Candy Crowley: Romney was actually right on Libya

She parses this a little out of defense for herself but does say that Romney was right about Libya:

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  • Too bad she couldn’t admit that in front of 50+ million viewers.

    • SaraPFan

      Right. No one who only reads the Huff Post or Politico or only watches non-cable news is going to hear this retraction.

      I thought she did pretty well as a whole but should have kept her mouth shut and just tried to have Romney move on rather than injecting herself identifying what Obama said the next day. The audience was told to not to clap, boo or interrupt during the debate. That was the time they started clapping.

      • the sage

        And the one clapping the loudest, in violation of the debate rules, was Obama’s wife. This is verified in online stories and videos.

        But if you look at the severity of Candy’s interruptions and manner towards Romney one can see a drastic difference compared to Obama.

        Interesting how many libs now claim that Romney was trying to bully Candy, when he was actually trying to get his point across while being cut short…repeatedly. So in his effort to assert himself against this imbalance, the bullying accusation now manifests. And I believe Candy did her best to instigate this.

        I am not voting for either candidate as both parties are corrupt and will never have my support. But this was far from a balanced moderation of a debate.

        • SaraPFan

          The Sage you’re right about the imbalance. I watched CSPAN 45 minutes before the debate started and they televised the Presidential commissioners coming out and giving instructions to the audience. They thoroughly explained they’re rule for NOT clapping. They wanted the candidate to be able to articulate fully to the American viewers on television they’re positions without being interrupted. I saw a post-interview of one of the audience members who stated that she heard clapping. She told CNN “we weren’t allowed to clap”. She turned to see who was clapping and saw it was the First Lady. It was Candy and Mrs. Obama who violated commission rules and kept interrupting because they wanted to prevent Romney from delivering a steady message to connect with Americans. That was Romney’s time. What was she doing clapping during his time other than trying to get him off balance? Great point.

          • Romney was the first to violate debate rules by not shutting up and then posing a question to Obama. After that, why should anyone else follow the rules?

    • Don

      Very true, Mike. The fact she gave Obama nine (9) more minutes than Romney is just a liberal’s view of being fair. Integrity is a concept they just cannot conceive. The polls may try to distort the truth about Obama being a viable candidate one more time, but the truth will not be denied. The democrats will become dangerous when they understand that.

      • It’s all good. It’ll just make it that much sweeter when we win.

    • She did say that in front of the viewers. But Romney was too loud for anyone to hear it. She correctly said Romney was wrong and Obama DID call it an act to terror, and she also …. Without prodding… Pointed out it Tom two weeks for the Edwin to say it wasn’t about the tape.

      Problem for Romney… He made such a big deal out of trying to catch Obama in a lie when there wasn’t one, that he looked like a fool when his misinformation was called out.

      Okay, back to the huffington post!

  • nibblesyble

    NIce and quick I see…scared of the fall-out I am thinking. Too bad half of the viewers who watched the debate won’t see this little mea culpa.

    • p m

      I wonder if any of them will, nibbles. I am spitting mad right now, I confess. This is serious stuff – arguing with and undermining a Presidential candidate, potentially influencing the election outcome. I hope there is a furor tomorrow and that this witch gets her as$ FIRED same as the other LIAR.

      • smmy33

        Also, all of the ‘fact checking’ about whether Crowley was right or not misses the point. You didn’t see her jumping in when the President claimed to the the king of fossil fuels. Right or wrong; she should have kept her damned nose out of it.

        • nibblesyble

          king of fossil

      • nibblesyble

        Amen p m!

  • So now you feel the need to tell that truth? You knew it during the damn debate but decided to push it anyways to make Obama look better.

  • Stehekin912

    You are a pathetic and miserable schill for Obama. He was wrong. You were wrong. Apologies and admissions after the damage has been done is not proper behavior for journalists. You had no business inserting your personal opinion in to the debate. Whatever your personal aspirations, Candy, we are not considering you for president.

    • Orangeone

      Obama lied and Candy covered it up. Was she part of the F&F cover up and the Libya cover up too? I wouldn’t doubt it at all.

