Caller to Rush: Get off my land whitey!

Rush had a caller that you’ve just got to hear! Bob from Oregon, a Cherokee Indian, calls Rush and the first thing he does is tell Rush to go back to where his forefathers came from. It was hilarious! In a very gentlemanly way, Rush just let him go so everyone could hear what an unedited liberal sounds like, cursing and all. Excellent caller!


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  • Collin

    Was this guy drunk or something?

    • Diablosho

      I thought the same exact thing after I heard this guy say his first sentence. I haven’t laughed this hard for a very long time! Thanks Right Scoop!!! Oh geez, made my day!

    • Probably. Indian.

    • grizzlybarrmomma

      I thought that too- I just adore Rush 🙂 I’m still laughing.

  • Enjoy 🙂

  • Enjoy 🙂

  • That’s a Rush moment for the time capsule!

    • KenInIL

      This guy ought to be singing the benefits (5mo of the year limited services – none the rest of the year) of single payer universal healthcare that all native americans have:

      This is what Obamacare will be in 10 yrs if it stays. Already colonoscopy and mammograms are beginning to be diagnostic only instead of part of a checkup.

      • Tyler

        One of my co-workers…his wife’s under Indian healthcare and it’s absolutely terrible. Of course he has no idea what the new law is all about because he hasn’t kept up but when I said that all Americans will in due time be under government-controlled healthcare, he said “God help us all then.”

  • Jaxrab

    Too much fire water for Bob. I bet Cherokee Nation in OKC is pretty proud of Bob today.

    • Tyler

      I know the bums who give me guff at my liquor store when I tell them off would be.

  • CDS in Manitoba

    If this guy believes that people should only live where there ancestors previously lived, then why is he living on the West Coast instead of the East Coast? Didn’t the Cherokees come from the Southeast U.S.?

    Yeah, I know, he’s crazy.

    • Actually, he should go back to Asia then.

      • Cheryl~

        Yep…was thinking the same thing!

  • Tyler

    I’m going to be honest. I have sympathy for Native Americans’ ancestors because the European invaders really did unjustly slaughter most them and force whoever was left almost completely out of their tribal ways. However, Native Americans today who complain about this are disingenuous…and that includes Oklahoma where Bob touted and where I happen to live.

    The same Cherokee people who complain about me being an evil white man who won’t give them any opportunities are the same who expect me as the evil white man to give them everything. They believe that hundreds of years later, they deserve to be pretty much handed everything by the white man because of the injustice of our ancestors. For people who claim to have such a problem with “whitey” ruling the land they once did…they don’t seem to have a problem accepting government subsidies and handouts which are given out solely because they’re Native American.

    I work at a liquor store and there are bums every now and again who try to come in, but we won’t sell to them because it encourages them to panhandle nearby which is bad for business. When I tell one of the Native American bums this, they try and play the race card on me. I told one off one day and he tried that while I was selling to a Native American customer who’s a regular. She told him off with anger and fury and I was almost speechless except to thank her.

    It’s not that simple anyway. Not all white people even have the common guilty ancestry. My ancestors didn’t even come to America until the 1870s which was long after the invasion and even a few years after slavery was abolished. Now…maybe my ancestors were racist (which I have no way of knowing), but they were not “Indian killers,” plantation owners or overseers. That’s what’s wrong with this very disingenuous argument in today’s society. I say that if Indians want to “take their land back,” then fight the war against “whitey.” On other words, “put up or shut up.”

  • man, i actually felt sorry for ol’ Bob. to go through life believing that stuff, no wonder he was drunk at 9am on a Tuesday.

    • chaswv

      I feel just about as sorry for Bob’s poodle. There is a way out of this history-victim, caustic-acid mindset and it has noting to do with reparations or deportation.

  • Rich

    If you accept the notion that the white man stole land, then you have to understand then by advocating for giving the land back would mean youwould be advocating for entire countries around the world to pack up and move. Does Mexico give it’s land back to the Aztecs..or Spain first? Does Brazil give itself back to Portugal? Does most of Russia return itself back to the Mongols…or was it Russian before then, and therefore it needs to change hands twice?

    Just about every single settled area in the world was previously settled by someone else, taken in war, resettled, fought over again, and so forth.

    • DisturbingBehavior

      Finally, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who sees that this is a ridiculous argument when put into a historical context.
      Living in the past is simply detrimental and crumbles any hope of attaining future prosperity.

    • DisturbingBehavior

      Finally, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who sees that this is a ridiculous argument when put into a historical context.
      Living in the past is simply detrimental and crumbles any hope of attaining future prosperity.

    • Rhartma

      If we are all descended from Australopithecus then guess then since the bones of Lucy were found in Ethiopia, every human decedent has to move back there.


