnesty. I can’t help but feel that his wishy washy brand of “conservatism” (can we REALLY call it conservatism?) is what helped give us Obama. So, in retrospect, much as I’d trade Obama for GWB in a heartbeat, I’m not nostalgic for him – not in the least. Looking ahead, the last thing we need are more Bushes, establishment types, like Rove who just felt compelled to smear Christine O’Donnell. We certainly don’t need Jeb, another amnesty proponent. And, yes, we don’t need Trump. You know, it’s such a cliche to say we need another Reagan. But the man was the real deal, a man of ideas – conservative ideas who knew in the core of his being what was right and true. God save us from the RINOS like Mitt Romney, Huckabee, and all the other pablum-puking, McCain-like establishment picks. God help us all.

    • poljunkie

      I would take him back in a heart beat. At least I know where I stand with him.

      • Slowtraincoming

        True. He is a good man and I never questioned his motives. I just wish he believed and acted upon conservative principles more often.

      • Anonymous

        I know….but I see now that he is such a liberal.

      • Anonymous

        We also know GWB loves America and our military and I never felt GWB was “out to get me” like I feel with the guy in the White House we have to put up with now.

  • Anonymous

    I love GW!

  • sDee

    This is what I maintain enormous respect for Bush. His commitment and responsibility to the troops that he put in harm’s way was quiet and sincere. His personal leadership after 911 held our country together.

    That sadly is all I can muster however. His immediate appearance at a DC mosque after 911 to declare Islam a religion of peace was a grave mistake that America and Israel will pay for a very long time. It was naive, embarrassing and immediately seen by the nations of Islam (who sent the terrorists here) as a victory in appeasement and dhimmitude. Bush should have declared war on Islam, not terrorism.

    He squandered his tax cuts and the corresponding economic growth on record big government growth. He did nothing to stem illegal immigration and supported amnesty. His prescription bill was an overreach and a warmup for Obamacare. The Patriot Act was unnecessary and a direct assault on the Constitution. He did nothing to stop the global warming scam, ignored the mortgage securities powder keg, and ….do I need to mention his frontal attack on capitalism in supporting Uncle Ben’s TARP scam?

  • Anonymous

    I disagreed with a lot that Bush did in office (Patriot act, TARP, etc…), but one thing is for sure, he is a man of honor. Bush stopped golfing when we went to war, while Obama golfs through three wars and high unemployment. Bush wasn’t afraid to call a spade a spade when it came to terrorism, while Obama sends them holiday greetings. Bush took the blame for his mistakes, while Obama blamed bush for everything under the sun. I could go on…

    As much as I hated his big government progressive policies, I at least felt safe under Bush, I at least felt as though he was fighting for America’s best interest. Say what you want about Bush, I’ll probably agree half the time, but he is at least a man of honor, and not an arrogant anti-America SOB like the current holder-in-chief.

    Glad to see him with Wounded Warrior as well, that’s one of the only charities I feel safe with donating too. Glad that there are those who are still standing with our soldiers.

    • poljunkie

      I agree Kaleb, and I would welcome President Bush back and his gracious wife Laura ( even with his mistakes)

  • JimNEPA

    If you take 9/11 and the War on Terror out of the equation, W was a “go along to get along” Moderate. His presidency should serve as a warning to other like-minded Republicans: the Democrats will still demand your head on a pike, no matter how many of their policies you go along with, so you might as well buck up and go Conservative. (Remember, they all loved John McCain until he got the nomination.)

  • a class act indeed 😉

  • vino1

    President Bush is a total class act. I know for a fact that theres millions of americans that feel that way. And he must be in great shape to be able to handle that ride. God Bless these guys who sacraficed so much for our country.

  • Slowtraincoming


    …that Bush didn’t know about the thousands of murders occurring along the southern border (see tonight’s BECK episode), while he kept the borders open?

  • Class act yes. Don’t like the jump in spending, but that’s comparing 3 drinks after dinner and sucking down a keg through a beer bong.
    What I want to point out…
    Compare GWB and BHO biking.
    GWB seat adjusted so almost complete leg extension at the down stroke (he know what he is doing)
    BHO seat adjusted so his knee has a big bend at the down stroke (he looks like the kid who should be riding the short bus)

  • WOW they are right by our ranch in Big Bend…Wish I had known would have loved to cheer them on!

  • KeninMontana

    Say what you want about W’s Presidency,however you won’t see “Zero” doing something like this, he is late for his tee time.

  • Miss me yet? Uh, yeah… we do actually.

  • Anonymous

    You’d never see Obama doing something like this as he’d be too embarrassed by the “training wheels” attached to his itty bitty bike.

  • Patsysueflint

    he loves this country and her troops

  • Persephone

    Class act….in more ways than one.

    I voted for him, twice.
    Didn’t agree with him on several things, but he did what he thought was right.
    He kept us safe…held us together after 9/11….kept the economy humming.
    [At least, until the Dems took over Congress in ’06.]

    I miss him.

  • sheryl

    Obama would do this too……if all the money went to his re-election campaign.

  • Mdbaudry

    yes we miss you!

  • Ike

    Never seen so many stupid Bush Supporters in one place! What if a democrat had taken us down the path Bush/Cheney did? Think you people would be upset?
    Bush a good man, what a CROCK.

    • poljunkie

      Compared to what we have now—I’d take him back every day of the week
      ( and twice on sundays, Ike.) you can call me stupid, oh, right you ALREADY did.

  • Anonymous

    Great and patriotic man! Miss him a lot.

  • Debby

    Contrast THAT with Obastarama playing “hoops” with his friends from the block.

    Boy, I miss a REAL President!