      • crosshr

        well Orangeone, we still deal with exact same media that stand to cover and carry the Obama fluid even if it’s sour or stale & stink.
        I feel the public are much well informed this round.

    • josetoyou

      Real “journalists” seem to be a thing of the past, because rather than present facts, the relay their biased opinions…

  • Linky1

    The truth has no agenda, Candy and Bammy do.

  • Betsey_Ross

    How pathetic was our Candy? How does she hang on to the job she has?

    What a great Romney win! Can’t wait for the foreign policy debate. That one is going to be epic!

    • 3seven77

      Yep, the foreign policy debate is going to be really tough for Obama since he doesn’t have a foreign policy. Or should I say his only foreign policy is to apologize to every whackjob, jihadist nut, or low-level commie there is.

      • p m

        And sell out the USA and her allies at every opportunity to the highest bidder.

  • Rightstuff1

    I’m sickened to my stomach by this abject, lying, water-carrying Obama-bot !!!

  • detectivedick

    Candy, you out of order! you can’t walk back STUPID!

    • PVG

      Ya can’t fix it either.

  • AustindPowers

    she’s not exactly the most attractive woman… good thing she has brains, oh wait a minute…

    • Orangeone

      Perhaps she is sitting on them.

  • ChicksLoveRight

    When I thought my opinion of CNN can’t go any lower, Candy comes through!

  • Orangeone

    It’s been fun rubbing this in on the other thread to the little libtards…..

  • I can’t tell what she even said. Has she been drinking?

    • Orangeone

      Yes, she has been drinking the special blend of Obama-Aid

  • Cowlie needs to be led out to pasture, she has proven her inability to do her job properly, and I hope that after Romney wins, she will join all the other useless msm schills. On second thought, forget the pasture, they should all just go straight to the glue factory. Its the only way I can think of, for them to actually be able to contribute something useful to society.

    • PVG

      She needs to publicly apologize for this… Romney!

      • Orangeone

        Fat chance. Oh, I almost typed something else but held back.

    • crosshr

      heh ! Dan, that’s glulam !lol

  • The volleyball has been set for a spike in the next debate. Obama completely lied in this debate here about declaring it a terrorist attack. And he was supported in that lie. But do not forget, the next debate is ON foreign policy! If this were the last debate I would say Obama could get away with this, but he will not be able to spin out of it in the next debate because even the context of the lie was confirmed in this debate!

    I’m telling you, this is too clear a lie to get out of (even if it were Clinton). Obama is in big trouble.

    I call this debate for Romney on substance and a draw on style.

    • Orangeone

      I am going to find a way to pull Romney aside and tell him how to properly debate. You don’t let an open door slowly close, you kick it open wider! He needs to slam home F&F, Libya, Syria, sequestration.

      What Romney needs is Allen West to coach him for this last debate.

      • Romney did very well. You cannot win against a moderator, the format does not permit it. But the polls and momentum will continue for Romney.

        • Orangeone

          Romney started well but missed several key opportunities.  He needs to take a lesson or two from Lt. Col. West.  West has a way of driving home a point very respectfully, especially foreign policy and military topics.
          The polls are already coming out with an Obama win in the debate.

        • my point is: why EVERY moderator has to be a leftist/liberal??? We have no say?

      • Romney MUST refuse to let another lib, id est BHO’s helper, moderate next debate!!!

        • Orangeone

          Fellow Scooper said it’s Bob Schieffer, liberal and old so the seniors will want to trust him.

          • Toby Cn

            This old man doesn’t trust Bob Schieffer. I am a Romney voter anyway and will not be convinced otherwise.

            • Orangeone

              First, I doubt you are old.  Second, you are wise.

              There are so many vulnerable adults that O’Bambi has been threatening with “grandma over the cliff” ads that Schieffer will be used like another tool in their toolbox!

    • sjmom

      You’re so right. Monday’s debate will be very interesting and the fact Candy inserted herself tonight will carry the Libya conversation until then. Its only going to get hotter in the kitchen.

      Also agree Romney won on both points.

