***CORRECTION: California bill would let non-citizens serve on juries

***CORRECTION: While the title at Fox News said illegal immigrants, it’s actually non-citizens who are here legally.

Just amazing the things that Democrats will do to destroy the foundations of this country. Jury duty is a privilege reserved for American citizens, and now Cali wants to let non-citizens serve in that capacity. How ridiculous and offensive:

FOX NEWS – The California Assembly passed a bill on Thursday that would make the state the first in the nation to allow non-citizens who are in the country legally to serve on jury duty.

Assemblyman Bob Wieckowski, D-Fremont, said his bill, AB1401, would help California widen the pool of prospective jurors and help integrate immigrants into the community.

It does not change other criteria for being eligible to serve on a jury, such as being at least 18, living in the county that is making the summons, and being proficient in English.

The bill passed 45-25 largely on a party-line vote in the Democratic-controlled Assembly and will move on to the Senate. One Democrat — Assemblyman Adam Gray, of Merced — voted no, while some other Democrats did not vote.

Democratic lawmakers who voted for the bill said there is no correlation between being a citizen and a juror, and they noted that there is no citizenship requirement to be an attorney or a judge. Republican lawmakers who opposed Wieckowski’s bill called it misguided and premature.

Assemblywoman Diane Harkey, R-Dana Point, said there is no shortage of jurors.

“Jury selection is not the problem. The problem is trial court funding,” Harkey said before the vote. “I hope we can focus on that. Let’s not break something; it’s not broken now. Let’s not whittle away at what is reserved for U.S. citizens. There’s a reason for it.”


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  • Talk about lack of enforcement! I thought NC was bad. California is essentially seceding from the Union. I say let ’em go.

    • JohnSchaffran

      OnTheMark I live in CA and this place is not recognizable anymore.  I wish someone would fight the left and just laugh at them about their reckless ideology.  It is unreal how common sense does not penetrate the minds of people anymore especially here in CA!  Time to move!

      • Amjean

        JohnSchaffran OnTheMark  More and more I am thinking that the red states should form a coalition to fight the federal government along with the lefties who are trying to turn every state into New York or Massachusetts.  I am convinced that turning back the tide of leftie corruption in states such as California will not happen during our lifetimes.
        My opinion is the Obama thug administration is trying to bankrupt the country, one state at a time.  California and Illinois are not recoverable.  They are encouraged to keep spending and then our fed tax dollars will bail them out, further weaking the financial structure of the country as a whole.

    • stage9

      OnTheMark It first started when they seceded from reality. 
      And you guys can STILL save NC. The influx of liberal radicals from the north into NC for work is the problem there. You have to get the rural Conservatives to rise up and push back.

      • stage9
        The influx of liberal radicals from the north into NC for work is the problem there.
        That’s exactly right. Durham and Orange counties are virtually lost because of the universities and the yankee yuppies. Also, I’m sure it’s no accident that the EPA placed a large campus in Research Triangle Park.
        But we’ve always had Democrats. We’ve had such a massive influx of illegal aliens ever since they’ve been able to get drivers licenses that some formerly “Black” neighborhoods are now dominated by Mexicans. 
        The recent good news is that a lot of corruption has been exposed amongst State Democrats; Our first Republican governor in 20 years, Pat McCrory, seems to be a legitimate Conservative, unlike our R Senator, Richard Burr; and a voter ID law (previously vetoed by disgraced former Democrat governor Bev Perdue has passed the House and awaits passage in the Republican majority Senate.
        You’re right. We still have hope. But it’s frightening that even NC has been a battleground.


    citizenship and sovereignty under attack

    • sDee

      that is the goal – they distract us by arguing about “fairness”.

  • When do they get the right to vote, even though many of them are probably already voting through organizations like ACORN and its affilates. If you’re a conservative living in California, I really feel sorry for you.

    • bookmoviegeek

      Libertyship46 thanks, I do live in california, and here in California the jury pool is connected through our drivers license, at least here in Kern County thats the way it works. So, I’m guessing they’ll have the right to vote by 2014. I want to move, family obligations has me here for a good little while.

  • njmom

    It sounds as though through allowing evil to penetrate the thought processes the brain cells of the Left are now being eaten away and destroyed.

  • sDee

    This is the “bottom-up”……. while the “top-down” of destroying or sovereignty has already been accomplished. 

    This is not a Democrats doing this. Both Republicans and Democrats are actively working to undermine our sovereignty at the behest of UN and other globalist money men and ideologues.
    How much more evidence do we need of this than the collusion of both parties to run and elect Presidential candidates who do not qualify under article 2 Section 1?
    The Founders included the Natural Born Citizen clause precisely to deter usurpation of the most powerful branch by foreign and subversive influence (e.g. islamo-supremicists). 
    If our elected officials (R & D) willful subvert the sovereignty of the executive and judicial branches, why is it a surprise that they would do it at the individual citizen level?

  • “Non-citizens” do not qualify as peers. And, you know the goal is to have Mexican citizens sit in judgement on Americans.