    • S Debey

      first off, “whitey” you were created by “Amen Ra”, (THE REASON WHY YOU SAY AMEN AFTER YOU PRAY_ its masonic…) yes this is your GOD speaking, yes, the one with the “O” blood type that means we were on this planet first, what your ancestors don’t want to tell you that you pray to a so called Black man (who was denationalized and made a “citizen” and a “corporate fiction” so that they don’t have standing in law aka Judicial Standi (latin term) or woman, who are actually the rightful heirs of the land. This is not a theory, it is a Maxium of Law what belong to the people remains to the people. Your theory of conquer and conquest is negative, destructive and posses obsessive, which is why the world is ‘SICK’ now because we let you kids “whitey” hold it cause you just HAD TO FEEL IMPORTANT… but we don’t have to ask for your permission to take our land back. its happening as I type We are one with nature and whatever nature dont want nature get rid off.

      Lets see what happens this SUMMER to you guys…sorry. But, we don’t wage war, we let NATURE TAKE ITS COURSE…


  • Yeah, Bob. Let’s send the 300 Million non-native people in the US back to their own countries. That will leave room for us 2.4 Million Indians. Just to be fair, though, we will need to send away everything that “whitey” invented and all of the military. Then, we can be invaded by Mexico. Even Canada wouldn’t have a problem with us then. If you want to be a proud people, stop taking handouts.

  • Extremely Right

    Bob the Indian? Sounds reasonable. I wonder if that’s Chief Bob, Sitting Bob, or Bob Crazy Horse?

  • Anonymous

    That is one of the most pathetic things I’ve ever heard in my life, I would feel sorry for him or laugh it it weren’t so disturbing there are more of him out there.

    • Extremely Right

      Look no further than 1600 Pennsylvania avenue.

  • Bellepots

    Rush Like Hannity doesn’t come back with FACTS..Andrew Jackson wanted land so they put the Indians on Federal Reservations. The Elites wanted to control them..Obama is another Jackson only he will put White people in the slums of his & Dodds “slums”..Read Dodds newest invention to take away peoples homes and put them in “complexes” ..

    • Tyler

      I believe it’s a pre-cursor to the IMF’s plan of “Sustainable Development.” It might be the COFR’s document. I can’t remember.

      The idea is to take away property ownership for everyone and all human beings in all countries will live in small complexes. This of course involves mass population reduction to leave only enough people to work the rest of the open land and obtain resources for the elites of the world.

  • Well maybe if the Injunaes had come up with a little better tech than bows and arrows against guns. Might have been a different out come. But,…they didn’t.

    So we have the way it is now. Just say’n.

  • B-Funk

    As an Oregonian, I cringe. How embarrassing.

  • Marie

    He sounds drunk….funny…

  • JW

    That guy is so drunk……………………….

  • Puma for Life

    Here is the viewpoint of another native American: Russell Means, Ogalala Sioux, and a Libertarian (Means is well known; get past the intro music and listen to it all:

  • Anonymous

    Rush, I will have a “Bake Sale” so we can buy Bob a Jeep Cherokee. What an oppurtunity, an Italian auto manufacturing Co., underwritten by the USA occupiers with a Native American name. Bob I will even through in enough gasoline so you can drive to Ok.
    Bob, I would like to return to my homeland but Lou’s mothership is not accepting return passengers until BHO is finished.
    Unfortunately, we all know to many Bob’s.

  • Anonymous

    Definitely obviously drunk.

  • kcrad

    How sad is this? The poor guy truly does sound drunk.

  • Anonymous

    I went to a college in an area where 90% of the population was Indian, and Bob is pretty dead on here. This constant feeling of being the victim is rampant. Even though the names of all the buildings had indian names, and even though most the businesses in town were owned by one indian family, they still talk about the old days.

    I never moved anyone off their land, they were never moved off their land in their lifetimes, but they act like the things did by our ancestors are ingrained in our DNA or something. I guess if my grandfather killed someone, I should go to jail for it. I’m sure some ancestor in all of our history got screwed over.

    • S Debey

      WOW whitey… you figured it out!!! took you a thousand guesses but your DNA carries the storys and DEEDS of your forefathers…! Congrats, now you see you have an obligation to the world to take care of what your people horribly horribly did wrong, but some of you are soooooo nice and beautiful. You ALL DONT deserve the burden…

      Just don’t FOLLOW them and do whats right not whats GREED.

      • Anonymous

        Don’t be racist, please.

  • cbs71

    This is how drunk to be to be a hava be you a dem.

  • cbs71

    Register to vote.
    T.E.A. Party + GOP = LOVE 4 EVER.
    Join your local 9 12.
    Remember 828, United we stand.
    God Bless America.

  • Fu#kObama

    A drunk indian was at a bar drinking and a guy came up and asked him if he wanted a blow job.

    The indian jumped off the bar stool and began beating his but. After beating him silly he threw him out and went back to sit down

    Another man went over and asked him what happened, whjy did he beat the poor guy up so badly

    The indian answered, he offered me a job

  • this fellow clearly suffers from education deprivation. Just one point: Libertarianism, which is the polar opposite from Obama, would be the closest we could get to returning to what the Indians had. Rush shoud have suggested the he too should go back to where he came from.