    • anotherworriedmom

      Yes. O lied continually and, just like Biden when challenged, doubled down on the lie. F&F, Benghazi, energy, taxes. He was coached to just say the talking points and when challenged then say “that’s not true”. It becomes his word against Gov Romney’s and the facts aren’t shown until the next day. I really wish there could be a debate where the moderator had a team of people checking the facts and calling out the lies.

      This is what we will see more of in the last debate. Lie, swear its true and then lie some more.

  • mder4thegov

    When you’re as bad as Obama was at the first debate, you can only improve; however, he’s clearly not in Romney’s league…not even close.

  • Washington Free Beacon: TRENDING WORLDWIDE on Twitter: Romney Was Actually Right On Libya

    • Orangeone

      I don’t see it trending on Twitter but Obama2012 certainly is!

  • gilamonster8

    See what they have done in all the debates! They pull this crap when a hundred million is watching, then after most have moved on they correct themselves. So only 100,000 she the correction.

  • chatterbox365

    If Crowley wasn’t sure about the comment, she should have kept her pie hole shut. I think the next debate is going to be very difficult for Obama…there is just too much bad sh*t out there.

    I think both candidates did well tonight for different reasons, but I feel Romney continues to make his case for the undecideds or those voters who are “on the fence.” It is a tactical mistake for Obama to cater to his base because they are going to vote for him regardless of how he does in the debates. Looking at the issues objectively, Obama hasn’t given any credible reason why he deserves another term. We tried his big government, socialistic, communist policies and they have failed.

    • Orangeone

      Anyone know who the moderator is for the last debate? Given it’s a libtard.

      • Tiffini

        Bob Schieffer host of face the nation on CBS, I don’t know anything about him, but I hope since the format is the same as the first debate just focusing on Foreign policy, that he’s better than Candy. I agree he’s probably still a liberal and hoping Obama wins.

        • Oh, crap! He was a moderator in 2008, and did a really bad job of it.

          • Tiffini

            He did? well crap, now I’ll have to watch that debate and see. Thanks for the info K-Bob.

          • Do we know if it would even be possible for Romney to insist on an impartial moderator? I bet there is one out there, somewhere. Allowing the last two has been a crime, and it is a sad commentary that I am wishing for Lehr to step back in.

            • I’m always shocked at what the GOP agrees to in these stupid debates. It’s like they have agreed to start from their own 15 yard line after each change of possession, regardless of where it happens on the field.

              • Toby Cn

                The Presidential Debate Commission must all be Obama appointees….

            • Tiffini

              I doubt it, but I do think in light of Libya and what Biden said in his debate about Syria and fast and furious, the next debate liberal watering carrying moderate aside, Obama is in serious trouble if he dodges questions he’ll look weak, if he tries what he did last night which was lie, the American people will call him on it. At least I hope, and so far Lehrer was the best because he let Romney and Obama just go and answer the questions.

        • Orangeone

          Major liberal in Schieffer and has been carrying Obama’s water beginning in 2007.

  • NoNannyZone

    They can’t help themselves. The media in the US (and in Canada we have CBC) are so desperate to be right about Obama that they are willing to throw themselves onto his sword. (Although that image does not sit well with me in this case).

    I think that they know they were wrong about him, but so desperately hope that time will change things and they can look back and say, see, I knew it would work out.

    In the meantime, this sort of blatant, unrepentant and slavish dedication to getting the absolute worst president in history re-elected is truly disgusting.

    • Orangeone

      They are so bloody stupid that they don’t realize in a 2nd term he will come out and say he is a Muslim and that Sharia law now rules. Look at what happened to the water carrying “journalists” in Egypt. Say good bye to free press. Say good bye to women’s rights. Say good bye to free speech. Are the US and Canadian journalists really this stupid? Sorry, rhetorical question because yes they are.

      • famouswolf

        I especially don’t understand the women that continue to support him. Do these people know nothing of history or even current events?

        If Sharia ever becomes dominant in this country they’ll THINK ‘war on women’.

        And Obama wants Sharia so bad you can see it in his evil, beady little eyes.