    • MiltonBassHayek

      OnTheMark Simple to understand. And you hit the nail on the head.

    • Bac Si68

      OnTheMark Havn’t you called an automated system and had the command press 1 for Espanol?  Same thing now the accused will request a Spanish speaking jury.

  • MiltonBassHayek

    I wouldn’t be surprised if California let San Francisco hamsters, if you know what I mean, serve as jurors.

  • MiltonBassHayek

    I would consider allowing a one time jihad to take place in California.

  • lawngreen

    Secede California, seal the US/California border and let them enjoy themselves by themselves. And no foreign aid, either. Problem solved.

  • Stehekin912

    Non-citizens, whether legal or illegal, should neither vote nor serve on juries in our country.  Period.

    • stage9

      Stehekin912 Or be president!

  • WordsFailMe

    Californians will not object. The problem is that unemployment among the Mexican , Central- and South American coolies is rising faster than welfare payments. You got to get them some part-time gigs and “flow” the wealth. It’s a F-l-o-o-o-w” thing.

    • WordsFailMe

      SarahCohenNewman WordsFailMe Possibly the reference was obscure. My point was that these mus from oil countries largely had the Petro Dollars handed to them as hush money, the same way the Mexican government hands out “Hush Tortillas” to poor Mexicans.
      I’m saying that these muslo-dollars are the equivalent of welfare dollars, same currency, both un-earned, US taxes on none of them. 
      Correction:I checked the math. Turns out that are more domestic welfare claimants that there are Muslo-welfare dollars in this country.  Thanks Sarah!

      • WordsFailMe

        SarahCohenNewman WordsFailMe Cool. I have no comment about Latinos in this country. While I don’t approve of people, any, coming across the border illegally, I would put a Guatemalan’s understanding of tyranny against any white college student  Good points.

  • tshtsh

    The reason why “law makers” write laws is to let you know which laws by which you no longer have to abide the rest you can just ignore.

  • Granada1492

    California is a sick state, economically and morally – because for too long the communists and deviants have ruled this beautiful state.
    Here is an example:
    https://twitter.com/intent/user?screen_name=TwitchyTeam ‘Gloating over dead bodies’: Calif. paper prints sickening cartoon about West, Texas explosion http://t.co/ciBZhdAWxJ
    Same sickness in MA where fools are demonstrating for the BOMBER and signing petitions protesting his innocence.  Some sick foolish women have probably already proposed marriage to Tsarnaev.  They ought not to let the bomber’s father back in our country to propagandize for Islam (or CAIR for that matter.) 

  • mikeinidaho

    Those complete fools never cease to amaze me with their idiocy! As a non-citizen, wouldn’t they either just say no to the summons (with no consequences) or not be capable of a true verdict because they aren’t citizens and don’t understand all our laws? And if they did return a verdict, couldn’t the court rule the verdict incorrect because it was rendered by non-citizens? California is beyond help and is the true “land of the lost”!

    • sDee

      LaRaza and CAIR would feed and fuel the revenge and retribution needed to fill the juror ranks.

  • stage9

    “Let’s not break something; it’s not broken now. ”
    Obviously this guy doesn’t understand how liberalism works.

  • Orangeone

    So how will non-citizens be selected? Most states use the voter rolls.

    • Lives4Freedom

      Orangeone Interesting question…

    • simkatu

      Orangeone Some states also use Driver’s License rolls.

      • Orangeone

        simkatu Orangeone Saw someone post that CA does.  Thx

  • Jackie Boo

    Go California, not like your state isn’t already TOTALLY SCREWED  UP, get a clue idiots.

  • SurfinCowboy

    I have no problem with this. A state should have the right to redefine the standards for juries of courts under its jurisdiction. Just like a state should have the right to bar access to social services to non-citizens.
    That said, Jackie Boo’s comment in this thread is far more interesting – how do you select these individuals since they cannot vote (juries are selected from voter registration rolls)? I know that in some more localized districts and cities residents who are not citizens (even illegal ones in some cases) are allowed to vote, so that works for local courts – but statewide? Now it gets sticky.
    Since you pass legislation that allows these non-citizens to become jurors, they must be included in the pool of prospective jurors. Since jurors are currently selected from voter rolls, the non-citizens will have standing to sue the state for discriminatory practices in jury selection.
    If the state then modifies its selection process, then how? Residential address? That will bring in illegals, temporary residents, part-time residents, college students, etc. Quite messy. This also disenfranchises the homeless (who may have PO boxes or other drop box mail service), who can also, then sue.
    With all this crap piling on, it seems far more rational to keep jury selection the way it is – based on voter rolls. Plus, if they do pass this, a proposition will easily pass that amends the state constitution to state that juries shall only consist of citizens, selected from voter rolls.
    So California, think first (who am I kidding?) before you open up Pandora’s Box of Legal Action and cost your state precious money you need for high-speed rail, public union pensions, and who know what other crap you plan on jamming down the throat of your residents.

  • The Sentinel

    California has already split off from the mainland and are floating out in the ocean… they just don’t know it yet.