        • Orangeone

          Obama will implement Sharia Law by Executive Order the day after the election.  There is nothing and no one to stop him.  He has the power and the control and Congress has allowed it to happen.

          • how come you think he didn’t do it on his first day in office? I know I was confused by that.

            • Orangeone

              I’m not sure I understand your question so I’ll say this.  He needed to get enough of his people in the right places, including change of power in the Middle East before he was ready. He’s ready now, “flexibility to Putin” who is putting a base in Cuba well within striking distance of the US and the Middle East civil wars and power changes, including Egypt.  The day after the election there will be no consequences, he will be crowned king for life and our country will be overthrown.  The dictator will show his true skunk stripes, and I mean no offense to skunks.

      • that’s why I cal them URINALISTS, all MSM “journalists”.
        Occasionally, they drip down from FuBar Ack’s arshe and spit on conservatives.
        Then they go back 😉

      • kong1967

        I don’t think Obama will say he’s a muslim and I don’t think he will say Sharia Law rules over us. I think he wants to, but he cannot make laws without Congress. Yes, I know….he already did with illegal immigration, but if he were to try to institute Sharia Law I think it would have to be by executive order, and all executive orders must be Constitutional. Yes, I know….not all of his EO’s have been Constitutional and he got away with it, but I think enough Dems would go against him because it’s such an extreme measure and Obama would be impeached.

        I am confident that’s what Obama wants, but I don’t think he’s dumb enough to try. Is he?

        • SoLongSong

          If he were to win re-election, true, he cannot make laws without Congress, but Obama (or at least the puppeteers behind him) have shown that they know of “more than one way to skin a cat”.

          Kind of like wanting people to conserve on gas. I know I’M driving less, not because I WANT to, but because I can’t afford the gas to get there. So, no new laws, but the effect is the same.

          • So if the spoiled prince gets his trash kicked on foreign policy next Monday, can we trust the “puppeteers” to not try and eliminate Romney in a last ditch attempt to steal the election? I know it is a horrible thought, but so far the depths that have been plumbed by the administration, seem to have no bottom.

            • kong1967

              I’ve thought about that, too. He could use that EO and freeze Romney’s bank accounts along with his big donors.

              I think one thing’s probably for sure. If Romney loses the election he will probably be harrassed by the IRS for the next four years. If he wins he will probably get harrassed until January. Tea Party leaders are getting harrassed already.

              • Toby Cn

                I think a drone strike killing the Syrian terrorists who attacked our embassy is more likely. An October surprise! Another brilliant military victory for our dear leader who never minds using our military forces for political gain. Don’t be fooled by desperate 11th hour actions by the incompetent and evil Obama regime.

                • kong1967

                  Good prediction. We’ll see what happens. I’m sure something big will happen, and it will be manufactured for political gain.

          • kong1967

            That’s true. Much like the backdoor gun law legislation. They tried to ban bullets. Hey, they wouldn’t be banning guns, but the effect would be the same.

        • Orangeone

          War in Libya = No Congressional approval, no Congressional consequences Fast & Furious = 300+ dead, no Congressional approval, no Congressional consequences (hearings yes, arrests no) Illegals = No Congressional approval, no Congressional consequences Ordering ICE and Border Patrol to release illegals  No Congressional approval, no Congressional consequences Trillion $ deficit spending = No Congressional approval, no Congressional consequences No approved budget (federal law) = No Congressional consequences
          EO to take over our communications, energy, seize Americans’ bank accounts, water = No Congressional consequences Federal courts issuing decisions based on Sharia law = No Congressional consequences Absentee ballots not sent to military members = No Congressional consequences
          Need I say more?

          • famouswolf

            Not really.

            There is actually more grievance, and more reason for states to secede, than there was in the 1850’s. I never thought in my darkest daydreams it would get this bad. I honestly think we are on the verge of a shooting civil war.

            Hopefully it will fizzle or we can get o out of the way peaceful like, but I am pretty d**n sure some insurrection is just around the corner in this country thanks to lazy, gullible voters and the creature they put in power.

            • Orangeone

              I think you are right.  If Romney wins, there will be racial riots.  Some of us are prepared for it, others have their heads in the sand.  Every time I see a former Obamabot say they are going to vote for Romney in 2012 I want to shake them and tell them they are to blame for the mess we are in and ask them why they didn’t do just a bit of research before casting that vote.

  • marketcomp

    She’s a liar! Why would shoe so definitively insert herself into the debate and then when we look at the facts we find that she was wrong! What a stupid woman!

    • famouswolf

      Because she figures the damage is done and she is preserving her ‘jounalistic integrity’.

      The joke is, no damage.

  • Her interjection on this- and obvious support of the president – really got my Irish up. The fact that she was dead wrong too and i knew it when she interrupted had me yelling at my TV! Far too many times she showed that she “wasn’t just a fly on the wall” and participated in one or or another in this debate in a manner contrary to the debate commissions rules.
    When is there going to be a conservative at the least a moderate in that seat? This 3rd debate (including Biden/Ryan) and I have to watch yet another leftist run the show? Ther has been no semblance of true moderation. Worse is that as far as time keeping goes – they truly did not do their jobs, nor have they done even a fair job of moderating in general.

  • Aikalo80

    Disgusting how Obama had to keep calling “Candy” to help him out. How the hell do they pick all lefty moderators for these damn debates.

  • carmtom13

    Crowley is a part of the C O A lap dog media along with her colleagues at CNN. They should unite with the liberal C O A media at MSNBC.

  • GEDouglas

    What matter, I influenced the debate in real time…that was my goal…right or wrong. “I’m not a fly on the wall” ya know) .

  • DINORightMarie

    Too late now, useless HACK TOOL. The millions of viewers are GONE, Candy.

    Thanks for being a “moderator.” Maybe you should have stuck to those “rules” after all.

  • The critical moment caught on video…
    Sideline tackle !

  • gothicreader

    Goebbles propaganda was at work tonight. It’s amazing how the media hack will do anything to get their guy reelected. But, the truth will prevail, whereas falsehood will destroy our country.

    Romney was debating two persons tonight. As such, I think he did very well.

    Will Obama recover? I think it’s too late.

  • sjmom

    Candy’s problem is she saved Obama, the country saw it and now she will be panned for it. On the whole she did a good job but she should have butted out on this one because Libya is too important an issue. Think she knows she flubbed it.

  • She told us plainly that she was going to attempt to shove her own weight around during the debate–or what does “I’m not a fly on the wall” mean? Her abrupt instruction to a candidate for the presidency of the United States of America to sit down is unacceptable. She didn’t do a good job. On a scale of one to 10, I give her a 2.6, or about the same number as a light, ineffective earthquake.

    • If I were a liberal, I would say: “not a fly on the wall, but 800 pound gorilla filling up the whole room”.
      But I am not, so I will not say so 😉

  • mike3e4r7

    To quote Candy from her after the fact admission/non-admission of guilt:

    “…I knew that the President had said, you know, ‘these acts of terrors will not stand’, or whatever the quote was ….”

    WHATEVER THE QUOTE WAS? ARE YOU F..ING KIDDING ME? Even now, after the debate, you don’t know what Obama said, but you knew enough to interrupt Romney and “correct” him? If you had any integrity, you would go and hand in your resignation tomorrow!

  • I think a better question on the night is why did Ms. Crowley feel the need to inject herself more than once, in my humble opinion, on behalf of Obama?

    She also seemed to choose who would go first for what question and thus give the last word to a chosen individual. There were no rules in stone abut who goes first and who gets to reply. The funny thing is, I had told a friend to look out for this exact set of events.

    • p m

      Agree – as if the plants and her selected questions weren’t bad enough. And cutting off Romney continually. Witch.
      There’d better be a huge stink about this tomorrow and she’d better get fired.

  • instead of Crawling at his feet, Candy, you might have asked: “Mr. Prezzy, is it the truth that the ring you have been wearing for more than 30 years is adorned with the first part of the Islamic declaration of faith, the Shahada: “There is no God except Allah.” …
    That could be veeeeeeeeeery inteDestin’ 😉

  • p m

    She told Romney she had the text, and that the lying LIAR was right. She should be strung up, after being made to apologize and having her apology run hourly on all state media outlets including the print media, until November 6th. No wonder she shills for the liar, they both think it’s all about them. And what makes her think a mea culpa is sufficient or acceptable. Some of those watching will believe her intentional lie.

    Upside: Here’s the golden opportunity to get rid of the debate organization once and for all, with cause. Imagine, a cheap shill influencing a POTUS election.

    God help us, it’s crapweasel Bob Schieffer next week. Just when we thought they couldn’t go any lower.

  • It’s screwups like that from Crowley the Hutt that will give Romney a long-term advantage. Aspiring emperor 0bama may have been more aggressive, but like Biden, his performance was laced with blatant lies, especially regarding Libya and the emperor’s cuts to oil permits. These lies will come back to bite the oh-so brilliant and benevolent emperor 0bama in the days following this debate.

    The second debate may have been a tie, with a slight edge going to Romney, but the following days of fact-checking by credible sources like Breitbart, Fox News, and here at TRS over the emperor’s Libya claims and others will further tilt momentum toward Romney.

    The last debate will be the classic one-on-one format. The same format that allowed Romney to completely dominate the emperor will hopefully bring Romney the same victorious results again.

  • I’ve read all the transcripts, even in her retraction she lies. She says she told him right after, he was “totally” right. Where and when was this?
    This really pisses me off. I hope the fallout over this keeps Romney in a proper perspective for those that bought into Cbama and Crowley twisting the truth.

  • I’ve read all the transcripts, even in her retraction she lies. She says she told him right after, he was “totally” right. Where and when was this?
    This really pisses me off. I hope the fallout over this keeps Romney in a proper perspective for those that bought into Cbama and Crowley twisting the truth.

  • ObamaPelosi

    There is a bigger point that I’m not sure most people caught, but this is very important. It began when Romney asked Obama if he said that the Benghazi attack was an act of terror in the Rose Garden. Here is the transcript of exactly what was said:

    1. ROMNEY: I think interesting the president just said something which is that on the day after the attack he went into the Rose Garden and said that this was an act of terror.
    2. OBAMA: That’s what I said.
    3. ROMNEY: You said in the Rose Garden the day after the attack, it was an act of terror? It was not a spontaneous demonstration, is that what you’re saying?
    4. OBAMA: Please proceed governor.
    5. ROMNEY: I want to make sure we get that for the record because it took the president 14 days before he called the attack in Benghazi an act of terror.
    6. OBAMA: Get the transcript.
    7. CROWLEY: It — it — it — he did in fact, sir. So let me — let me call it an act of terror…
    8. OBAMA: Can you say that a little louder, Candy?
    9. CROWLEY: He — he did call it an act of terror. It did as well take — it did as well take two weeks or so for the whole idea there being a riot out there about this tape to come out. You are correct about that.

    Everyone. please look at number 4 and number 6. When Romney asks Obama if he’s saying it’s not a spontaneous demonstration, Obama says, “Please proceed governor.” Then while Mitt Romney continues to speak, Obama basically orders Candy Crowley to “Get the transcript”. What the heck is that???? Looks like Obama knew that Candy would back him up on this and he ordered her to “get the transcript”? Whereafter, Crowley says he did say it was an act of terror. Well, that has been debunked by John Nolte. It was nothing but semantics. Obama is so brazen. I think Crowley definitely gave Obama the topics to be discussed. Obama was too prepared for these questions. When he relied on Crowley to “Get the Transcript” that showed indisputably that Obama and Crowley were in on this together. This is a scandal and must be rooted out and must be known to everyone. This debate was a setup and Obama cheated with the help of Candy Crowley. Please pass this along.

    • I picked up on some of it but not all. Clearly Candy was meant to step in and say that. She then went back and changed it once CNN and Anderson Cooper said she was wrong and fact checked her.

  • 2besusie

    Too little, too late. The so-called “journalists” of the MSM wonder why wonder why they aren’t trusted by so many Americans and why their viewership/readership has so steadily declined. Here is a prime example of the sickness they suffer.

    If she had stuck to her job as moderator, she wouldn’t have to defend her “fact-checking” fail. Instead she showed her partisan colors and inserted herself into the debate.

    I hope she gets hammered for this and that whatever credibility she might have had suffers as a result. It would be richly deserved.

  • kong1967

    Oh, yeah…now she says it in a more proper way but still not with much backbone. During the debate she made it sound like Obama called it a terrorist attack from the very beginning…which is a lie. She said it took two weeks “for the whole idea of there being a riot out there about this tape to come out”. That’s it? Obama flat out lied (shamelessly) for two weeks and she downplayed it and didn’t acknowledge that it was a lie. It was obvious during the debate that she did not want to come out with the fact that Romney was telling the truth.

    • WordsFailMe

      I believe that Candy intended to become a famous woman, the first woman to save a presidency. I think that is why she pulled the last minute, “I want it my way,” foot stomping technique. Knowing the generally emasculated, pc environment in which we live , no one wanted a “scene” which is all this woman had to use in her defense. No one wanted to risk “o-f-f-e-n-d-i-n-g” now a greater crime than statutory rape.

      I think she preformed like an amateur, a fourteen year old princess, stomping her foot, much like Obama’s what Obama does when faced with uncomfortable facts.. History will mark this high point of the Candy Crowley career as a petty, manipulative attempt to intentionally injure hurt one candidate in favor of another. If that isn’t racism, I don’t know what racism is.

      The woman like so many in the Democratic party cannot accept that there are people who hold opposite views, she exhibits no ethics, no courage, no ability to simply deal with the facts as they are. She is a perfect example of why it is that women,. in general, earn less than male counterparts. That seems cruel to say, but like so many modern women, her self-interest precedes everything mankind itself has struggled for over the centuries–honesty, equality, truth.

      She should be ashamed.

      • SPELL9

        Talk about lipstick on a Pig.

        • kong1967

          Was that her butt farting or was she talking?

      • kong1967

        I agree with most of what you said. The only variance is with the women making less money than men. There are reasons for that, and it’s not because they are women per say. Women take off for pregnancies, and more days are taken off to tend to the kids. I know that every job I have had the women make the same amount as the men….even though in some cases they were allowed to do less work because of weight lifting abilities. I don’t mean that to sound bad, because women are not built like men and I wouldn’t want to require a 110 pound woman to lift 50 pound weights all day.

        I have never come across a man and a woman doing the same job and the man making more money per hour.

  • SoLongSong

    I wanted to SLAP her on that. Poor widdle Prezzy can’t defend himself.

  • Mike FIsher

    This is not a retraction it is a clarification….. people are reading into this what they want to hear not what is actualy said (both left and right of the politcal spectrum).

  • NanNJ

    So if Obama wins, I guess will see old Cindy part of the administration. These Libs are so predictable.

  • Rocco11

    Gee, never could have predicted that way back when the “moderators” were selected, right RNC?

  • Crowley had no business injecting her opinion in this debate. None. I didn’t see her fact-checking any of Obama’s comments. Why was that? I’ll bet you four years from now you will see much tighter restrictions on “moderators.” This was a terrible act of media bias and should not be allowed to be repeated again. And I don’t think either side will allow it to happen without a fight.

  • SPELL9

    Typical liberal tactic. Lie away, then go for a *retractment.

  • Sober_Thinking

    She is indefensible. She was biased and wrong. And the boneheads lemmings who don’t pay attention now think dear ruler was right or they will at least give hime a pass on Libya.

    She was a trainwreck.

  • I would like to smack her.

  • drphibes

    I don’t understand the vitriol against her. She’s setting the record straight.

  • the more i watch that clip with Candy Crowley, falsely leading the “president” on the “act of terror” portion of the debate, the sadder i get for our TROOPS overseas. it’s no wonder she and Obummer look so ragged; must be hard to get a good night’s sleep with so much lying and deception.

  • josetoyou

    Why are all of the “moderators” liftists???
    Fat assed liberal candy should lose about 100 plus pounds…

  • Burnatreeforme

    hotair dotcom had it right, some 60+ million viewers saw the original so-called ‘piece’ and maybe if lucky CNN had about a million viewers for this so-called “correction” of the facts.

    Why the Romney camp agreed to Candy is beyond me…

    A moment like that was one of the many reasons I cheered for Newt during the primary season.

    Gosh…what he could have done was this!

  • BiscuitCrumbs

    Concerning the economy and the “video that spawned the terror activity” and trying to convience the American people as the cause of such deeds, I was hoping Romney would advise Obama that THIS is why he should be apologetic.

  • iaintlyin

    She’s a liar. I actually think she and the 0 team spoke about this specific wording before the debate. It was just a little too handy and too sketchy to believe that small misinterpretation didn’t pass by with out incident. Another opening Romney had but let go was when 0 said something to the effect that “with the money we save” relative to the wars ending. If we don’t spend money on a war in the future its not that we had money for it in the first place, it would have been borrowed (or printed) money we didn’t have. Instead, 0 showed his true colors and immediatley suggested using that “savings ” to spend somewhere else. This would have been a perfect time to show that 0 has no intention of stopping the spending.

  • Officer_Gentleman

    3 points

    1. “A lie is half way round the world before truth can get out of bed in the morning.”
    Just ask the rusty old Nazi propaganda machine what carries more weight? The lie or the retraction. Lie always wins.

    2. Body language is the most important communicator. Gov Romney was flustered when the Ms. Crowley defended the President. Mr. Obama was coached to stare his opponent down and take command of his body language and firm up his tone. He did just that. It was the perfect setup.

    3. Like too many blogs, we are all preaching at ourselves on this blog. With repsect to the blogger host that needs our participation to sell ads, fan out and choose the Huffinington Post or a liberal blog to state a case…and be prepared to be crucified. Maybe beheaded would be the more appropriate term.

    God Bless America.
    God Help America.

  • WordsFailMe
  • CG patriot

    Candy do tell. Yes, she knew that Libya question was coming. And of coarse she did all she could to deflect, even if it meant to distract and court what Obama’s response would be. Picking the wrong word…? how bout stating that what Obama had said was in-fact not in truth.

    However, Obama did perform for his base–right on his mark. Lie’s upon lie’s and what made-it for better viewing, he acted the part. Hostile, aggressive and even encroaching into Romney’s space. Obama’s a babbling fool, still trying to fake-it to make-it. All the while the rest of America is tittering off the cliff.


    he has yet to date let alone in the Rose Garden said the words “It Was An Attack Of Terrorist!” Ms. Crowley!

    He Lies and Your Cover For Him Is Very Poignantly Present And It Will Be The Complete In Its Entirety The Down Fall Of America!

  • Zhuo Wang

    And the president followed her up with ‘Can you say that a little louder, Candy?’
    What can one say.

  • RMax304823

    It sounds as if, the day after the attack, Obama included it in the general category of “terrorist acts.” There apparently followed two weeks of muddle and confusion while the fact were sorted out, after which the incident was positively labeled “a terrorist attack.”

    Obama was right about immediately calling the attacks “terrorist” and Romney was right in pointing to the two weeks of confusion.

    It didn’t sound like Crowley was apologizing, just explaining.

  • I don’t hear any retraction in her words. She did the right thing during the debate and after it.

  • She was only a day late and not in front of millions of viewers.
    I think her and Obama planned something like what she did.
    Did you hear Obama ask her for the transcript like he knew she had it?
    Too bad she had not read it first. Typical liberal media flunkie.

  • Chris Piazza

    She is hard on the eyes. Scary.

  • The thing most here don’t seem to accept, the murders were acts of terror whether they wear precipitated by the video, a protest gone bad, or planned action. So Obama called the acts that in the Rose Garden. The argument Romney should have tried to make should have been solely about security, not whether they were called acts of terrorism. Obviously Obama would not have used the phrase, or even held the press conference, if the events hadn’t occurred. Romney’s misplaced aggression clouded his judgement and he paid the price.